NPC Description

Type: Quest

Quest: Gaius - Battlefield Betrayer (96) ;

Betrayer of Byzantine Empire.
He left the Kerkoporta postern unlocked to help the Janissaries, led by the Turkish Sultan, enter the palace.
Battlefield Betrayer Quest
Location: Constantinople Palace Bailey

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

According to the historian Michael Doukas, on the morning of 29 May 1453, the small postern called Kerkoporta was left open by accident, allowing the first thirty or so Ottoman troops to enter the city. The Ottomans raised their banner atop the tower, signifying the beginning of the rout of the defenders, and the fall of the city. Scholars like van Millingen,[36] Steven Runciman,[37] and others , have traditionally placed the Kerkoporta at the end of the Theodosian Walls, between tower 96 and the so-called Palace of the Porphyrogenitus, or at the Komnenian Wall of Blachernae.
However, there is no evidence of a gate in the area, and it may be that the story is derived from the earlier legend concerning the Xylokerkos Gate, which several earlier scholars also equated with the Kerkoporta.

Source: Wikipedia