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March, 3

Birth of Alexander Graham Bell - March 3
Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 and died on August 2, 1922.
An eminent scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator, Bell is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.
Profound influences on Bell's life include Bell's father, grandfather, and brother who had all been associated with work on elocution and speech, and his mother and wife who were both deaf. His meticulous research on hearing and speech further led him to experiment with hearing devices, which eventually led Bell to being awarded the first U.S. patent for the telephone in 1876. Ironically, Bell considered the telephone as an intrusion on his real work as a scientist and refused to have his most famous invention in his study.

Did you know?Hong Gil-dongNPC - Hong Gil-dong
Hong Gildong is a fictitious character in an old Korean novel, The story of Hong Gildong (Hangul: 홍길동전; Hanja: 洪吉童傳; RR: Hong Gildong-jeon), written in the Joseon Dynasty. The story was authored by Heo Gyun and is believed to have been written in the late 16th or early 17th century. Hong Gildong is famous for his robbing the rich to feed the poor, much like the English folk hero Robin Hood.
Due to the strict Confucian laws of the Joseon Dynasty, Heo expressed his ideas in this novel, where Hong, born an illegitimate child, is not accepted by his father and family. His father, after hearing from a shaman that his son is cursed, attempts to kill him but fails. Shocked and appalled at his father's actions, he goes out into the world, where he becomes a bandit leader. He becomes a bandit for the people, and steals from the rich only to give to the poor. His popularity within the peasant society soars, and many view him as a hero.

Source: Wikipedia