Athena - Athena's Blessing

Athena's Blessing

QuestAthena - Athena's Blessing
Required level130
Daily QuestsNo

Do you seek greater strength? Prove your courage and wisdom, and you shall receive my blessing.

Final Reward::

The Greek goddess of wisdom and tactics, symbolized by the owl and the olive tree. She despises Prince Paris, who was blinded by Queen Helen's beauty and started the Trojan War. Her attempts to aid the Achaeans have been hindered by Ares, and so she seeks a champion to aid her against her fellow god.
Lv. 130 Main Character Advancement Quest
Hercules' Adventure Quest
Oncoming Danger Quest
Location: Hissarlik Hill


Welcome, warrior.
I am [Athena], the goddess of wisdom and tactics.
Do you seek greater strength? Your courage and wisdom prove you worthy of my blessings.
Act as my champion, and I shall bestow upon you a blessing to uncover your hidden strength.
Are you prepared to follow my will?
Offer me 5 [Multi-Hued Soul Crystals] as a sacrifice and promise to serve me.
You are a follower of [Athena] from now on, and you will act in [Athena]'s wise name.
The honor of victory obtained through superior tactics will return to you through [Athena]'s blessings.
  • Experience: 10,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
Do you seek greater strength?
Prove your courage and wisdom, and you shall receive my blessing.

2.Favored Achaean

A war is being waged around us.
The Trojan Prince Paris, a follower of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, kidnapped Queen Helen of Sparta.
The Achaeans are fighting the Trojans to save the queen and destroy Troy.
There is an Achaean officer whom I favor.
His intelligence and wit sets him apart, and I have blessed him with an understanding of tactics.
He is leading the war with brilliant strategy, and has constructed marvelous vehicles such as the Trojan Horse.
If you know it, please tell me his name.

(HINT: Officer ________)
Mission: Answer [Favored Achaean] Question => Odysseus
Yes. [Odysseus].
The Achaeans fight with wisdom because of him.
However, this war is not so simple.
A strange creature has contacted Troy and given them forbidden power, transforming them into monstrosities.
I first thought it was one of Aphrodite's tricks, but I've realized that this is not so.
These mortals have touched a power not even the gods would approach.
Troy must fall.
I must give victory to the Achaeans.
Become my champion, and fulfill the will of the gods.
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

3.Deception Among Gods I

The god of war [Ares] has also involved himself in this conflict.
However, he took the side of Troy!
[Ares] is not interested in who wins.
He merely thrives on the carnage of war.
[Ares] took Troy's side simply because he is enamored of Aphrodite.
His bloodlust has been problematic for my efforts.
However, I cannot kill him because he is a fellow god, and if such an act would drive the entire world into greater chaos still.
I must convince him to distance himself from this war of his own free will.
I have chosen you, mortal, to complete this task.
Champion! From now on, you are to appear before [Ares] and pretend to follow him. Learn what he is planning.
Then, learn what we can use to pressure him out of the war.
I can feel his violent presence around you.
Tell me what you learned from [Ares].
It is as I expected.
I'm sure it was difficult to listen to his crazed ramblings.
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

4.The True Identity of Ares

Do not believe him when he tells you he will allow you to win any war.
Victory gained through meaningless destruction and slaughter is neither honorable nor righteous.
Though [Ares] is a god, he stands alone due to his malicious nature.
Read [The Story of Areopagus].
This story will illuminate his true nature.
Mission: Read [The Story of Areopagus]
The Story of AreopagusAres, on one occasion, incurred the anger of Poseidon by slaying his son Halirrhothios, who had insulted Alcippe, a daughter of the war-god.
For this deed, Poseidon summoned Ares to appear before the tribunal of the Olympic gods.

There was not enough evidence to prove Ares' guilt, but the trial of a god was an unprecedented event.
The mountain where Ares was tried has been called 'Hill of Ares,' that is, Areopagus ever since.
The final ruling in that trial was mine.
I had suspicion but no physical evidence, and even though he was a disgrace to the gods, we must still protect the honor of our own.
However, [Ares] is showing no improvement.
I intend to show him no mercy this time.
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

5.Deception Among Gods II

You've caused quite a stir in the Troy battlefields under [Ares]' orders.
He surely enjoyed the spectacle.
He is likely eager to do something worse.
My champion.
Return to [Ares] once more and spy on him.
What have you learned, champion?
He's sent Phobus and Deimus into the battlefield?
Phobus represents fear.
Deimus represents defeat.
If they are fighting on Troy's side, things are more dire than I had believed.
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

6.The Evil of the War

I shall seek out Phobus and Deimus.
Defeat the evil of this war so that you can deliver a fatal blow to Troy.
Then we will lure [Ares]' sons out of hiding.
The evil behind the Trojan war is the youngest prince of Troy, [Paris].
Because he has Aphrodite's favor, he was able to seduce and kidnap Queen Helen.
The goddess has allowed [Paris] to gain some cunning.
My champion.
Defeat [Paris] before it's too late.

(You need to defeat [Paris] in the [Heart of Troy] mission.)
(You can enter [Heart of Troy] through [Medius].)
Mission: Kill [Paris] x1
Well done, my champion.
You have struck a grave blow against Troy, and I have uncovered Phobus and Deimus in the confusion.
Troy's recovery is oddly swift.
It is evident that the creatures who gave Troy the forbidden power are somehow related.

We must convince [Ares] to back down quickly.
  • Experience: 40,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

7.The Crafty General

Odysseus is preparing to introduce a new weapon to this war.
His ingenuity has already proven a valuable asset to the Achaeans.
Troy, stained by the forbidden power and [Ares]' madness, continues in its unrelenting attacks.
Vehicles allow the Achaeans to attack while risking few soldiers.
Odysseus' Trojan Horse stands to be their most valuable vehicle of war yet.

However, not every Trojan has lost his senses.
One Trojan soldier seems to have seen through the Trojan Horse's guise.
Learn his name and tell it to me.

(HINT: It is the first Trojan general that blocks the Trojan Horse in [Saving Helen].)
Mission: Answer [The Crafty General] Question => Laocoon
So it was Laocoon.
Though wisdom is precious, on behalf of the Achaeans I curse his family.
His fall will make it clear that he has provoked the gods' wrath...
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

8.He's Probably Noticed

My champion.
It seems that [Ares] has noticed that you defeated Paris and I killed Phobus and Deimus.
He will be most displeased that his plans are being continually thwarted.
He may be plotting some new plot.
Return to [Ares] and investigate his current state.
Welcome back, champion.
I can tell how things have progressed.
Don't worry. You no longer need appease [Ares].
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

9.It's Time

Since [Ares] will fight in the war himself, it is time for us to attack him directly.
This important mission is for you, my champion.
We must make it clear to him who controls this war.
Use this [Aegis of Divinity] and wrap it around yourself.
Mission: Use Aegis of Divinity x1
Aegis is my shield.
It is the symbol of righteous war and unapproachable defense.
Since you are wearing the aegis, everyone will know that you are a follower of [Athena].
From this day forth, you are my apostle, whose solemn duty is to tell the world that real war is about wisdom and tactics, not bloodshed and slaughter.
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

10.Athena's Chosen

Prepare to battle [Ares].
Feel no fear.
Though he is filled with bloodlust, his mind is weak.
He loves to bring pain to others, but he fears pain himself.
He has disguised himself as a huge Slave Giant on the Trojan battlefield.
He is surely enjoying himself, slaughtering my Achaeans disguised as a Trojan soldier.
Now, my champion.
Kill the [Ares' Slave Giant] in my name and will!
([Ares' Slave Giant] will appear at [Troy's Last Battle].)
(You can enter [Troy's Last Battle] through [Medius].)
Mission: Kill [Ares' Slave Giant] x1
You've won, my warrior!
And such excellent strategy!
[Ares] will not forget this day.
  • Experience: 52,500,000
  • Gold: 35,000,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

11.Before Talking To Him

Now we must force [Ares] to admit his defeat.
He will be furious over your betrayal.
However, he can't dare ignore you either since you defeated him.
[Ares] will try to learn your weakness.
You must show none.
See to it that you are at your fullest health before facing him.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
That will do, my champion.
It is good to see you at your strongest.
  • Experience: 950,000
  • Gold: 800,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

12.Make Him Surrender

Go to [Ares].
He must be in despair not only at his defeat, but that the Trojan army failed him so completely.
You surely noticed.
He fought himself, but the soldiers would not obey his orders.
Of course, this is due to the evil creature that is supporting Troy.
If you tell this to [Ares], he might withdraw.
For now, deliver this [Strong Nectar] to him.
It will clear [Ares]'s mind, and allow you to reason with him.
Thank you, my champion.
Now I must simply declare victory for the Achaeans and let the world know that this war was won by [Athena]'s will.
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

13.The Glory of Victory

You've done better than I could have hoped.
As promised, you shall receive my blessing.
However, your accomplishments in this war are so great that even this small blessing may not be enough reward.
Obtain a reward that represents the pleasure of an honorably-won victory.
Surely you received various Boxes as a reward for winning the Trojan battles.
Among those, you will find [Troy Victorious Treasure]. Bring one to me.
Thank you.
This loot box is part of blessing I bestow upon you, and it symbolizes an honorable victory.
  • Experience: 20,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

14.My Champion

I will soon bestow upon you [Athena]'s wisdom.
There is a building dedicated to me near Athens called the Parthenon.
If you open this Map in the Parthenon, it will reveal the place where my Helmet is hidden.
Find my Helmet.
Mission: Athena's Helmet x1
This helmet is the symbol of wisdom I give to you.
You will have wisdom as great as that of Odysseus.
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.

15.Glorious Ending

There is but one ritual left, my champion.
You have won the righteous war,
executed wise strategies in my name,
and obtained honor because of that.
I will deliver the ultimate blessing to you in [Athena]'s name.
Take this, and inhale the scent.
This [Holy Olive Perfume] marks you as a warrior blessed eternally by me, [Athena].
Mission: Use Holy Olive Perfume x1
Wisdom and courage are eternally yours.
You have my blessing.
Farewell, my champion.
May your future hold glory and victory forever!
My champion.
Your work is not yet finish.