Items - Crafting Skill : Tool

Name   Type   Craft   Market  
Mithril IngotMineralTool 13
Refined Mithril IngotMineralTool 17
Large DiamondMineralTool 20
Steel IngotMineralTool 23
AdamantiumMineralTool 26
Refined OilMineralTool 27
Adamantium IngotMineralTool 28
Fragment of DivineMineralTool 30
Enriched Adamantium IngotMineralTool 32
Imitation OriharukonMineralTool 33
TitaniumMineralTool 35
Titanium IngotMineralTool 37
Enhanced Titanium IngotMineralTool 47
Fused Devil StoneMineralTool 55
Shard of BeginningMineralTool 60
Small BoltToolTool 01
Weak DynamiteToolTool 10
Small LeverToolTool 15
Normal DynamiteToolTool 25
Animal ReplicaToolTool 29
Crafting Items

[Crafting Items]

[Learn Craft Skills]

You can learn craft skills through NPC crafters.

The following trainers will increase your crafting skills up to level 10: Cai Lun near [Hong Kong] teaches [Medicine], [Armor], [Food], and [Helmet] crafting. Gum Hwal Li teaches [Armor] and Ganjang teaches [Weapon] crafting.

Other professional crafters will teach you crafting skills up to level 140. A detailed list of NPC crafters can be found under [Game Info]-[NPCs]-[Crafters].

Other than NPC crafters, your friends, party members, or guild members can teach you crafting. It costs 50 Will to increase another player's crafting skill by 1.

[Increasing your Crafting Skill]

When you craft items, your crafting experience increases. Once your crafting experience crosses a certain threshold, you can go to a crafter to increase your crafting level.


When you select the [Crafting] menu, you will see the items you can craft. Choose a quantity, click [Craft], and you will be ready to create. Whenever you fight battles, the item's necessary Workload will be filled and when it reaches 100%, the item will be done. If your inventory is full, crafted items will be sent to your mailbox.

You can also begin crafting from the Items section of Game Info.