Warrior's Sign

Item Info

Warrior's Sign
'It is proof of your efforts.'


Only usable by main character.No

Quest List:

Level   Quest - Mission   Quantity  
88Snegurochka - Dinosaur Master: 2.Prove It1
115Fei Yue - Ruler of Asia: 1.Exorcist Fei Yue10

Craftable Items

Name   Type   Quantity  
Blood Knight AxeAxe1
Blood Knight BootsShoes1
Blood Knight BowBow1
Blood Knight CannonCannon1
Blood Knight Chain BootsShoes1
Blood Knight Chain GauntletsGauntlet1
Blood Knight Chain HelmHelmet1
Blood Knight GauntletsGauntlet1
Blood Knight GlovesGauntlet1
Blood Knight GreavesPants1
Blood Knight HatHelmet1
Blood Knight Heavy ArmorArmor1
Blood Knight HelmetHelmet1
Blood Knight InstrumentInstrument1
Blood Knight LeggingsPants1
Blood Knight Light ArmorArmor1
Blood Knight OrbOrb1
Blood Knight Power SawPower Saw1
Blood Knight RifleGun1
Blood Knight RobeArmor1
Blood Knight ShieldShield1
Blood Knight ShoesShoes1
Blood Knight SpearSpear1
Blood Knight StaffStaff1
Blood Knight SwordSword1
Blood Knight WhipWhip1
Gilgamesh AxeAxe1
Gilgamesh BootsShoes1
Gilgamesh BowBow1
Gilgamesh CannonCannon1
Gilgamesh Chain BootsShoes1
Gilgamesh Chain GauntletsGauntlet1
Gilgamesh Chain HelmHelmet1
Gilgamesh GauntletsGauntlet1
Gilgamesh GlovesGauntlet1
Gilgamesh GreavesPants1
Gilgamesh HatHelmet1
Gilgamesh Heavy ArmorArmor1
Gilgamesh HelmetHelmet1
Gilgamesh InstrumentInstrument1
Gilgamesh LeggingsPants1
Gilgamesh Light ArmorArmor1
Gilgamesh OrbOrb1
Gilgamesh Power SawPower Saw1
Gilgamesh RifleGun1
Gilgamesh RobeArmor1
Gilgamesh ShieldShield1
Gilgamesh ShoesShoes1
Gilgamesh SpearSpear1
Gilgamesh StaffStaff1
Gilgamesh SwordSword1
Gilgamesh WhipWhip1
Gold Dragon AxeAxe1
Gold Dragon BootsShoes1
Gold Dragon BowBow1
Gold Dragon CannonCannon1
Gold Dragon Chain BootsShoes1
Gold Dragon Chain GauntletsGauntlet1
Gold Dragon Chain HelmHelmet1
Gold Dragon GauntletsGauntlet1
Gold Dragon GlovesGauntlet1
Gold Dragon GreavesPants1
Gold Dragon HatHelmet1
Gold Dragon Heavy ArmorArmor1
Gold Dragon HelmetHelmet1
Gold Dragon InstrumentInstrument1
Gold Dragon LanceSpear1
Gold Dragon LeggingsPants1
Gold Dragon Light ArmorArmor1
Gold Dragon OrbOrb1
Gold Dragon Power SawPower Saw1
Gold Dragon RifleGun1
Gold Dragon RobeArmor1
Gold Dragon ShieldShield1
Gold Dragon ShoesShoes1
Gold Dragon StaffStaff1
Gold Dragon SwordSword1
Gold Dragon WhipWhip1
Secrets of Time: Roboto's LoveLicense10
Secrets of Time: Serestia's ProphecyLicense15
Secrets of Time: Witch's LabLicense15
Warrior MaskQuest1

Source (Box - Loot - Quest)


Box   Select Content   Min. Level   Quantity  
Battlefield Treasure ChestNoNo2
Immortal King's Treasure BoxNoNo2
Nimrod Treasure BoxNoNo2
Pirate's Treasure BoxNoNo2
Proximo's Supply BoxNoNo1

Treasure Map:

Treasure Map   Select Content   Min. Level   Quantity  
Ornate Treasure MapNoNo1


Ratio   Level   Monster   Special   Location  
Very Low118Black Eagle MaskFlying, Stun Immunity, Silence Immunity, Strong Willn/a
Very Low118White Eagle MaskFlying, Stun Immunity, Silence Immunity, Strong Willn/a
Very Low116Fake PoetStrong Willn/a
Very Low115Bamboo Hatn/a
Very Low115Hahoe MaskStrong Willn/a
Very Low115Jeju Black Pign/a
Very Low114Jeju PigStrong Willn/a
Very Low114Yangban Maskn/a
Very Low101Blue Mushroomn/a
Very Low101Giant Raccoonn/a
Very Low100Horse Ridern/a
Very Low100Raccoonn/a
Very Low100Song-i Hatn/a
Very Low99Swift Cannon Horsen/a
Very Low98Cannon Horsen/a


Level   Quest - Reward   Quantity  
88Snegurochka - Dinosaur Master: 2.Prove It1

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