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December, 22

Birth of Giacomo Puccini - December 22
Hello, Atlantica Players.
Let's talk about Italian composer Giacomo Puccini.
Giacomo Puccini was born on December 22, 1858.
He decided to become a composer when he heard Verdi's Aida, and first found success with his opera Manon Lescaut, which was performed in Toreno in 1893.
He claimed that he "was ordered by God to compose for the theater," and he glorified Italian operas after Verdi.
He was skilled at describing female characters, and the sad melodies of heroines like Mimi, Tosca, and Mme Butterfly have a lasting appeal.
His most famous works are La boheme, Tosca, Madama Butterfly and the unfinished Turandot.

Did you know?Divine DeityNPC - Divine Deity
(note: this NPC was previously named Oracle)
An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority, usually spiritual in nature. It may also be a revealed prediction or precognition of the future, from deities, that is spoken through another object or life-form (e.g.: augury and auspice). In the ancient world many sites gained a reputation for the dispensing of oracular wisdom: they too became known as "oracles," and the oracular utterances, called khrēsmoi in Greek, were often referred to under the same name — a name derived from the Latin verb ōrāre, to speak.

Source: Wikipedia