Chironia of the Wind - Dark Archer

Dark Archer
Chironia of the Wind

QuestChironia of the Wind - Dark Archer
NPCChironia of the Wind
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

The Centaurus can run faster than the winds.

Final Reward::

Heroine of the Centaurus clan. They are brave and righteous half-human half-horse warriors. They are masters of archery and came up with multi-arrow techniques in order to prove that the bow is not weaker than guns and cannons.

Archer Class Change Quest
Location: Near Prague

1.Clan That Runs Faster Than Wind

The clan of blessings, the clan that runs faster than the winds, welcomes the [one who walks on two legs].
The prophecy about you coming here was right!
Yes. I am of the [Centaurus]. That's what humans call us, right?
[Those who walk on two legs] is what we call humans.
Even though we've never visited humans before, I, [the Head of the Centaurus], needed to come down to a human village and await your arrival.
Yes, the situation is that urgent.
Yes? Who am I?
Oh... You haven't received the prophecy yet?
Or, you are not the one who am I waiting for?
The one I am waiting for is accompanied by one who is very beautiful, but very powerful.
I guess you call that person an [Archer]... Yes. Do you have any archer who is Lv. 100 or above in your group?
If you do, I will think of you as the one I was waiting for.
Mission: Recruit [Archer] (Lv. 100/Lv. 100)
It really is you...
I wasn't completely sure, but the one I've been waiting for this long was you.
I would like to introduce myself again.
  • Experience: 300,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

2.Phoenix Jewel

Please excuse me for not being able to clearly communicate with you in human language.
To be honest, this is my first time actually meeting [one who walks on two legs] face to face.
Ah... I apologize. I meant, it's my first time meeting a [Human].
You really walk on two legs.
I've met many [Humans] here waiting for you, but I still cannot believe that there are ones who walk on two legs.
How is it? Do you feel stable? Don't you feel like you're going to fall?
Ah... Excuse me. I apologize.
I shouldn't treat the chosen one who will save all beings on earth with such disrespect.
First and foremost, can you please get 10 [Phoenix's Jewels]? I know they're very rare, but I really need them.
Mission: Phoenix Jewel x10
Thank you.
This will make your friends more powerful.
I promise you that on my four legs which allow me to run faster than the wind.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

3.The Abyss of Arachne

Your friend worries too much.
She wants to be a help by your side, but I guess it's not easy.
I... am sorry, but we can only speak truth. In our language, there's no such word as [Lie].
Anyway, your friend is preparing to leave you.
Did that surprise you? We are the ones who were born to read and understand the Shining Stars and the Howling Wind. Of course we know everything about you and your friends.
And... your bow... I mean, I am talking about your friend.
...Anyway, you've noticed it too, right?
Your friend was having a hard time and soon she will leave you...
And compared to the other friends of yours, she felt useless and that's why she is sorry...
Now your friend will be more powerful than anyone else since I came here to help her.
But, in order to do that, you will need to do exactly what I tell you to do. Can you do that?
First, you must go to [Arachne's Nest] and kill [Giant Destroyer].
Then I will let you know what you should do next.
In order to enter Arachne's Nest, you must take [Arachne's Web] with you.

HINT: You can purchase [Arachne's Web] using battle points.
Mission: Kill [Giant Destroyer] x20
How was it?
Wasn't it scarier than you thought?
I think your friend has recovered her confidence a little bit by now. Unless you guys are top soldiers, you could never have left that place alive.
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

4.The Abyss of Arachne 2

That's right! In a small group, nobody can beat the power of bows.
No matter where you are positioned, no matter if you are walking on the ground or flying high up in the air, you can shoot the target accurately one by one.
The bow is not a weak weapon.
As the civilization develops, more powerful weapons have been invented and that might've scared your friend.
It's very heartbreaking.
There is a monster named [Arachne's Bodyguard] living in [Arachne's Nest].
Please collect the monster's info up to level 2.
It's not going to be easy, but please try your best.
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Arachne's Bodyguard]
You've done well.
It's really important to use your weapon well, but I guess there's nothing more important than practicing how to use weapons by consistently using them.
Am I saying this right? Human language is very challenging for us.
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

5.Evil Arachne

I was looking at the information that you brought and I found something strange.
Those insects are weak creatures. They are supposed to be way weaker than you...
Hmm... How can I explain this? I mean they lack powers latent within them.
In other words, if you one doesn't have talent, that person can reach up to a certain level with effort but won't be able to pass beyond that point no matter how hard that person tries or practices.
Just like how humans cannot beat [Centaurus] no matter how hard they practice running.
I am not sure this makes sense to you.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that... now something is making things act out of order... it's like humans run faster than the Centaurus.
The most amazing thing that has happened up until this point was that humans learned how to run instead of walk.
But the things that happened at the Arachne's Nest are...
Like, humans flying like birds.
You will find [Evil Arachne] deep inside of the Arachne's Nest.
Please go kill that monster.
While you are dealing with the Evil Arachne, I will gather more information.
Mission: Kill [Evil Arachne] x1
Ysinbayer... You have returned.
I am now just finishing up investigating as well.
And I would like to apologize to you.
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

6.Guild Dungeon Marksburg

I think you know what has been going on in this world.
The ancient power of Atlantis has been resurrected and due to that power, the world has fallen into chaos.
But even those recent incidences fall within certain limits. Just like how humans cannot run faster than us. It's just beyond a human's limitations to run faster than us.
Just like that, the insects have their limits too. So even if they become powerful, they shouldn't be more powerful than you. They shouldn't even be half as powerful as you are...
But, what I heard from you was not the case. The insects were strong enough to threaten you. This doesn't make sense to me.
Something we don't know about is going on right now.
I've just figured out that [Evil Arachne] was way more powerful than I expected.
I apologize. I would've put you in a great danger.
I've heard that there's a place you must be in a [Guild] to travel to. I think it was called a [Guild Dungeon]... right?
Anyway, I know there's one here in [Prague] as well. What was the name of it?
Do you know the name of that castle by any chance?
Mission: Answer [Guild Dungeon Marksburg] Question => Marksburg
That's right. It was [Marksburg].
Ha-ah. You seem to know everything!
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 500,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

7.Hall of Fame

[Marksburg Castle] was built by the lord of Braubach in order to protect the town from outside invasion.
From this castle, you can look down on the Rhine River. The castle was the pride of Braubach, which was never invaded or destroyed.
[Marksburg] is well known as an impregnable fortress, but the lord was very artistic and romantic.
But one day, the castle was surrounded by evil energy and soon it turned into a most horrifying and insane place that no one wants to go near...
But even the evil energy of [Marksburg] cannot stop you and your friends' power.
Did you know your [Guild Name] has been recorded?
Would you like to take a look?
HINT: [Community] - [Hall of Fame] - [Dungeon Rankings] - [Marksburg Castle] - Search
Mission: Search Rankings of Hall of Fame Guild Dungeon, Marksburg Castle
So, is your guild on the list?
I am confident that it is.
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

8.Meaning of Power

However, I don't think those numbers represent real power.
What do you think is the meaning of power?
Do you believe in the theory that power relies on the types of weapons you carry, as your friends seem to think?
That's not true.
There's no weapon that's too old. The weapon that's been crafted by a good craftsman is way better than other weapons of the same kind.
If you enchant or enhance a weapon multiple times, the power of that weapon is incomparable to others.
For instance, take a standard weapon and enhance it up to +3. Is the enhanced weapon not more powerful? Now take a weapon that's +7. How much more powerful is that?
Input the number of the correct answer.
1: I'm a big fan of enhancement.
2: I don't need enhancement. I've got the power of friendship!
Mission: Answer [Meaning of Power] Question => 1
Of course. You have journeyed far to get here, after all.
If you treat your equipment with care, it will take you far. A highly-enhanced sword from your youth will be more powerful than a newly-discovered blade from beyond the abyss.
However, you should only try enhancing equipment when you have extra equipment on hand.
If you become too greedy, you might lose an existing weapon.
  • Experience: 300,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

9.The Archer's Power

I've told you about it before, but now it's time for you to go to [Marksburg] with your comrades to look for more evidence.
I am warning you now. It won't be easy!
On top of that, you will have to face archers who are way more powerful than ordinary humans.
Go try clearing Marksburg.
First and the foremost, please get rid of a certain number of [Veteran Snipers] and return to me.
You will learn your enemies' skills while battling with them.
HINT : [Marksburg] is a guild dungeon. You must be a part of a [Guild] in order to enter.
Mission: Kill [Veteran Sniper] x10
How was it? Did you experience the power of their archers?
Bows can be more harmful then guns and cannons if you know how to use it.
I love how archers turn around slightly to load their arrows. I mean, it's just my personal opinion! Ha-ha.
  • Experience: 600,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

10.Cursed Enraged Rock Beast

However, it's strange.
Like I mentioned earlier, the guards who've been protecting [Marksburg] Castle cannot be that strong even if they are well trained.
Unlike from you guys... they are just ordinary...

No. Never mind.
Anyway, the universe has its own principles and rules. Even if this legendary relic of Atlantis has unexplainable power, it cannot be this powerful.
According to what I heard so far, there are some mutated beasts that don't look like humans at all.
To you, they might look alike, but to me, they are different.
Please defeat the [Enraged Rock Beast] inside of Marksburg.
Then I will try to retrace your memories to find out what it is.
Mission: Kill [Enraged Rock Beast] x1
How were they? Were they strong?
What do they look like?
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

11.The Archer's Power 2

It's strange... it's really strange.
How can such a beast be born?
Even using your memories doesn't help. I can't feel any energy of life.
The [Enraged Rock Beast] is just a big mass of rock.
Maybe I need the elders' help on this. How can it move?
However, training your friends is the priority.
Why don't you move on and kill the [Luxurious Clocks]. Be sure to come back when you're done.
By the way, please watch out for Wounded Clocks. They are dangerous, like wounded beasts.
If you don't kill them first, they will put you in great danger instead.
Mission: Kill [Luxurious Clock] x10
Oh, you've returned.
Didn't they attack you the way archers do?
I think the lord of Marksburg Castle has blown the power of strong archers into those [Luxurious Clocks].
How was he able to give life to those objects?
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

12.Crazy Lord

I need to wait and see in order to figure out what exactly has happened in that castle, but one thing I am sure is that whatever it was, it's probably something more shocking than what we expect.
There was something that flies in the face of everything we've thought to be true.
People had been thinking that the reason this world ended up in such chaos is because of the remains of the Atlantians.
As you might know already, the [Oriharukon Sensor] is the reason why.
...However, I don't think that's all there is to it.
The Lord of Braubach, I mean the owner of Marksburg Castle. I heard that people here call him a different name, right?
What do they call him?
Mission: Answer [Crazy Lord] Question => Crazy Lord
Ah... [Crazy Lord] is what he's called.
Why... How did he become like that?
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 500,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

13.Records of Marksburg Castle

[Crazy Lord]...
While you are dealing with the archers and rock beasts, I took a good look around Marksburg Castle.
And I found this old diary of his from his library.
But... I couldn't find any leads from the diary either.
I was pretty sure that I can get something out of the diary.
Some of the pages were ripped out so I can't really make anything out from that old diary alone.
Would you like to read this [Lord's Diary]?
Mission: Read [Lord's Diary]
Lord's Diary00/00
Marksburg will always stand right here,
above the Rhine river,
protecting Braubach.

There shall be no destruction in Braubach as long as I am here.

A princess of Espana has disappeared.
She is so tomboyish it's almost reckless.
She ran away with one of her nannies...
If she visits me, I will welcome her with warm tea.
Come to think of it...
I thought I had a daughter too.
Where did she go?

My headache is getting worse.
No matter how hard I try to concentrate on drawing, it's not getting any better.
I feel no sensation of pleasure when I see the clowns dance.
Everything around me is forgotten.
I am scared. I feel like I am someone else now...
What do you think?
Does this tell you anything?
  • Experience: 300,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
  • Item: Ambrosia x5
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

14.Recovering Fatigued Body

We haven't found anything special yet, but I know we will get close to the truth someday.
One thing I am sure of is... that we are being confused by something that we've never thought of.
This [Ambrosia] will refill your health and mana power.
Please use it to recover yourself first.
(It is not applicable to the No-Trade or Event items.)
Mission: Use Ambrosia x1
Sorry I cannot give you more at this time.
I know it's a small amount, but I hope this will still help you.
  • Experience: 300,000
  • Gold: 500,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

15.Urgent Situation

While you were gone, I heard that similar things have happened at Mohenjodaro.
That's right. It was called the [Hypogeum of Death].
I've heard that place also has been changed a lot. We cannot just ignore that place.
Please go to the [Hypogeum of Death].
And please collect [Immortal Hearts] from [Hades Patrollers] and [Hades Gatekeepers].
By the way, please don't forget that you will need a key to enter that place.

HINT: You can purchase the [Three Headed Dragon Tag] using battle points.
Mission: Immortal Heart x5
Oh... You are back!
Please give me that.
  • Experience: 800,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

16.The Secrets of Mohenjodaro

Oh my God!
This is the heart of a man who died a long time ago.
How can this be possible?
A miracle has happened.
The damaged nervous and circulatory systems of humans have been fixed and connected with something to revive them.
How could this happen? This is most unusual...
Raising corpses from the dead is not as simple as just transforming humans and animals into monsters.
If I am correct, we are facing very, very serious problem.
Something beyond our comprehension is happening now.
Please go kill [Agasura], the ruler of the [Hypogeum of Death].
Even if he's not human, [Agasura] should've died a long time ago too.
Please, have him die in peace.
Mission: Kill [Agasura] x1
Thank you for the long journey.
Yisinbaye... Nura.
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.

17.Sleepless Soul

If you approach it from another perspective, I guess these things are possible.
This thing I am about to give you right now is related to [Immortality].
I heard that a [Phoenix] is immortal.
The bird that dies in flame and is born again in flame...
I guess your friend is just like that bird.
Now, please use this [Immortal Crystal].
Then your friend will be prepared to gain more power.
And she will stay with you forever as your bow, even in the darkness.

[Tip] If you right-click on 'Immortal Crystal,' you can change class of Archer to 'Dark Archer.'
Mission: Use Immortal Crystal x1
I am sorry I can't tell you more...
But I hope we can meet each other again in the near future.
One who prophecy long awaited, please take care...
Ur, na ur.
The bow is the oldest weapon, but also the weapon that will last the longest.