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April, 17

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Did you know?AngakokNPC - Angakok
The Angakkuq (Inuktitut), Angatkuq (Inuvialuktun), Angakok or Ilisitsok (Kalaallisut) is the intellectual and spiritual figure among the Inuit and corresponds to a shaman. Not only the Inuit, but also other Eskimo cultures know similar mediator persons. Shamanism among Eskimo peoples has many forms and variants, like Eskimo cultures themselves.

Amongst the Inuit, there are notions comparable to laws:
tirigusuusiit, things to avoid
maligait, things to follow
piqujait, things to do

If these three are not obeyed, then the Angakkuq may need to intervene with the offending party in order to avoid harmful consequence to the person or group.

Source: Wikipedia