Main Character

Name   Weapon   Str   Dex   Vit   Int   Def   Magic Defense   Action Power   Critical   Accuracy   Multi-Hit Rate   Attack Power  
Atlantian Battlemage - StaffStaff210265240395135 / 555550 / 64855 ~ 75 (+20%)1633125275 ~ 295
Atlantian Blademaster - SwordSword475285315300600 / 1550200 / 27570 ~ 95 (+16%)2745165305 ~ 415
AxeAxe410240350240500 / 1320100 / 16075 ~ 80 (+16%)733135250 ~ 320
BowBow230400275295250 / 710275 / 34860 ~ 110 (+10%)3045135120 ~ 450
CannonCannon260260280340450 / 970275 / 36065 ~ 90 (+10%)1741129140 ~ 170
Celestial Hunter - BowBow240420295300250 / 730275 / 35060 ~ 110 (+10%)3045135120 ~ 450
GunGun265390285280350 / 880250 / 32065 ~ 95 (+10%)2435144200 ~ 240
InstrumentInstrument250365255320350 / 850275 / 35570 ~ 85 (+10%)2231126190 ~ 260
Power SawPower Saw460150320340650 / 1570250 / 33575 ~ 85 (+16%)1937165220 ~ 260
SpearSpear445280310260550 / 1440100 / 16575 ~ 90 (+16%)1443160150 ~ 370
StaffStaff200260245385150 / 550500 / 59650 ~ 70 (+20%)1129120260 ~ 270
Stormcaller - WhipWhip260380280300400 / 920300 / 37570 ~ 85 (+20%)2036151190 ~ 260
SwordSword4402453352701500 / 2380125 / 19270 ~ 95 (+16%)2439142300 ~ 410

Note: stats are shown for the last upgrade.

Stats - Colosseum League
Name   Str   Dex   Vit   Int   Def   Magic Defense  
Atlantian Battlemage - Staff6308251,2091,31114,726840
Atlantian Blademaster - Sword1,2258401,48859533,121500
Celestial Hunter - Bow5961,4101,24161319,354615
Power Saw1,2147751,66656333,141513
Stormcaller - Whip6171,3771,31371119,611667

Note: Colosseum League stats are the same for each character/mercenary upgrade.



War is a huge battle between hostile nations.

[Declare War]

1. Time to Declare War: Monday 0:00 - 24:00 PST(You cannot cancel once you declare war.)
2. If you declare war, the two nations become enemies.
A. You can PK enemies on Thursday 0:00 - Saturday 21:00.
(Only available for main character levels above 30)
B. After Saturday 23:59, the two nations will not be enemies anymore.
3. One nation can declare war against only one other nation, but can receive multiple declarations of war.
4. Once a nation receives a declaration of war, the nation cannot be dissolved or expel a guild from the nation.

[Paying Tribute]
You can pay tribute to your enemy in order to cancel the declaration of war.

1. You can go to NPC Caesar in Rome -> [Relations] -> Choose nations from [Nations that declared war on us] to bring a tribute.
2. Tribute Amount = Lv. of the nation that is paying tribute * 10 million Gold
3. Tribute Time: Tuesday 0:00 - Wednesday 23:59. When paying tribute, it will go to the Lead Guild's fund that declared the war.
4. If you fail to deliver tribute, there will be a declaration of war and the two nations will become enemies.

[Rules of War]

1. War

1) Begins: Saturday 22:00 PST (for 2 hrs)
2) Condition: More than one hostile nation online when War begins

2. War Ranks

All war participants get one of the following ranks during War.

General When War begins, 3 General NPCs appear in the nation's capital.
Commander King (Guild leader of leading guild)
Adjutant All guild leaders of participating nations (except Commander)
Private All participants except guild leader

[War Penalties]

1) Conditions of Defeat

* Death of your generals.

* When your leadership vanishes for 5 min.
(One of the adjutants will be appointed as the commander when a current commander is offline.)

2) Loss Penalty

* Lose control of the capital.

* Dismantle 50% of your buildings in town.

* Lose 100,000 residents in town.
(But always keep at least 100,000 residents.)

[War Victory and Rewards]

1) Victory Conditions : Death of the opponent's generals

2) Rewards

* Move 100,000 residents from the opponent's town to your capital.

* Gain 3,000 nation experience points

* Gain gold equal to 100 times the increase in capital population.

* Tie if each nation has generals still alive when the war time ends.


This is an agreed-upon fight between two players. You can challenge players by right clicking their character and selecting [Compete].

The battle will follow the same rules as Free League, but there will be no time limit. You can also compete while in a party, allowing 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 battles.


Similar to [Compete], but follows Colosseum League rules. This allows you to challenge friends and guildmates without worrying about a difference between level and gear.


PK is a battle against enemy players.
* Only available for players Lv. 30 and above.
* PK cannot be used in a town or Colosseum.

1. King's Judgment

* Only a king or a guild leader who controls a town can use King's Judgment, and you must be at least lv. 100.
* Only a nation with nation lv. 5 and above can use King's Judgment.
* It requires 125% Will.
* King's Judgment can be used only 10 times a day and resets at 6:00am PST every day.

2. War

* War is a huge battle between hostile nations.
* If you declare war (Monday 0:00 - 23:59 PST) through Caesar in Rome, the two nations will become enemies.
* Enemy citizens can PK each other from Thursday 0:00 - Saturday 21:00 PST.

3. Black List

This is a system which allows you to take revenge on a character who tried to PK you.

* If your character is killed by an enemy using PK or King's Judgment, up to 20 enemy character names will be registered in your Black List. (You cannot register them manually.)
* The registered character names can be viewed from [Menu] - [Community] - [Black List].
* You can check their online status, location, and auto-move to enemies on your black list.
* PK will be available, since the black listed player is considered your enemy.

However, you cannot register them manually, and if you have more than 20 names on the list, the list of names will be deleted in order from oldest to newest.


The Challenge system allows player to participate in PvP anytime they want.

[Registering a Challenge]

* Players must be at least Lv 20 in order to register a challenge.

* Options for Challenge Registration
1. Challenge Title : Less than 20 letters
2. Type : League or Duel
3. Opponent's Div. : Div. 18 - Div. 1
4. Opponent's Lv : Lv 20 - Lv 140

* A challenge message will be sent to random users. (Up to 5 times)
- If a challenge has been accepted, Fame/Battle points and rewards will be given according to the player's division.

* Registered challenges will automatically be removed after 15 minutes if it is not accepted.

* While you are registered for a challenge, you cannot party with anyone or accept any challenges.

[Accepting a Challenge]

1. Must meet opponent's Div. and Lv. requirements in order to accept.

[Challenge Battle]

* The battle will begin 30 seconds after you accept the challenge. (current location)

[Spelltower Control]
Spelltower Control is a war between servers fought on Titan Server.

[Spelltower Control]

1) Spelltower Control starts every Sunday at 19:00

2) You must be Lv. 100 or higher to join
Players with high Might can reserve a spot in battle

3) Battle takes place on Titan Server

* Take the [ATS Titan] at the harbor near Lisbon to go there.

[Spelltower Control Rewards]

1) Champion Reward (Occupying Force)
= > Oriharukon + EXP + TBS Fame Points
* Rewards vary depending on the number of combatants.
* TBS Fame Points reset on the 1st of every month.

2) Champion Server Reward (Occupying Force)
= > Attack Power / Defense/ EXP Buff (1 Week)
= > Oriharukon x 1 (Lv. 100+ Players Only)

[Excavation Expedition]
Excavation Expeditions are inter-server guild battles over the rights to excavation sites on Titan Server.

[Excavation Site]
- Excavation sites are scattered throughout Titan.
- Click on an excavation site to view its current resources and the guild/expedition that controls the site.
- When a battle takes place at an excavation site, you can spectate.

- Anyone in a guild and who has a Home Expedition can join.

[How to Participate]
- Send an Expedition to the desired excavation site through My Home -> Expedition -> Excavation Site List.
- If a guild member sends an Expedition to the same site, the earlier Expedition sent will wait for the other and they will move together.
- If a battle is taking place at an excavation site, your Expedition will wait in reserve and battle afterwards.

[Excavation Expedition Rewards]
- The Expedition occupying the excavation site will receive [Oriharukon] and [EXP] over time.
The longer you occupy the excavation site, however, the lower your Expedition's Attack Power and Defense will drop due to the effects of Oriharukon.

* Take the [ATS Titan] at the harbor near Lisbon to reach Titan Server.