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 Post subject: Understanding and Profit Through Auto-craft
PostPosted: 10/21/09 12:09 
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Note: this guide was initially written and published by Vellauno on Atlantica Online Players.

Setting Up

Ok, first of all, this strategy is intended for new players who do not yet have much money. A lot of the tactics and knowledge here can be applied to veteran players too though.

You need to have a hero that is at least level 30 to Auto-craft. This should not take long at all and if you really go at it, can probably be done in less than 10 minutes. This tactic also requires the use of high school level math (so if you actually remember how to do math, this is easy as pie).

Once you are ready to make money you will need to earn enough money in-game to buy at least one Auto-Craft skill from the market. There is also a quest that will give you one for free.

Now for the tricky part. Since you are not rich yet you cannot make money using the thoughtless tactic that most high level players can use. This high level tactic simply requires you to keep crafting stuff and then break them down with hammers until you level your craft high enough to make end game equipment. At that point you rely mostly on randomly creating +equipment to make your money. This tactic requires a high initial investment though.

You are going to want to pick only one crafting skill with which to make money at first. Ideally, you want to pick a craft of which even high level players will need even the low level stuff in great supply. Low level weapons and armor do sell for good money if you take the time to enchant them yourself to higher levels, but they don't sell very quickly (which is a problem). Anything that is consumed constantly at all levels is best. Fishing, Crystal, Charms, Medicine at level 20+, Tool, Stationary etc...

Once you have picked a craft, make which ever item gives you the most profit. This is where math comes in and things become a bit complicated. Lets assume you start with Auto-craft 1/100. You need to figure out what gives the most money per hour of auto-crafting.

What and How Much to Craft?

First things first. Decide how many hours you want to leave the game running making you money with auto-craft, just making stuff for you. Lets assume you want to craft while you are sleeping for 8 hours.

Next, figure out how much workload you can auto-craft per hour. This is done with the following formula:

600 x ((AutoCraftLvl -1)x20+100) = Workload/Hour

Note: If you wonder where the number 600 came from, it is 3600 seconds in an hour divided by 6 seconds per 'tick' of auto-craft. ((AutoCraftLvl -1)x20+100) is because every tick of auto-craft completes a workload of 100 plus 20 per level of auto-craft except at level 1 which is just 100. So auto-craft 1 does 100 workload per tick, 2 is 120, 3 is 140, 4 is 160 etc. and there are 600 'ticks' in an hour.

At level one, you will find that you can auto-craft a workload of 60000 per hour

Multiply your workload per hour by the amount of hours you want to craft for to find out how much you can actually craft while sleeping. Using the example of 8 hours of auto-craft while you sleep, that would be:

60000 x 8 = 480 000

In other words, in 8 hours of auto-crafting at level one, you can craft a maximum of 480 000 workload.

Next find out what crafting item is most profitable. There are two ways to do this but I will start with the simplest.

Profit/loss = Value of the Product - Total Cost of Materials
(a negative number is a loss, a positive number is a gain)
Now, since there can be MANY potential items you can make (especially as you level up your craft) I highly recommend that you create an excel spreadsheet if you know how. Have fields where you can enter the current value of all mats and products you can make in your craft and then have it display profit and loss of each of those products after material costs are taken into consideration. This is REALLY easy to do in Excel IF you have a basic understanding of how to use it. If you don't, you'll have to use a good old pen and paper and do each calculation separately.

Finally, look at the workload of the item you chose to craft (it is listed in the description of the item in the crafting menu). Divide your 8 hour workload of 480 000 (60000 x 8 = 480 000 as previously explained) by the workload listed in the item crafting menu, then multiply that number by the amount a SINGLE crafting job produces (many items cannot be made 1 at a time and are made in bunches of 2 or more. If spoiled bait is made in batches of 100, the listed workload is for making 100 spoiled bait, not 1).

Lets use spoiled bait as an example:

Spoiled Bait
Production Rate: 100 per batch
Necessary Workload: 13,100

480 000 (8 hour workload of auto-croaft) / 13 100 (the listed workload for 100 Spoiled Baits) * 100 (the amount of spoiled bait made in a SINGLE batch) = 3664

So you can make 3664 spoiled bait in 8 hours; however, since spoiled bait can only be made in bunches of 100, round down to the nearest hundred. So 3600 spoiled bait is what you want to make.

If the last bit confused you, don't read the next part. You will make fine money without knowing profit per hour, so skip to Reinvesting your Money. If you are a greedy little bugger like me who has no problem with this math and a little extra work for more shiny gold, read on.

Now, remember this is only one way I said you can calculate. Although simple, the previous calculation does not take into account your production rate. While one item may be 2 times as profitable as the next, it may have a higher workload that makes it take 10 times as long to make.

For example:
Item A: Makes a profit of 500g each. You can make 10 in one hour. That is 5000g / hour.
Item B: Makes a profit of 1000g each BUT you can only make 1 per hour. That is 1000g/hour.

Item B may be more profitable, but it makes less money PER HOUR of crafting.

To figure out the most profitable item per hour of crafting, use the following formula:

WorkloadPerHour = 600 x ((AutoCraftLvl -1)x20+100)
ItemsPerHour = Number produced per batch * WorkloadPerHour / Workload of one Batch

ProfitOfItem = Value of the Product - Total Cost of Materials

ProfitPerHour = ItemsPerHour x ProfitOfItem

Reinvesting Your Money

As soon as you start to rake in the money, the next thing you need to consider is buying more auto-craft skills from the market (or making them yourself). These items can be very expensive but are almost always well worth it. Do not start buying them as soon as you have enough money to do so however. Lets assume that you auto-craft for 16 hours a day (while you are sleeping and while you are at work). If you don't have enough money to buy the mats to auto-craft your most profitable item for 16 hours, you don't need another level of auto-craft yet; however, if you find that you have tons of money and can't craft fast enough, buy more levels of auto-craft. Trust me, once you start making the high end stuff you will find that even 100/100 auto-craft is not enough.

Words of Caution and Tips

  • Don't flood the market! If you have not sold all of your most profitable items, don't make more of them until you do or you will be competing with yourself. Make the next most profitable item instead.
  • If you made 1000 of something that is bought up really quickly (like high level food for example), don't undercut the people who are only selling a few of those items for cheap.
  • Once you have a good amount of money, start to craft other things. This gives you more flexibility with market fluctuations.
  • Once you are intimately familiar with the values of the items you can craft, start to control the market. Buy up things that are being sold for too little and re-list them for their average price. But beware! If a lot of people are suddenly selling something for really cheap, make sure it is not because of something like the item being nerfed or rendered almost useless because of a patch for example.
  • Never use up all your gold. If you somehow mess up or the market for an item crashes, you don't want to be totally screwed with no money.
  • If you don't know how to use a spreadsheet program, LEARN! You will make exponentially more money with the quick calculating power of a spreadsheet.
  • The first level of Auto-craft is 5 times more valuable than any other level of Auto-craft. It gives you 100 workload per tick (~5 seconds) where all levels after that only give you 20.
  • You cannot craft more than 10000 of any one item at a time. In addition to this, you cannot craft anything that requires more than 10000 of any one ingredient.
  • The best time to sell stuff is the weekends. More people are buying than selling on weekends since they are not AFK auto-crafting and auto-fishing. They are out leveling, doing dungeons and FL and needing to replace their gear and consumable.
  • Now that you actually understand how crafting works, using a crafting calculator (on AOP) can speed things up for you (let the tool do some calculations for you).
  • (From Locast, Sikyon) When you find that after a few hours the item's stock on the market has increased a lot, keep them till stock drops, then sell for a higher price.

If anyone wants to add any tips, corrections or suggest changes to this guide, please leave them in the comment section and I will credit you for you appreciated contribution.

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 Post subject: Re: Understanding and Profit Through Auto-craft
PostPosted: 11/25/10 14:54 

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Could you please correct the error that says you need a Hero of Level 3, while really you need a Hero of Level 30?

I did read your tutorial and went with only level 18 to buy the really expensive craft action, which i would have gotten at lvl 30 from a quest anyway, just because i thought i could already use it based on the info of your tutorial.

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