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August, 30

Death of Louis XI - Today is August 30.
Louis XI, called the Prudent and the Universal Spider or the Spider King, was the King of France from 1461 to until his death in 1483. He was the son of Charles VII of France and Mary of Anjou, a member of the House of Valois, grandson of Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria and one of the most successful kings of France in terms of uniting the country. His 22-year reign was marked by political machinations, spinning a spider's web of plot and conspiracy which earned him his nickname.
Louis is known to have been shrewd and often vicious. In curbing the power of the dukes, he vastly expanded the power of the monarchy.

Did you know?Henry FordNPC - Henry Ford
Henry Ford (July 30, 1864 – April 7, 1947) was the founder of the Ford Motor Company and the father of the modern assembly lines used in mass production. His “Model T” eventually revolutionized transportation and American industry, contributing to the urbanization that changed American society in the early twentieth century. He became famous for introducing higher wages for his workers—notably $5.00 a day—which brought thousands of workers to his factories and made the automobile industry one of the largest in the nation. His intense commitment to lowering costs resulted in many technical and business innovations, including a franchise system that put a dealership in every city in North America, and in major cities on six continents.

Ford's impact on the American life was immense. By paying his workers above subsistence wages, and producing cars that were priced for this new market of workers as consumers, Ford brought the means of personal transportation to ordinary people and changed the structure of society. His plan of producing a large number of inexpensive cars contributed to the transformation of major sectors of the United States from a rural, agricultural society to an urbanized, industrial one at a time when America's role in the world appeared to many to have providential significance. A complex personality, often referred to as a genius, Ford exhibited various prejudices and, despite his own numerous inventions and innovations, a stubborn resistance to change. His legacy, however, includes the Ford Foundation, one of the richest charitable foundations in the world, dedicated to support for activities worldwide that promise significant contributions to world peace through strengthening democratic values, reducing poverty and injustice, promoting international cooperation, and advancing human achievement.

Source: New World Encyclopedia