Items - Type : Quest

Name   Type   Craft   Market  
"Torn, Bloody Clothes"Quest
100-year-old AirakQuest
3-Step TransformerQuest
30-round FirecrackerQuest
A Piece of Voyage LogQuest
A Woman's SongQuest
Achilles' LetterQuest
Achilles' Second LetterQuest
Acrobat's SwordQuest
Adlivun LegendQuest
Adlivun's SecretQuest
Aegis of DivinityQuest
Akechi's HelmetQuest
Almiki's HairQuest
Alpaca FurQuest
Alpaca SteakQuest
Alpee HeartQuest
Altered Fighter PlanQuest
Altered Man's Confidential DocumentQuest
Altered Spirit PieceQuest
Amber Knotted NoteQuest
American FlagQuest
Amethyst GemstoneQuest
Amnesiac's SoulQuest
Amplification CubeQuest
Amy's Clothes BagQuest
Amy's RibbonQuest
Ancestor's LanguageQuest
Ancient BookQuest
Ancient Brick SignetQuest
Ancient Cuneiform ScriptQuest
Ancient DeviceQuest
Ancient Hero's SpearQuest
Ancient Insignia of HISQuest
Ancient King's BloodQuest
Ancient King's BonesQuest
Ancient King's Brain JarQuest
Ancient King's Heart JarQuest
Ancient King's Soul JarQuest
Ancient KnowledgeQuest
Ancient Mana StoneQuest
Ancient Oracle Bone ScriptQuest
Ancient PictographQuest
Ancient TombstoneQuest
Ancient Viking's AxeQuest
Ancient Warrior's BoneQuest
Anita's SizeQuest
Annie's Treasure BoxQuest
Another Legend of Dark SeaQuest
Ant AntennaQuest
Ant EggsQuest
Antonia's LetterQuest
Apology LetterQuest
Apostate Monk's BeadsQuest
Application DeviceQuest
Apprentice's Magic TextbookQuest
Arcane RelicQuest
Archbishop's Skull StaffQuest
Aroma BaseQuest
Artifact HolderQuest
Artisan's ToolboxQuest
Assault MaskQuest
Association OrdersQuest
Athena's BlessingQuest
Athena's HelmetQuest
Athena's PrayerQuest
Auburn Knotted NoteQuest
Aztec CharmQuest
Aztec HistoryQuest
Aztec Special CharmQuest
Baby Gremlin FoodQuest
Backstreet NewsQuest
Bai Yigai's ChallengeQuest
Bai Yigai's EmblemQuest
Bamboo Divining PoleQuest
Bandit Contact LetterQuest
Bandit Secret Document BoxQuest
Bandit's NameplateQuest
Baobab Wood BoxQuest
Bark TubeQuest
Barrier Spirit StoneQuest
Bartender's LetterQuest
Bat TeethQuest
Battle Robot ChipsetQuest
Bayan's Herb BagQuest
Bear HideQuest
Bear PawQuest
Bearing No.1Quest
Beast's ManeQuest
Beastman's AccessoryQuest
Beastman's CharmQuest
Beastmen's BatonQuest
Beastmen's FlagQuest
Beastmen's SymbolQuest
Beastmen's Trading ListQuest
Beastmen's Training ManualQuest
Bedazzlement CoreQuest
Bedazzlement PieceQuest
Beef Jerky StripsQuest
Beer BottleQuest
Ben's NoteQuest
Ben's Trace RecordsQuest
Benevolent Ruler's BatonQuest
Berserker Army Commander's MarkQuest
Berserker Army's MarkQuest
Best Tobacco LeafQuest
Bewitched Gold IngotQuest
Big DollQuest
Big Princess DollQuest
Big PumpkinQuest
Big Snowman (Event)Quest
Bitter BeerQuest
Bitter LiquorQuest
Bitter ThreatQuest
Black Carrier PigeonQuest
Black Demon's HeartQuest
Black Horn PieceQuest
Black MarbleQuest
Black Security CardQuest
Black Snake's Confidential DocumentsQuest
Blood of King MinotaurusQuest
Blood of LionmanQuest
Blood of WerewolfQuest
Bloodstained ClothQuest
Bloody BandanaQuest
Bloody Boar FangQuest
Bloody Boar ManeQuest
Bloody DaggerQuest
Bloody PapyrusQuest
Bloody Purple ScarfQuest
Bloody Rake HandQuest
Blotted Insignia of HISQuest
Blue Insignia of HISQuest
Blue StoneQuest
Boar MeatQuest
Boatman's Accessory BoxQuest
Bone NecklaceQuest
Book of Quetzalcoatl's RebirthQuest
Book of Royal PropheciesQuest
Boorchu's LetterQuest
Boorchu's Secret LetterQuest
Bors' HelmetQuest
Borte Chino's SoulQuest
Bottled BeerQuest
Brave Soldier's Spirit SlateQuest
Bridge BlueprintQuest
Broken AxeQuest
Broken BellQuest
Broken BladeQuest
Broken BulbQuest
Broken Cat StatueQuest
Broken ClockworkQuest
Broken Farming ToolsQuest
Broken Gift BoxQuest
Broken Glass PieceQuest
Broken Gold Ingot BoxQuest
Broken Key PieceQuest
Broken LampQuest
Broken Lotus SwordQuest
Broken NailQuest
Broken Obsidian FragmentQuest
Broken ShaftQuest
Broken Shield FragmentQuest
Broken Spear TipQuest
Broken Sword PieceQuest
Broken Table PieceQuest
Broken Training WhipQuest
Broken WhipQuest
Brooks' Slush Fund ListQuest
Buffalo Horn Helmet PieceQuest
Bullmen's Investigation ReportQuest
Bundled BibimbapQuest
Bundled EquipmentQuest
Burning EmberQuest
Burning TinctureQuest
Bursting ArrowQuest
By-product ExtractorQuest
By-product SelectorQuest
Byzantine Emperor's CrownQuest
Byzantine General's HornQuest
Byzantine Soldier's HelmetQuest
Calming TinctureQuest
Calypso's LetterQuest
Can of VegetablesQuest
Candy BoxQuest
Cao Cao's OrdersQuest
Captain Kidd's Diary (Part I)Quest
Captain Kidd's Diary (Part II)Quest
Captain Kidd's Diary (Part III)Quest
Carapace ShardQuest
Carrier Pigeon's Secret ArtQuest
Catherine's PerfumeQuest
Centaur HornQuest
Centaur HorseshoeQuest
Cerberus' CollarQuest
Cerulean MoldQuest
Chamberlain's RecordsQuest
Chaos MarbleQuest
Chardin's PerfumeQuest
Charm of WeaknessQuest
Charred Garment PieceQuest
Chaser Vol. 1Quest
Chaser Vol. 2Quest
Chaser Vol. 3Quest
Cheng-Lin's LetterQuest
Cheshire's LetterQuest
Cheyenne ArrowheadQuest
Cheyenne HornQuest
Cheyenne LockQuest
Cheyenne SignQuest
Chimera ClawQuest
Chimera's Bone PieceQuest
Chimera's MolarQuest
Chin Tai Dong Do Xiyu OrdersQuest
Chin Tai Dong Do's AccordQuest
Chin Tai Dong Do's Secret TreatyQuest
Chin Tai Dong Do's Tribute DocumentQuest
Chinese Red WineQuest
Ching Yue's RingQuest
Chocolate PieQuest
Chomp Chomp's ChompersQuest
Chopped GinsengQuest
Christine's LetterQuest
Christmas CardQuest
Chueh Shui's EmblemQuest
Chung Rang Seal ScrollQuest
Cisserodon WingQuest
Clairvoyant Crystal BallQuest
Claw-Clown's MaskQuest
Clouds Stream CrystalQuest
Cloudy RelicQuest
Clown SpringQuest
Coded Research RecordQuest
Coin BundleQuest
Cold BeerQuest
Cold BeverageQuest
Colins' BadgeQuest
Colorful Owl FeatherQuest
Colorful Wooden StrawQuest
Combined Letters [ATLANTICA]Quest
Comedy ScriptQuest
Commander's OrdersQuest
Commander's ReportQuest
Commander's SpearQuest
Commedia Dell'ArteQuest
Commedia Dell'arte (Translation)Quest
Companion Selection PaperQuest
Completed BlueprintQuest
Completed Fo Tiao QiangQuest
Completed LetterQuest
Completed MemorandumQuest
Confession CardQuest
Confidential Document PackageQuest
Connection LoopQuest
Conspiracy NoteQuest
Construction RecordQuest
Contaminated AntennaQuest
Contaminated Golden AppleQuest
Contaminated PowderQuest
Contract of Cannon DeliveryQuest
Contract of Cannonball DeliveryQuest
Copy of Elizabeth's DiaryQuest
Copy of Record NotesQuest
Copy of Suspicious LetterQuest
Corrupt Priestess' SoulQuest
Cowardly King's Document BundleQuest
Crab Warrior's ArmorQuest
Criminal's Information BoxQuest
Crimson Horse-head JadeQuest
Crimson Stone PieceQuest
Critical ClueQuest
Cromwell's LetterQuest
Cross of ProtectionQuest
Crude Wooden PuppetQuest
Crude Wooden TubeQuest
Crumpled NoteQuest
Cryptograph BundleQuest
Crystal FlaskQuest
Crystal of Frozen TearsQuest
Crystal of LightQuest
Crystal of TruthQuest
Crystallized DarknessQuest
Crystallized Water of AwakeningQuest
Cube FragmentQuest
Cube PowderQuest
Cursed BrushQuest
Cursed NecklaceQuest
Cursed RelicQuest
Cursed Soldier's DeviceQuest
Cursed SymbolQuest
Cut OintmentQuest
Cute Coin BankQuest
Cute Mushroom HatQuest
Cute PajamasQuest
Da Vinci's RecordsQuest
Daddy's Pocket WatchQuest
Dagger of DeathQuest
Damaged CharmQuest
Dancer's HairpinQuest
Dangling CarrotQuest
Dark Harpy ClawQuest
Dark Knight's CertificateQuest
Dark Mana StoneQuest
Dark Poison GlandQuest
Dark Sea JewelQuest
Dark Spirit's BreathQuest
Darkward PotionQuest
Death's PallorQuest
Deathblow ScrollQuest
Declaration of IndependenceQuest
Decoded Security CardQuest
Decorative NecklaceQuest
Defeated Fighter's HelmetQuest
Defiler's RingQuest
Deimus' Soul ShardQuest
Delicious BarbecueQuest
Delivery LogQuest
Deluxe Tobacco BoxQuest
Demon GrudgeQuest
Demon HornQuest
Demon Soul CrystalQuest
Demon's GreataxeQuest
Desert Soul Secret DocumentQuest
Destroyed ManualQuest
Detroit BadgeQuest
Detroit Massacre ReportQuest
Detroit Underground KeyQuest
Diabolic BlackmailQuest
Diabolic CrownQuest
Diabolic Headquarter OrdersQuest
Diabolic King's Black WarningQuest
Diabolic King's Crimson WarningQuest
Diabolic King's Final WarningQuest
Diabolic PassQuest
Diabolic Search OrderQuest
Diabolic Spell ReducerQuest
Diabolic Trade RecordQuest
Diamond Bag MapQuest
Diamond GemstoneQuest
Diary's Last PageQuest
Digested GrainQuest
Dim NecklaceQuest
Dimension Control StaffQuest
Dimensional Crystal BallQuest
Dimensional KeyQuest
Dirty CryptographQuest
Dirty LetterQuest
Discolored ManeQuest
Distilled Flame EssenceQuest
Distilled Ice ElementQuest
Distilled Nature ElementQuest
Distilled Wind ElementQuest
Doll CogwheelQuest
Don Quixote's LetterQuest
Dorian Gray's SealQuest
Dorian Gray's SignetQuest
Dottore's WhipQuest
Dracula's PendantQuest
Dragon ClawQuest
Dream Music BoxQuest
Dream PowderQuest
Dream ShardQuest
Dried ApricotsQuest
Dried Camel TongueQuest
Dropped ClothQuest
Dropped Wood ChipQuest
Duality Experiment LedgerQuest
Duel RequestQuest
Dulcinea's HandkerchiefQuest
Dulcinea's Love LetterQuest
Duncan's Dallas UpdateQuest
Duncan's Detroit UpdateQuest
Dungeon SecretQuest
Duran's WhistleQuest
Eagle FeatherQuest
Eagle Knight's OrderQuest
Eagle WandQuest
Eastern Expedition EvidenceQuest
Easy Recipe for PerfumeQuest
Echo of the SeaQuest
Electric Bourbon WhiskeyQuest
Elephant Cannoneer's CannonQuest
Elizabeth's DiaryQuest
Elizabeth's RingQuest
Emblem of TrustQuest
Emperor's LetterQuest
Emperor's SealQuest
Emperor's Torn LetterQuest
Empress' FlowerQuest
Empty Leather PouchQuest
Empty Soul JarQuest
Enchanted BoneQuest
Enchanted DetergentQuest
Enchanted IvoryQuest
Enrique's LetterQuest
Ereshkigal's SignQuest
Esben's WhistleQuest
Eternal LightQuest
Eucalyptus SeedQuest
Eunuch's TeardropQuest
Evil CharmQuest
Evil King J's ChallengeQuest
Evil LetterQuest
Evil Purification PowderQuest
Evil Seal ScrollQuest
Evil Sealing SpearQuest
Evil Spirit BoxQuest
Evil Tornado Palm SecretsQuest
Evil-Killing CharmQuest
Ex-Diva's Love LetterQuest
Excavation RecordsQuest
Exid FinQuest
Exorcise CharmQuest
Exorcism Crystal PieceQuest
Experiment InstructionsQuest
Experiment TracesQuest
Exquisite Cat StatueQuest
Extraordinary DaggerQuest
Extraordinary HairpinQuest
Extreme Ice PieceQuest
Eye of OdinQuest
Eye of SekhmetQuest
Faded PortraitQuest
Fairy DustQuest
Fairy PentacleQuest
Fairy WingQuest
Fairy's MemoQuest
Fake Coin BundleQuest
Fake DynamiteQuest
Fake Oriharukon FragmentQuest
Fake Oriharukon SensorQuest
Fake Zhao Yun's SpearQuest
False God's CryptogramQuest
False God's DocumentsQuest
False Sea King's WishstoneQuest
Father's Holy WaterQuest
Father's NoteQuest
Faulty HandwarmerQuest
Fausta's Hand MirrorQuest
Female Warrior's Eyewitness AccountQuest
Festival FlyerQuest
Festival Lion MaskQuest
Field ShovelQuest
Fine Reindeer AntlersQuest
Fire Dragon BloodQuest
Fire Dragon PoisonQuest
Fire Dragon ScaleQuest
Fire of Volcano SpiritQuest
First Corruption FragmentQuest
Fish SteakQuest
Fish StewQuest
Flame Giant's CharcoalQuest
Foolish Apprentice's LetterQuest
Force Activator MK IQuest
Force Activator MK IIQuest
Ford's Record Vol. 1Quest
Ford's Record Vol. 2Quest
Ford's Record Vol. 3Quest
Forest Healing PotionQuest
Forest Prison KeyQuest
Forestia's BreathQuest
Forgotten Pirate's Code RecordQuest
Forgotten Soul StoneQuest
Fowlmen's Operation ReportQuest
Fowlmen's Patrol ReportQuest
Fox EarQuest
Fragrant HandkerchiefQuest
Fragrant PillQuest
Francesco's LetterQuest
Frayed NoteQuest
Fresh FishQuest
Fresh MeatQuest
Freshly Made Milk ChocolateQuest
Freydis' Confidential ReportQuest
Freydis' FarewellQuest
Freydis' SedativeQuest
Friar Sand's StaffQuest
Frost Giant's EyeQuest
Frost Metal ShardQuest
Frothy BeerQuest
Frozen BoneQuest
Frozen ElixirQuest
Frozen Fir BranchQuest
Frozen HeartQuest
Frozen HeartQuest
Frozen Leather PouchQuest
Frozen Soul MirrorQuest
Frozen Wolf ClawQuest
Funny Looking PipeQuest
Furious ScriptQuest
Future MarbleQuest
Future Steam EngineQuest
Galahad's Sword OrnamentQuest
Gangster's PassQuest
Gangsters' Love LetterQuest
Garden Tree SeedQuest
Gatekeeper StoneQuest
Ghelkimar's AntidoteQuest
Ghera's ToyQuest
Ghost JarQuest
Ghost Snake BasketQuest
Ghost SpiritQuest
Ghost Town TalesQuest
Ghost Warrior's SoulQuest
Ghost's BranchQuest
Giant Beast's Secret LetterQuest
Giant OrbQuest
Giant Ram's HornQuest
Giant's Wisdom StoneQuest
Girl's Christmas CardQuest
Glimmering Soul JarQuest
Glittering FragmentQuest
Glowing Mana StoneQuest
Goblin Princess' OrderQuest
Goblin's CudgelQuest
Goblin's MemoQuest
Goddess FeatherQuest
Goddess SealQuest
Gold Bell of Evil-PurgingQuest
Gold Coin BagQuest
Gold Collecting Ghost's TestimonyQuest
Gold DetectorQuest
Gold NecklaceQuest
Gold RevolverQuest
Gold-colored FragmentQuest
Golden BulletQuest
Golden Elephant StatueQuest
Golden FishQuest
Golden Gnoll SpaulderQuest
Golden Lion FurQuest
Golden Lion ManeQuest
Goonzu World CouponQuest
Gou Chen Nam's EmblemQuest
Grail PieceQuest
Grand Viking's Blue HeartQuest
Granite ShardQuest
Grassland CheeseQuest
Great PerfumeQuest
Greed CrystalQuest
Greek Church's PrayerQuest
Green Security CardQuest
Greenland StoryQuest
Gremlin's Egg PouchQuest
Gremlin's EyeQuest
Grenville's 1st Speech DraftQuest
Griffin FeatherQuest
Grudge TearsQuest
Gryph FeatherQuest
Guan Yu's LetterQuest
Guard's JacketQuest
Guardian FragmentQuest
Guardian's BadgeQuest
Gunman's NoteQuest
Half-Liter BeerQuest
Halved Divine TokenQuest
Hand-made CarnationQuest
Hanging Gardens MapQuest
Hanover Royal CrestQuest
Hanover's Secret LetterQuest
Harpy ClawQuest
Hassen's Victory NoteQuest
Hastily Scribbled NoteQuest
Haunted BrushQuest
Healing PerfumeQuest
Healthy Seasonal FoodQuest
Heart of DarknessQuest
Heartfelt NoteQuest
Heavy Buffalo Leather PouchQuest
Heavy Bundled EquipmentQuest
Heavy Knotted NoteQuest
Helen's LetterQuest
Hell Corps RosterQuest
Hell Hound FangQuest
Hell MarbleQuest
Hell Soldier's Weapon ShardQuest
Help Wanted AdQuest
Henry's Small ScrewdriverQuest
Herb BundleQuest
Hero's PromiseQuest
Hexed HelmQuest
Hidden Confidential DocumentQuest
High Priest's LetterQuest
High-Density BatteryQuest
High-Density OriharukonQuest
High-quality FurQuest
High-Quality IvoryQuest
Holy Green LeafQuest
Holy OliveQuest
Holy Olive PerfumeQuest
Holy StakeQuest
Holy Water of TruthQuest
Honey CandyQuest
Hong Shan YuQuest
Horus' Soul PieceQuest
Horus' Soul StoneQuest
Hospital Registration CardQuest
Huang Gai's Confidential LetterQuest
Huge BridleQuest
Huge Mummy BoneQuest
Huge PorkQuest
Huilin's Toy BoxQuest
Humbaba's HornQuest
Hunmin Jeongeum Primer GuideQuest
Hunting Tool BagQuest
Husky MedalQuest
Ice CubeQuest
Ice Golem's HeartQuest
Ice PieceQuest
Ice Sealed BoxQuest
Immortal CrystalQuest
Immortal HeartQuest
Imperial Guard's JacketQuest
Imperial Palace Entry PassQuest
Imperial Witch's RecordQuest
Incense CandleQuest
Industrial DetergentQuest
Infatuated Emperor's Royal SealQuest
Infernal CrystalQuest
Insanity MarbleQuest
Inuit Head DecorationQuest
Inuit Tribe's SignQuest
Inuit's Magic BellQuest
Inuit's Magic MirrorQuest
Ion CapsuleQuest
Iron Girl's StoryQuest
Isis' PendantQuest
Isis' Priest DressQuest
Ivory FragmentQuest
Ivory PipeQuest
Jack's DaggerQuest
Jade General SummonsQuest
Jade General's OrderQuest
Jade RingQuest
Jaguar BladeQuest
Jaguar Knight's OrderQuest
Jaguar StatueQuest
Jang Jie's ChallengeQuest
Jang Jie's LetterQuest
Jasmine PerfumeQuest
Jaya's Incomplete AntidoteQuest
Joseph Roulin's PortraitQuest
Juggling BallQuest
K-type ScrewQuest
Kebab SeasoningQuest
Key BundleQuest
Key DesignQuest
Keysha FeatherQuest
Khan's Golden BeltQuest
Khan's Stone VaseQuest
Khun Phaen's LetterQuest
Kim Moon Ryang's LetterQuest
Kim Yoo Shin's LetterQuest
King Priam's DiaryQuest
King's Secret MessageQuest
Knight's Holy WaterQuest
Knights of the Round (Excerpt)Quest
Knotted StrawQuest
Kojiro's RecordQuest
Kongming's ReplyQuest
Kratos' HeartQuest
Lab Animal Recipe No. 922Quest
Laila's SedativeQuest
Lamp PaperQuest
Lang Xiao Xiao's Soul JarQuest
Large Lemon DropQuest
Large Picture FrameQuest
Latest Magic Thesis CollectionQuest
Lava VodkaQuest
Lead Diva's Love LetterQuest
Legend of Dark Sea JewelQuest
Legend of the Iron DollQuest
Legendary Main Character ShieldQuest
Legendary Viking WarriorQuest
Leif's Wood HorseQuest
Letter of AgonyQuest
Letter of ApologyQuest
Letter of Appointment: KnightQuest
Letter of RegardsQuest
Leviathan's HeartQuest
Lian Hua's Training Instruction PapersQuest
Library CardQuest
Life's VigorQuest
Light of AwakeningQuest
Lijiang TrinketQuest
Lijiang's Purifying CharmQuest
Lijiang's Traditional Wooden FenceQuest
Lion WhiskerQuest
Lion's ManeQuest
Lionman's ManeQuest
Little IdolQuest
Little Jewel BoxQuest
Little Matchstick Seller's LetterQuest
Liu Bei's Appreciation LetterQuest
Liyu's Jade TrinketQuest
Liyu's Thank-you NoteQuest
Lizard SpineQuest
London Police's LetterQuest
Looter's TakeQuest
Lord's DiaryQuest
Lost BagQuest
Lost ClothesQuest
Lost Rosary BeadQuest
Lost Supply BoxQuest
Lost Viking's SpiritQuest
Love PrayerQuest
Lovely Perfume BottleQuest
Low Quality GunQuest
Lu Xun's LetterQuest
Lubricating OilQuest
Lucky Chain LetterQuest
Lucky CharmQuest
Lumber TableQuest
Lustrous ManeQuest
Ma Yun-ling's BagQuest
Ma Yun-ling's MuskQuest
Ma Yun-ling's NotebookQuest
Ma Yun-ling's Water BottleQuest
Machine Beast's Brain PieceQuest
Machine Beast's SoulQuest
Machine Control DeviceQuest
Machine Goddess' MindQuest
Machine LubricantQuest
Machine Spider's BrainQuest
Madness CrystalQuest
Madness Crystal ShardQuest
Mafia's NoticeQuest
Magic AppleQuest
Magic ball of woolQuest
Magic FeatherQuest
Magic HornQuest
Magic Map PieceQuest
Magic PatchworkQuest
Magic SkilletQuest
Magic Thesis Exchange CertificateQuest
Magic Thesis Reference No. 42Quest
Magic Water BottleQuest
Magic WoolQuest
Magic-charged Frost MetalQuest
Magical Insignia of HISQuest
Mahal's LetterQuest
Mahal's StationeryQuest
Maid A.I. Chip SetQuest
Mana Crystallization WaterQuest
Manual Page No.18Quest
Manual Page No.3Quest
Map PieceQuest
Marauder's ClawsQuest
Marguerite's PortraitQuest
Mechanic's ResignationQuest
Memory FragmentQuest
Mental Resistance ScrollQuest
Metal Doll NucleusQuest
Michael's Sealed FormQuest
Mimir's Estimate SheetQuest
Mind Control CrystalQuest
Mind Control DeviceQuest
Mind Control RodQuest
Miner's GlovesQuest
Miner's RecordsQuest
Miner's Water BottleQuest
Ming Zhao's RelicQuest
Mini Cedar Tree BoxQuest
Mini Cedar Tree PuppetQuest
Mini Steam EngineQuest
Mini Wooden PuppetQuest
Mining EquipmentQuest
Minotaur King's HeadQuest
Minotaur LeatherQuest
Mirage KeyQuest
Missing Viking ListQuest
Mission ReportQuest
Mithril BoxQuest
Mixed IngredientsQuest
Mo Chien Lang's LetterQuest
Mohenjodaro's SealQuest
Mom's LetterQuest
Money Ghost's Gold BundleQuest
Monk Trainee's BeadQuest
Monster SeedQuest
Monstrous ShardQuest
Moonlight OrbQuest
Moonlight Orb ShardQuest
Morin KhuurQuest
Moss StoneQuest
Mossy Jewel BoxQuest
Mother Nature's PrayerQuest
Mother's DiaryQuest
Mother's Keepsake BoxQuest
Mother's RingQuest
Ms. Pigling's Secret LetterQuest
Muddy NoteQuest
Mukuru's Real CharmQuest
Musical ScoreQuest
Musket InstructionsQuest
Mussen's InvitationQuest
Mustafa's LogQuest
Mutant AntennaQuest
Mutated Spider's EyesQuest
Mysterious BoxQuest
Mysterious ClayQuest
Mysterious ContractQuest
Mysterious MagnifierQuest
Mysterious Metal ShardQuest
Mysterious OrdersQuest
Mysterious Potion BottleQuest
Mysterious PowderQuest
Mysterious ScabbardQuest
Mysterious SlateQuest
Mysterious Stone PieceQuest
Mystery Language BoxQuest
Naga CrownQuest
Naga Queen's NecklaceQuest
Namman BananaQuest
Naraka's SoulQuest
Natalie's Mr. Right?Quest
Nature's PulseQuest
Necromancy Nullification PowderQuest
Nether King's Maid's NoteQuest
Nether King's Sealed DocumentQuest
New Case LogQuest
New Year's CardQuest
Niatoon's IncenseQuest
Night ChainQuest
Nightmare MaskQuest
Nightmare PowderQuest
Nightshade's StatementQuest
Ninja Assassin SealQuest
Ninja's MarbleQuest
Ninja's MemoQuest
Noble Fir BranchQuest
Noble Performer's MaskQuest
Nobunaga's SwordQuest
Nommo's OfferingQuest
Note the Culprit DroppedQuest
Notice of SurrenderQuest
Novice Witch's MaximQuest
Obsidian EyeQuest
Ocean AuraQuest
Ocean MagicQuest
Ode to Bronze Sparrow PavilionQuest
Ogre ScaleQuest
Ogre's Stone FragmentQuest
Old BeltQuest
Old BoxQuest
Old DiaryQuest
Old Expedition RecordsQuest
Old Farming ToolQuest
Old GloryQuest
Old House KeyQuest
Old MuyuQuest
Old NotebookQuest
Old PapyrusQuest
Old PipeQuest
Old RevolverQuest
Old Smoking PipeQuest
Old Tombstone PieceQuest
Old Wooden PuppetQuest
Older Brother's LetterQuest
Ominous Eagle's BloodQuest
Ominous FeatherQuest
Ominous ScrollQuest
Omitted RecordQuest
Oni's StoneQuest
Onini's BloodQuest
Optical LensQuest
Oracle's Papyrus 1Quest
Orb of CourageQuest
Orb of DestructionQuest
Orb of StrengthQuest
Ordinary Fo Tiao QiangQuest
Ordinary Intel BoxQuest
Origin of PerpetuityQuest
Origin of the Reign of TerrorQuest
Paganini Case FileQuest
Page from Natalie's BookQuest
Painted StoneQuest
Palanquin PieceQuest
Pang Tong's LetterQuest
Pang Tong's ReportQuest
Papyrus ScrollQuest
Papyrus WritQuest
Paris Police's LetterQuest
Part of a MemorandumQuest
Parts of the Iron DollQuest
Pasiphae's WarningQuest
Past MarbleQuest
Payment GoldQuest
Pearl PendantQuest
Percival's Shield ShardQuest
Performer's SpearQuest
Perfume of AmnesiaQuest
Perfume of MemoriesQuest
Perfume of PeaceQuest
Permanent PowersourceQuest
Persephone's PerfumeQuest
Pharaoh's Miracle CureQuest
Philoctetes' LetterQuest
Philoctetes' ReportQuest
Philos' Experimental ObjectQuest
Phobus' Soul ShardQuest
Phoenix FeatherQuest
Phoenix Pet FoodQuest
Picture of Dorian GrayQuest
Piece of a Secret BookQuest
Piece of Cedar TreeQuest
Piece of ClothQuest
Piece of Jack's DiaryQuest
Piece of Melancholy PortraitQuest
Piece of MemoryQuest
Piece of NightmareQuest
Piece of RugQuest
Piece of SpaceQuest
Piece of Torn LetterQuest
Piece of Torn ScarfQuest
Piece of TupsimatiQuest
Piece of Witch's RecordQuest
Pilfered MedicineQuest
Pine FruitQuest
Pink Aroma BaseQuest
Pirate Shipwreck RecordQuest
Pirate Treasure Hunt RecordQuest
Pirate's KeepsakeQuest
Planning DraftQuest
Po Tian Niangniang's LetterQuest
Polished Milita RifleQuest
Polluted Armor ShardQuest
Polluted HeartQuest
Poplar WoodQuest
Port WineQuest
Portal KeyQuest
Possible Oriharukon SourceQuest
Potato ChipQuest
Power BeadQuest
Power Bead FragmentQuest
Precious PresentQuest
Present MarbleQuest
President's LetterQuest
Pretty NorigaeQuest
Pretty TrinketQuest
Prideful CrystalQuest
Priest RecordQuest
Princess' EarringQuest
Prison Structural MapQuest
Proof of WarriorQuest
Proof of WealthQuest
Protection CharmQuest
Proton CapsuleQuest
Pumpkin DecorationQuest
Pumpkin SoupQuest
Pure Eye of El DoradoQuest
Pure TeardropQuest
Purging FireQuest
Purified Beast's SoulQuest
Purified EnergyQuest
Purified HeartQuest
Purified Oriharukon By-ProductQuest
Purified Tandra BloodQuest
Purified WaterQuest
Purified Water RecipeQuest
Pururavas' RingQuest
Pyramid Construction JournalQuest
Python ScaleQuest
Qoai Maral's SoulQuest
Queen Ant's LegQuest
Queen's OrdersQuest
Quixote's WhistleQuest
Ra's RecordQuest
Rabeil FeatherQuest
Radiant's Opened LetterQuest
Radiant's Secret LetterQuest
Raheth's Armor OrnamentQuest
Rainbow FragmentQuest
Rainbow PaintQuest
Rakshasa's CudgelQuest
Rally FlareQuest
Rampaging Warrior's BloodQuest
Razor ArrowQuest
Rebel MemoQuest
Rebel's Secret RecordQuest
Record of Akademeia 1Quest
Record of Akademeia 2Quest
Record of Akademeia 3Quest
Record of CataphractiiQuest
Record of SympathyQuest
Record of the Past IQuest
Record of the Past IIQuest
Record of the Past IIIQuest
Record of TimeQuest
Recovery CubeQuest
Recruit's AssessmentQuest
Red Aroma BaseQuest
Red EyeballQuest
Red Insignia of HISQuest
Red PerfumeQuest
Red RootQuest
Red Security CardQuest
Red SnareQuest
Red ThornQuest
Refined Adamantium ClawQuest
Refined Dimensional KeyQuest
Refined GunpowderQuest
Refined MudQuest
Refined PlatinumQuest
Regeneration SeedQuest
Reindeer AntlersQuest
Rejuvenating Spring WaterQuest
Relic BoxQuest
Relic of Fuhu TempleQuest
Remaining Plague CureQuest
Report on Eastern WuQuest
Requiem ScrollQuest
Restorative HerbQuest
Returned NoteQuest
Revelation: ChastityQuest
Revelation: DeathQuest
Revelation: HonorQuest
Revelation: LuckQuest
Revelation: TruthQuest
Revelation: WisdomQuest
Rhinoceros HornQuest
Ribbon Princess DollQuest
Rice Cake StickQuest
Riederan's PledgeQuest
Ring of DesireQuest
Ring of FordQuest
Rochka's GuideQuest
Rose's Thesis No. 231Quest
Rotten BandageQuest
Rotten BranchQuest
Rotten Pupuya StemQuest
Royal CubeQuest
Royal SignetQuest
Rubbed CopyQuest
Rubber TireQuest
Ruby GemstoneQuest
Rusted ArrowQuest
Rusty HoeQuest
Rusty Pirate Equipment BoxQuest
Ruth's BundleQuest
Sabretooth HideQuest
Sacred FireQuest
Sacred TorchQuest
Sacred WaterQuest
Sad ScriptQuest
Sad Soul's BreathQuest
Salamander's Armor OrnamentQuest
Saloon Owner's Archived FilesQuest
Saloon Search ReportQuest
Salt SackQuest
Samidare's LetterQuest
Sand CharmQuest
Sand Sorcerer's LetterQuest
Sandalwood Rosary BeadQuest
Sapphire GemstoneQuest
Satisfactory Wine SackQuest
Scale PouchQuest
Scorpion StingerQuest
Scribbled NoteQuest
Scribbled ShieldQuest
Scroll of Eternal Youth and ImmortalityQuest
Scroll of Evil-PoisoningQuest
Scroll of the BarrierQuest
Sea BreezeQuest
Sea Goddess' TearsQuest
Sea Princess' NecklaceQuest
Sea TalonQuest
Sea Tsar's CrownQuest
Sea Witch's StaffQuest
Sealed BookQuest
Sealed CharmQuest
Sealed Gold Ingot BoxQuest
Sealed ProphecyQuest
Sealed ReplyQuest
Sealed Sacred SwordQuest
Sealed White HorseQuest
Second Corruption FragmentQuest
Second Officer's Love LetterQuest
Secret AntidoteQuest
Secret Book of NecromancyQuest
Secret Book of Soul DestructionQuest
Secret EnvelopeQuest
Secret Letter of ContractQuest
Secret Letter of Shogun CastleQuest
Secret Magic of TemptationQuest
Secret of the Golden AppleQuest
Secret of the SaloonQuest
Secret of Underwater MausoleumQuest
Secret RecordQuest
Secret Scroll of Volcano ValleyQuest
Secret Thesis Reference No. 8Quest
Secret Vial for Memory LossQuest
Secret Vial of Curse-LiftingQuest
Secret Vial of DarknessQuest
Secret Vial of NightQuest
Secret Vial of OniQuest
Secret Vial of Soul RetrievalQuest
Secret Vial of the HunterQuest
Secret Vial of TruthQuest
Secrets of LotusQuest
Sedna's HeartQuest
Sedna's Magic BoxQuest
Sedna's Vision IQuest
Sedna's Vision IIQuest
Sedna's Vision IIIQuest
Seiren HarpQuest
Sensor Maintenance DeviceQuest
Sensual Love LetterQuest
Serestia's Book of ProphecyQuest
Serestia's DiaryQuest
Seth's DaggerQuest
Shabby HoofQuest
Shadow Beast's SoulQuest
Shadow Jail PieceQuest
Shadow MemoriesQuest
Shadow ShardQuest
Shadow TonicQuest
Shakti's NecklaceQuest
Shaman's StaffQuest
Shanghai Roast DuckQuest
Shao Xian's EmblemQuest
Shaolin Sect Member's Recommendation LetterQuest
Shaolin Sect Recruitment Confirmation PaperQuest
Shaopang's OrnamentQuest
Sharp FangQuest
Shen Hong's ReportQuest
Sheriff's ActionsQuest
Sheriff's DiaryQuest
Shield Mold of LegendQuest
Shimmering ArmorQuest
Shining Ancient TombstoneQuest
Shining Crystal MarbleQuest
Shining Cube NecklaceQuest
Shining Glass ShardQuest
Shining Ice BagQuest
Shining PickaxQuest
Shining Starlight ShardQuest
Short ProphecyQuest
Shrimp DimsumQuest
Siege LadderQuest
Signal FlareQuest
Signs of AntiquityQuest
Silver Holy Water BoxQuest
Sioux Chief's SymbolQuest
Skeron BloodQuest
Skeron DNAQuest
Skill Distraction CharmQuest
Sky Hunter FeatherQuest
Slave Commander's NotebookQuest
Slave Soldier RecordQuest
Slave Soldier's TagQuest
Slave's Old DiaryQuest
Sloppy Love LetterQuest
Small ChocolateQuest
Small Copper Metal ShardQuest
Small CosmosQuest
Small Insignia of HISQuest
Small Leather NoteQuest
Small Life CrystalQuest
Small Machine EngineQuest
Small Marble PouchQuest
Small Music BoxQuest
Small Star's PastQuest
Snowstorm TagQuest
Snowy White HorseQuest
Soft Corn BreadQuest
Soiled RibbonQuest
Soldier's MemorialQuest
Solid Ice ChunkQuest
Solid IronQuest
Song of Morin KhuurQuest
Soranggoon's RageQuest
Sorcerer's Guardian StoneQuest
Sorcerer's OrnamentQuest
Sorcerer's StaffQuest
Soul Crystal of TerrorQuest
Soul of Cimmerian DarknessQuest
Soul of King KhufuQuest
Soul Stone FragmentQuest
Soul Stone of BrunhildeQuest
Soul-Filled CrystalQuest
Soul-Sealing JarQuest
Souleater ScrollQuest
Sparring Confirmation PaperQuest
Special BeakerQuest
Special ClothQuest
Special GunpowderQuest
Special InkQuest
Special Loot RecordQuest
Specialized AntidoteQuest
Spell PatternQuest
Spicy Ginger BreadQuest
Spiderweb NucleusQuest
Spirit BellQuest
Spirit BranchQuest
Spirit CoreQuest
Spirit God's StaffQuest
Spirit PowderQuest
Spirit StoneQuest
Spirit TreeQuest
Spoiled PerfumeQuest
Spy's Secret OrdersQuest
Stability CharmQuest
Stained Command LogQuest
Star AniseQuest
Star BadgeQuest
Steel GauntletQuest
Steel TriggerQuest
Sticky MucusQuest
Stinking Body FluidQuest
Stinking Horse ManeQuest
Stolen Item List ShreddingQuest
Stone of Evil-ShatteringQuest
Stone of Mental ResistanceQuest
Stonemason's ScrollQuest
Story of the PaganinisQuest
Strange BardeQuest
Strange BeverageQuest
Strange CompassQuest
Strange FeatherQuest
Strange FragmentQuest
Strange Griffin FeatherQuest
Strange InsigniaQuest
Strange NitrateQuest
Strange Pig MaskQuest
Strange ScaleQuest
Strange Sealed CasketQuest
Strange WoolQuest
Strange-Smelling ElixirQuest
Strangely Colored BadgeQuest
Strangely Colored CrystalQuest
Strong AirakQuest
Strong Black PowderQuest
Strong HoeQuest
Strong NectarQuest
Strong SailQuest
Strong VodkaQuest
Structural Map of AdlivunQuest
Sturdy Electric WireQuest
Sturdy Lined NotebookQuest
Sturdy QuillQuest
Summons LetterQuest
Sun Quan's LetterQuest
Sun Quan's SwordQuest
Super CoolantQuest
Suspicious CharmQuest
Suspicious ContractQuest
Suspicious LetterQuest
Suspicious Letter ScrapQuest
Suspicious ProofQuest
Sviatki's AntidoteQuest
Sweet BeerQuest
Sweet CandyQuest
Symbol of DominationQuest
T.S. Invention ListQuest
Tainted Spirit AuraQuest
Talos' Secret MemoirsQuest
Tanaroth ScaleQuest
Taraka's SwordQuest
Tattered RecordQuest
Tattooed LeatherQuest
Tear ShardQuest
Tear Shard MaterialQuest
Tempered Zulu Warrior's AxeQuest
Temple Cleansing StoneQuest
Temple Push BroomQuest
Temporary Healing PotionQuest
Tender MeatQuest
Terrence's DiaryQuest
Terrence's Jewel BoxQuest
The Adventures of IctinikeQuest
The Ancient Battle - Book 1Quest
The Ancient Battle - Book 2Quest
The CentaurQuest
The Coming Hero's LegendQuest
The Crest of AsgardQuest
The Crest of MidgardQuest
The Crest of NiflheimQuest
The Emperor's MessageQuest
The Legend of OkuniQuest
The Legend of the ValkyriesQuest
The Origin of the False GodQuest
The Spider and the GravelQuest
The Story of AreopagusQuest
The Story of GrendelQuest
The Whole StoryQuest
Theft of the Secret PalaceQuest
Thick FabricQuest
Thick Leather NoteQuest
Thick Pirate Code BookQuest
Third Officer's Love LetterQuest
Thunder-Breaking SpearQuest
Tiger MaskQuest
Tightly Bound ScrollQuest
Tikdoshe's ScaleQuest
TK-1 AntidoteQuest
Toad ScaleQuest
Tobacco Leaf CharmQuest
Tombstone ShardQuest
Torn BagQuest
Torn BibleQuest
Torn Blue RagQuest
Torn BlueprintQuest
Torn Book PageQuest
Torn DiaryQuest
Torn Diary PageQuest
Torn EssayQuest
Torn Insignia of HISQuest
Torn Red RagQuest
Torn Sorcerer's GarbQuest
Torn White RagQuest
Torn Yijin JingQuest
Tornaq ShardQuest
Tough HorsehairQuest
Toxic PumpkinQuest
Toy BoxQuest
Trace of ThanatosQuest
Trace of the ForbiddenQuest
Trace RecordsQuest
Traces of the Library IntruderQuest
Tracking CardQuest
Traditional Lion MaskQuest
Trainee Monk's BeadsQuest
Trainee's Clothing PieceQuest
Trainee's ScrollQuest
Training CertificateQuest
Training Instruction PaperQuest
Training WhipQuest
Translucent Eye of El DoradoQuest
Transparent Ant EggQuest
True Eye of El DoradoQuest
True Identity of Chung RangQuest
Truth CharmQuest
Turtle's StoneQuest
Twisted Painting FragmentQuest
Tycon ShellQuest
Type A BatteryQuest
Type B BatteryQuest
Ukan's Pan PipeQuest
Ultimate Bomb ShotQuest
Ultimate Diabolic BoxQuest
Unbound CubeQuest
Unbreakable BoltQuest
Undelivered LetterQuest
Underground Map CopyQuest
Understudy's MaskQuest
Unicorn HornQuest
Unidentified TeaQuest
Unimpaired Lotus SwordQuest
Unknown MemoQuest
Unordained Monk's BeadsQuest
Unsealed Sand Sorcerer's LetterQuest
Untasty CakeQuest
Unusual GemQuest
Unusual ShardQuest
Urgent TelegramQuest
Vacuum Tube PieceQuest
Valkyrie General's OrdersQuest
Valkyrie's Soul StoneQuest
Vampire Bat's TeethQuest
Vampire's RequiemQuest
Van Gogh's Letter IQuest
Van Gogh's Letter IIQuest
Van Gogh's Letter IIIQuest
Van Gogh's Letter IVQuest
Van Gogh's Letter VQuest
Van Gogh's Letter VIQuest
Van Gogh's Letter VIIQuest
Van Gogh's Letter VIIIQuest
Van Gogh's WillQuest
Verdant Pupuya StemQuest
Viking Ruins KeyQuest
Viking Senate's OpinionQuest
Viking Warrior's TearQuest
Vindictive Ghost's SpiritQuest
Vivian's ConfessionQuest
Vivian's Thesis No. 3Quest
Vivian's Tormented NoteQuest
Volcanic AshQuest
Voyage LogQuest
Walpurgis' SpiritsQuest
Wandering Ghost's PowerQuest
Wanted PosterQuest
War Record (Vol. I)Quest
War Record (Vol. II)Quest
War Record (Vol. III)Quest
War ReportQuest
Warm CoatQuest
Warm Miracle MedicineQuest
Warrior Family's StoryQuest
Warrior KeepsakeQuest
Warrior MaskQuest
Warrior Summoning FluteQuest
Warrior's BloodQuest
Warrior's FeatherQuest
Warrior's ProofQuest
Wasp PoisonQuest
Watcher's LensQuest
Watching BellQuest
Water MarbleQuest
Water of EternityQuest
Weapons of the Library IntruderQuest
Wedding ReedQuest
Werewolf BloodQuest
Werewolf FangQuest
White Birch StickQuest
White FurQuest
White HorseQuest
White Tiger MolarQuest
White Wolf HideQuest
White Wolf SkinQuest
Whole BlueprintsQuest
Wild Boar LiverQuest
Wild FlowerQuest
William Kidd's Treasure MapQuest
William Kidd's Voyage LogQuest
Wind Spirit's FeatherQuest
Wind's PulseQuest
Wishing StarlightQuest
Wishing Starlight ShardQuest
Witch's RecordQuest
Witch's Vindictive SoulQuest
Wooden File CabinetQuest
Wooden horseQuest
Wooden Puppet's ClockworkQuest
Wooden StaffQuest
Wooden StakeQuest
Work GlovesQuest
Worn Beryl FragmentQuest
Worn Eagle MaskQuest
Worn GoheiQuest
Worn-out HatQuest
Wotton Family DaggerQuest
Wrapped Lemon CandyQuest
Wrathful CrystalQuest
Wrathful LetterQuest
Xanthosoma TeaQuest
Xiyu Bandits' PasswordQuest
Xuanzang's NoteQuest
Yama's Hand-boneQuest
Yellow HandkerchiefQuest
Yellow Security CardQuest
Yellow Turban's CharmQuest
Yuan Mu's LetterQuest
Yuan Mu's RelicQuest
Yukihime's LetterQuest
Zhao Yun's Secret ScrollQuest
Zhuge Liang's LetterQuest
Zhuge Liang's OrdersQuest
Zulu DelicacyQuest
Zulu EmblemQuest
Zulu FeastQuest
Zulu Warrior's AxeQuest
[EVENT] Lyubava's LetterQuest
Item Types

[Item Types]


These are items you can equip.

Each piece of equipment has a designated slot to be equipped to as well as other restrictions. If you meet the restrictions, you can equip the item.

[Recovery Items]

You can use these items to restore your Health or Mana.

Potions can be used during combat, and food items can be used when you are not in combat.


These are items that provide general conveniences to you. Licenses include Patrol Licenses, Teleportation Licenses, Auto-Battle Licenses, etc.

[Growth Items]

These items increase a character's skills. A Growth Vial is an example of a growth item.


These help you when you use them in battle. Scrolls include the Scroll of Judgment, the Scroll of Resurrection, etc.


These items are used to craft weapons and consumable items. They can be obtained through battle or from the market at a fixed price.

[Quest Items]

These are used in quests. They cannot be traded. Some items can be used in multiple quests."