Chief Lebe - The Dogon

The Dogon
Chief Lebe

QuestChief Lebe - The Dogon
NPCChief Lebe
Required level140
Daily QuestsNo

What's your business here, stranger?

Final Reward::

[Chief Lebe]
Chief of the Dogon people. He's extremely distrustful of outsiders, but even he realizes that the Dogon people cannot overcome the trials that face them alone. With the spirits on a rampage and the Zulu making acts of war on them, Lebe might even accept help from a descendant of Atlantis...

The Dogon Quest
Location: Near the Arid Forest in Africa

1.The Sun Tribe

You trespass on the Land of the Dogon.
We've no interest in strangers!
I don't care if you're looking for someone! I'm not interested!
Didn't you hear me before? Whose land do you think this is?
(The answer is a 5-letter word.)
Mission: Answer [The Sun Tribe] Question => Dogon
That's right! This is OUR land!
And here, we can coexist with the spirits and be at peace with the land!
We certainly have no room for the likes of YOU!
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

2.Rampaging Spirits

What was that!?
Get out of here already! I've got enough to take care of without you lot loitering about here!
If I don't hurry, those danged rampaging spirits will destroy everything...
You want to HELP?
Fine, toss your life away, if you really must! Talk to Kajati. He'll tell you what to do.
(Complete the Dogon Defense mission.)
All right. So, you survived.
In fact, Kajati says you fought quite well.
  • Experience: 45,000,000
  • Gold: 15,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

3.Pure Warrior

The man insists that I let you stay with us.
He says you have a pure heart. Bah! An outsider with a pure heart? Unlikely.
So here is what we're going to do.
You go to the outskirts of the village and use this Evil Spirit Box.
If you can defeat the Malicious Spirit that comes outside, then you'll have proven that your heart is pure, and I'll let you stay with us.
(The Evil Spirit Box can only be used outside in Africa.)
Mission: Kill [Malicious Spirit] x1
Well, I'll be.
I don't know how you did it, but I gave you my word, so you're welcome among the Dogon.
Don't make me regret this!
What is to become of this land...?

4.Desperate Measures

If you're going to stay, might as well make yourself useful.
We've driven off the maddened spirits for now, but we can't last many more attacks like this.
There's only one thing left to do...
We Dogon have a Spirit Altar that we use to commune with the spirits. The spirits exist in all places, of course, but our altar lets them manifest physically among us.
I want you to help Kajati destroy the altar to drive the spirit away.
To think, I'm asking an outsider to desecrate a sacred object...
(Complete the Desecration mission.)
Mission: Complete Spirit Pasture: Desecration
Part of me was hoping you'd fail...
Damn you, outsider! Why couldn't you have been more incompetent!?
  • Experience: 50,000,000
  • Gold: 17,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

5.Search for the Sorcerers

Sorry, I just... It's a hard thing to see the treasure of my people destroyed, no matter how necessary.
Right now, we've got a more urgent problem. The sorcerers of Water, Fire, Wind, and Sand have gone missing.
I am connected to the sorcerers through a sun pact. They act as a sort of antenna for the spirit realm, and through them I can receive their visions.
Now more than ever we need their wisdom. Here, take this Torn Sorcerer's Garb and use it to track them down.
(The Torn Sorcerer's Garb can only be used outdoors in Africa.)
Mission: Kill [???] x1
No, I asked you to find the sorcerers, not a snake!
Wait a second...
I know the serpent you're talking about!
What is to become of this land...?

6.The Zulu Territory

The Dogon people share this land with the Zulu people and the Swazi people.
While we commune with the spirits, the Zulus handle the animals. The snake you describe sounds like one of theirs...
But our peoples haven't dealt with each other in generations! Why do they appear now...?
Scout out the Zulu village with Kajati. If our sorcerers are there, I want you to rescue them.
If the Zulus think they can push us around, they're about to get a nasty awakening!
(Complete the Act of War mission.)
Mission: Complete Spirit Pasture: Act of War
They were there? Unbelievable!
Yes, those snakes you describe belong to the Zulu people, there's no doubt about it.
  • Experience: 55,000,000
  • Gold: 19,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

7.The Dogon Sorcerers

They will surely strike again.
That's it. We're at war with the Zulus!
You're the one who insisted on meddling in our affairs, so I expect you to help us fight!
The Dogon Sorcerers will be weakened from being held captive. I want you to work with Kajati to make sure they get home safely.
(Complete the Journey Home mission.)
The sorcerers are safe, and they told me all about your skill in battle.
So, one question remains...
Who are you, and what exactly is your plan? Answer me!
  • Experience: 60,000,000
  • Gold: 21,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

8.The Whole Story

Are you a spy? Is that it?
Perhaps you've underestimated our Dogon warriors. Kajati sensed the spirit of the Zulu serpents, and you have the very same spirit energy they do!
While you were away, I sent some of my people to check on the Zulu village, and they were as surprised by the kidnapping of the sorcerers as we were.
So I ask you again, what is your plan?
Why disguise yourself as the Zulus and kidnap our sorcerers!?
Riederan? What are you talking about!? Descendant of WHERE!?
(Both you and Riederan descended from this place.)
Mission: Answer [The Whole Story] Question => Atlantis
Atlantis...? That can't be!
That's just a myth! A legend from our ancient records!
If this is true...
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

9.Return of the Atlantians

The Water Sorcerer tells me that all this...
The spirits' rampage, the strange machines, and this energy that Kajati reported...
It's all the same as in the ancient times, when the Atlantians appeared.
But why should I trust you?
Bring me proof!
It is said that in the times of antiquity, the Atlantians placed Corrupt Totems that drove the spirits into a frenzy.
If you can find these totems and return with evidence that what you say is true, then perhaps I'll believe you.
And bring Kajati! I won't have you meddling in our affairs without oversight.
(Complete the Signs of Antiquity mission.)
Mission: Signs of Antiquity x4
So there really were Corrupt Totems...
Then surely...
This terrible history is to repeat itself...?
  • Experience: 65,000,000
  • Gold: 23,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

10.Tainted Power

Tell me more about this Riederan.
...I see. But if you're a descendant of Atlantis, too, then why do you fight to stop him?
Yes, Kajati said you were not like the other Atlantians. But I would be a fool to trust you so quickly as he has... wouldn't I?
Hm? What's this?
I've never seen a box such as this... It was mixed in with the evidence you brought me.
Please, open it for me. I won't risk touching it, in case it's some trap you've set for me...
Mission: Use Mystery Language Box x1
What is this? Oriharukon powder?
This is the power of the Atlantians!
What is to become of this land...?

11.Evil Revived

It is said that the Atlantians came here to steal our power.
This land is the realm of the spirits, and we are blessed by their unrivaled wisdom and energy. The Atlantians left one of their devices here to steal that energy.
When the Atlantians vanished, the machine stopped working, and so we forgot about it.
There is a prophecy known only by myself and the tribe's medium.
One day, when the Atlantians return, the machine will awaken... If what you say is true, we must act quickly.
Go now to Nana, the Dogon medium. She will find this Spirit Siphon, but you will need to destroy it.
(Complete the Balance Restored mission.)
The Spirit Siphon is no more? Good...
An evil brought upon us by an Atlantian, and taken away by an Atlantian...
What could this mean?
  • Experience: 70,000,000
  • Gold: 25,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

12.Power of a God

We of the Dogon can form pacts to summon the spirits.
It's been long since we've called upon their power, but now is our time of need.
It is time we reclaim our legacy!
We must summon Nommo, god of the spirits.
Would you bring me some Root of Life? I need it to complete my ritual.
(You can find Roots of Life on the monsters of Africa.)
Mission: Root of Life x50
There is just one more thing I need...
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

13.Summoning the Spirits

If we are to summon Nommo, I will need Spirit Stones.
When the spirits come here, they take on physical bodies. When it is time to return to their own world, they leave those bodies as husks, and those bodies become the Spirit Stones.
Nana will guide you to the realm of the spirits, where you can find the Spirit Stones.
(You can find Spirit Stones in the Into the Spirit Realm mission.)
Mission: Spirit Stone x5
And where is Nana?
Don't tell me you're handling the Spirit Stones yourself! Only...only...
  • Experience: 75,000,000
  • Gold: 27,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

14.The Chosen One

The Spirit Stone is practically ethereal. No normal human can handle them...
Among the Dogon, only Nana can work with Spirit Stones. Well, her, and the...
It can't be.
Could the Chosen One be an Atlantian?
I don't believe it! There's one way to put it to the test, however.
I want you to craft Nommo's Offering for the ceremony. If you aren't the Chosen One, you won't be able to do it--after you fail, I'll have Nana do it properly, don't you worry.
(You can use Quest crafting to make Nommo's Offering.)
Mission: Craft [Nommo's Offering] x4
You did it? Unbelievable!
To think, you share the same blood as our enemies, yet you've done so much to help us...
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

15.The Summoning Ceremony

Our preparations are complete.
I will follow the old ways and begin the summoning ceremony. Hmm... This will require the power of all four of the sorcerers.
Meet with Nana.
I will bring the sorcerers to meet with you.
I pray this works...
(Complete the The Spirit God mission.)
Huff... Huff...
Hold on, I need to catch my breath... It's been a long time since I've been in a fight like that!
But what was Ubevo doing, fighting on Riederan's side? How troubling...
  • Experience: 80,000,000
  • Gold: 29,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

16.Bell of the Spirits

Riederan must be nearby, if he's able to control even the greatest spirits.
I've sent some of my warriors to find his stronghold. While they're doing that, we must prepare.
As much as I hate to admit it, it's clear to me that you are the Chosen One of prophecy. It falls to you to craft the Spirit Bells, which will allow us to summon Nommo and his attendants at will.
Well? Get crafting, Chosen One!
(You can make this item through Quest Crafting. You can find one of the materials, Spirit Stones, in the Into the Spirit Realm mission.)
Mission: Craft [Spirit Bell] x30
Yes, I'd recognize that lovely jingling anywhere!
These are the Spirit Bells, all right. We're ready to face our enemies head on.
  • Experience: 85,000,000
  • Gold: 31,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

17.In the Name of the Spirits

My warriors found Riederan's stronghold while you were gone.
It's across the river, far to the north...
However, the place is protected by dangerous wards.
Even worse, a Corrupt Sorcerer guards the stronghold. He used to be one of our own, in fact...
Nana will give you the details. Handle this.
(Complete the Revenge of the Spirits mission.)
Riederan wasn't there? Damn!
Right, right, I don't mean to sound ungrateful. You defeated the Corrupt Sorcerer who was behind the tainting of our spirits. That counts for something.
Thank you, is what I'm trying to say.
  • Experience: 95,000,000
  • Gold: 33,000,000
What is to become of this land...?

18.Stray Spirits

Not all spirits are faithful and pure. Even without the Corrupt Sorcerer around, not all of them will return to their senses on their own.
If you'd be so kind, Chosen One, would you track down the rest of the rampaging spirits and, erm, put them down?
Bring me their Dark Spirit's Breaths, and I can purify them so that they'll return to the land restored.
(Dark Spirit's Breath can be found on the spirits in any of Nana or Kajati's missions.)
To have this brought to me by an outsider...
What have we come to?
  • Experience: 100,000,000
  • Gold: 40,000,000
What is to become of this land...?


I've one last request to make of you. It's not small, but I trust you'll help me.
It's about Riederan.
That man is a threat to Africa as long as he lives! The Dogon and the Zulu must unite, so we're prepared if he ever returns.
I want you to go with Nana to the Zulu territory and warn them of the return of Atlantis.
(Complete the Unification mission.)
Mission: Complete Spirit Pasture: Unification
The Zulu have already sent someone to meet with me. I don't know how you did it, but it seems our people will be united after all this time...
Hmph. It's quite a mess you've made here, isn't it? Imagine, an outsider coming in, becoming the Chosen One, and shattering generations of tradition...
If you ever feel like doing it all over again, I'll be here.
  • Experience: 100,000,000
  • Gold: 40,000,000
What is to become of this land...?