1. Expression: Learn how to go fishing!

- To fish, first look at your crafting skills. You should craft [Action: Fishing] and gain the Fishing expression skill.

- You can acquire up to level 100 in fishing. The higher your skill, the better fishing pole you can use.

- You must have fishing gear to use [Action: Fishing]. You can craft your own with the Fishing craft skill.

2. Preparation

- To fish, you need a fishing pole and bait. These items can be crafted through the Fishing craft skill.

- You can learn the Fishing crafting from [Kang Tae Gong] at of Hainan island.

- As you use better fishing poles, your probability of catching fish becomes higher.

- As you use better bait, you can catch rarer fish.

- Each time you fish, one bait is used. In case of bad luck, the fishing poll can break. (You won't lose bait.)

3. Start Fishing!

- Did you learn to fish? Do you have enough fishing poles and bait? Then, it is time to start fishing.

- Be careful! You can only fish at the exclusive fishing hole [Hainan island] . Hainan island is located south of Hanoi.

- Nobody can fish on land. You can do it only in water.

- Fishing can be started when you click on the fishing button in Expression window or press the shortcut key V.

4. Got it!

- Did you catch a fish? Don't eat it by mistake.

- Caught fish can be exchanged into fishing points if you take it to [Albert] at Hainan island.

- You might catch a rare fish or an item that's way more precious than fish, so you let's get your hopes up!

- Gather fishing points and buy items from [Pointry] in Rome!

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod   Lv.   Success   Break  
Acong's Fishing Rod1100%0%
Bamboo Fishing Rod147%6%
Maple Fishing Rod3057%6%
Iron Fishing Rod5067%6%
Mithril Fishing Rod8077%5%
Adamantium Fishing Rod10087%5%
Titanium Fishing Rod12092%5%


Bait   Lv.   Success   Special items  
Elizabeth's Quality Bait1100%0%
Spoiled Bait147%1%
Starlight Bait1100%0%
Crude Bait3057%1%
Mediocre Bait5067%1%
Common Bait8077%1%
Shining Bait80100%0%
Best Bait10087%1%
Albert's Special Bait12092%1%


Fish   Bait   Rate   Points  
Ancient Skill BookElizabeth's Quality Bait3.5%0 ~ 0
Ancient Skill BookStarlight Bait3.5%0 ~ 0
Sunken TreasureShining Bait100%0 ~ 0
[Event] Elizabeth's CouponElizabeth's Quality Bait96.45%0 ~ 0
Ninja's Secret ChestElizabeth's Quality Bait0.05%0 ~ 0
[Event] Elizabeth's CouponStarlight Bait96.45%0 ~ 0
Ninja's Secret ChestStarlight Bait0.05%0 ~ 0
Prussian CarpSpoiled Bait60%1 ~ 3
Mackerel PikeSpoiled Bait39.6%2 ~ 6
HairtailCrude Bait60%3 ~ 9
EelCrude Bait39.6%4 ~ 12
SkateMediocre Bait60%5 ~ 15
SalmonMediocre Bait39.6%6 ~ 18
TunaCommon Bait60%7 ~ 21
Red SnapperCommon Bait39.6%8 ~ 24
BlowfishSpoiled Bait0.2%9 ~ 27
BlowfishCrude Bait0.2%9 ~ 27
BlowfishMediocre Bait0.2%9 ~ 27
BlowfishCommon Bait0.2%9 ~ 27
BlowfishBest Bait60%9 ~ 27
BlowfishAlbert's Special Bait1%9 ~ 27
SharkBest Bait39.6%10 ~ 30
Sea BassAlbert's Special Bait60%11 ~ 33
ClownfishAlbert's Special Bait38%12 ~ 36
Deep Sea FishSpoiled Bait0.1%400 ~ 600
Deep Sea FishCrude Bait0.1%400 ~ 600
Deep Sea FishMediocre Bait0.1%400 ~ 600
Deep Sea FishCommon Bait0.2%400 ~ 600
Deep Sea FishBest Bait0.2%400 ~ 600
Deep Sea FishAlbert's Special Bait0.7%400 ~ 600
TrilobiteCommon Bait0.1%800 ~ 1200
TrilobiteBest Bait0.2%800 ~ 1200
TrilobiteAlbert's Special Bait0.3%800 ~ 1200
TrilobiteSpoiled Bait0.1%800 ~ 1200
TrilobiteCrude Bait0.1%800 ~ 1200
TrilobiteMediocre Bait0.1%800 ~ 1200

Special items

Item   Rate  
Material Box [I]16%
Material Box [II]15%
Artisan's Material Box14%
Craftsman's Material Box13%
Expert's Material Box12%
Old Treasure Box11%
Cultural Box10%
Pearl Oyster9%