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November, 23

Birth of Otto I - November 23
The Holy Roman Emperor Otto I was born on November 23, 912.
Otto I the Great was the son of Henry I and Matilda of Ringerlheim. He was Duke of Saxony, King of Germany, King of Italy, and "the first of the Germans to be called the emperor of Italy."
While Charlemagne was crowned emperor in 800, his empire had been divided amongst his grandsons, and following the assassination of Berengar of Friuli in 924, the imperial title had lain vacant for nearly forty years. On February 2, 962, Otto was crowned Emperor of what would later become the Holy Roman Empire.

Birth of John of Orleans - November 23
John of Orleans, Joan of Arc's right hand, was born on November 23, 1402.
John of Orleans, Count of Dunois (November 23, 1402 - November 24, 1468) was the illegitimate son of Louis d'Orleans by Mariette d'Enghien.
He was known as the "Bastard of Orleans" for most of his career.
This name identified him as a first cousin to the king and acting head of a cadet branch of the royal family during his half-brother's captivity.
He joined the civil war in France in the time of Charles VI on the side of the Armagnacs, and was captured by the Burgundians in 1418.
Released in 1420, he entered the service of the Dauphin Charles, fighting in the Hundred Years' War against English forces.
In the future, Count Dunois led the French defenses at the siege of Orléans. Together with Joan of Arc he relieved the siege. He joined her on the campaigns of 1429 and remained active after her death.

Did you know?FrancescoNPC - Francesco
Note: in true history, Francesco was the uncle of Leonardo Da Vinci.