Caterina - Inventor


QuestCaterina - Inventor
Required level84
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

Because her parents died when she was young, she inherited the inn and runs it by herself. She tries to be cheerful in spite of the difficulties. She is attracted to Da Vinci, but he is always too absorbed in science to notice.
Inventor Recruitment Quest
Location: Near Lisbon

1.I'm So Busy

Hmph... I'm too busy lately.
This inn may be small, but it's not easy to run it myself.
What's this? The grocery store is closed today!
How am I supposed to run my business?
Huh? Who are you?
There's a child crying nearby?
Ah... it must be [Lisa] again.
I should probably check in on her...
But, I'm just too busy at the moment.
Well... You're a stranger, but I need help with my groceries, and you're here, so...
I urgently need [Paprika].
Though it won't be enough to last the whole day, could you get 30?
That should suit my immediate needs, at least.
The owner of the grocery store told me that there are [Frilled Lizards] at the western end of [Baghdad] that drop [Paprika]. I guess that's not too far from here, right?
Mission: Paprika x30
Oh, thank you so much.
Wow, you went so far just to get this for me! I don't know what to say.
I really, really appreciate it!
  • Experience: 25,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

2.Lisa is Alone

I'm [Caterina]. I run the inn, as you can see.
The girl you just saw is [Lisa].
She doesn't smile much anymore and spends a lot of time alone.
I feel really sorry for her...
Oh, let me see...
Children stop crying when given [Candy], right?
[Lisa] is no exception.
Hey! Are you listening?
Ugh, how typical.
What did I just say that children like?
You'd better have been paying attention to me.
Mission: Answer [Lisa is Alone] Question => Candy
Psh! You just asked a passerby for the answer, didn't you?
I'm busy, but not busy enough to not notice that.
Oh, I don't know why I'm talking like this...
Sorry. I guess managing the inn has me a little on edge.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

3.Children Like Candy

[Lisa] was not always like this.
She was rather quiet when she moved to this town but...
Her face was bright and she smiled much more as we became friends.
Some bad things happened, and now [Lisa]'s like this.
Oh, you don't have to be sorry.
You had nothing to do with it.
I just... want to see her happy face again, but it won't be easy.
If you insist on helping with this...
I'm speechless...
Are you sure you really want to help?
Go to [My Info] => [Skills] => [Crafting Skill] => [Quest]
and make 20 [Large Lemon Drops].
You can easily make 20 [Large Lemon Drops] when you have 100 [Lemons] and 100 jars of [Honey].
Thank you so much.
Mission: Craft [Large Lemon Drop] x20
You got them!
[Lisa] will be so happy.
She has had bad things happen in her life recently.
I will wrap them for you in a pretty box.
[Lisa] will be overjoyed!
  • Experience: 25,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

4.Miracle Cure

[Lisa] lost her mom when she was young and was an only child.
The only family she had was her dad but... What a...! That [Da Vinci]! How could he do that!
It's no use talking like this now.
What's the point of talking about someone who is never around? It's heartbreaking.
Well, could you bring the [Candy Box] to [Lisa]?
She will love that.
How nice it would be to see [Lisa] smile.
How was it?
Did she smile?
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Candy Box x1
I can get men to do whatever I want!

5.What the Child Doesn't Have

How did it go?
I see... Not well, then...
She used to smile when given a [Candy Box]...
Well... It would be really nice if [Lisa]'s mother was still with her through all this.
I believe the most important thing to a child is a [mother's love].
That's it!
I have an idea!
What did I say is the most important thing to a child?
Mission: Answer [What the Child Doesn't Have] Question => Mother's love
Right. That's it.
We should find a way to give her a [mother's love].
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

6.Mother's Fragrance

[Lisa] must be very lonely.
Nobody is around to take care of her, and that's what makes [Lisa] suffer most.
As I mentioned, the most important thing to a child is a [mother's love]. There is a special smell to it.
[Lisa] must miss her mom so much.
Let me see...
It must be around here...
Yes, here it is.
This [Jasmine Perfume] will make things better.
Please go ahead and use some.
Mission: Use Jasmine Perfume x1
How is it?
It smells good, right?
Oh, it's so fragrant.
I can get men to do whatever I want!

7.Please Appease Her Again

My hometown is Florence, far away from here.
Oh, you didn't know that?
They say that most pretty women are from Florence. Of course I'm from there.
It's northwest of [Rome].
I grew up and lived there until recently.
Sometimes I see the blue waters of Arno River in my head. Hoho.
Everything around me felt strange when I first came here. [Lisa] must feel the same way I did.
It was my mom who gave me strength during that difficult time.
She smelled like Jasmine when I hugged her, and I called it Mother's fragrance.
[Lisa]'s hometown is also Florence, actually. We are from the same town.
Now please go to [Lisa].
[Lisa] will be comforted if she smells a mother's fragrance.
Just like I was.
Mission: Talk to [Lisa]
How did it go?
How was [Lisa]? Did she smile?
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

8.Dad's Smell 1

How'd it go? Did you cheer her up?
Oh... I guessed as much. The same. *Sigh*...
Well, I know a surefire solution for this, but it's not easy.
[Lisa] is very fond of her dad, and her dad's smell is like that of a specific old pipe.
But there is no way to get it.
[Ivory Pipes] are too expensive and rare.
Getting hold of such a thing is impossible for me so...
...I hope you don't mind...
I would really appreciate your help.
Only someone like [Francesco], the richest man in the town, would know what to do.
But I don't think he...
Well, forget it. I hope you don't mind.
Mission: Ivory Pipe x1
My god! This is an [Ivory Pipe]!
Where did you get this?
This is so rare!
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

9.Dad's Smell 2

Thank you so much.
It feels so strange, having such a valuable object in hand.
[Lisa] moved to this town with her dad after I had just opened the inn.
They stayed here for a while.
His name was [Da Vinci].
He didn't talk much, and spent all his time tinkering with his inventions, but...
He was such a good father, loving and gentle to his daughter.
And [Lisa] loved him dearly.
Oh, what am I saying?
Anyway, this pipe looks a bit too new.
And something seems to be lacking...
Oh! Tobacco is what we need but I'm not sure
where to get a Deluxe Tobacco Box.
Do you know anyone who would know about that?
Mission: Deluxe Tobacco Box x1
Oh my... where on earth did you find the Best Tobacco Leaf?
This must cost 3 million gold at least!
And I have never seen a tobacco box like this. Such an intricate pattern!
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

10.Appeasing Lisa

Hopefully we have some success this time...
If I could just see [Lisa] smile again, I would be so happy.
She is so cute when she smiles, but she lost it all after [Da Vinci] went away.
I can hardly even remember her voice now.
Now, we are ready.
Please go and give this to [Lisa].
Lisa really talked?
Thank you. Thank you so much!
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Old Pipe x1
I can get men to do whatever I want!

11.Francesco might know something

Oh... Poor [Lisa].
Did she really say that?
I don't know what to do...
Though he was always absorbed in his machines, [Da Vinci] loved [Lisa] so much, and did everything she wanted.
[Da Vinci] wasn't interested in remarrying, so never went out looking for girls.
And he went away without so much as a word.
Left his young daughter alone.
I don't know where on earth he is now.
Oh... Poor [Lisa]. I feel so sorry for her.
Oh... Maybe...
[Francesco] might know something about this.
I never thought I would ask you for this, but...
Could you ask him about this matter?
If I could find out where [Da Vinci] is, I would be so grateful.
Ah... you're back.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

12.Another Machine Shrine

The truth is... [Francesco] and I haven't been getting along recently.
I can't tell you the details, but I'd almost decided to have nothing to do with him ever again.
So, what did [Francesco] tell you?
Does he know where [Da Vinci] is?
Where did he say [Da Vinci] might be?
Mission: Answer [Another Machine Shrine] Question => Hidden Machines Shrine
Oh, my god.
[Da Vinci] has been in the [Hidden Machines Shrine]...
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

13.My God

There is a place called [Sunken Machine Shrine] in the sea of Lisbon.
I don't know much about it, but they say that that place is ruled by machines with human souls.
But the Shrine was destroyed a long time ago!
Then there was a rumor that another sanctuary of machines is hidden in the [Sunken Machine Shrine].
The machines there are alive and experiment with humans, whom they ambush and kidnap off the beach.
It is called the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
I can't believe that [Da Vinci] is there.
If [Da Vinci] is really in there, then there is no way to get him out.
It's such a horrible place.
I want to thank you for what you've done.
But I give up.
I really don't know what to do with poor [Lisa] now.
I thought you'd have gone far away by now.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

14.[Party] First Test

You're going in there?
If you confront those machines in there... you won't come out alive.
No. Even if it's for [Da Vinci], I can't let you go.
You look tough, but these things aren't human.
Alright, if you insist.
However, you must prove your strength.
They say that on the first floor of the [Hidden Machines Shrine], there are machine soldiers called [Bloody Soldiers].
First you must take down 50 [Bloody Safeguards].
You cannot go to the second or third floor if you don't pass this test.
Mission: Kill [Bloody Safeguard] x50
You... you did it? Oh, my!
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

15.[Party] Second Test

We're not quite done yet.
There are still many powerful machines abound in there.
Take, for example, the [Murderous Machines] on the first floor of the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
Please acquire monster location information on that machine.
You can give up if it's too difficult for you.
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Murderous Machine]
You're back safe.
Oh, thank God.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

16.Appeasing the Child

I can't believe it! That there is someone who can move freely through that forbidden area...
You really are extraordinary.
Oh, maybe [Lisa] can finally see her dad again.
Oh... [Lisa].
We are forgetting about [Lisa].
Here. Could you take this [Lollypop] and give it to [Lisa]?
And also see that [Lisa] is doing okay?
So how is she?
Is [Lisa] doing fine?
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Lollypop x1
I can get men to do whatever I want!

17.[Party] Collecting Diaries

Oh... It's good that [Lisa] is doing well.
I was really worried for a moment..
If [Da Vinci] is really there, there must be some proof of his existence.
I think something might be on the second floor of the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
Please see what you can find.
Mission: Torn Diary Page x30
You've learned something about [Da Vinci]?
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

18.What Da Vinci Recorded

Oh! These are [Da Vinci's Records].
He was really there!
[Da Vinci] was really there!
Oh no...
Could you read this please?
Mission: Read [Da Vinci's Records]
I can't handle this.
It's too much...
I can get men to do whatever I want!

19.Solving Your Own Problems

So [Da Vinci] was imprisoned, and forced to repair and maintain them.
That's probably why he is still alive.
[Da Vinci] would want to solve the problems he himself created.
But the inventor without his tools won't be able to do much.
The machines' power is too great for him to take on himself.
And even more so when he is without any tools, as the record says...
Please, wanderer, we need your help.
Would you go to the [Ravaged Laboratory] on the second floor of the [Hidden Machines Shrine] and get rid of the monster that [Da Vinci] built?
Please... help [Da Vinci] escape from there.
Mission: Kill [Test Machine G2240] x1
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 100,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

20.I Can't Ask You for Any More...

The monster was killed but... still the [Hidden Machines Shrine] is in operation.
And [Da Vinci] is still enslaved.
But... I guess that's enough.
Now we know [Da Vinci] is still alive and I believe he will come back some day.
He will surely come back.
Not for me, but for [Lisa].
Now please be on your way.
I cannot put you in any more danger.
I cannot thank you enough for what you've done.
Mission: Francesco's Letter x1
Oh... Thank you. Thank you so much!
I really, really appreciate everything you've done for us!
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Ambrosia x10
I can get men to do whatever I want!

21.Oh, thank you!

[Da Vinci] is back!
He's come back all safe and sound!
There's no need to be humble. Everybody knows what you did.
[Da Vinci] told us that he saw everything.
You fought bravely against the [Distorted Goddess] with your allies.
Oh, what am I doing?
Here, please have this. It will help you restore your health.
Take your time. I'm afraid that this is the only thing I can do for you.
Mission: Use Ambrosia x3
While you were eating I read the letter [Francesco] sent to me.
He is such a softy...
He wishes me happiness, and says he's giving up on being with me.
I knew that you were sent by [Francesco] all along.
In a small town like this, there are no secrets.
And people saw that you and [Francesco] had met together.
Furthermore, I run the inn.
All sorts of news pass through here.
Of course I would know!
He is such a softy.
He did this for me, the one who turned him away.
He acts rude and rough, but he's got a good heart. Really.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!

22.The Happy Woman

Anyway, thank you...
[Da Vinci] and [Lisa]... And I...
I owe you more than I could ever repay.
Hey. Have you talked to [Lisa]? Please say goodbye to her.
Mission: Small Cosmos x1
Oh... What a lovely flower.
Thank you!
I can get men to do whatever I want!

23.Thanks and Farewell

[Lisa] will miss you so much.
You will always be a hero to this town, and my own personal savior.
I don't know how to thank you for all this.
You are like the clouds that come and go with the wind.
I will never forget you.
But I would really appreciate it if you drop by when you miss us.
Promise me that.
Wait a minute. [Da Vinci] asked me to give you this. This is for taking care of [Lisa].
He says that this was the greatest thing he created when he was a captive of the machines.
He said it's a machine to summon him, or something like that.
Really, I don't know what he's talking about. Hoho.
Mission: Talk to [Francesco]
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I can get men to do whatever I want!