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 Post subject: atlantica online korea
PostPosted: 08/24/12 00:24 

Server: [USA]Delphi
Character: Sebax (120)
Guild: Requiem (Abyss)
hi im new with this .. can anyone explain me how to do an atlantica korea account? it seems pretty hard :?:

 Post subject: Re: atlantica online korea
PostPosted: 08/24/12 13:14 
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Server: [USA]Sikyon
Character: Therian (160)
Guild: Astral (Legion)
Do you know what KSSN & KARCN stand for?
If you know at least;

a, What they stand for
b, Actually have one of the two

Then you can register on Korea here;

Basically the three options represent:-
Sign up (18+) > Sign up (Under 18) > Foreign Sign-Up

For the first two you'll need either a KSSN or I-Pin
For the third you'll need a KARCN or I-Pin (Note if your I-Pin is an alien version you'll need to use this option regardless)

Beyond that it's pretty straight forward.
이름 = Name
주민등록번호 = Social Security Number
외국인등록번호 = Alien Registration Number

As reference:
KSSN = Korean Social Security Number
KARCN = Korean Alien Registration Card Number (You'd need the Alien Registration Number off it)

For the most part you'll only ever have a KARCN while staying in Korea for 90+ days, after which you'll have to return the card when you leave the country (It'll just be voided anyway, so the number won't be usable afterwards) or acquire citizenship, which you'll get a KSSN anyhow.

You could also just borrow a friend's number(s), but most Korean's won't give out that information willingly because that number is practically the same as their life and can be used to identify them easily; so to give out that number basically leaves them open to identify theft. A few of our players who play Korea basically have had friends create the accounts or just use their account; so they don't actually know the person's security number.

 Post subject: Re: atlantica online korea
PostPosted: 08/26/12 16:29 
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Location: Poland
Server: [USA]Mycenae
Character: Mimee (133)
Guild: Polanie (Requiem)
If you somehow want to do it illegally then I'll tell you right away that it's pretty hard because all leaked bank databases have their KSSNs blocked by their users and trying to use them results in "Owner of this KSSN blocked usage of it blablablbala".

You cannot make up a KSSN either, because age and full name has to "fit".

In my life I managed to do two accounts using KSSN, which were banned after a while I believe. And it was few years ago when all those KSSN lists were fresh.


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