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August, 23

Death of Abdülmecid II - Today is August 23.
Abdul Mejid II was the last Caliph of Islam from the Ottoman Dynasty, nominally the 37th Head of the Ottoman Imperial House from 1922 to 1944.
Abdul Mejid II was known as a mild and scholarly man. As Caliph, Abdul Mejid II encouraged the loyalty of Muslims in Turkey and elsewhere, particularly India. His growing influence was seen as a threat to the new Turkish Republic, and on March 3, 1924 the assembly abolished the Ottoman Caliphate and sent Abdul Mejid II into exile aboard the Istanbul-to-Paris train known as the Orient Express.
On August 23, 1944, Abdul Mejid II died at his house in the Boulevard Suchet, Paris XVIe, France. He was buried at Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Did you know?AnastasiaNPC - Anastasia
Anastasia is the female form of the name Anastasius/Anastasios (Koine Greek: Αναστασία). Its meaning is usually given as "resurrection", but its literal translation is she who shall rise up again. The name, and its male counterpart, were often given to Greek children born around Easter time during the early days of Christianity. It is the name of several early saints. Anastasia of Sirmium, a second century Christian saint martyred at Sirmium, is commemorated during the second Mass on Christmas Day each year by the Roman Catholic Church and is the patron saint of weavers. The best known Anastasia is the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Legends about her possible survival persisted throughout the 20th century and have been the subject of numerous books and films.

Source: Wikipedia

Saint Anastasia (Greek Ἀναστασία: "resurrection", often Ἁγία Ἀναστασία ἡ Φαρμακολύτρια, "St. Anastasia the Healer" ) was a Christian saint and martyr who died at Sirmium. Concerning Anastasia little is reliably known, save that she died in the persecutions of Diocletian; most stories about her date from several centuries after her death and make her variously a Roman or Sirmian native and a Roman citizen of patrician rank. One legend makes her the daughter of a certain Praetextus and the pupil of Saint Chrysogonus.

Anastasia has long been venerated as a healer and exorcist. Her remains lie in the Cathedral of St. Anastasia in Zadar, Croatia.

She is one of seven women, excluding the Blessed Virgin, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.

Source: Wikipedia