Superalloy Bullet

Item Info

Superalloy Bullet
Effect: Increases gun attack power. Attack power decreases with each successful attack. 'Finely Crafted Item'


Min. Level60
Enchant Table
Enchant   Min. Attack Power   Str   Dex   Int   Vit  
+0 (PVE)800000
+0 (PVP)800000
Notes about Enchant tables:
  • Values above are the raw bonus given by the item itself, they are added to the actual character/mercenary attack power.
  • Attack Power is different of Real damage, especially during Free League and Colosseum League battles. More attack always means more damage, but the scaling depends on many factors.
  • Not forgetting that Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence add, respectively, attack power to Melee, Range and Magic characters. That's why many equipments give additional damage bonus through these stats (in particular weapons and armors)

Source (Box - Loot - Quest)


Level   Quest - Reward   Quantity  
73Vasco da Gama - Navigator's Dream: 12.Machine Goddess1,000

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