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December, 20

Vitellius - December 20
Hello, Atlantica Players.
Let's learn about Roman emperor Vitellius today.
On September 24, 15, Aulus Vitellius was born the son of Lucius Vitellius.
He became the commander of the army of Germania Inferior in 68, and he owed his elevation to the throne to Caecina and Fabius Valens, commanders of two legions on the Rhine. Through these two men a military revolution was speedily accomplished; they refused to renew their vows of allegiance to Emperor Galba on January 1, 69.
On April 16, 69 Vitellius was proclaimed emperor at Cologne.
On the arrival of Vespasian's troops into Rome, he was put to death by Flavian forces. The exact date of his execution is not certain, but it is believed to be around December 20, 69.

Did you know?MuratNPC - Murat
Note: Murat is a Turkish name. It comes from the Arabic Murad with the Turks having adopted the softer, front-of-mouth 'T' sound rather than the more guttural, back-of-mouth, 'D'. Its meaning can be translated roughly into 'Reached Desire', 'Happy Ending' or 'Accomplished Goal'.