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December, 19

Navigator Vitus Bering - December 19
Today's topic is Vitus Bering, who was born on August 12, 1681 and died on December 19, 1741.
He was a Danish navigator in the service of the Russian Navy, a captain-komandor known among Russian sailors as Ivan Ivanovich.
A series of explorations of the northern coast of Asia, the outcome of a long-reaching plan devised by Peter the Great, led up to Bering's first voyage to Kamchatka in 1725 at the age of 47.
In 1725, he went overland to Okhotsk, crossed to Kamchatka, and established the ship Sviatoi Gavriil (St. Gabriel). Aboard the ship, Bering pushed northward in 1728.
In June of 1741, on the way back after discovering Alaska and its Aleutian Islands, Bering became too ill to command his ship, which was at last driven to refuge on an uninhabited island in the Commander Islands group in the southwest Bering Sea.
December 19, 1741 Vitus Bering died at Bering Island, near the Kamchatka Peninsula. This island bears his name.

Did you know?Im Guk-jungNPC - Im Guk-jung
Kosukchung is the place where Guk-Jung IM who was a Robin Hood figure of the early years of Josun Dynasty, played acts, so has many kinds of legends.

Source: Cheorwon county