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September, 30

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Did you know?Wise OrendaNPC - Wise Orenda
Orenda is an Iroquois Indian name which means magical power.

Among societies that have practised agriculture at some time in their history, many groups believe in a senior Great Spirit or Great Mystery (Wakan Tanka of the Plains societies and Kitchi Manitou of the eastern Algonquians). In general, supernatural mystery or power is called Orenda by the Iroquois, Wakan by the Plains peoples and MANITOU by the Algonquian societies, and is potentially beneficent, though it can be dangerous if treated carelessly or with disrespect. This mystery or power is a property of the spirits, but it also adheres to the Transformer, Trickster, Culture Hero, or spirit figures. Shamans, prophets and ceremonial performers are endowed with it. The spirits of all living things are powerful and mysterious, as are many natural phenomena and ritually significant places. Ritual objects such as rattles, drums, masks, medicine bundles and ritual sanctuaries are filled with mystery.

Source: Canadian Encyclopedia