Items - Type : Armor

Name   Type   Craft   Job   Min. Level   Def   Magic Defense   Min. Attack Power   Max. Attack Power   Market  
Blue Guardian Heavy ArmorArmor Melee
Blue Guardian Light ArmorArmor Range
Blue Guardian RobeArmor Magic
Crimson Guard Heavy ArmorArmor Melee
Crimson Guard Light ArmorArmor Range
Crimson Guard RobeArmor Magic
Golden Guard Heavy ArmorArmor Melee
Golden Guard Light ArmorArmor Range
Golden Guard RobeArmor Magic
Spirit ArmorArmorArmor 01 11505
Brody's Common Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1560010
Brody's Common Light ArmorArmor Range1546030
Brody's Common RobeArmor Magic1538050
Deep-Sea Light ArmorArmorArmor 05Range1546030
Deep-Sea Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range1546030
Ocean Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 06Melee1560010
Ocean Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee1560010
Red Soul RobeArmorArmor 04Magic1538050
Red Soul Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic1538050
Krishna's RobeArmorArmor 09Magic25460100
Ogre Light ArmorArmorArmor 10Range2555060
Rakshasa's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 11Melee2572020
Assassin's Light ArmorArmorArmor 18Range3566075
Assassin's Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range3566075
Brody's Enhanced Heavy ArmorArmor Melee3586035
Brody's Enhanced Light ArmorArmor Range3566075
Brody's Enhanced RobeArmor Magic35550115
Destroyer's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 20Melee3586035
Destroyer's Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee3586035
Savior's RobeArmorArmor 16Magic35550115
Savior's Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic35550115
Blood Knight Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 36Melee501,37073
Blood Knight Heavy Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Melee501,37073
Blood Knight Light ArmorArmorArmor 33Range501,050113
Blood Knight Light Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Range501,050113
Blood Knight RobeArmorArmor 31Magic50870153
Blood Knight Robe (14 days/No Trade)Armor Magic50870153
Brody's Special Heavy ArmorArmor Melee501,03050
Brody's Special Light ArmorArmor Range5079090
Brody's Special RobeArmor Magic50660130
Walachia Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 30Melee501,03050
Walachia Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee501,03050
Walachia Light ArmorArmorArmor 28Range5079090
Walachia Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range5079090
Walachia RobeArmorArmor 26Magic50660130
Walachia Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic50660130
Anu Priest RobeArmorArmor 36Magic60790145
Anu Warrior Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 42Melee601,24065
Anu Warrior Light ArmorArmorArmor 39Range60950105
Gilgamesh Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 44Melee601,64085
Gilgamesh Light ArmorArmorArmor 43Range601,260125
Gilgamesh RobeArmorArmor 42Magic601,050165
Amon's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 48Melee701,49080
Amon's Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee701,49080
Amon's Light ArmorArmorArmor 46Range701,140120
Amon's Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range701,140120
Thoth's RobeArmorArmor 44Magic70950160
Thoth's Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic70950160
Brody's Magnificent Heavy ArmorArmor Melee801,79090
Brody's Magnificent Light ArmorArmor Range801,370130
Brody's Magnificent RobeArmor Magic801,140170
Ghost Conjuror RobeArmorArmor 50Magic801,140170
Ghost Gunner Light ArmorArmorArmor 52Range801,370130
Ghost Warrior Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 54Melee801,79090
Dragon Breath RobeArmorArmor 56Magic901,370180
Dragon Breath Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic901,370180
Dragon Heart Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 60Melee902,150100
Dragon Heart Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee902,150100
Dragon Slayer Light ArmorArmorArmor 58Range901,640140
Dragon Slayer Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range901,640140
Gold Dragon Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 66Melee952,580110
Gold Dragon Light ArmorArmorArmor 64Range951,970150
Gold Dragon RobeArmorArmor 62Magic951,640190
Conqueror's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 72Melee973,100120
Conqueror's Light ArmorArmorArmor 70Range972,360160
Conqueror's RobeArmorArmor 68Magic971,970200
Brody's Miraculous Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1003,720130
Brody's Miraculous Light AmorArmor Range1002,830170
Brody's Miraculous RobeArmor Magic1002,360210
Darkest Night Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1004,460140
Darkest Night Light ArmorArmor Range1003,400180
Darkest Night RobeArmor Magic1002,830220
Freezing Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 78Melee1003,720130
Freezing Heavy Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Melee1003,720130
Freezing Heavy Armor (30 Days)Armor Melee1003,720130
Freezing Light ArmorArmorArmor 76Range1002,830170
Freezing Light Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Range1002,830170
Freezing Light Armor (30 Days)Armor Range1002,830170
Freezing RobeArmorArmor 74Magic1002,360210
Freezing Robe (14 days/No Trade)Armor Magic1002,360210
Freezing Robe (30 Days)Armor Magic1002,360210
Divine Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 84Melee1054,460140
Divine Light ArmorArmorArmor 82Range1053,400180
Divine RobeArmorArmor 80Magic1052,830220
Brody's Holy Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1105,352150
Brody's Holy Light ArmorArmor Range1104,080190
Brody's Holy RobeArmor Magic1103,396230
Depraved Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 90Melee1105,352150
Depraved Light ArmorArmorArmor 88Range1104,080190
Depraved RobeArmorArmor 86Magic1103,396230
Brody's Unearthly Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1136,422160
Brody's Unearthly Light ArmorArmor Range1134,896200
Brody's Unearthly RobeArmor Magic1134,075240
Phoenix's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 96Melee1136,422160
Phoenix's Light ArmorArmorArmor 94Range1134,896200
Phoenix's RobeArmorArmor 92Magic1134,075240
Brody's Amazing Heavy ArmorArmor Melee1207,706170
Brody's Amazing Light ArmorArmor Range1205,875210
Brody's Amazing RobeArmor Magic1204,890250
Dragon God's Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 110Melee1207,706170
Dragon God's Heavy Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Melee1207,706170
Dragon God's Light ArmorArmorArmor 108Range1205,875210
Dragon God's Light Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Range1205,875210
Dragon God's RobeArmorArmor 106Magic1204,890250
Dragon God's Robe (14 days/No Trade)Armor Magic1204,890250
Necromancer's Light ArmorArmor 1207,635220
Patriot Light ArmorArmor 1206,000210
Brody's Ridiculous Heavy ArmorArmor Melee13010,015180
Brody's Ridiculous Light ArmorArmor Range1307,635220
Brody's Ridiculous RobeArmor Magic1306,355260
Evil Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 120Melee13010,015180
Evil Light ArmorArmorArmor 118Range1307,635220
Evil RobeArmorArmor 116Magic1306,355260
Brody's Fascinating Heavy ArmorArmor Melee14013,020190
Brody's Fascinating Light ArmorArmor Range1409,926230
Brody's Fascinating RobeArmor Magic1408,262270
Pegasus Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 125Melee14013,020190
Pegasus Light ArmorArmorArmor 124Range1409,926230
Pegasus RobeArmorArmor 123Magic1408,262270
Brody's Precious Heavy ArmorArmor Melee15014,973200
Brody's Precious Light ArmorArmor Range15011,414240
Brody's Precious RobeArmor Magic1509,501280
Dark Pegasus Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 131Melee15014,973200
Dark Pegasus Heavy Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Melee15014,973200
Dark Pegasus Light ArmorArmorArmor 130Range15011,414240
Dark Pegasus Light Armor (14 days/No Trade)Armor Range15011,414240
Dark Pegasus RobeArmorArmor 129Magic1509,501280
Dark Pegasus Robe (14 days/No Trade)Armor Magic1509,501280
Automaton Light ArmorArmor 15513,126250
Centaur Light ArmorArmor 15513,1262502550
Furious Patriot Light ArmorArmor 15513,500250
Judgment Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 134Melee15517,218210
Judgment Light ArmorArmorArmor 133Range15513,126250
Judgment RobeArmorArmor 132Magic15510,926290
Tarkan Heavy ArmorArmor 15517,218210
Twilight Heavy ArmorArmorArmor 137Melee16520,662218
Twilight Light ArmorArmorArmor 136Range16515,751260
Twilight RobeArmorArmor 135Magic16513,111302
Item Types

[Item Types]


These are items you can equip.

Each piece of equipment has a designated slot to be equipped to as well as other restrictions. If you meet the restrictions, you can equip the item.

[Recovery Items]

You can use these items to restore your Health or Mana.

Potions can be used during combat, and food items can be used when you are not in combat.


These are items that provide general conveniences to you. Licenses include Patrol Licenses, Teleportation Licenses, Auto-Battle Licenses, etc.

[Growth Items]

These items increase a character's skills. A Growth Vial is an example of a growth item.


These help you when you use them in battle. Scrolls include the Scroll of Judgment, the Scroll of Resurrection, etc.


These items are used to craft weapons and consumable items. They can be obtained through battle or from the market at a fixed price.

[Quest Items]

These are used in quests. They cannot be traded. Some items can be used in multiple quests."