Monk Dingxian

NPC Description

Type: Quest

Quest: Monk Dingxian - Sea of Clouds Tower (100) ;

Monk Dingxian
[Monk Dingxian]
A head of the [Emei Denomination], a sect comprised of female monks in Mount Emei, China. Her belief is based on Buddhism but is also influenced by Taoism, and the sect accepts no secular monks. However, after predicting the future by the stars, she realized that the world was on the brink of endless chaos, and that a special person who would be the hope of the world would visit her.
Main Character Upgrade Quest
Location: Sea of Clouds Plaza in Mt. Emei

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer is a 1967 wuxia novel written by Jinyong.
The book has been adapted to films, in the form of ''The Swordsman'' and ''Swordsman II'' .
Hengshan Sect:
A sect of martial Buddhist nuns and lay women known for using the merciful use of sword techniques which combined a comprehensive defense which exposed little flaws and sudden attacks on least expected vital points, suitable for women, they ironically made Linghu Chong their leader according to the last words of Dingxian, their headmaster. Later, many unorthodox members and riff-raff join the Sect following an order by Ren Yingying to make Linghu Chong less embarrassed about otherwise leading a sect of women.

*Dingxian : The benevolent and wise leader of the Sect. She died at Shaolin Monastery at the hands of Yue Buqun. She named Linghu Chong the new leader before her death.

Source: Chinese Wuxia novel