Pat Garrett

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Type: Quest

Quest: Pat Garrett - Dallas Lawless District (100) ;

Pat Garrett
[Pat Garrett]
A sheriff of Lincoln County. He followed his enemy into Dallas, but he became old and weak. He is helplessly waiting for someone to come and help him.
Dallas Quest
Location: Dallas Lawless District

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

Patrick "Pat" Floyd Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 28, 1908) was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was most known for killing Billy the Kid. Although he held a number of law enforcement posts and gained a reputation for his skill in bringing in wanted men, he squandered his earnings in gambling and drinking. He was shot to death February 28, 1908 possibly by outlaws, although debate continues about the circumstances of his death and the identity of his killer. The popularity he had initially enjoyed for killing Billy the Kid decreased as the Kid's mythic status increased. His failure to give The Kid a chance to surrender was regarded as unfair. For a while, he enjoyed the patronage of President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt's own penchant for frontier life—he himself had hunted down three outlaws while acting as a deputy sheriff—attracted him to Garrett. However, Garrett's drunkenness as well as controversy surrounding the killing of The Kid quickly disillusioned him. Garrett nonetheless remains symbolic of an era when only a thin line separated the lawmen from the outlaws they policed. At the time, the rich were considered by many to have robbed the poor in order to accumulate their wealth and some outlaws were popular because they targeted the rich. Garrett, on the other hand, targeted a popular outlaw.

Source: New World Encyclopedia