Enhance Stone [III]

Item Info

Enhance Stone [III]
Enhances equipment level 100 and under.


TypeMana Stone
Crafting SkillMana Stone

Material List:

Name   Type   Quantity  
Enchant Stone [III]Mana Stone5
Flame Element ShardElement30
Hammer [III]Tool10
Multi-Hued CrystalCrystal1
Thick Animal BoneMisc.200
Vulcan's HammerTool30

Source (Box - Loot - Quest)


Box   Select Content   Min. Level   Quantity  
Pedro's Discovery BoxNoNo5~15
Silver BoxNoNo1


Ratio   Level   Monster   Special   Location  
High98YoruichiStun ImmunityLost Volcano Valley
Medium95Broken Beast EngineStun ImmunityLost Volcano Valley
Medium94Dark Crystal SafeguardStun ImmunityShogun Castle of Death
Very Low115Crimson BodyguardStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low115HannyaStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low115Iga NinjaStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low110Negoro Lord's SpiritStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low110Saiga Lord's SpiritStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low110Yukawa Lord's SpiritStrong WillHaunted Tatami Room
Very Low103Big Clawed CrayfishGhost Ship of the Caribbean
Very Low103Clay GladiatorSelf-resurrectionMausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi
Very Low102Ancient High PriestGhost Ship of the Caribbean
Very Low102Clay FighterSelf-resurrectionMausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi
Very Low102Clay WarriorSelf-resurrectionMausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi
Very Low102Glittering Flying FishFlyingGhost Ship of the Caribbean
Very Low101Brutal Ancient BeastGhost Ship of the Caribbean
Very Low100Ancient BeastGhost Ship of the Caribbean
Very Low95Pitiful KojiroBoss, Stun Immunity, Strong WillShogun Castle of Death
Very Low94Sad ClownMarksburg Castle
Very Low93Heavy InfantryMarksburg Castle
Very Low80Agent of JudgmentBoss, Stun Immunity, Strong WillValley of the Kings


Level   Quest - Reward   Quantity  
78Miyamoto Musashi - Warrior's Path: 13.Oda Nobunaga20
80Menelaus - Necropolis: 11.Shared Road3
85Momotaro - Momotaro: 16.Legendary Flame Goblin10
85Sakura - Shogun Secret Garden: 6.Kojiro's Honor5
89Beowulf - Hero's Passage: 5.The Evil Cure3
93Guardian Frigg - Valhalla's Bow: 9.Life's Value 210
94Gullweig - Yggdrasil: 7.Valkyries' Ghosts10
96Ismet - Constantinople: 19.Though They Are Heathens...10
96Murat - Wheel Lock Musket: 16.Slave Diary5
96Mustafa - Orban's Secret Weapon: 7.Enemy Commander's Info5
98Amaqjuat - Amaqjuat's Ambition: 12.Sorcery and Magic5
98Atanarjuat - Atanarjuat's Ambition: 14.Trace5
98Erik - Frozen Adlivun: 10.Maybe she's like a god-like being.10
98Erik - Frozen Adlivun: 23.Show Me Your Ultimate Power!10
100Anita - Dallas Lawless District: 13.Getting Rid of the Beer10
100Chironia of the Wind - Dark Archer: 7.Hall of Fame10
100Miltia Serestia - Serestia's Prophecy: 1.King's Authority5

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