Asanyo - Bulguksa


QuestAsanyo - Bulguksa
Required level112
Daily QuestsNo

Have you heard anything about Asadal by any chance?

Final Reward::

After a long absence from her husband Asadal, who left to build a Buddhist monument, she became restless and headed to Bulguksa to find her husband. Upon her arrival, she found the workers obsessed with completing the monument. She now relies on the hope that the monument will be completed as soon as possible.
Bulguksa Quest
Location: Bulguksa - Lotus Flower Garden

1.Crying Lady

*Sob... Sob...*
My poor husband... I miss you...
I'm sorry...
I don't talk to strangers.
In my culture, it's not something a virtuous woman does.
Unless you happen to know me or have something to do with this temple, just leave, please.
You know who I am?
Can you tell me what my name is?
Mission: Answer [Crying Lady] Question => Asanyo
Yes. That's right. [Asanyo]
I am the [Asanyo] you're looking for.
I am the wife of [Asadal], who is the best stonemason of Baekje.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

2.Warriors Are...

My husband, [Asadal], is the best stonemason of Baekje.
So he came here to construct a stone pagoda by the request of the Silla Dynasty.
However, it's already been three years and he hasn't returned yet. That brought me all the way here.
We were just married recently when he left...
That was three years ago already.
I hear that the women of Silla are beautiful...
I'm afraid [Asadal] will fall to their temptation.
Actually, you seem a little different from the people here.
You look like have been travelling for quite some time.
And the baggage you are carrying doesn't look organized. Why don't you get rid of your unneeded items?
There's a [Hospital] if you go to the nearest town.
They'll buy even the most useless items.
Go and get rid of all your useless items. You'll look much better.
Mission: Sell items to the Hospital in Town x1
You're back.
So did you get rid of your useless and unnecessary items?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

3.Need for Organizing

Oh my!
I told you to get rid of your useless items, but you look almost the same as before.
The baggage you are carrying still looks too complicated.
They are too valuable to hand over to the Hospital for a cheap price ?
That's why you can't get rid of them?
Hohoho. I also have a solution to that kind of problem.
Go to the Town again and put some of your items on the [Market] to sell them.
Why don't you sell those [Oriental Mushrooms] there?
I won't hear any more excuses.
Mission: Put 1 [Oriental Mushroom] up for sale on the market x1
You're back.
You're still carrying a lot of items with you, but it looks much better.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...


Actually, I feel like I've asked too much of you.
When I lived with [Asadal] in Baekje before, I used to organize his baggage.
I guess I just did what I used to do without realizing it.
[Asadal] even loved it when I'd chatter on like this.
Because he was such a reliable and handsome husband to me,
I wanted to do more for him.
But... He had to leave Baekje and come all the way here soon after we got married.
I've been waiting for him for 3 years in vain, and here I am now.
I hear the women here in Seorabul are beautiful and charming...
I'm a little worried.
What if my husband fell to their temptation...
Even in the temple there seem to be a lot of crazy women who seduce married men... It's so upsetting.
In fact, those young women seem a little strange considering their modest appearance.
Even a man with strong willpower would be seduced simply by looking at the trinkets they wear.
They seem so vicious.
Can you take the [Pretty Trinkets] away from them so that they'll never be able to seduce married men?
HINT: You can find the Attractive Young Ladies and the Beautiful Young Ladies in the Lotus Flower Garden.
Mission: Pretty Trinket x30
So these are the Trinkets they were wearing.
Of course... I can feel some kind of weird energy from them.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

5.Famed Far and Wide

What? Sly Old Foxes?
They weren't human beings, but monstrous Sly Old Foxes in disguise? How can it be...
Even if it's true, it's still unbelievable.
How can Sly Old Foxes walk around in the holy temple?
Thank you anyway.
I was getting impatient since I'm so weak and had nobody else to rely upon...
You seem very kind.
But do you have the strength to back up your kindness? Prove to me you have the stuff of warriors.
(You can earn fame at the Sparring Hall in Rome or in Free League.)
Mission: Earn Fame Points (100/100)
You really are famous! You must be a great hero, indeed.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 800,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

6.Where My Darling Is

Actually I heard [Asadal] is at [Toham-san Atelier] further down from here.
However, he doesn't even know I'm here.
Since he's doing such important work...
I'm afraid he might become too distracted if he found out that I'm here.
So here I am, just waiting for him to finish carving the stone pagoda.
But... Waiting is the hardest thing.
If... it's okay with you...
Can you go to [Toham-san Atelier] in my place?
I'm very curious what kind of place my husband is in right now.
Oh... you're back.
How was it? Was everything okay in there?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

7.Wish Upon the Moon

Excuse me? What?
It's filled with pythons and unicorn-lions?
My goodness...
It troubles me that such things exist, but what vexes me even more is that my husband is in such a dangerous place.
What to do...
If something were to happen to my husband, I don't know if I could go on with my life.
Warrior... Please, I beg you.
Since you are equipped with strong weapons,
can you please go to [Toham-san Atelier] and slay the [Menacing Unicorn-Lions] that are endangering my husband's life?
Please grant me this one wish.
Mission: Kill [Menacing Unicorn-Lion] x25
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Now I feel a little relieved.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

8.A Song Of Baekje

Come to think of it, I wasn't the only one who was waiting for her husband.
There was a village called Jungeup in Baekje...
And there was a woman who was waiting for her husband who worked as a merchant.
She used to sing to herself while waiting for her husband to return.
"Dear moon, please rise high above the Earth and light the dark road my husband walks..."

She was afraid her husband would get hurt on a dark night...
Like a woman's song that wishes for the safe return of her husband...
My heart feels that way, too.
Please read these lyrics.
Mission: Read [A Woman's Song]
A Woman's SongRise higher and higher and shine down on us.
I wonder if you're going to the marketplace or treading elsewhere.
Sir, please put down your belongings and come before us.
I am worried that the road you travel will grow dim.
I think I can understand how this woman feels.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

9.A Woman of Baekje

The women of Baekje are strong.
We have more patience than any other women.
I will wait here until my husband finishes his job, no matter what.
If... it's okay with you...
If you can please check up on my husband [Asadal] at [Toham-san Atelier]...
Can you please tell me how he is faring?
I beg of you, please.
Mission: Talk to [Asadal]
How is he?
He's not hurt, is he?
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

10.Pond of Waiting

(Sob) My poor husband.
I wonder if he is eating well...
I wonder if he is wearing warm clothes...
All I can do for him now is worry about him.
My husband is the best stonemason in Baekje.
I am sure that he will finish a great monument and return to my side.
I... until then...
I'll wait for my husband and pray for his well-being.
a monk came and gave me some good advice.
There's a pond named [Lotus Pond] over there. When my husband completes the tower, the shadow of the tower will be reflected on the pond.
That will indicate that my husband is done with his job so I can go see him.
However, I just found out that there are terrifying guardians at the [Lotus Pond]...
Would you please defeat the [Guardian of the West] there so I can wait for my husband safely? Please.
[TIP] If you defeat [Guardian of the East] before defeating any other guardians, the monsters will flee. Defeat the monsters strategically in the order that the quest directs.
Mission: Kill [Guardian of the West] x1
You came back.
With a sound heart, I will go to the [Lotus Pond] and wait for the shadow of the stone pagoda to show its reflection on the surface now.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

11.Husband's Job

To build a stone pagoda requires a large amount of effort and time.
It's been over three years since I've started waiting and I still do not know when it will be done.
You may not know this, but...
A craftsman's work is not something that is done in a day.
Because I am a craftsman's wife...
I know this better than anyone.
Hm... It seems hard to explain the work of a stonemason in words.
Ah! We can do it like this.
Enchant any of your Weapons or Armor.
It's not hard. You just have to have the enchant stones.
Mission: Enchant Any Item
Oh, you are already finished?
I thought that it would take days at least...
You truly have some amazing skills, warrior!
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 800,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

12.Anxious Existence

But... but my husband's skills are much greater than yours.
It's just that he always finds himself in stressful situations. And of course that's why it takes more time.
My heart is not at peace knowing that there are so many monsters that might put my husband's life in danger.
Around these parts, rumor has it that [Merciless Rakshasas] and [Crazy Rakshasas] are truly horrifying creatures.
I don't know how such creatures are allowed to live and walk amongst us.
I know this is shameful to ask, but can you steal some [Rakshasa's Cudgels] from the Rakshasas in [Seokgulam Garden]?
That way, they will not be able to harm my husband, and I will feel relieved.
Mission: Rakshasa's Cudgel x35
Thank you. Thank you so very much.
I don't know how to repay you...
With all my heart, I sincerely thank you for what you have done for us.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

13.Husband's Sign

It still worries me...
I still can't stop worrying that my husband will fall for a pretty girl of Silla and forget me.
Warrior... I have a request.
Can you please tell [Asadal] that I am waiting here?
As proof, please bring me a sign that [Asadal] received your message.
Mission: Jade Ring x1
Ah... this [Jade Ring]... I've always wanted to have this.
My husband definitely sent this to me.
My husband has not forgotten me.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

14.To build the stone pagoda...

This place is filled with strange creatures.
Old foxes, toads, pythons, and unicorn-lions...
Even the fearsome four guardians reside there. I don't know how my husband can finish quickly with such obstacles in his way.
No matter how long I wait, I'm not sure if I'll ever meet my husband...
I'm not even sure if I should be waiting for a person that might not return at all.
Warrior, my husband tells me that there are scary guardians near the [Stone Pagoda].
Please defeat the [Guardian of the North] for us so that my husband can return safely after completing the job... This is my wish.
[TIP] If you defeat the [Guardian of the South] before defeating any other guardians, the monsters will flee. Defeat the monsters strategically in the order that the quest directs.
Mission: Kill [Guardian of the North] x1
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Now all I have to do is wait for the day that [Asadal] finishes the stone pagoda.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

15.A place where intelligent creatures gather.

While you were gone.. I carefully inspected the land here.
I'm not sure if you've noticed this yet, but...
I have the blood of a shaman, which is why I can feel auras more strongly than regular people.
The dark energy is too strong in this area. They built a Buddhist temple here to keep it under control...
Whatever the reason, it seems the Buddhist temple has become poisonous.
That must be why these supernatural beings have become so strong.

The thing to fear most is the toads inside [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto].
They have evolved into intelligent creatures after living several hundred years.
If we are not careful of the poison inside their bodies, it can take the lives of many people.
Thank you for doing so much for my sake.
However... the dangerous [Giant Toads] remain in the inner sanctum of [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto].
Please... help us.
Mission: Kill [Giant Toad] x30
Thank you.
I have received so much help from you.
I don't know how to repay you...
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

16.Mystic Water

I just gave you a mysterious fountain spring remedy.
It isn't something that you can get from this part of the country.
A traveler far from the West visiting Baekje gave it to me.
Just a mouthful is enough to fill your body and soul with vitality.
I hear that it can even cure people on the verge of death.
I've been told that there will come a time when you will need to use this... It looks like that time is now.

Would you like to try some?
It's one of the few small gifts of appreciation I can give.
(Not applicable to non-tradable and event items.)
Mission: Use Water of Life x1
How is it?
Do you feel your strength returning?
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

17.Anxious Feeling

To be honest, when I first came here...
I was just like any other woman.
However, the longer I stayed, the more I could feel the eery aura around this place.
It's strange. Right after I met you, it seems my sixth sense has gotten stronger.
Now I can actually fathom what is happening in these parts.
But I really can't understand the apostles of death in [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto].
What could possibly have drawn beings of the afterlife to this place?
What exactly is happening here?
It's Ominous... I feel uncomfortable...
I feel as if something terrible will happen to my husband. I can't stand this anxiety.
Warrior... please defeat the [Wandering Apostles of Death] in [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto].
Even if they are beings not of this world, I believe you can defeat them.
Help me, please.
Mission: Kill [Wandering Apostle of Death] x30
You have returned.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

18.A Vicious Existence

I think I understand the situation now.
Something existed here that kept the dark energy in check.
However, one day, the force holding back the dark energy dissipated. And the dark energy that was suppressed began to flood through here all at once.
Intelligent beings were affected first...
The local creatures became enraged and descended into a state of chaos.
And mystical beings that used to hide themselves from humans...
It's as if they hallucinated and wandered into this place without realizing where they are.
The thing that startles me the most though... is how mere toads received the favor of the Buddha.
Perhaps some sort of miracle happened in this place to allow such a thing to happen.
It must have happened in the inner sanctums of the stony caverns of [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto]. That must be the reason why these creatures were able to transform so dramatically.
Among them... the [Toad King] was the most affected.
Now he foolishly considers himself a Buddha...
It seems he has taken up a seat in the [Buddha Statue Room], bragging about it and calling himself a Buddha.

I am not certain about this, but...
Please go to the[Buddha Statue Room] and slay the [Toad King].
If you slay him, it won't be long before we can bring things back to normal.
In the name of humankind, please let this lowly creature know that he is nothing before us.
Mission: Kill [Toad King] x1
You must have gone through a lot to give enlightenment to a mere creature.
Considering oneself a Buddha, how perplexing!
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...

19.Waiting Lady

You must have been through a lot helping me.
I should go to the [Lotus Pond] and wait for Asadal now.
Someday my husband will finish carving the three story stone pagoda, and soon the shadow of the pagoda will reflect off the [Lotus Pond], right?
Until then, I will continue to look upon the Lotus Pond and wait for my husband.

I have one last request for you... If it's okay with you, it would please me greatly if you can tell my husband that I am waiting here...
Won't you please make a public announcement saying that '[Asanyo] is waiting at the [Lotus Pond]'?
[Tip] Please use the Forum at the top of the game screen.
Mission: Community-> Post on Forum
Thank you. Thank you so very much.
I will never forget what you have done for me.
I wish you happiness on your travels.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
*Sob...* My dear husband... I miss you...