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October, 30

Death of Edmund Cartwright - October 30
Hello, Atlantica Players.
Let's talk about Edmund Cartwright, who advanced textile technology.
He died today on October 30, 1823.
He was taught at University College, Oxford, and became a clergyman, but an incidental interest in weaving machinery was what propelled him to fame.
His first invention, the power loom, became a commercial success and his wool combing machine was an invention that helped advance textile technology.

Did you know?AkechiNPC - Akechi
Akechi Mitsuhide - (明智 光秀Akechi Mitsuhide -? 1528? – July 2, 1582 Japanese calendar 6th month 13th day), nicknamed Jūbei or Koretō Hyūga no Kami (惟任日向守?), was a samurai who lived during the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan.

Mitsuhide was a samurai and a general under daimyo Oda Nobunaga, although he later betrayed Nobunaga and caused him to commit seppuku.

Source: Wikipedia