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Voice packs

You can change the voices (sound effects) of your main character and mercenaries by downloading the following packs.
Copy the downloaded zip file into the LANG/ENG path of your installation path (example: C:/nDoors/Atlantica/LANG/ENG)), then extract the files.
They might erase the "FXSound/BUDDY" and "FXSound/BUDDY" sub-directories, so make a backup or use the USA pack if you want to restore them in the future.
Sound files (.ogg) must end with "_ENG.ogg" to be used on Atantica Online USA.

  • de Germany (Updated on 2013-12-21) Voice pack
  • es Spanish (Updated on 2013-04-24) Voice pack
  • fr France (Updated on 2013-12-21) Voice pack
  • kr Korea (Updated on 2013-12-21) Voice pack
  • jp Japan (Updated on 2013-12-16) Voice pack
  • ru Russia (Updated on 2011-07-17) Voice pack
  • th Thailand (Updated on 2013-12-21) Voice pack
  • us United States Voice pack


  • Modifying the game files is forbidden by the Atlantica Online Terms of service.
  • As a consequence, they will be removed if nDoors asks it.
  • By using this files you acknowledge that you cannot hold Atlantica-db responsible for what happens to your game or account.
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