NPC Description

Type: Quest

Quest: Ruric - Lost Volcano Valley (86) ;

A Viking suffering from amnesia.
Lost Volcano Valley Quest
Location: Near the Lost Volcano Valley

Beyond Atlantica, history and legend:

Rurik or Riurik (Russian: Рюрик; Russian pronunciation: [ˈrʲʉrʲɪk]; Old East Norse: Rørik, meaning "famous ruler"; c. 830 – c. 879) was a Varangian chieftain who gained control of Ladoga in 862, built the Holmgard settlement near Novgorod, and founded the Rurik Dynasty which ruled Kievan Rus and then Russia until the 16th century.

There is a debate over how Rurik came to control Ladoga and Novgorod. The only information about him is contained in the 12th-century Russian Primary Chronicle, which states that Chuds, Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs …drove the Varangians back beyond the sea, refused to pay them tribute, and set out to govern themselves. Afterwards the tribes started fighting each other and decided to invite Rurik to reestablish order.

Rurik remained in power until his death in 879. His successors (the Rurik Dynasty), however, moved the capital to Kiev and founded the state of Kievan Rus, which persisted until 1240, the time of Mongol invasion. A number of extant princely families are patrilineally descended from Rurik, although the last Rurikid to rule Russia, Vasily IV, died in 1612.

There is a large 9th-century funerary barrow in Novgorod Oblast, reminiscent of the mounds at Old Uppsala. Intricately defended against looting, it remains to be excavated. The local inhabitants refer to it as Rurik's Grave.

Source: Wikipedia