This tool calculates the craft experience you can obtain by analysing equipment.
How it works:
  1. Select the item you want to analyse (you can use your mouse or type its name for faster access). Items are sorted by type (Armor, Axe, etc), then craft level.
    You can use the textfield to filter item names (ex: "phoenix" will display phoenix items only) ; or enter a numerical value to use it as Workload (ex: 1000).
  2. A link appear (Item info), giving the Atlantica-db URL of the selected item. Next to it, its Workload value.
  3. For each enchant (rows), the table below provides experience values, depending on the multiplier factor (which is randomely fixed by Atlantica)
  4. The last column also calculate the experience gained if you dismantle the item instead of analysing it.
  5. Note: when the experience gain exceeds the limit of 100,000,000 exp, this value appears in bold.