Cleomenes - Spartan's Final Mission

Spartan's Final Mission

QuestCleomenes - Spartan's Final Mission
Required level105
Daily QuestsNo

The strands of destiny are weaving together.

Final Reward::

Cleomenes is a shaman who has learned of what happened in Sparta long ago.
She has taken on the task of resolving what has gone unresolved in Sparta's past.
Spartan's Final Mission Quest
Location: Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit northeast of Athens

1.The Wheel of Fate

Great star of overwhelming illumination!
I have waited for you, as I was instructed by fate.
My name is Cleomenes.
I am the oracle who watches over this place.
I am told my ancestors were also named Cleomenes.
Thalia gave the name.
You have traveled far, following the road of fate.
And your fate continues on, rolling forth like a wheel.
I cannot recall how long it has been, but I recognized you immediately.
The other day, I witnessed the small stars lose their light, choked away by the clouds.
Soon, a great star appeared and drove the clouds away, restoring the light of the small stars.
Today, you come to me bearing the power of the great star.
The wheel of fate turns again.
Please, find the small stars.
Mission: Talk to [Strange Tomb]
The wheel of fate has begun to turn.
Always remember that you stand at the center of this strand of destiny. Please, protect this world.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Follow your destiny.

2.Unfinished Job

Confusion hovers about you like fog.
Did you hear something strange?
The energy you encountered is usually so dim that it is impossible to notice. Nor does it wish to be noticed, at that.
There must be a reason for the small stars to reveal themselves first.
I cannot guess at their intention, but they may be seeking your help.
The small, dim star that you encountered...
It is someone's soul..
Please tell me what the soul said.

Mission: Answer [Unfinished Job] Question => Mission
Thank you for telling me this.
It seems they were carrying out a special mission.
Poor souls...
Although so much time has passed, there are still things they haven't finished...
You are the only one who can finish their last mission.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Follow your destiny.

3.Hero's Energy

First, I must learn why those small stars... those souls... are in despair.
Perhaps they feel guilt for not completing a mission, and have become restless and overcome with sadness...
In order to do that, I need your help.
For some reason, this world is moving with you at its center.
Please bring me a symbol charged with the energy of the stars.
I can feel the energy of the stars on the tombstones, but you don't have to bring me the whole thing. Some little pieces would be more than enough.
Mission: Tombstone Shard x10
Thank you so much.
This piece is ancient.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 125,000
Follow your destiny.

4.Hero's Past

Ah! Can you feel this?
The energy lying dormant in this tombstone piece...
I can feel the warcries of ancient Spartan heroes in this piece.
It seems there was a great war a long time ago.
And they are shouting strange things.
I don't know what this means, either.
It will be difficult for me to tell you what the souls are saying, so I'll have you listen directly.
Please take this.
I think you will understand it better if you listen yourself.
I'm afraid my own abilities as a medium may not get the full message across.
Mission: Read [Small Star's Past]
Small Star's PastSparta!
Spartans! Prepare for glory!
A Spartan's true strength is the warrior who stands beside him. It is an honor to march into battle beside you!
If all of our people fought as you do, the Spartan Soul Stone would guide us still, and we would never have known defeat.

Children, gather round! No retreat, no surrender: that is the Spartan way. And in the Spartan way we will stand and fight... and die. A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know that the Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!
The enemy outnumbers us a paltry three to one, good odds for any Greek. This day, we will take back the Spartan Soul Stone and rescue a world mired in mysticism and tyranny. This day we usher in a future brighter than anything we can imagine!

I, the Spartan king, die here,
but these brave warriors of mine will continue to fight with all their hearts...
It seems that many things happened in this soul's past.
Follow your destiny.

5.The Center of the World

How do you feel after hearing the soul's warcries?
Perhaps we can't make exact sense of what's going on, but their emotions and circumstances are easily sensed.
It seems they were trying to protect the soul stone, but someone took it away.
The soul stone...
It was originally a treasure of Atlantis. It was made by combining various magical crystals.
These crystals contain enormous energy, and even the Atlantians have to spend a great deal of time and effort to make it.
It seems likely that the Spartans got their hands on the soul stone and gained great power.
They ruled over other countries using that power.
However, that great empire disappeared one day without any apparent reason.
There was some speculation, but my guess is that they were attacked by the Atlantians.
Was my story too complicated?
You are not a descendant of the Spartans, but you are destined to become their light.
It is enough that you follow your fate.
You probably have many questions, I'm sure.
Unfortunately, I can do no more than deliver to you the will of the heavens.
You need to find the answers yourself.
But you needn't worry. There are many who can help you.
Please visit the Hall of Fame and find people both allies and rivals.
Mission: Search Rankings of Hall of Fame Competition
I hope you found the answers you sought.
I've yet to discern the meaning behind the souls' warcries or the Spartans' intent.
However, your fate is unique.
There are many stars around you.
You can draw upon their light for help.
Among the myriad stars of the night sky, yours shines the brightest.
You stand in the center.
As though you were the center of the world...
Follow your destiny.

6.Endangered Soul

Ah! The dim star lights are obscured by dark clouds.
The dark force I was expecting has started to appear. Please hurry.
If those clouds devour the stars, the souls will lose their light and perish.
I shall guide your path.
You need the Soul Stone to save the souls' light, but it was lost long ago.
However, there is another way. We must use Shining Starlight Shards.
I hear that the Eagles in the Immortal Sky are carrying them.
(Investigate the Eagle Knights and the Eagle Patriarchs on the Path of Immortality in the Ancient Aztec City.)
Oh yes, this is what I was looking for.
Thanks to your help, I'm able to protect these heroes' souls.
You did great work.
Follow your destiny.

7.The Power of the Souls

I hear the souls' shouts again not far from here.
Although I've stabilized the souls with the starlight shards, I don't think it will last long.
I want to help them, but unfortunately I can't because they are beings without physical bodies.
Even with my considerable power, I can't make the shadows move. However, a small streak of light can.
The only beings that can save them are the souls buried in the ground.
I hope you, who possesses the energy of light, can awaken the souls.
It won't be easy to stir them from their slumber, but if you break their tombs, they will have no choice but to awaken.
It's the only way.

TIP: Set the Sad Heroes' Souls free from the Broken Tombs.
Mission: Rescue [Sad Hero's Soul] x 45
Thank you very much for your efforts.
The souls you have awakened have begun to gather.
These souls will be able to help the weakened ones.
I should prepare a new place for the souls to rest when all is done.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Follow your destiny.

8.The Light of the Souls

Many of the souls were awakened thanks to you.
However, only 145 heroes are awake out of 300.
The remaining souls are still missing, and the force of the dark clouds grows stronger.
The weaker souls probably felt the accumulating energy and began to move.
We must hurry.
We should lead the souls out of the darkness ourselves.
Please bring me 56 Starlight Shards that can be used to light the way for the souls.
I hear that the Tree Spirits in the Room of Resurrection have them.

(Investigate the Fake Tlaltecuhtli in the Room of Resurrection.)
You've brought them all.
Thank you.
Now I can lead the souls in the right direction.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Follow your destiny.

9.The Power of Wishes

I shall summon the scattered heroes' souls here.
However, this isn't as strong as the soul stone, and its energy is different, so I need to enchant it with a special ritual.
Then I'll start the ritual.
The soul...
by my summoning...
...eternal starlight...
Now I need your help.
You bear the power of the great star.
The souls will gather and follow the energy of that star...
I made this Wishing Starlight using the remaining starlight shards. Please fill it with your power.
Mission: Use Wishing Starlight x1
The souls should be safe here.
There are 300 warriors in total.
So, where are the missing souls? I don't understand why they aren't responding to our summons.
Follow your destiny.

10.Disappeared Dark Force

Oh! I can't feel the dark force anymore! It seems that the force has gone into hiding, probably after feeling your energy.
I haven't yet learned the energy's true identity or the whereabouts of the remaining souls. How troubling...
You must reduce your own power signature, otherwise it will remain hidden from us. Sit and be still...
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
Good work. I can feel the dark force again.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Follow your destiny.

11.Another Soul

Fortunately, I discovered that the dark force is not far from here.
It seems that it was drawn by the enormous power of the soul stone, and devoured it.
As I have guessed, it seems this being is closely related to the Atlantians.
However, I find it hard to believe that the Spartans' ancient enemies still linger here...
First, I need to know if there are any remaining heroes' souls about.
If my feeling is correct, the souls are probably tangled up in the dark force and cannot escape.
If you find the Spartans' souls, please set them free.
Mission: Rescue [Malicious Spartan] x 30
Good work.
I'm sure the souls are grateful.
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Follow your destiny.

12.Soul Haven

It's very fortunate that you saved the souls, but their resting place is now ruined.
Perhaps that's why their shouts have grown stronger.
...Soul stone...
They say the Atlantians sent the Bronze Giant to take away the Spartans' soul stone.
It seems that their mission was to get the soul stone back.
It's nearly impossible to understand them, but we should prepare a comfortable place for them to rest.
While I am searching for a place, please make 30 Ancient Tombstones.
No, please make 300.
We may yet find the remaining souls later...

TIP: Please refer to Quest Craft.
Mission: Craft [Ancient Tombstone] x300
I requested many tombstones on such short notice, and yet you delivered. Thank you very much.
You must have put great effort into these.
I can see that.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 500,000
Follow your destiny.

13.Dark Force's Identity

The dark force was the Bronze Giant sent by the Atlantians.
Come to think of it, I have heard tales of the Bronze Giant causing trouble in this area.
However, I've never seen it myself, as it keeps itself hidden.
If you wish to defeat the Bronze Giant, you'll need to be at your best. Please see to your wounds.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
Very good. Perhaps now you'll stand a chance.
Follow your destiny.

14.Fool the Bronze Giant

But... curses! The Bronze Giant has hidden itself away! Perhaps it fears you, after all.
We must find a way to draw it out. But how?
Hm... I think it might be a good idea to change your energy a little bit.
Please try to change mercenaries during battle.
If you do it enough, you may fool the Bronze Giant.
Mission: Change merc. while in battle x20
Thank you.
As expected, the Bronze Giant revealed his energy for a moment after yours was changed.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 300,000
Follow your destiny.


I could sense it for but a brief moment, but it was enough to pinpoint its location.
However, the energy of the Bronze Giant was rather strong because it absorbed the soul stone.
Without a strong will, you may fall under the giant's thrall.
You should increase your mental fortitude if you want to face the giant safely.
I will grant you my blessing to keep you safe. Please be seated.
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
You have my blessing, and with it, an increase in mental fortitude.
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 800,000
Follow your destiny.

16.Long Overdue Mission

Just looking at the Bronze Giant, I can see that the Atlantians' power was beyond our imagination.
I hear that even Verdandi was threatened by them.
Anyway, you are now ready to face the Bronze Giant, the weapon of the Atlantians.
Let me show you where the Bronze Giant awaits.

It is near the Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit.
Though you won't see the Bronze Giant right away, you will see it if you wait patiently.
I'm sure you will defeat it with ease. I will pray for your success.
May the gods bless you...
Mission: Kill [Malicious Bronze Giant] x1
You have accomplished something great.
You did an excellent job, hard though it may have been.
The missing souls started streaming from the body of the Bronze Giant you defeated.
It seems that it absorbed the souls of the Spartan heroes along with the soul stone.
Unfortunately, the soul stone was broken into pieces when the Bronze Giant was defeated.
However, it's fortunate that the souls are now able to return to their resting place in peace.
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 500,000
Follow your destiny.

17.Another Beginning

They will be able to rest in peace now that you defeated the Bronze Giant, which was the heroes' wish and their mission.
Although the soul stone was destroyed, I have a feeling that it will appear again in the future.
The Spartan heroes will awaken and follow the owner of the soul stone.
I can hear the souls that were trapped in the Bronze Giant.
They're saying they completed their mission...
I guess their mission was not to save the soul stone, but to defeat the Bronze Giant.
The little stars seem to be looking for you.
Please hurry.
Mission: Talk to [Strange Tomb]
Have you met the small star?
This tombstone was made by collecting energy from the tombstones of the souls you saved.
I would like to give you this, along with my thanks.
Please place it near the tombs.

(TIP: Use it in Southern Europe X: 2222, Y: 822.)
It seems the threads of destiny grow stronger and stronger.
This is not the end, but the beginning.
Please protect this beautiful world.
Follow your destiny.