NPC Description

Type: Quest

Quest: Huike - Monk (18) ;

A high-ranked Shaolin monk. Arrived in Beijing to find his apprentice Huilin who disappeared suddenly.
Monk Recruitment Quest
Location: Near Beijing

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

Dazu Huike (487-593) [1] (Chinese: 大祖慧可; Chinese for short:慧可; pinyin: Huìkě; Wade-Giles: Hui-k’o; Japanese: Eka) is considered the Second Patriarch of Chinese Chán and the twenty-ninth since Gautama Buddha.
The Hsu kao-seng chuan says that Huike was born in Hu-lao (Ssu-shui hsien, Henan) and his secular name was Shen-kuang (Japanese: Shinko). A scholar in both Buddhist scriptures and classical Chinese texts, including Taoism, Huike was considered enlightened but criticised for not having a teacher. He met his teacher Bodhidharma at the Shaolin Monastery in 528 when he was about forty years old and studied with Bodhidharma for six years (some sources say four years, five years, or nine years).

Source: Wikipedia