Croesus - Serestia's Prophecy

Serestia's Prophecy

QuestCroesus - Serestia's Prophecy
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

Hah... Where am I? Where the hell... is the Sanctum of Prophecy?

Final Reward::

An unbeatable war hero and the king of Lydia. He came to the sanctum of prophecy to find a prophet who could reverse the prophecy that he would lose his next war.
Serestia's Prophecy Quest
Location: Near Berne

1.Where am I?

Hah, where am I?
Hey there! Wait! You, adventurer!
Let me ask you a question. Where am I?
Hm, don't you know?
Would you look around for me?
I came from the west, and I've been walking for 10 days straight. My legs are killing me!
You look like you already know...
If you know where this is, please tell me right away, and if you really don't know, then can you look around here and tell me?
I really can't walk another step. Please do this for me.
Mission: Answer [Where am I?] Question => Sanctum of Clear Prophecy
What? This is the [Sanctum of Clear Prophecy]?
Haha... How fortunate.
I've finally arrived at the Sanctum of Clear Prophecy.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 80,000
Hah... hah...

2.Wrong Prophecy

The goddess of victory, Nike, must have blessed me. Thank you, goddess!
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.
I am [Croesus], the king of Lydia.
...I may be a king, but I hope you can see me as a fellow adventurer.
I've left my country, and I've been travelling in disguise.
Hm, but the purpose of my trip might be a little different from yours.
I left Lydia to seek out the Sanctum and receive a prophecy.
The Lydian Kings of the past... that is, my ancestors, have always asked a prophet for visions of victory, and only made war when their victories were foreseen.
Lydia has become a great empire for their prudence.
However, my father, Alyattes, started keeping a royal prophet in the palace to receive prophecies more conveniently.
The royal prophet's prophecies were good in the beginning, but of late we only receive ill omens.
Here, read this.
It says we'll lose our next war.
Mission: Read [Book of Royal Prophecies]
Shar's Book of PropheciesOur dear King Croesus!
Do not lead your men into the next war.
According to my vision, you will surely lose.
Heed my words!

-Shar, Royal Prophet
The spirit of our undefeated army was so great that it nearly touched the sky, but the royal prophet has weakened their resolve.
The fear stirred up by this prophecy may really cause us to lose the war...
Hah... hah...

3.Miltia Serestia

So I've come all the way to the Sanctum of Prophecy to receive a vision myself.
I'm certain I'll hear a new prophecy to embolden the spirit of my army.
Adventurer, do you happen to know how big the sanctum is? It looks big to me.
We've just met, but I feel as if I can trust you. If you're not too busy, would you help me find the prophet here?
Her name is [Miltia Serestia].
I hear she's a truly gifted prophet.
Mission: Talk to [Miltia Serestia]
Ah, you've returned.
How did your search go?
Great work.
No matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find her. But you were successful!
What did she say?
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 80,000
Hah... hah...

4.Wait a second!

Come on! Wait.
Let me... give me a second.
Hah.. Hah...
I need to catch my breath.
As a matter of fact, I've only ever heard of the [Sanctum of Clear Prophecy] in a book, and I was never fully certain it actually existed.
I can't help but feel surprised when you say you've met the legendary [Miltia Serestia].
Could you bring me a [Sedative]?
I hear it's a medicine made with Green Mold and Dogwood Fruit and so on...

(Hint: My Info - Skills - Quest Crafting)
Mission: Craft [Sedative] x1
Thank you.
Give me a moment to drink this.
...I feel much better now.
So, what did Miltia Serestia say?
  • Experience: 80,000
  • Gold: 80,000
Hah... hah...


Oh, a king from the east? That would be me, of course. She truly is an amazing prophet.
But where did you find her?
I'd like to meet her myself.
What? She predicted that I would be killed if I saw her?
Maybe I shouldn't meet her myself, after all.
I don't suppose you'd be willing to listen to her prophecy on my behalf?
I'll pay you well enough.
Oh, thank you, adventurer!
So this is the prophecy.
Let me see...
It says, "If you wage war, you will [cause] the great empire fall!"
This prediction must be of our army's victory! Hahaha.
I'd best prepare for my return trip.
I want to share this good news with my soldiers as soon as possible.
Thank you for helping me.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 100,000
  • Item: Golden Box x1
Hah... hah...