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Voice packs

You can change the voices (sound effects) of your main character and mercenaries by downloading the following packs.

Voice files for Japan & Korea uploaded 29-July-2014.
Already renamed from JPN/KOR to ENG/EUR/GER/FRA.
Simply download the package desired and to extract to your Atlantica\Lang\***\FXSound\ directory, where *** is any of the four language settings above.
Includes Main sound files (including Celestial Hunter) and Mercenary sound files (updated for Arlecchino, Jessica, Quillia, Brother's Grimm & Sylvie.)


If you intend to use these files on Indonesia or Russia then you'll need to rename the files accordingly. See the files in your existing client first.
These packages are nicely compiled by Therian, check out his forum topic



  • Modifying the game files is forbidden by the Atlantica Online Terms of service.
  • As a consequence, they will be removed if nDoors asks it.
  • By using this files you acknowledge that you cannot hold Atlantica-db responsible for what happens to your game or account.
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