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July, 24

Birth of Alfons Mucha - Today is July 24.
Alphonse Maria Mucha was born in 1860.
First name from the Czech Alfons, Mucha was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, best known for his distinct style and his images of women. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, and designs.
Mucha considered Le Pater his printed masterpiece.
Mucha spent many years working on what he considered his life's fine art masterpiece, The Slav Epic, a series of twenty huge paintings depicting the history of the Czech and the Slavic people until his death.

Did you know?MustafaNPC - Mustafa
Lala Kara Mustafa Pasha (or simply Lala Mustafa Pasha) (c. 1500-1580) was an Ottoman general and statesman.

He had risen to the position of Beylerbey of Damascus and then to that of Fifth Vizier. He commanded the Ottoman land forces during the Siege of Malta in 1565, during the conquest of previously Venetian Cyprus in 1570/71, and in the campaign against Georgia in 1578. He later was (briefly) Grand Vizier from 28 April to 7 August 1580 (see List of Ottoman Grand Viziers).

The honorific "Lala" means "tutor to the Sultan"; he had been tutor to the Sultan's sons. Mustafa was known for his cruelty towards vanquished opponents, a reputation that was amply borne out by his treatment of Marco Antonio Bragadin, the Venetian defender of Famagusta, whom he had skinned alive; in response to Venetian treatment of Turkish prisoners captured during the campaign.

Source: Wikipedia