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March, 4

Birth of Henry the Navigator - Today is March 4.
Henry the Navigator was born in 1394.
Henry the Navigator was the prince of the Kingdom of Portugal and an important figure in the early days of the Portuguese Empire, being responsible for the beginning of the European worldwide explorations.

Did you know?AkechiNPC - Akechi
Akechi Mitsuhide - (明智 光秀Akechi Mitsuhide -? 1528? – July 2, 1582 Japanese calendar 6th month 13th day), nicknamed Jūbei or Koretō Hyūga no Kami (惟任日向守?), was a samurai who lived during the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan.

Mitsuhide was a samurai and a general under daimyo Oda Nobunaga, although he later betrayed Nobunaga and caused him to commit seppuku.

Source: Wikipedia