Name   Level   Type   Experience   Gold   Items  
Pandora - Title 10Title
Calliope - Title 20Title
Kleio - Title 30Title
Thalia - Title 40Title
Pharmacist Hwang - Forest of Spirits057017,000Forest Healing Potion x1 ; Healing Potion [I] x10 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Asada - Forest of Spirits057017,000Forest Healing Potion x1 ; Healing Potion [I] x10 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Doctor Huh - Forest of Spirits057017,000Forest Healing Potion x1 ; Healing Potion [I] x10 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
XuRien - Forest of Spirits08108,000Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Komachi - Forest of Spirits08108,000Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Sun Hwa - Forest of Spirits08108,000Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Main Computer Eve - Atlantian Tutorial11500Divine Draught x10 ; Life Potion [I] x10
Closed Portal - Atlantian Tutorial100
Eve Control Panel - Atlantian Tutorial100Lv. 3 Helper Box (Atlantis) x1
Lea's Welcome - Descendant of Atlantis Tutorial - Lea1700Ambrosia (No Trade) x10 ; Life Potion [I] x10
Sealed Portal - Atlantian Legacy Tutorial1300Portal Key x1
Ellesian's Phantom - Descendant of Atlantis Tutorial - Ellesian1500
Lilith's Phantom - Descendant of Atlantis Tutorial - Lilith100Lv. 3 Helper Box x1
Ariana - Atlantis3623,4506,558,000Ashen Crystal x20 ; Divine Draught x10 ; Enchant Stone [I] x30 ; Insect's Weapon Box x3 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Mercenary Celebration Box x1 ; Oracle Summon Papyrus (No Trade) x1 ; Spirit Weapon Box x6
Alice - Dreaming Path73,50082,000Atlantis Book Box [I] x1 ; Commodity Box [I] x20 ; Fairy Pentacle x1 ; Sea Palace's Weapon Box x5
Goddess Lea - Dreaming Path76,70080,000Sea Palace's Weapon Box x6
Goddess Ellesian - Dreaming Path75,30066,000Ashen Crystal x20 ; Divine Draught x10
Goddess Lilith - Dreaming Path77,200100,000Ashen Crystal x20 ; Growth Vial [I] x10 ; Sea Palace's Weapon Box x3
Hong Gil-dong - Forest of Spirits101,35013,000Commodity Box [I] x5 ; Letter of Regards x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Master Goh - Forest of Spirits101,35013,000Commodity Box [I] x5 ; Letter of Regards x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Naonari - Forest of Spirits101,35013,000Commodity Box [I] x5 ; Letter of Regards x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Training Instructor Jeon Woo-chi - Forest of Spirits101,35013,000Commodity Box [I] x5 ; Letter of Regards x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Jinni - Forest of Spirits102,13019,000Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Healing Potion [I] x15 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x15 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x5 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Yewul - Forest of Spirits102,13019,000Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Healing Potion [I] x20 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x15 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x5 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Amane - Forest of Spirits102,13019,000Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Healing Potion [I] x15 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x15 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x5 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Joo Hye - Forest of Spirits102,13019,000Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Healing Potion [I] x20 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x15 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x5 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Doctor Hwang - Forest of Spirits1057017,000Forest Healing Potion x1 ; Healing Potion [I] x10 ; Spirit Weapon Box x1
Sunghye - Forest of Spirits108108,000Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Sun Bin - Community109,00030,000Manager's Scroll [II] x6
Sima Qian - The Yellow River124,05036,000Ashen Crystal x20 ; Commodity Box [I] x10 ; Healing Potion [I] x20 ; Life Potion [I] x20 ; Spirit Equipment Set Box x5
Sul Hyang - The Yellow River125,10055,000Growth Vial [I] x10 ; Life Potion [I] x15 ; Patrol License [I](1 day) x10 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x10 ; Sea King's Equipment Box x5
Dispatcher Flora - World's Historic Sites15Daily Quests
6,00012,000Flora's Culture Box x4
Tai Hua Gong - Special Sauce1516,90043,400Completed Fo Tiao Qiang x1 ; Dumpling x4 ; Grilled Pork x4 ; Grilled Shrimp x4 ; Hong Shan Yu x2 ; Octopus Soup x4 ; Roasted Mushroom x4 ; Roasted Mutton x4 ; Shanghai Roast Duck x1 ; Tai Hua Gong's Special Sauce x420
Kaylynn - Verdant Temple1566,200550,000Angkor Wat's Weapon Box x8 ; Ashen Crystal x60 ; Divine Draught x10 ; Dumpling x50 ; Life Potion[II] x30 ; Octopus Soup x50 ; The Centaur x1 ; Ukan's Pan Pipe x1
Wucai - Verdant Temple1534,000408,000Ashen Crystal x1 ; Atlantis Book Box [I] x1 ; Commodity Box [I] x10 ; Divine Draught x20 ; Dumpling x50 ; Healing Potion [I] x90 ; Iron Sand x1 ; Mana Potion [I] x60 ; Razor Arrow x1
Hu Xue-yan - Sea Palace1627,450202,000Angkor Wat Equipment Box x10 ; Ashen Crystal x60 ; Commodity Box [I] x20 ; Mana Potion [I] x20 ; Strange Scale x1 ; Wheat x10
Zang Heng - Sea Palace16147,600227,000Ashen Crystal x30 ; Dumpling x30 ; Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Healing Potion [III] x10 ; Mysterious Magnifier x1 ; Teleportation License [II](1 day) x1
Zhao Gao - Sea Palace165,85030,000Life Potion [I] x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [I] x5 ; Troy Supply Box x2
Huike - Monk18Mercenary
2,40026,000Huike's Letter x1
Huilin - Monk18Mercenary
6508,500Father's Letter x1
Yuan Hao - Monk18Mercenary
3004,000Yuan Mu's Letter x1
Cui Li Liang - Bandit Clearing203,5008,500Grilled Pork x30 ; Scroll of Reinforcements [I] x5
Chu Lian - Boatman's Daughter206,50026,000Dumpling x50 ; Mother's Diary x1
Shaopang - Ocean Abyss20TBS
Pien Chueh - The Yellow River2412,69047,000Ashen Crystal x20 ; Growth Vial [I] x14 ; Temporary Healing Potion x1
Jayavarman - Angkor Wat2481,000275,000Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5 ; Insect Equipment Box x2 ; Life Potion[II] x11 ; Scroll of Reinforcements [II] x5
Boy Monk - Angkor Wat2431,50095,000Commodity Box [I] x5 ; Life Potion[II] x3
Gerald - Stigmatized Shrine24TBS
Cute Loris - Forgotten Valley2678,000400,000Ashen Crystal x50 ; Divine Draught x50 ; Elixir [I] x40 ; Life Potion[II] x20 ; Sweet Candy x1
Little Eris - Grave of Cubes28155,000554,000Ashen Crystal x50 ; Growth Vial [I] x20 ; Hammer [I] x10 ; Insect's Weapon Box x5
Pruna - Grave of Cubes28672,0005,054,000Ashen Crystal x150 ; Atlantis Book Box [II] x1 ; Distilled Ice Element x1 ; Distilled Wind Element x1 ; Divine Draught x50 ; Giant Crystal x50 ; Growth Vial [II] x20 ; Healing Potion [II] x50 ; Insect's Weapon Box x5 ; Life Potion[II] x80 ; Mana Potion [II] x50 ; Northern Viking Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Record of Akademeia 2 x1 ; Record of Akademeia 3 x1 ; Stew x100 ; Thali x100
Dispatcher Sryla - Southeast Asia's Sites30Daily Quests
20,00040,000Sryla's Culture Box x4
Competition Officer - Competition3015,80032,000
Bayan - Hunting the Night Fox3035,00060,000Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Roasted Mushroom x20 ; Roasted Mutton x30 ; Scroll of Vortex [II] x10 ; Secret Vial of Truth x1
Myne - Quiz3016080,000
High Priest Cualli - Awake305,00010,000
Oztohua - Errand305,00010,000Life Potion[II] x10
Meztli - Chichen Itza30108,000240,000Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Growth Vial [I] x10 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; High Priest's Letter x1 ; Life Potion[II] x10 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Ogre Equipment Box (No Trade) x2
Necalli - Chichen Itza3096,000190,000Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x10 ; Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Ogre Equipment Box (No Trade) x1
Izel - Chichen Itza3078,000230,000Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Growth Vial [I] x5 ; Ogre Equipment Box (No Trade) x1 ; Sacred Fire x1 ; Tandoori x10
Narayan - Nest of Insects34147,600465,000Ashen Crystal x60 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Insect Equipment Box x5 ; Life Potion[II] x3 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Roasted Mushroom x20
Li Kui - Nest of Insects34259,200800,000Ambrosia x20 ; Antidote [II] x10 ; Auto-Battle License [II](1 day) x2 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Insect Equipment Box x5 ; Life Potion[II] x24 ; Polluted Heart x10 ; Scroll of Bewitching [II] x2
Jaya - Contaminated Nest35TBS
Pachamama - Plague38207,000850,000Action: Auto-Craft [I] x1 ; Assassin's Equipment Box (No Trade) x1 ; Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Growth Vial [II] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Remaining Plague Cure x1
Tupac Amaru - Plague38843,0005,000,000Assassin's Equipment Box (No Trade) x4 ; Celestial Hunter Book [II] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Dark Archer Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Enchant Stone [II] x10 ; Growth Vial [II] x15 ; Life Potion[II] x20 ; Mana Potion [II] x20 ; Silver Arrow x100 ; Walachia's Equipment Box (No Trade) x1
Solicitor Roberto - Mohenjodaro Heritage40Daily Quests
35,50054,000Historia Seal x12
Sachen - Angkor Wat40165,800295,000Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5 ; Ashen Crystal x60 ; Northern Viking Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Purified Heart x1 ; Scroll of Vortex [II] x5
Urvashi - Mohenjodaro40358,000756,000Action: Auto-Craft [I] x2 ; Ambrosia x10 ; Auto-Battle License [II](1 day) x5 ; Bran Castle Equipment Box x2 ; Life Potion[II] x10
Gandharva - Mohenjodaro40420,000708,000Enchant Stone [II] x10 ; Letter of Apology x1 ; Life Potion[II] x5 ; Old Treasure Map x5 ; Pururavas' Ring x1 ; Scroll of Vortex [II] x4 ; Suspicious Letter x1
Oracle Mamakiria - Trap4033,000150,000Growth Vial [II] x10
Beast Trainer Nari - Beast Trainer44Mercenary
14,50030,000Antidote [III] x10 ; Life Potion [III] x10
Princess Hwa Man - Beast Trainer44Mercenary
75,500137,000Sealed Casket: Beast Trainer x1
Bao Sanniang - Beast Trainer44Mercenary
Jerome - Imperial Machine Factory44830,000980,000High-Density Oriharukon x1 ; Life Potion[II] x50 ; Redemption Crystal x50 ; Sweet Candy x1
DeRoss - Imperial Machine Factory442,520,0006,980,000Atlantis Book Box [II] x1 ; Bran Castle's Weapon Box x11 ; Dark Archer Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Elixir [III] x150
Hui Ko - Sanctum of Death45TBS
Solicitor Alex - Bran Castle Heritage46Daily Quests
68,500103,250Historia Seal x19
Geppetto - The Iron Doll4683,000290,000Captured Doll x300 ; Legend of the Iron Doll x1 ; Map of Promise x1
Dmitri - Bran Castle48849,6002,060,000Ambrosia x10 ; Babylon's Equipment Box x2 ; Bat Teeth x10 ; Bran Castle Equipment Box x15 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Life Potion[II] x15 ; Scroll of Bewitching [II] x2 ; Stew x10
Amazonian Warrior - Amazon Pyramids48848,0007,350,000Celestial Hunter Book [II] Box (No Trade) x5 ; Enchant Stone [II] x15 ; Growth Vial [II] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Life Potion[II] x10 ; Silver Arrow x100 ; Walachia's Equipment Box (No Trade) x2
Queen Hippolyte - El Dorado481,520,00010,250,000Celestial Hunter Book [II] Box (No Trade) x15 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Growth Vial [II] x15 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Life Potion[II] x20 ; Queen's Gift x1 ; Silver Arrow x200 ; Walachia's Equipment Box (No Trade) x3
Chichen Itza Captain - El Dorado Seal Stone4800
Anastasia - Bran Castle49414,000985,000Bran Castle Equipment Box x10 ; Dark Archer Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Life Potion [III] x5
Shah Jahan - Abyss of Taj Mahal50100,000204,000Gemstone Ring Box x1 ; Perfume of Memories x1 ; Saffron Map x1
Chichen Itza Captain - Chichen Itza50207,000820,000Assassin's Equipment Box (No Trade) x1 ; Celestial Hunter Book [I] Box (No Trade) x10 ; Growth Vial [I] x15 ; Healing Potion [II] x10 ; Life Potion[II] x10 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Northern Viking Summon Marble (No Trade) x1 ; Ogre Bow x1 ; Oracle Summon Papyrus (No Trade) x1 ; Tandoori x10
Vivian - Witch51Mercenary
78,00090,000Perfume of Peace x1 ; Sealed Casket: Witch x1
Novice Witch - Witch51Mercenary
109,000124,000Black Marble x1
Solicitor Hartmann - Labyrinth Heritage52Daily Quests
109,500165,500Historia Seal x30
Chardin - Great Perfume52162,500170,000Chardin's Box x3 ; Chardin's Perfume x1
Daedalus - Cretan Labyrinth54672,4001,347,500Bran Castle Equipment Box x10 ; Broken Clockwork x1 ; Enchant Stone [II] x15 ; Enchanted Detergent x1 ; Planning Draft x1 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x5
Talos - Cretan Labyrinth54420,000822,500Bran Castle Equipment Box x5 ; Enchant Stone [II] x15 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x7 ; Suspicious Letter x1
Tecess - Ruined Labyrinth55TBS
High Priest Tonauac - Mayan Future55220,0002,300,000Mercenary Celebration Box x1 ; Sparkling Golden Box x1
Solicitor Antonio - Hanging Gardens Heritage57Daily Quests
163,000244,500Historia Seal x41
Iris - Exorcist57Mercenary
92,000155,000Sealed Casket: Exorcist x1
Citratus - Exorcist57Mercenary
99,000182,500Secret Vial of Night x1
Scheherazade - Hanging Gardens571,444,080880,000Ambrosia x10 ; Auto-Battle License [III](1 day) x2 ; Babylon's Equipment Box x15 ; Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Iron-clad Bullet x30 ; Life Potion [III] x5 ; Patrol License [III](1 day) x2 ; Scroll of Bewitching [III] x2 ; Scroll of Life's Blessing [III] x10 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x6
Marduk - Destiny of Marduk57185,000260,000Destiny Stone x1 ; Roasted Mutton x10 ; Silver Box x1
Pasiphae - Cretan Labyrinth59722,8001,907,500Ambrosia x15 ; Ashen Jewel x20 ; Bran Castle Equipment Box x5 ; Enchanted Detergent x1 ; Mercenary Celebration Box x1 ; Oracle Summon Papyrus (No Trade) x1 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x8
Utnapishtim - Hanging Gardens591,870,0001,320,000Ambrosia x10 ; Ashen Crystal x30 ; Babylon's Battle Box x15 ; Enchant Stone [III] x15 ; Flame Cannonball x30 ; Giant Crystal x20 ; Healing Potion [III] x10 ; Life Potion [III] x10 ; Mana Potion [III] x10 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Rainbow Soul Stone x10 ; Silver Arrow x30 ; Teleportation License [III](1 day) x2
Dispatcher Hughes - Animal Researcher59156,000270,000Babylon's Equipment Box x5
Aiman - The New Journey59100,0002,000,000
Dispatcher Edward - Southern Europe's Sites60Daily Quests
40,00060,000Edward's Culture Box x4
Riva's Mother - Faust's Laboratory605,500,00013,000,000Faust's Laboratory Key x1 ; Faust's Mansion Ticket (No Trade) x1
Master Simon - Overdrive6020,00020,000Overdrive: Ancient Fury x1 ; Water of Life x50
Shepherd Boy - [EVENT] In Sheep's Clothing60Daily Quests
300,000300,000Enhance Stone [VI] x5
Eva - Princess63Mercenary
16,00028,000Enrique's Letter x1
Princess Christina - Princess63Mercenary
34,00072,000Sealed Casket: Princess x1
Mariette - Mummy's Curse65325,000390,000Blue Quill x2 ; Old Papyrus x1 ; Silver Box x2 ; Weird Map x1
Dispatcher Francis - Human Heritage65340,0000Golden Coin Bundle[10000gold] x40 ; Historia Supplies x3
Rose - Witch's Lab65153,000370,000Library Card x1 ; Magic Scholar's Book Box x1 ; Magic Thesis Exchange Certificate x1 ; Magic Thesis Reference No. 42 x1 ; Secret Thesis Reference No. 8 x1 ; Vivian's Confession x1 ; Vivian's Tormented Note x1
Cheshire - Witch's Lab65100,000267,000Baby Gremlin Food x5 ; Cheshire's Letter x1 ; Dimensional Crystal Ball x1 ; Gremlin's Egg Pouch x1
Messe - Witch's Lab6589,500370,000Book: Meteor Strike [II] x2 ; Lab Animal Recipe No. 922 x2 ; Latest Magic Thesis Collection x2 ; Mysterious Vial: Valor x1 ; Mysterious Vial: Wisdom x1 ; Scroll of Purification (No Trade) x5
Isis - Valley of the Kings671,297,200840,000Blessing License(1 Day/No Trade) x1 ; Growth Vial [III] x10 ; Isis' Priest Dress x1 ; Life Potion [III] x15 ; Pyramid Battle Box x10 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x2 ; Teleportation License(1 day) x2
Tutankhamun - Valley of the Kings671,002,800690,000Enchant Stone [III] x10 ; Pyramid Equipment Box x15 ; Scroll of Silence [III] x5 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x2 ; Soul-Sealing Jar x1
Seth - Valley of the Kings67989,000600,000Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Healing Potion [II] x20 ; Life Potion [III] x10 ; Mana Potion [II] x10 ; Pyramid Equipment Box x5 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x5 ; Suspicious Letter x1
Prophet Hecuba - Prophet70Mercenary
111,000260,000Sealed Casket: Prophet x1
Urshanabi - Prophet70Mercenary
Tiamat's Soul - Prophet70Mercenary
179,000480,000Piece of Tupsimati x1 ; Refined Dimensional Key x1
Mystery Acong - Acong's Request7070,000500,000Ancient Skill Book (Merc. Only) x3 ; Surprise Box x2
Nut - Sanctum of Eternal Sleep70TBS
140,000110,000Horus' Soul Stone x1
Vasco da Gama - Navigator's Dream73236,000300,000Broken Compass x1 ; Special Cloth x1 ; Superalloy Bullet x1000
Pedro - Curious Scientist74290,000200,000Mysterious Powder x1 ; Pedro's Note x1 ; Strange Rock Shard x1
Heinrich - Bran Castle75326,000780,000Bran Castle Equipment Box x15 ; Enchant Stone [II] x5 ; Silver Holy Water Box x1 ; Stew x10
Lewis - Machine Shrine751,219,000600,000Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Pyramid Battle Box x15
Olivia - Machine Shrine75563,500270,000Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Water of Life x30
Laila - Machine Shrine751,780,200920,000Ashen Jewel x20 ; Assassin's Charm [I] x10 ; Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Mental Resistance Scroll x1 ; Pyramid Battle Box x15 ; Redemption Jewel x10 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x4 ; Scroll of the Barrier x1
Velk - Machine Shrine75345,000150,000Auto-Battle License [III](1 day) x3
Nefertiti - Oracle76Mercenary
105,000310,000Sealed Casket: Oracle x1
Imhotep - Oracle76Mercenary
Horus - Oracle76Mercenary
325,000940,000Broken Cat Statue x1 ; Exquisite Cat Statue x1
Miyamoto Musashi - Warrior's Path78545,000525,000Enhance Stone [III] x20 ; Hammer [III] x5 ; Keep Tower Key x3 ; Musashi's Sword Box x1 ; Omikuji Divination Box x1 ; Omikuji: Very Good x1
Nohime - Shogun Castle801,426,0001,050,000Ambrosia x50 ; Ashen Jewel x20 ; Assassin's Charm [I] x100 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Growth Vial [II] x10 ; Keep Tower Key x3 ; Life Potion [III] x50 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x2 ; Shogun Castle Battle Box x5
Hashiba - Shogun Castle801,531,800930,000Ashen Jewel x20 ; Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Explosive Cannonball x200 ; Giant Jewel x10 ; Growth Vial [I] x20 ; Scroll of Bewitching [III] x5 ; Shogun Castle Battle Box x9 ; Teleportation License [III](1 day) x3
Akechi - Shogun Castle801,382,3001,070,000Enchant Stone [III] x5 ; Giant Jewel x10 ; Growth Vial [III] x10 ; Mithril Arrow x200 ; Shogun Castle Battle Box x14 ; Water of Life x20
Menelaus - Necropolis80670,0001,000,000Enhance Stone [III] x3 ; Evil Charm x1 ; Gold-plated Ring Box x1 ; Sealed Map x1
Domovikha - Decorate My Home80750,000750,000
Domovoi - Enjoy My Home80800,000800,000
Lisa - Inventor84Mercenary
90,000160,000Small Cosmos x1
Caterina - Inventor84Mercenary
386,000490,000Ambrosia x10 ; Candy Box x1 ; Da Vinci's Records x1 ; Jasmine Perfume x1 ; Lollypop x1 ; Old Pipe x1 ; Sealed Casket: Inventor x1
Francesco - Inventor84Mercenary
448,000800,000Deluxe Tobacco Box x1 ; Francesco's Letter x1 ; Ivory Pipe x1 ; Lubricating Oil x1
Momotaro - Momotaro85640,0001,070,000Captured Eagle x100 ; Captured Four-Armed Monkey x300 ; Captured Frilled Lizard x500 ; Captured Leopard x100 ; Enchant Stone [III] x10 ; Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; Honey Candy x3 ; Mini Blessing Potion x1
Sakura - Shogun Secret Garden85TBS
300,000180,000Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Kojiro's Record x1 ; Pine Fruit x1
Kurbsky - Lost Volcano Valley863,327,0001,930,000Ambrosia x50 ; Commodity Box [III] x10 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Explosive Cannonball x200 ; Extra Inventory License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Growth Vial [I] x20 ; Redemption Jewel x10 ; Scroll of Life's Blessing [III] x5 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x2 ; Sea King's Scale x1 ; Strange Compass x1 ; Teleportation License [III](1 day) x3 ; Volcano Valley Battle Box x6 ; Water of Life x20
Kikimora - Lost Volcano Valley862,961,0002,000,000Adamantium Arrow x200 ; Ambrosia x100 ; Blessing License(1 Day/No Trade) x1 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Growth Vial [II] x10 ; Life Potion [III] x30 ; Red Perfume x1 ; Redemption Jewel x10 ; Salamander's Nest Key x3 ; Scroll of Dark Forces [III] x5 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x4
Ruric - Lost Volcano Valley862,991,0002,070,000Commodity Box [I] x20 ; Elixir [III] x50 ; Growth Vial [III] x10 ; Life Potion [III] x30 ; Raheth's Cave Key x3 ; Redemption Soul Jewel x20 ; Savior's Charm [I] x100 ; Scroll of Bewitching [III] x5 ; Scroll of Silence [III] x5 ; Volcano Valley Battle Box x6
Amano - Noble Shaman's Soul86520,000755,000Auburn Knotted Note x1 ; Sake x4
Mute Shaman - Noble Shaman's Soul86475,000745,000Amber Knotted Note x1 ; Heavy Knotted Note x1 ; Noble Staff x1 ; Worn Gohei x1 ; Yukihime's Letter x1
Kaguyahime - Cannoneer87Mercenary
840,000840,000Crystal Map x1 ; Sealed Casket: Cannoneer x1 ; Secret Letter of Shogun Castle x1 ; Secret Vial of Darkness x1 ; Secret Vial of Oni x1
Snegurochka - Dinosaur Master88815,0001,065,000Elixir [III] x50 ; Guardian Stone [I] x400 ; Mini Blessing Potion x1 ; Trainer's Secret Box x1 ; Warrior's Sign x1
Sviatki - Dinosaur Master88505,0001,145,000Broken Training Whip x1 ; Captured Basilisk x300 ; Piece of Cloth x2 ; Sviatki's Antidote x2 ; Training Whip x1 ; White Birch Stick x2 ; White Fur x3
Beowulf - Hero's Passage89960,0001,325,000Enhance Stone [III] x3 ; Record of Sympathy x1 ; Secret Map of Volcano Valley x1 ; Super Coolant x1 ; The Grudge of Grendel x1 ; The Story of Grendel x1
Dispatcher Mario - Northern Europe's Sites90Daily Quests
120,000120,000Mario's Culture Box x4
Suspicious Poet - Enter Goonzu World90Daily Quests
180,000300,000Goonzu World Coupon x1
Maid - Goonzu World90Daily Quests
4,150,0006,400,000Ambrosia (No Trade) x10 ; Dr. Gon's Office Ticket x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x3
Guardian Frigg - Valhalla's Bow931,295,0001,555,000Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; The Crest of Asgard x1 ; The Crest of Midgard x1 ; The Crest of Niflheim x1 ; Valhalla's Bow x1
Hugin - Yggdrasil945,521,5003,840,000Ambrosia x100 ; Ashen Jewel x20 ; Brace x1 ; Commodity Box [III] x10 ; Commodity Box [I] x20 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Growth Vial [I] x20 ; Guardian Stone [I] x50 ; Life Potion [III] x30 ; Mysterious Box x2 ; Scroll of Bewitching [III] x5 ; Volcano Valley Battle Box x6 ; Water of Life x20 ; World Tree Key x1
Mimir - Yggdrasil945,926,5004,010,000Ashen Jewel x20 ; Assassin's Charm [I] x100 ; Auto-Battle License [III] (1 day/No Trade) x5 ; Captured Sabretooth x100 ; Commodity Box [II] x10 ; Elixir [III] x50 ; Growth Vial [III] x20 ; Guardian Stone [I] x50 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Ring of Desire x1 ; Scroll of Reinforcements [III] x5 ; Volcano Valley Battle Box x6 ; World Tree Key x3
Gullweig - Yggdrasil944,811,4003,500,000Ambrosia x100 ; Ashen Jewel x40 ; Blessing Potion x1 ; Destroyer's Charm [I] x100 ; Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; Eye of Odin x1 ; Guardian Stone [I] x100 ; Ring of Desire x1 ; Scroll of Judgment [III] x5 ; World Tree Key x2
Janet - Lady Knight95Mercenary
1,050,0001,080,000Completed Memorandum x1 ; Cross of Protection x1 ; Knight's Holy Water x1 ; Knights of the Round (Excerpt) x1 ; Record of a Forgotten Knight x1 ; Sealed Casket: Lady Knight x1
Chef Al - Town Festival95Daily Quests
Daka - Empress95Daily Quests
5,350,0002,250,000Bronze Buddha x3 ; Dusty Buddha x3 ; Evil-Slaying Arrow x40 ; Rare Buddha x3
Heimdall - Freyja's Necklace951,795,0001,825,000Elixir [III] x150 ; Guardian Stone [I] x200 ; Healing Potion [III] x80 ; Javelin Gungnir x1 ; Life Potion [III] x20 ; Mana Potion [III] x50 ; Stolen Horn Map x1
Zhuge Liang - Wulin95TBS
General Gajah Mada - Gajah Mada, a Hero95TBS
Al Feren - Janissary96Mercenary
1,180,0001,285,000Crypt Record x1 ; Evil Purification Powder x1 ; Hassen's Victory Note x1 ; Love Prayer x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Rebel's Secret Record x1 ; Sealed Casket: Janissary x1
Orban - Constantinople9612,300,0003,990,000Ambrosia x150 ; Ashen Jewel x20 ; Commodity Box [II] x10 ; Completed Blueprint x1 ; Conqueror's Battle Box x6 ; Contract of Cannon Delivery x1 ; Contract of Cannonball Delivery x1 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Giant Jewel x15 ; Growth Vial [I] x20 ; Guardian Stone [I] x100 ; Orban's Map x1 ; Redemption Jewel x15 ; Scroll of Vortex [III] x10 ; Water of Life x50
Mehmed II - Constantinople9615,450,0004,650,000Byzantine Royal Key x3 ; Conqueror's Battle Box x10 ; Crystal of Truth x1 ; Elixir [III] x50 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Giant Jewel x15 ; Greek Church's Prayer x1 ; Growth Vial [II] x20 ; Guardian Stone [I] x100 ; Life Potion [III] x50 ; Redemption Jewel x15 ; Scroll of Bewitching [III] x5 ; Sea King's Scale x1 ; Teleportation License(1 Day/No Trade) x5
Ismet - Constantinople9613,350,0003,560,000Adamantium Arrow x200 ; Adamantium Cannonball x200 ; Ambrosia x200 ; Captured Sabretooth x100 ; Commodity Box [I] x20 ; Elixir [III] x100 ; Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; Growth Vial [III] x10 ; Mission Report x1 ; Scroll of Dark Forces [III] x10 ; Signal Flare x1 ; War Report x1 ; Water of Life x20
Murat - Wheel Lock Musket962,890,0001,040,000Conqueror's Equipment Box x2 ; Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Golden Coin Bundle[1000gold] x2170 ; Mustafa's Log x1 ; Notice of Surrender x1 ; Stained Command Log x1 ; Wheel Lock Musket x1
Mustafa - Orban's Secret Weapon962,410,0001,200,000Conqueror's Equipment Box x2 ; Elixir [IV] x50 ; Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Golden Coin Bundle[1000gold] x1790 ; Musket Instructions x1 ; Orban's Secret Weapon x1
Gaius - Battlefield Betrayer961,969,3002,315,000Conqueror's Equipment Box x2 ; Gaius' Treasure Box x1 ; Guard's Jacket x1 ; Refined Mud x1
Fausta - Princess Fausta961,180,0001,161,000Conqueror's Equipment Box x2 ; Fausta's Wedding Box x1 ; Letter of Appointment: Knight x1
Erik - Frozen Adlivun9821,109,0004,940,000Ambrosia x100 ; Ancient Book of Experience x10 ; Broken Machine Key x3 ; Enhance Stone [III] x20 ; Freezing Battle Box x18 ; Growth Vial [II] x20 ; Guardian Stone [I] x50 ; Hunting Tool Bag x1 ; Mini Blessing Potion x1 ; Redemption Soul Jewel x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [IV] x20 ; Teleportation License [IV](1 day) x5
Leif - Frozen Adlivun9815,452,6002,935,000Ambrosia x100 ; Captured Jaguar Golem x100 ; Commodity Box [III] x10 ; Conqueror's Battle Box x6 ; Enchant Stone [III] x30 ; Enriched Adamantium Arrow x200 ; Guardian Stone [I] x50 ; Life Potion [IV] x100 ; Record of the Past I x1 ; Record of the Past II x1 ; Redemption Soul Jewel x20 ; Scroll of Vortex [IV] x10 ; Tattered Record x1 ; Unknown Memo x1 ; Water of Life x20
Angakok - Frozen Adlivun9818,366,8006,820,000Adlivun's Center Key x3 ; Adlivun's Secret x1 ; Ambrosia x50 ; Auto-Battle License [IV](1 day) x5 ; Commodity Box [II] x10 ; Conqueror's Battle Box x6 ; Elixir [IV] x100 ; Enriched Adamantium Cannonball x200 ; Freezing Battle Box x12 ; Growth Vial [III] x10 ; Guardian Stone [I] x50 ; Ice Key x3 ; Scroll of Vortex [IV] x20 ; Sedna's Vision I x1 ; Sedna's Vision II x1 ; Sedna's Vision III x1
Knud - Lost Saqqaq Tribe982,925,0003,225,000Elixir [IV] x30 ; Freezing Equipment Box x3 ; Guardian Stone [I] x100 ; Life Potion [IV] x20 ; Solid Ice Chunk x1 ; Warm Coat x1
Amaqjuat - Amaqjuat's Ambition983,135,0004,025,000Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Freezing Equipment Box x4 ; Greenland Story x1 ; Holy Water of Truth x1
Atanarjuat - Atanarjuat's Ambition982,720,0003,265,000Blue Quill x3 ; Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Freezing Equipment Box x4
Chief Notoqchen - Great Inuit983,480,0003,970,000Freezing Equipment Box x8 ; Inuit Tribe's Sign x8
Esben - Gokstad Ship983,925,0003,650,000Frost Metal Shard x2 ; Frozen Fir Branch x1 ; Noble Fir Branch x1 ; Viking Ruins Key x1 ; Young Viking's Gift x4
Rollo - Gokstad Ship983,500,0003,355,000Elixir [III] x10 ; Freydis' Confidential Report x1 ; Proof of Warrior x1 ; Shining Ice Bag x1 ; Warrior Family's Story x1
Oleg - Gokstad Ship98975,000900,000Eastern Expedition Evidence x1 ; Freydis' Farewell x1 ; Viking Senate's Opinion x1 ; Warrior's Proof x1
Jang Jie - Chang-san983,450,0002,585,000Guardian Stone [II] x50 ; Immortal King's Treasure Box x10 ; Jang Jie's Challenge x2 ; Jang Jie's Letter x1
Ma Yun-ling - Chang-san987,450,0005,305,000Blue Quill x3 ; Cut Ointment x1 ; Guardian Stone [II] x200 ; Imperial Witch's Record x1 ; Ma Yun-ling's Notebook x1 ; Ma Yun-ling's Water Bottle x1 ; Zhao Yun's Secret Scroll x1
Gunther - Kriemhild's Forest98TBS
1,180,000350,000Hastily Scribbled Note x1
Amarieneju - The Key to Atlantis9810,500,000515,000Auto-Search License (7 days) x2 ; Blessing License(1 Day/No Trade) x1 ; Extra Inventory License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Perimeter License (1 hour) x1 ; Perimeter License (2 Hrs) x1
Ancient Spartan Hero - Spartan100Mercenary
500,000800,000Spartan's Sealed Slate x1
Mary Read - Pirate100Mercenary
900,0001,400,000Jack's Dagger x1 ; Loot Summary x1 ; Piece of Jack's Diary x1 ; Pirate's Signal Shot x1
Wise Orenda - Elementalist100Mercenary
750,0001,250,000Elementalist's Head Decoration x1
Nina Paganini - Minstrel100Mercenary
5,725,0005,805,000Ben's Note x1 ; Catherine's Room Key x1 ; Diamond Bag Map x1 ; New Case Log x1 ; Old House Key x1 ; Paganini's Instrument Case x1 ; Terrence's Diary x1
Colins - Minstrel100Mercenary
3,112,5003,082,500Colins' Badge x1 ; Gunman's Note x1 ; Paganini Case File x1
Susan - Minstrel100Daily Quests
270,000450,000Backstreet News x1 ; Secret Office Key x1
Raging Wind - Druid100Mercenary
12,000,000750,000Druid's Soul-Sealing Stone x1
Earth-Listener - Coyote's Valley100Daily Quests
3,000,000225,000Heavenly Crystal x3
Sumi - Empress100Mercenary
2,700,0002,700,000Empress' Ornament x1
Pat Garrett - Dallas Lawless District1004,152,0003,475,000Chaser Vol. 1 x1 ; Chaser Vol. 2 x1 ; Chaser Vol. 3 x1 ; Chopped Ginseng x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x5 ; Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Mini Blessing Potion x1
Anita - Dallas Lawless District1004,794,0003,825,000Ambrosia x5 ; Bottled Beer x1 ; Catherine's Room Key x3 ; Cold Beer x1 ; Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; Fish Steak x1 ; Freezing Equipment Box x2 ; Healing Potion [IV] x5 ; Potato Chip x1 ; Secret Office Key x3
Wild Blue - Dallas Lawless District1008,302,0009,150,000Elixir [III] x20 ; Enchant Stone [III] x10 ; Freezing Equipment Box x4 ; Miner's Records x1 ; Refined Gunpowder x1 ; Steel Trigger x1 ; Wild Blue's Map x1
Freydis - Northern Viking1005,200,0009,850,000Altered Fighter Plan x1 ; Broken Machine Key x1 ; Freezing Equipment Box x6 ; Freydis' Sedative x1 ; Ice Key x1 ; Legendary Viking Warrior x1 ; Legendary Viking's Spirit Stone x1
Chironia of the Wind - Dark Archer1007,500,00014,500,000Ambrosia x5 ; Divine Equipment Box x4 ; Elixir [III] x20 ; Enhance Stone [III] x10 ; Freezing Equipment Box x2 ; Immortal Spirit Stone x1
Monk Dingxian - Sea of Clouds Tower1004,400,00017,000,000Ancient Book Box of Nirvana x1 ; Blue Quill x3 ; Elixir [III] x10 ; Trainee's Scroll x1
James the Pretender - The Pretender's Love1004,146,7004,607,100Bartender's Letter x1 ; Catherine's Room Key x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x3 ; James' Mark x1
Natalie - Natalie1003,600,0004,100,000Catherine's Perfume x2 ; Half-Liter Beer x1
Philos - Philos1004,000,0004,995,000Philos' Experimental Object x1 ; Transparent Ant Egg x1
Miltia Serestia - Serestia's Prophecy1001,140,0001,750,000Enhance Stone [III] x5 ; Omikuji Divination Box x4 ; Serestia's Book of Prophecy x1
Croesus - Serestia's Prophecy100335,000410,000Book of Royal Prophecies x1 ; Golden Box x1
Gilded Mimir - Valkyrie Mercenary Recruitment100Mercenary
28,000,0001,750,000The Legend of the Valkyries x1 ; Valhalla Horn x1
Time Goddess Aegis - Mortality100450,0003,000,000
Ellesian of the Past - Mortality100700,0003,000,000Orb of Strength x1
Lea of the Past - Mortality100950,0004,000,000Orb of Courage x1 ; Sealed Book: Storm Master x1
Sheriff Christine - Punisher102Mercenary
5,900,0006,200,000Christine's Letter x1 ; Detroit Massacre Report x1 ; Wanted Poster x1
Wanted Board - Punisher102Daily Quests
3,600,0008,000,000Detroit Badge x20
Punisher Frank Reade - Punisher102Mercenary
930,0001,240,000Punisher's Sealed Box x1 ; Sheriff's Diary x2
Lily's Soul - Punisher102Mercenary
Sealed Gate - Punisher102Mercenary
Enrique Mas - Guardian of Detroit102Daily Quests
9,900,0002,510,000Duran's Whistle x1 ; Gang's Secret Room Key x1 ; Golden Bullet x6 ; Guardian's Badge x5 ; Sheriff's Commodity Box x1
Edeline Teach - Pirate's Treasure102Daily Quests
5,175,0002,500,000Muddy Note x1 ; Pirate's Manual Box x1
Navigator Henry - Pirate's Treasure102Daily Quests
6,775,0003,050,000Captain Kidd's Diary (Part I) x1 ; Captain Kidd's Diary (Part II) x1 ; Captain Kidd's Diary (Part III) x1 ; Ornate Treasure Map x10 ; William Kidd's Voyage Log x1
Henry Ford - Silent Detroit10211,855,00013,750,000Divine Equipment Box x6 ; Ford's Map x1 ; Ford's Record Vol. 1 x1 ; Ford's Record Vol. 3 x1 ; Loading Chamber's Key x3 ; Ring of Ford x1 ; Smuggler's Key x3 ; Waste Depot Key x3
Annie - Silent Detroit1023,805,0003,450,000Daddy's Pocket Watch x1 ; Drops x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x5 ; Mom's Letter x1 ; Small Chocolate x1 ; Small Music Box x1
Jane Smith - Silent Detroit1027,930,0007,720,000Confession Card x1 ; Mana Potion [IV] x5 ; Mechanic's Resignation x1 ; Pearl Pendant x1 ; TK-1 Antidote x1
Broken Janitor Roboto - Roboto's Love1026,730,0005,590,000Decoded Security Card x1 ; Manual Page No.3 x1 ; Vacuum Tube x1
Amy - Roboto's Love1021,580,0001,385,000Manual Page No.18 x1
Coded Vending Machine - Roboto's Love102440,000355,0003-Step Transformer x1 ; ND-02 x1
Tornaq - Tundra Outskirts103TBS
Malinalli - Ancient Aztec City10423,170,00015,520,000Bitter Threat x1 ; Dirty Cryptograph x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x7 ; False God's Key x3 ; Key to Eagle King's Land x3 ; Map of Blood Rituals x1 ; Mysterious Contract x1 ; The Emperor's Message x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x32 ; Wooden File Cabinet x1
Montezuma II - Ancient Aztec City10424,540,00013,690,000Bark Tube x1 ; Cryptograph Bundle x1 ; Dirty Letter x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x5 ; Key of Falsified Life x3 ; Key to Spider King's Land x3 ; Secret Stone Statue Map x1 ; Short Prophecy x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x12
Joy Nenetl - Ancient Aztec City1043,770,0003,920,000Book of Quetzalcoatl's Rebirth x1 ; Crude Wooden Puppet x1 ; Joy Nenetl's Map x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x6 ; Mini Cedar Tree Box x1 ; Mini Cedar Tree Puppet x1 ; Mini Wooden Puppet x1 ; Origin of the Reign of Terror x1
Wiseman - Aztec Antiquities104Daily Quests
12,500,0006,050,000False God's Key x1 ; Key of Falsified Life x1 ; Key to Eagle King's Land x1 ; Key to Spider King's Land x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x4
Strange Tomb - Spartan's Final Mission105200,000150,000Mysterious Slate x1
Cleomenes - Spartan's Final Mission10514,100,0003,575,000Merc. Room License(No Trade/7days) x1 ; Shining Ancient Tombstone x1 ; Small Star's Past x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x4 ; Wishing Starlight x1
Friar Sand - Friar Sand's Request105Daily Quests
Ginger - Ginger105Daily Quests
3,400,000140,000Water of Life(No Trade) x4
Cheng-Lin - Lijiang Women's Village10835,065,00030,990,000Bullman's Room Key x2 ; Cheng-Lin's Letter x1 ; Chin Tai Dong Do's Secret Treaty x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x10 ; Lijiang's Purifying Charm x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x6 ; Pigman's Room Key x2 ; Ringleader's Room Key x2 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x24
Ming-Jing - Lijiang Women's Village10823,240,00014,720,000Broken Lotus Sword x1 ; Bullmen's Investigation Report x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x2 ; Fowlman's Room Key x2 ; Fowlmen's Operation Report x1 ; Fowlmen's Patrol Report x1 ; Lijiang's Purifying Charm x2 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x48
Samantha - Deserted Hall109TBS
8,250,000900,000Star Badge x1
Officer Odysseus - Champion110Mercenary
25,695,0002,135,000Odysseus' Summon Paper x1
Yunchang - General110Mercenary
36,500,0003,200,000Guan Yu's Expedition Notice x1
Frightened Pasiphae - Labyrinthos11018,000,00018,000,000Labyrinthos x1 ; Minotaur King Statue (3 days) x1
Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin - Hwarang112Mercenary
34,400,00086,000,000Jiuyokyung x1 ; Kim Yoo Shin's Gift x1 ; Kim Yoo Shin's Letter x1
Chun Guan - Hwarang112Mercenary
1,600,0004,000,000White Horse x1
Mysterious Old Man - Hwarang112Mercenary
6,400,00016,000,000Letter of Agony x1 ; Sealed Sacred Sword x1
Kim Dae Sung - Bulguksa11228,800,00020,700,000Buddha Statue Room Key x2 ; Divine Equipment Box x4 ; Freezing Equipment Box x4 ; Lotus Pond Key x2 ; Map of Kings x1 ; Secret of Underwater Mausoleum x1
Asadal - Bulguksa11219,300,00015,100,000Divine Equipment Box x2 ; Freezing Equipment Box x4 ; Jade Ring x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x6 ; Ocean Spear x1 ; Stone Pagoda Key x2 ; Stonemason's Scroll x1
Asanyo - Bulguksa11216,400,00017,600,000A Woman's Song x1 ; Buddha Statue Room Key x2 ; Divine Equipment Box x3 ; Freezing Equipment Box x5 ; Lotus Pond Key x2 ; Stone Pagoda Key x2 ; Water of Life x2
Moryang-ri Villager - Mutated Toad1126,300,0009,150,000Divine Equipment Box x2 ; Kim Moon Ryang's Letter x1 ; Lotus Pond Key x1 ; Scale Pouch x1
Asanyo - Mutated Toad112600,000600,000
Kim Dae Sung - Mutated Toad1121,500,0002,100,000
Bulguksa Monk - Mutated Toad1123,000,0005,100,000Buddha Statue Room Key x1 ; Stone Pagoda Key x1
Zhuge Liang - Gourd Crossing112TBS
7,500,0001,400,000Emperor's Letter x1
Goddess Roro Kidul - Roro Kidul Recruitment113Mercenary
66,000,00030,000,000Occupied Shoreline Map x1 ; Roro Kidul's Conch x1
Wuma - Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town11534,550,00017,250,000Chinese Red Wine x3 ; Divine Equipment Box x4 ; Ghost Town Tales x1 ; Lion Mask Room Key x3 ; Liyu's Thank-you Note x1 ; Palanquin Piece x10 ; Sloppy Love Letter x1 ; Traditional Lion Mask x1
Heiying - Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town11596,425,00047,020,000Chin Tai Dong Do's Tribute Document x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x13 ; Fragrant Pill x1 ; Ghost Boatman's Map x1 ; Ghost Commander's Cabin Key x3 ; Liyu's Jade Trinket x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x6 ; Nether King's Annex Pass x3 ; Nether King's Hall Pass x3 ; Requiem Scroll x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x132 ; Xanthosoma Tea x3
Sohong - Secret Outpost115TBS
Gwang Liang - Abandoned Child11525,660,00015,480,000Bullman's Room Key x1 ; Bundled Bibimbap x100 ; Fowlman's Room Key x1 ; Ringleader's Room Key x1 ; Water of Life(No Trade) x4
Cheng-Lin - Abandoned Child115160,00080,000Water of Life(No Trade) x4
Fei Yue - Ruler of Asia11520,350,00016,900,000Divine Equipment Box x1 ; Ghost Commander's Cabin Key x1 ; Lion Mask Room Key x1 ; Nether King's Annex Pass x1 ; Rally Flare x1 ; Thunder-Breaking Spear x1
Tan Liang - Ruler of Asia1152,880,0003,050,000Evil Letter x1 ; Hell Corps Roster x1 ; Hell Marble x1
Yayul - Mysterious Saloon12049,100,00057,975,000Airak x4 ; Chin Tai Dong Do's Accord x1 ; Diabolic Blackmail x1 ; Diabolic King's Summons x2 ; Diabolic Spell Reducer x1 ; Elixir [IV] x20 ; Grassland Cheese x1 ; Phoenix's Equipment Box x1 ; Secret of the Saloon x1 ; Strong Airak x1
Sogang - Mysterious Saloon12063,200,00051,100,000Base I Pass x1 ; Base II Pass x1 ; Carrier Pigeon's Secret Art x1 ; Deathblow Scroll x1 ; Headquarter Pass x1 ; Phoenix's Feather x3 ; Saloon Search Report x1 ; Stone of Evil-Shattering x1
Modan - Mysterious Saloon12064,250,00052,025,000Base I Pass x1 ; Base II Pass x1 ; Black Snake's Confidential Documents x2 ; Black Snake's Secret Map x1 ; Diabolic King's Black Warning x1 ; Headquarter Pass x1 ; Lucky Chain Letter x6 ; Phoenix's Feather x4 ; Scroll of Evil-Poisoning x1 ; Souleater Scroll x1
Boorchu - Holy Warrior's Soul12062,225,00056,125,000Airak x1 ; Base II Pass x2 ; Boorchu's Letter x1 ; Boorchu's Secret Letter x1 ; Growth Vial(No Trade) x5 ; Holy Warrior's Soul Stone x1 ; Khan's Golden Belt x1 ; Nether King's Annex Pass x3 ; Ringleader's Room Key x3 ; Scroll of Purification (No Trade) x50 ; Stimulant [V] x5
Jelme - Holy Warrior's Soul12043,550,00026,700,000Base I Pass x2 ; Enhance Stone [IV] x20 ; Headquarter Pass x2 ; Khan's Stone Vase x1 ; Life Potion [V] x20 ; Phoenix's Equipment Box x1 ; Poisonous Arrow x300
Wonni - Red Forest of Spirits120Daily Quests
Spartan Statue - Chaotic Tower of Babel120Daily Quests
2,500,0006,000,000Undelivered Letter x1
Lin Moniang - Alishan Mountain12156,800,00023,900,000Po Tian Niangniang's Letter x1
Purple Crescent - Ghost Town Asylum122TBS
Wuhen - Exorcist's First Love122Daily Quests
Hui Lian - Exorcist's First Love122Daily Quests
Fei Yue - Lost Moonlight Orb1228,000,0002,500,000Moonlight Orb x1
Joseph Roulin - Van Gogh Gallery124117,900,00096,000,000Atelier of Solitude Key x3 ; Divine Equipment Box x3 ; Frothy Beer x2 ; Marguerite's Portrait x1 ; Phoenix's Equipment Box x2 ; Stimulant [V] x5 ; Van Gogh's Letter I x1 ; Van Gogh's Letter II x1 ; Van Gogh's Letter IV x1 ; Van Gogh's Letter VII x1 ; Van Gogh's Will x1
Marguerite - Van Gogh Gallery124160,900,00092,000,000Anemone x1 ; Cafe Alley Key x3 ; Cold Beverage x1 ; Divine Equipment Box x4 ; Growth Vial(No Trade) x5 ; Joseph Roulin's Portrait x1 ; Life Potion [V] x10 ; Phoenix's Equipment Box x3 ; Secluded Bascule Bridge Key x3 ; Van Gogh's Letter VI x1 ; Van Gogh's Letter VIII x1 ; Yellow Handkerchief x1
Emily - The Cursed Brush124145,300,000113,000,000Atelier of Solitude Key x3 ; Dark Priest's Map x1 ; Faded Palace Map x1 ; Father's Note x1 ; Flint x1 ; London Police's Letter x1 ; Magic Library Map x1 ; Ominous Orange Map x1 ; Paris Police's Letter x1 ; Riederan's Pledge x1 ; Urgent Telegram x1 ; Wotton Family Dagger x1
Don Quixote - La Mancha's Knight12428,900,00019,500,000Antonia's Letter x1 ; Big Pumpkin x1 ; Cafe Alley Key x1 ; Dragon God's Wishstone x6 ; Gold Coin Bag x1 ; Quixote's Favor x1 ; Secluded Bascule Bridge Key x1 ; Sensual Love Letter x1 ; Summons Letter x1 ; Suspicious Treasure Map x1
Sancho Panza - La Mancha's Knight12417,900,00010,500,000Don Quixote's Letter x1 ; Dragon God's Wishstone x1 ; Dulcinea's Handkerchief x1 ; Dulcinea's Love Letter x1 ; Panacea x1
Antonia Quixano - La Mancha's Knight12410,100,0005,000,000Apology Letter x1 ; Dragon God's Wishstone x1
Lien - Chaos at the Yellow River124Daily Quests
Officer Odysseus - Troy Side Missions125Daily Quests
Homer - Trojan War Records125Daily Quests
Lupus - Best Jewels125Daily Quests
Forestia - Blue Guardian125197,000,000205,000,000Dragon God's Equipment Box x6 ; Forestia's Breath x1 ; Katoomba Key x2 ; Three Sisters' Key x2 ; Water of Life x5
Zhuge Liang - Huarong Pass126TBS
48,600,0002,600,000Guan Yu's Letter x1 ; Kongming's Reply x1
High Priest - Mystery12790,500,00025,700,000Pyramid Construction Journal x1 ; Ra's Record x1 ; Secret Temple Key x3
High Priest - Temple Cleaning127Daily Quests
Sitting Bull - Grand Canyon12864,400,00029,000,000Colorful Wooden Straw x1 ; Force Activator MK I x10 ; Knotted Straw x1 ; Mother Nature's Prayer x1 ; Mysterious Metal Shard x1 ; Sioux Chief's Symbol x1 ; Soft Corn Bread x1 ; The Adventures of Ictinike x1 ; The Spider and the Gravel x1 ; Tobacco Leaf Charm x1
Crazy Horse - Grand Canyon128140,600,00049,900,000Heavy Buffalo Leather Pouch x1 ; Soft Corn Bread x1 ; Spider Key x2 ; Warrior Summoning Flute x2
A.R - Grand Canyon128186,325,000115,975,000By-product Extractor x1 ; By-product Selector x1 ; Crude Wooden Tube x1 ; Force Activator MK II x10 ; Locked Parlor Key x2 ; Purified Oriharukon By-Product x1 ; Small Copper Metal Shard x1 ; Stationmaster's Office Key x2 ; Thick Leather Note x1
Little Guide - Cheyenne Girl128Daily Quests
Grenville - Dream of the Continent12836,500,00026,500,000Bitter Beer x1 ; Construction Record x1 ; Grenville's 1st Speech Draft x1 ; Grenville's Reward Box x1 ; Holy Green Leaf x1 ; Locked Parlor Key x2 ; President's Letter x1 ; Stationmaster's Office Key x2
Ban Chao - Xiyu Bandits129Daily Quests
Ban Chao - Kashgar Area Suppression12992,500,00030,250,000Ban Chao Supply Box x1 ; Bandit Contact Letter x1 ; Base I Pass x1 ; Jade General Summons x1
Athena - Athena's Blessing130132,950,00073,800,000Aegis of Divinity x1 ; Athena's Blessing x1 ; Parthenon Map x1 ; Strong Nectar x1 ; The Story of Areopagus x1
Ares - Athena's Blessing130152,600,00042,700,000
Officer Odysseus - Trojan War130356,500,000219,650,000Achilles' Second Letter x1 ; Helen's Letter x1 ; King Priam's Diary x1 ; Philoctetes' Letter x1 ; Philoctetes' Report x1 ; Trojan Warrior's Treasure x3 ; Troy Victorious Treasure x3
Homer - Organizing the Records130Daily Quests
23,500,00011,750,000Homer's Gift Box x16
Tanguy Jr. - Van Gogh's Hometown131TBS
63,300,0003,450,000Phoenix's Equipment Box x1
Tanguy Jr. - Surviving Monsters131Daily Quests
Luo Guanzhong - Battle of Red Cliffs Record132Daily Quests
Hercules - Hercules' Adventure133290,500,000144,000,000Cerberus' Lair Key x2 ; Diomedes' Stable Key x2 ; Evil Imprint x20 ; Holy Olive x1 ; Hydra's Claw x1 ; Lion Cave Key x2 ; Secret of the Golden Apple x1
Eurystheus - Hercules' Adventure13393,000,00042,000,000Black Carrier Pigeon x1 ; Cowardly King's Document Bundle x1 ; Evil Imprint x5 ; Giant Boar Cave Key x2 ; Holy Olive x1
Athena - Hercules' Adventure133118,500,00053,500,000Evil Imprint x5 ; Ladon's Nest Key x2 ; Sealed Prophecy x1
Theseus - Oncoming Danger133143,000,00087,000,000Cerberus' Lair Key x2 ; Giant Boar Cave Key x2 ; Ladon's Nest Key x2 ; Lion Cave Key x2
Athena - Oncoming Danger13343,000,00024,500,000Ancient Knowledge x1 ; Athena's Prayer x1 ; Diomedes' Stable Key x2 ; Elixir [V] x10 ; Hydra's Claw x1
Eurystheus - Oncoming Danger1333,500,0003,000,000
Hercules - Oncoming Danger1333,000,0003,000,000
Howling Wolf - Robbers' Hideout135TBS
Zhuge Liang - Battle of Red Cliffs135567,250,000247,750,000Commander's Treasure Chest x2 ; Huang Gai's Confidential Letter x1 ; Liu Bei's Appreciation Letter x1 ; Ode to Bronze Sparrow Pavilion x1 ; Pang Tong's Letter x1 ; Pang Tong's Report x1 ; Three Kingdoms General's Treasure x2
Luo Guanzhong - Organizing the Records135Daily Quests
41,500,00020,750,000Luo Gaunzhong's Gift Box x18
Ghera - Katherine Gorge13733,500,0007,000,000Ghera's Toy x1
Nambur - Katherine Gorge137132,000,00028,700,000Dim Necklace x1 ; Dungeon Secret x1 ; Painted Stone x1
Bula - Katherine Gorge137165,000,00034,700,000Bypath Shard x1 ; Edith Falls Barrier Breaker x1 ; Incense Candle x1 ; Shiny Treasure Chest x1
Ghera - Prankster137Daily Quests
Sorceress Mwindo - Sorceress140Mercenary
270,000,00048,200,000Sorceress Idol x1 ; The Coming Hero's Legend x1
Zhuge Liang - Luoyang City140558,000,000205,000,000Evil Imprint x20 ; Mystic Gem x10 ; Officer Tent Pass x3
Yunchang - Luoyang City14071,000,00027,000,000Zhuge Liang's Letter x1 ; Zhuge Liang's Orders x1
Lu Xun - Luoyang City140230,000,00068,000,000Lu Xun's Letter x1 ; Sun Quan's Letter x1 ; Sun Quan's Sword x1
Chief Lebe - The Dogon1401,090,000,000390,000,000Evil Spirit Box x1 ; Mystery Language Box x1 ; Torn Sorcerer's Garb x1
Baby Black Dragon - Dragon Test14000Dragon Tag x50
Mysterious Rock - Secrets of the Deep142Daily Quests
45,000,00012,000,000Ocean Aura x15
Magical Rock - Secrets of the Deep142Daily Quests
45,000,00012,000,000Ocean Magic x15
Selena - Raging Vortex142372,000,00050,500,000Echo of the Sea x4 ; Kratos' Seal x1 ; Pegasus Equipment Box x3 ; Sea Talon x1 ; Water of Life x8
Selena - Pure Waters142110,000,00021,000,000Selena's Treasure x1
Nina - Sorcerer's Plot144565,000,000204,000,000Miracle Potion x10 ; Pegasus Tear x5 ; Spirit Core x1
Dogon Water Sorcerer - Sorcerer's Plot144655,000,000234,000,000Oriharukon x10 ; Sacred Water x1 ; Spirit King Fragment x2 ; Spirit Tree x1 ; Unsealed Sand Sorcerer's Letter x1
Dogon Sand Sorcerer - Sorcerer's Plot14430,000,00012,000,000Sand Charm x1 ; Sand Sorcerer's Letter x1
Mukuru the Prophet - Legendary Hero145Mercenary
225,000,00034,000,000Rejuvenating Spring Water x2 ; Sealed Book: Retribution x1 ; The Coming Hero's Legend x1
Guardian Mumba - Legendary Hero145Mercenary
425,000,00026,500,000Dagger of Death x1 ; Miracle Potion x10 ; Nightmare Mask x1 ; Warrior's Feather x1
Chief Lebe - Zulu's Peril145130,000,00020,000,000
Lady Aso - Zulu's Peril1451,250,000,000465,000,000Anansi's Pouch x1 ; Warrior's Blood x1
Mukuru the Prophet - Zulu's Peril14560,000,00020,000,000Tightly Bound Scroll x1
Aaron Reisner - Lost City145Mercenary
Automaton Gigas - Lost City145Mercenary
90,000,00024,000,000Heart of Gigas x1
Dr. Jekyll - Lucky Coin 1145Daily Quests
85,000,00040,000,000Duality Experiment Ledger x1 ; Lucky Coin x15
Brave James - Lucky Coin 2145Daily Quests
80,000,00035,000,000Lucky Coin x15
Dorian the Historian - Lucky Coin 3145Daily Quests
75,000,00030,000,000Lucky Coin x15
Jakal - Lucky Coin 4145Daily Quests
100,000,00040,000,000Lucky Coin x20
Guardian Mukushu - Lucky Coin 5145Daily Quests
60,000,00020,000,000Lucky Coin x20
Wanted Criminal Totem - Lucky Coin 6145Daily Quests
50,000,00020,000,000Lucky Coin x20
uMabonga - Valley of Wild Beasts147400,000,000165,000,000Tempered Zulu Warrior's Axe x1 ; Zulu Delicacy x2 ; Zulu Feast x1
uDumakade - Valley of Wild Beasts1471,090,000,000355,000,000Miracle Potion x10 ; Old Sign x3 ; Older Brother's Letter x1 ; Supreme Evil Equipment Box x2
Chief Lebe - Valley of Wild Beasts14770,000,00025,000,000Wind Spirit's Feather x1
uDumakade - Awakening Zulu147Daily Quests
Jungle Guide - Jungle Nuisance147Daily Quests
40,000,00040,000,000Oriharukon x1
General Washington - Patriot150Mercenary
220,000,000128,000,000Patriot's Pistol x1
Colonel Glover - Land of the Brave1501,135,000,000252,000,000Declaration of Independence x1 ; Scout's Secret Orders x1
General Washington - Land of the Brave1501,200,000,000284,000,000American Flag x1 ; Operation Orders x1 ; Polished Milita Rifle x1
Chief Lebe - Road to Atlantis150TBS
Amarieneju's Spear - Finding Amarieneju1502,000,0005,000,000
Yahoon the Scout - Centaur Village150126,000,00045,000,000
Banoon the Scout - Centaur Village150306,000,00045,000,000Centaur Horn x1 ; Centaur Horseshoe x1 ; Shabby Hoof x8
Chief Sha Lycoondal - Tartarus Laboratory1502,656,000,000820,000,000Enchanted Pegasus Equipment Box x2 ; Garden Terrace Key x1 ; Laboratory Director's Key x1 ; Mysterious Potion Bottle x1 ; Poacher's Map x3 ; Skeron Blood x50 ; Skeron's Curse Scroll x10
Doctor Niatoon - Tartarus Laboratory150114,000,000115,000,000Belina's Hideout Key x1 ; Ghelkimar's Antidote x1 ; Niatoon's Incense x1
Chief Sha Lycoondal - Centaur Village1508,000,00025,000,000
Doctor Niatoon - Centaur Village1501,250,000,000350,000,000Alpee Heart x30 ; Burning Tincture x1 ; Crystallized Darkness x30 ; Frozen Elixir x1 ; Red Thorn x30 ; Shadow Tonic x1
Wounded Amarieneju - Tartarus Laboratory1501,414,000,000540,000,000Cromwell's Letter x1 ; Enchanted Pegasus Equipment Box x2 ; Old Mage's Staff x1 ; Punisher's Broken Spear x1
Dawn Guardian - Time Defense 1150Daily Quests
Dusk Guardian - Time Defense 2150Daily Quests
Kassus - Death's Boundary152340,000,000200,000,000Pharaoh's Miracle Cure x1 ; Transcendent Emblem x1 ; Transcendent Emblem Box x1
Lang Xiao Xiao - Mount Huaguo Temple155220,000,000130,000,000Judgment Equipment Box x1 ; Temple Shrine Pass x1
Old Lady Deramoon - Centaur Hero155Mercenary
865,000,000225,000,000Chironia's Crystal Mirror x1
Professor Jones - Lost World156Daily Quests
316,000,00067,000,000Ancient Cave Key x1 ; Dark Pegasus Equipment Box x2 ; Judgment Equipment Box x1 ; Medici's Deluxe Box x1
Professor Henry - Lost World 2156225,000,00045,000,000Title: Adventurer x1 ; Title: Explorer x1 ; Title: Raider x1
Sergeant Lowe - Prison Riot157Daily Quests
475,000,0000Alcatraz Prison Key x80
Prince Radiant - Succession160360,000,00091,000,000Judgment Equipment Box x1 ; Radiant's Secret Letter x1 ; Recovery Cube x3 ; Shining Cube Necklace x1 ; The Ancient Battle - Book 1 x1 ; The Ancient Battle - Book 2 x1 ; Title: Guardian of the Cube x1
Guardian Karin - Succession1601,280,000,000339,000,000Demeian Sanctum Key x1 ; Fragrant Handkerchief x1 ; Judgment Equipment Box x3 ; Radiant's Opened Letter x1
Wounded Amarieneju - Garden of Life's Song160805,000,000310,000,000Judgment Equipment Box x2
Yueying - Ordering the Void167Daily Quests
60,000,0000Judgment Soul x1 ; Otherworldly Soul x1 ; Purgatory Soul x1