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August, 2

Hannibal won the Roman army in the Battle of Cannae\r - Today is August 2.
The Battle of Cannae was a major battle of the Second Punic War, taking place on August 2, 216 BC in Southeast Italy. The army of Carthage under Hannibal decisively defeated a numerically superior army of the Roman Republic under command of the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro. It is regarded as one of the greatest tactical feats in military history to this day and, in terms of the numbers killed, the second greatest defeat of Rome.
The totality of Hannibal's victory has made the name "Cannae" a byword for military success, and is today studied in detail in several military academies around the world.

Did you know?SothebyNPC - Sotheby
Sotheby's is the world's second oldest international auction house in continuous operation. It was founded in London, England on March 11, 1744 when English explorer Samuel Baker presided over the disposal of "several hundred scarce and valuable" books from the library of Sir John Stanley, a British politician. Today, the firm has an annual turnover of approximately US $2 billion, maintains offices on London's New Bond Street and Manhattan's York Avenue, and has more than 1,900 employees. The auction house deals mainly in fine art, antiques and collectibles, and holds hundreds of sales each year at its auction centers around the world. The organization also maintains an historic rivalry with Christie's auction house of London. Despite financial difficulties, and falling prey to the temptation of illegal price-fixing in collusion with Christie's at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Sotheby's serves human society by facilitating the buying and selling of significant items of the highest value.

Source: New World Encyclopedia