Al Feren - Janissary

Al Feren

QuestAl Feren - Janissary
NPCAl Feren
Required level96
Daily QuestsNo

[Al Feren]
He was one of the key generals of the Janissary in the past. Now he is retired and in charge of training the younger soldiers. He has great pride in his Janissary army, but on the other hand, he is a warm hearted man who feels sorry for the young soldiers who need to go through the deadly Janissary training.
Janissary Recruitment Quest
Location: Near Istanbul

1.Skillful Rifleman

Hahaha, welcome!
Are you familiar with the [Janissary], the great soldier of our Ottoman Empire?
Ah! Yes.
Well, the rumors must have brought you to me anyway!
Right? Hahaha!
Before long, the Byzantine Empire will fall. Some soldiers will even go on to travel with adventurers!
We [Janissaries] are brave enough to realize that heroic exploits are not limited to the battlefield.
This kind of bravery is worthy of spreading around world, don't you agree?
Good! I knew you'd be interested in joining the ranks of the proud [Janissary].
Adventurers with experiences like yours are always welcome.
The [Janissary] soldiers that I'm about to introduce to you are very good with [Guns]!
That means you will need to have some basic knowledge about guns, right?
So... I am curious about the [Wild Shot] technique.
Can you bring me 5 copies of Book: Wild Shot [II]?
Great job!
Hmm, so that's what it does?
I know getting the book wasn't easy for you. I truly appreciate it. Ha ha!
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 50,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

2.[Party] Ornament of Janissary

Hmph! I'm [Al Feren]. I used to be an active [Janissary] soldier on the front lines, but now I am retired. Now I help shepherd new recruits and pass on what wisdom I can.
We [Janissary] soldiers are subjected to rigorous training, but they say it pales in comparison to what I put soldiers through.
Haha! But I treat all of the new recruits like they were my own children, so of course that makes me even more of a taskmaster.
By the way, [Janissary] soldiers all wear helmets decorated with feather plumes.
The shape differs depending on the soldier's rank, but if you see anyone wearing a feathered helmet, you can be sure they are a proud [Janissary]!
The type of feather varies as well.
The most basic types are the large and soft feathers of the [Ankara Owl] that live in this area!
Can you collect some [Colorful Owl Feathers] to help initiate our new members?
Oh! Great job.
Many animals from the Ankara area are known for their exceedingly soft fur.
I'm sure you've already have heard of the Turkish Ankara cats?
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

3.Exciting Battle Tactics

We [Janissaries] are mostly infantry.
But our renowned company could defeat any cavalry!
Haha! it is my pleasure to introduce the amazing [Janissaries].
Our limitless bravery is such that some have taken to calling us killing machines.
Hm! That kind of notoriety can't be achieved through weapons training alone.
It takes a combination of training, tactics and strategy!
Needless to say, you must learn to efficiently control the [Janissary] and other mercenaries in any given situation.
You need to be wise enough to utilize the various types of mercenaries for their respective strengths.
Now win in battle by replacing mercenaries at least 10 times!
Mission: Change merc. while in battle x10
That's what I'm talking about!
I expected no less from you! Your bravery does the [Janissaries] proud!
  • Experience: 45,000
  • Gold: 30,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.


Well.. almost finished an urgent situation.
Ah, therefore, our Ottoman Empire is on the verge of conquering Byzantine.
You can see by all of the equipment lying around that we are fully stocked.
By the way, some strange rumors are starting to circulate.
Word is, De Mere in Rome receives and ships out large packages of equipment on a regular basis. It's too risky for us, but it could be a good opportunity for you!
You should check it out. Just so you remember, what's his name?
Input the number of the correct answer.
1: De Mere
2: Dimmer
3: Diddly Meerkat
Mission: Answer [Relaxation] Question => 1
All right. Next time you're in Rome, give him a try. And be sure to tell me how it turns out!
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 50,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

5.[Party] The Battle is Still Going On

It's time you learned the truth about the [Janissaries].
Byzantine is on the verge of being erased from history. They thrived for many years, but they have been unable to stem the tide of their impending defeat.
But some straggling Byzantine soldiers seem to have other ideas.
Hmm... Even in the heat of battle, the [Janissaries] were never met with this level of resistance.
The Byzantine soldiers who refuse to surrender seem to have lost all reason and gone berserk.
In the [Constantinople Palace Chalke], you will find the combined forces of [Crazy Militia] and [Crazy Byzantine Warriors]
Defeat them and bring back the [Defeated Fighters' Helmets].
Great job.
They are merely the last vestiges of an army that doesn't realize it has already lost.
But the war is not yet won, so they are a nuisance that cannot be ignored.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 65,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

6.In the Name of Allah 1

Now this city belongs to the Ottoman Empire.
The land will be blessed with the name of the great Allah.
All shall follow the Sultan, who rules in Allah's name.
We [Janissaries] are also sincere followers of Allah!
The great words of Allah are collected in one sacred book.
Muhammad, the great prophet, received the word of the one, true god through Allah's emissary, the angel Gabriel, in a cave on Hira Mountain.
Do you know the Name of the Sacred Book in which Muhammed archived our god's revelations?
Mission: Answer [In the Name of Allah 1] Question => Koran
Yes, correct. The [Koran]!
It means 'Word of God.' It's also referred to as 'Al Koran Al Karim,' or, 'The Great Koran.'
We [Janissary] value the Koran above all else.
Armed with the words of the Koran, we fear nothing in this world!
You should give it a read. You would benefit from its teachings.
  • Experience: 45,000
  • Gold: 30,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

7.[Party] Lost Animals

This war with Byzantine has lasted longer than anyone expected... More than a few brave [Janissaries] have been lost.
But they laid down their lives for a greater good.
The Byzantine Elephant Army offered some of the fiercest resistance on the battlefield.
And the elephants that lost their riders have gone berserk.
Prisoners of war deserve a degree of mercy, but these elephants are a different story.
Please eliminate these [Lost Elephants] for me.
HINT: You can find the Lost Elephants in the Constantinople Palace Bailey.
Mission: Kill [Lost Elephant] x35
Thank you.
Those poor animals could never return to the wild, better they should be put out of their misery.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 65,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

8.[Party] Dangerous Animal

Many of my dearest [Janissaries] fell victim to the Byzantine elephant army.
As terrible as that was, I couldn't help but recognize their brutal effectiveness.
If at all possible, I'd like to train a [Janissary] contingent that can control animals.
The riderless elephants have been taken care of, but there still are untrained [Violent Elephants] out in the field.
Can you gather as much intelligence on them as you can and report back to me?
HINT: You can find the Violent Elephants in the Constantinople Palace Bailey.
Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Violent Elephant]
Well done.
Eventually I'll have to figure out a way to train those Violent Elephants.
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 50,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

9.A Great Hero

Thanks to the noble sacrifice of countless [Janissaries], we can finally claim this land in the name of the Ottoman Empire.
Many [Janissaries] have distinguished themselves in battle, but none more than [Hassen].
[Hassen] has become the most famous hero among the [Janissaries].
Take some time to study his record.
Mission: Read [Hassen's Victory Note]
Story of Hassen's VictoryHassen and 30 of his men stormed the fortress wall in the middle of the Constantinople Expedition as per the orders of Mehmed II.
Although 18 of his men died, he succeeded in killing all the guards.
Hassen was struck by an arrow and fell from the fortress wall, but he lived long enough to carry out his mission.
That was the beginning of the end for the Byzantine Empire's army...
With a war record like that, all [Janissary] soldiers aspire to that level of heroism.
Perhaps your mercenary [Janissary] will prove heroic enough to take the name [Hassen]!
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

10.[Party] Suspicious Voices

That incident with the crazed Byzantine soldiers never did sit right with me. And apparently my concerns were far from unfounded.
It turns out the crazed Byzantine soldiers you dispatched are not the only soldiers amongst the enemy ranks to lose their minds.
According to my scouts in [Constantinople Palace], some of the higher ranking Byzantine soldiers have also taken leave of their senses.
Surely it is more than their demoralizing defeat that has triggered this epidemic of insanity.
The [Constantinople Palace Bailey] must be filled with [Crazed Byzantine Knights].
Kill as many of them as you can, and be sure to search their bodies thoroughly.
Mission: Rebel Memo x5
Good work.
But this is partially encrypted, it will take some time to decipher it fully.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 65,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

11.Victory Is Not About Large Numbers

But it shouldn't be too difficult.
We have the upper hand anyway.
While they are busy deciphering the code, let me tell you a bit more about the [Janissary].
The [Janissaries] are far from ordinary soldiers.
I told you to be proud, didn't I? Calling us elite soldiers is an understatement!
Let me tell you about the different types of units that the [Janissaries] are composed of.
Members of the Jarhill Nefer wear a golden helmet with splendid feathers, chain mail and wield a fearsome sickle. Oktsu soldiers wear light armor but are armed with a composite bow and a Karabera half-moon sword. Solak and Pale prefer bronze helmets and halberds, while the funny-hat wearing Tupekechi are partial to matchlock guns and axes.
The [Janissary] I'm about to introduce to you is not one of these units, but...
Oh? Have I been blabbering too much?
You really should pay attention. Tell me, what kind of soldier am I going to introduce you to?
Input the number of the correct answer.
1: Janissary
2: Jarhill Nefer
3: Bear Cavalry
Mission: Answer [Victory Is Not About Large Numbers] Question => 1
Surely you are worthy of leading the [Janissary]!
With you in command, this [Janissary] that I've trained like my own child will more than prove his worth!
Only the [Janissary] can protect the great Sultan and join the feast.
That kind of bravery and honor is unparalleled.
  • Experience: 45,000
  • Gold: 30,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

12.Conclusive Evidence

Well, we finally broke the enemy's code.
Let's see what this says...
Oh, dear... What the...!?
The crazed soldiers were not normal Byzantine soldiers.
They were plotting something truly insane.
Care to read it yourself?
This is madness!
Mission: Read [Rebel's Secret Record]
Rebel Army's Secret RecordConstantinus XI is no more.
Although some generals still stand with the emperor, the Ottoman Empire's forces are simply too great.
Is there any possibility that the Byzantine Empire could return to its former glory?
I am now only an unknown bishop, but someday I will resurrect the emperor and usher in our most glorious age.
Together we will rebuild the Byzantine Empire. (Skip)

I summoned necromancers to drain the life energy from fallen Byzantine soldiers.
However, the process turned them into more vicious monsters than the other Byzantine soldiers... (Skip)
Now the soul of the Byzantine Emperor is slowly taking shape. It's only a matter of time before his wisdom and intelligence return.
And he was resurrected by the power of the 'Soul Archbishop!'
A new world is about to dawn...
So, they're fighting a war on two fronts, from without and within.
Internal strife is one thing, but reviving a long-dead emperor is another.
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

13.[Party] A Twisted Chair

Obviously long, drawn-out negotiation is not what this situation calls for.
Who would have thought such a grand conspiracy was brewing right on our doorstep.
This document indicates that the [Haunted Archbishop] has already achieved his goal, or will do so soon.
The Byzantine Empire has already given us reason enough to hate them, but this time they've gone too far.
They have abused their power and fully deserve to wiped from the face of the earth.
Reviving a long-dead emperor is completely and utterly mad, don't you agree?
I studied the documents carefully, and discovered that the Archbishop's most powerful followers are the [Crazy Slave Warriors] and the [Mysterious Necromancers] who reside in [Constantinople Palace]. And the [Suspicious Summoners] seem to be key to the Archbishop's plans.
Eliminate as many of the Archbishop's followers as you can, and collect any [Secret Letters of Contract] that you find on their bodies.
Thank you for your trouble.
You have eliminated a significant portion of the Archbishop's force.
These letters will be carefully studied, and burned shortly thereafter.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 65,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

14.The Ones Against Nature

We must eliminate this evil force one by one.
All who stand against the Ottoman Empire will be crushed!
Ordinarily, I'd dispatch a unit of [Janissaries] to eliminate the Archbishop's minions, but I can't run the risk that an encounter with the undead will demoralize my troops.
But I trust that you can handle this situation quickly and quietly.
While I was browsing the secret letters of the contract, I came across a strange note.
If I'm right, it will get us one step closer to the evil Archbishop.
This is the [Crypt Record].
I have a feeling this will lead you to an important piece of the puzzle.
So this is it?
Hmm... This may be...
Yes, this dangerous but rare book seems to be the key to eliminating the Archbishop's ghosts once and for all.
Thank you so much for bringing this to me.
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

15.Nature's Way

That didn't take too long.
Thanks to the Secret Book of Necromancy, I've been able to create some magic powder which should help you defeat the [Haunted Archbishop].
Be sure to put this [Evil Purification Powder] to good use.
Mission: Use Evil Purification Powder x1
Now we seem to be completely ready!
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

16.[Party] At the Heart of Regression

Okay. Now it's time to eliminate the master of this evil force, the [Haunted Archbishop] himself.
Such an unspeakable evil has no place in a land that is soon to be blessed in the name of Allah.
The [Haunted Archbishop] must be hiding in a secret chamber somewhere in [Constantinople Palace].
I wish you good luck.
HINT: You can find the Haunted Archbishop in the Haunted Archbishop's Hall.
Mission: Kill [Haunted Archbishop] x1
Great job!
I knew I could trust you to handle this discreetly.
it's not over yet.
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 150,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

17.Bitter Conclusion

The evil Archbishop may be no more, but we still have to clean up his mess.
I know it's tedious, but just remember that each victory brings us that much closer to world peace.
We need some [Necromancy Nullification Powder] to eliminate the last remaining spirits.
Can you make some in addition to what we have?

(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Necromancy Nullification Powder] x10
Thank you so much.
Now the end is in sight.
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 150,000
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

18.In the Name of Allah 2

The resurrected [Byzantine Emperor's Shade] should be the only obstacle that remains.
Without the archbishop to guide it, the ghost must have lost its mind.
But then, I guess one must be a little crazy to consider facing the shade.
Now that this place is under the control of the Ottoman Empire, the merciful words of Allah will be your best protection, regardless of your own beliefs.
Please read this prayer, it is one that all [Janissary] carry with them.
Mission: Read [Love Prayer]
Prayer of LoveIn the name of Allah the merciful, who forgives those who repent their sins, I will look upon the world with open eyes and practice his teachings.
Please forgive and have mercy on those who do not follow Allah and His teachings.
Well done.
You won't find this prayer in the Koran, but it will make your heart as peaceful and merciful as the great Allah.
How are you feeling now? Better?
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.

19.[Party] The Dead Have Their Places To Be

Now I must ask you to rid the world of this Byzantine threat once and for all.
It brings me no joy to put the final nail in the coffin of this once-great empire, but all good things must come to an end.
The dead have no place in the land of the living.
Defeat the [Byzantine Emperor's Shade].
The battle will not be an easy one, but I have no doubt you are up to the task.
HINT: You can find the Byzantine Emperor's Shade in the Byzantine Shade's Room.
Mission: Kill [Byzantine Emperor's Shade] x1
Thank you.
When I first met you, I figured you could perform a few simple jobs on behalf of the [Janissary] and nothing more.
I never could have anticipated that you would lead us to so great a victory.
I offer my gratitude on behalf of all [Janissaries].
I promised you the [Pledge of a Janissary] in exchange for your help, and here it is.
I've trained each soldier as if they were my own child, any one of them will prove a great asset to your cause.
I wish you, and them, a prosperous journey.
I look forward to hearing tales of the heroic deeds of you and your [Janissary] soldier.
May the divine protection of Allah be with you.