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Type: Quest

Quest: Geppetto - The Iron Doll (46) ;

A craftsman who makes marionettes. Even though his lover died, he keeps her in his heart. His life goal is to make marionettes feel real emotions.
Legend of the Iron Doll Quest
Location: Near Bucharest

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

Mister Geppetto, a fictional character, is the creator of Pinocchio in the 1883 novel, 1940 film and subsequent versions.
Mister Geppetto ([dʒepˈːɛtːo] in Italian, dʒəˈpɛtoʊ, jə-pĕʹtō in English); Mastro Geppetto): Geppetto is an elderly, impoverished woodcarver and the creator (and thus father) of Pinocchio. He wears a yellow wig that looks like cornmeal mush (or polendina), and subsequently the children of the neighborhood (as well as some of the adults) call him "Polendina", which greatly annoys him. "Geppetto" is a nickname for Giuseppe.

Source: Wikipedia