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October, 20

Death of Charles VI - October 20
Hello Atlantica Players,
On October 20, 1740, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI died.
While he was on the throne, a treaty was signed between France and Charles's former allies, Holland and England. Charles continued fighting and finally achieved peace in 1714. By the terms of their treaty, Philip V remained king of Spain and Charles received most of the Spanish holdings in the Low Countries and in Italy.
With no male heirs, Charles spent his last years in an effort to win European approval of the pragmatic sanction of 1713, which made Maria Theresa his heir. This led to the War of the Austrian Succession.

Did you know?Li KuiNPC - Li Kui
Li Kui (李逵) was a character in the Chinese folklore novel Water Margin.

Alongside Lu Zhishen, Li Kui was one of the strongest amongst the 108 Liangshan heroes and also one of the 36 Heavenly Chieftains. Nicknamed "The Black Whirlwind" (黑旋风) or "Iron Ox" (铁牛), Li Kui ( 181 cm/ 5'11,5 ) seldom took a steed to the battlefield. He would instead brandish his famous twin axes and hack his way through his foes. Despite his aggressiveness and impetuosness, Li Kui was a fiercely loyal and filial man, respected for his unwavering beliefs. From tearing up the amnesty to foiling the Li Shishi, Li Kui's controversies were usually preceded by a heavy drinking session. Li Kui is also sometimes associated with Zhang Fei from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Source: Wikipedia