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October, 23

Birth of Nicolas Appert - October 23
Hello Atlantica Players,
Don't you just love canned food?
Canned food is great for lunch, dinner and even for snacks for busy people like us. Do you know who invented canned food?
It was Nicolas Appert, who was born on October 23, 1752, to a poor family. He learned salting and brewing growing up.
Around that time, Napoleon Bonaparte offered an award of 12,000 francs to anyone who could devise a practical method for food preservation for armies on the march. After some 14 or 15 years of experiment, Appert submitted his invention and won the prize in 1810.
Ironically, after solving the problem of food shortages with the invention of preserving food in sealed bottles, the performance of Napoleon's army dropped drastically while the Appert method of canning had made its way to England and became canned food.

Did you know?Bi Hyung RangNPC - Bi Hyung Rang
In the period of King Jin-Jy (眞智王, 576~579), Do-Wha-Rang (桃花娘 was the beautiful shaman of Sa-Ryang-Boo (沙梁部). She leaded large group of ancestor god worshipers. So she had big power and she didn"t yield under the King’s pressure. Along the parent’s decision, Do-Wha-Rang who believed in ancestor god accepted the King Jin-Jy who believed in Buddhism. So she was productive of Bi-Hyung-Rang (鼻荊郎). On this opportunity, she prepared the foundation of the ancestor god worshipers accepted Buddhism.

Source: Role of woman priest