Emily - The Cursed Brush

The Cursed Brush

QuestEmily - The Cursed Brush
Required level124
Daily QuestsNo

Even though I came all the way to Van Gogh's Hometown to find the picture of Dorian Gray, I am trapped in here. Dorian Gray must be killing innocent people at this moment... What should I do?

A young noblewoman of the Wotton family who decided to take revenge on Dorian Gray after he killed her father on vanished. She came to Van Gogh's hometown to find Dorian Gray's portrait, which grants him immortality.
Van Gogh's The Owner of the Cursed Brush Quest
Location: Inside the Church at Auvers

1.Proof of Trust

So the mighty one finally deigns to speak to me.
How could you ignore us for so long?
I've been watching you all this time...
Don't you know what I'm talking about?
I am speaking of the strange things that have been happening here, of course.
Oh, for heaven's sake!
Everyone here in the Church at Auvers are trapped. We couldn't leave this god-forsaken building if we wanted to!
People can enter, but once inside, they're trapped.
This church has become our prison.
And yet here you are, walking in and out without a problem.
I'm sure you realize just how suspicious that makes you.
Most of us think you're the one who did this to you, in fact.
Oh, don't give me that look.
If you're not the responsible party, then prove to me that you're trustworthy.
Warriors gain trust by spreading their fame.
And what would your claim to fame be?
Would I have heard your name before?
Mission: Earn Fame Points (200/200)
Such fame is hard to come by...
I think I can put my trust in you.
Sorry I doubted you before.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

2.Ominous Cries

My name is Emily.
I'm here in search of a particular picture.
It's a portrait of a man...
A portrait that is, itself... alive.
Ah? I expected you would be more surprised.
Everyone I've told so far looked at me as though I were crazy...
So you've seen living paintings before.
Still, the people trapped in here don't believe me.
They don't even believe in whatever force has trapped us here.
They've deluded themselves into thinking that this is some delinquent's idea of a prank.
But do you know what makes them feel more nervous?
That's the cries from those crows.
Can you hear them?
Those ominous cries...
Those cries have unsettled everybody trapped here.
Some of my companions here have clamored to go outside and shoot them, but of course nobody can leave.
Perhaps you could chase them away for us?
Mission: Kill [Ferocious Raven] x20 ; Kill [Savage Crow] x20
Oh, thank you.
The quiet is wondrous.
Perhaps now we can look at the situation more calmly.
  • Experience: 12,000,000
  • Gold: 7,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.


As I mentioned before, I came here in search of a living painting.
It's the portrait of a man, beautiful beyond description. They call it [The Picture of Dorian Gray].
Delicate crimson lips and clear blue eyes.
Curly blond hair.
Long, elegant arms and legs...
Dorian Gray shocked London society with his amazing beauty...
He was my fiance.
...and a murderer.
My family is of noble origin, but we were poor, having to our name only a small house on the outskirts of the city.
We only left the home for Sunday mass.
That day...
A drunkard attacked my father, but Dorian Gray appeared as if from nowhere.
The drunkard carried a knife, but that didn't stop Dorian Gray.
He knocked the man aside, but his face was deeply cut. And before my eyes, the wound closed itself instantly.
He said it was because of his robust constitution, and I was foolish enough to believe him.
We became close, and soon enough we were in love.
Oh, oh! We've been trapped here far too long. I fear that a panic will start soon, and some of my companions here have already passed out.
Perhaps I should calm them before we continue our discussion.
Would you be so kind as to fetch me some medicine?
I believe it was called [Revival Plant]. Smelling the scent of that plant will ease people's mind, I heard.
Mission: Revival Plant x30
Oh, thank you!
That should help.
I smelled some, too. That calmed me down a lot.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

4.Living Picture

Dorian and I were in love, and soon we were engaged. A few days later, he invited me to his home for the first time.
He said I could go anywhere but the attic.
Alas, it is human nature to do that which is forbidden. He was called away for a moment, and I immediately went to the attic.
The walls of the room were covered in curtains, and it was dark. There was something wrapped in dark blue cloth in the middle of the room.
When I unwrapped the cloth, there was a picture of a wretched old man.
I was so surprised that I dropped the painting and fled. The picture hit the corner of a table and was torn just a little.
The picture... the old man made a moaning sound, and grimaced!
At that moment, Dorian appeared before me, his face pained.
He grasped at his shoulder, and it was... bleeding. I looked back at the painting, and the old man's shoulder was bleeding, too.
And I understood.
The painting is alive. It's sharing its life with Dorian.
The old man in the picture and Dorian are one.
In fear, I ran straight home.
The pictures here... They're also alive, aren't they? Objects in the paintings pop out and steal our belongings.
The people here suspect each other, but it's all the fault of the monsters in the paintings.
I saw some monsters run away to the painting called [The Cafe Terrace].
Do you think you could retrieve our stolen items?
(Hint: Investigate the [Deadly Street Lamps] and [Distorted Tables].)
Mission: Lost Bag x20 ; Lost Clothes x20
Thank you.
The wild accusations have died down for now.
Some of them seem to believe me, even.
  • Experience: 12,000,000
  • Gold: 7,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

5.My Father's Letter

Dorian visited my home several times after the incident, but I never allowed him to see me.
I was so scared.
I convinced myself that he wasn't human.
His unbelievable beauty and his healing power frightened me so...
My father told me it was fortunate that I had broken it off with Dorian when I did. But since he was the one who approved the engagement in the first place, his pride must have been hurt.
He began to investigate Dorian's true identity.
One day, my father left and never returned.
This is the letter he left behind that day.
Mission: Read [Father's Note]
Father's Letter1.
My dearest wife,
I heard something amazing from the chief of police today. He said that Dorian Gray might be a horrible murderer.
He said there were some women who mysteriously died around him when he was staying in London.
It's suspicious, but there's no hard evidence to convict him.

It's as I've always said...
I can't give my darling daughter to someone I can't trust...
He must have come here, where no one knows of his crimes in London. If he'd succeeded, Emily would have...

I intend to go to his house with the London police tonight.
I'll show Emily what sort of man he is.
Don't let her leave the house tonight.
And this became his last.
He was found dead along with the policemen he was with.
Dorian vanished without a trace after that.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.


If I can't find Dorian, perhaps I can find the painting that shares his life. That's why I've come here.
Surely Dorian must be nearby, if the picture is so important to him.
I've enlisted the help of the local police, of course.
The London police helped me in London, and now the Paris police are helping me here in France.
The police don't seem to believe in the living picture, but they promised to help me as much as they can when I suggested that I could help them find Dorian.
After all, I am the only person to have survived Dorian Gray.
Why don't you read this letter?
The chief of police in London gave me this letter a few weeks ago when I left the city.
Mission: Read [London Police's Letter]
Letter from the Chief of Police in London1.
Dear Emily,
The corpse of a young woman named Sybil Vane was found behind St. James's Theatre.
Vane was an actress who was enjoying some recent fame, and Dorian Gray visited the theatre every day to see her play.

Gray and Vane became engaged, but he disappeared shortly after her murder.
P.S. I'm sending you a copy of a paper found at the murder scene. I was unable to turn up anything in my investigation, but you might find some use for this.
Dorian keeps approaching young women and killing them. His method is always the same.
Even at this moment, he is surely using his unearthly beauty to seduce his next victim.
I must find his painting - and Dorian himself - before he can hurt another girl!
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

7.Clue I

I think the Church at Auvers is the most likely hiding place for Dorian's portrait. Some [tickets to the Church at Auvers] were found in his house after he disappeared.
He's visited here several times.
He must have grown nervous after I damaged the picture.
I believe he hid it here to keep it safe.
What better hiding place for a portrait is there?
One thing I've yet to understand it the piece of paper that the police chief sent me.
It seems to indicate some place, but the writing is so strange. Perhaps a more seasoned traveler could make sense of it?
Oh! You can read it?
So this is the writing of a long-forgotten civilization...
I'm amazed you can read it.
Can you go to the place indicated on the map please?
Perhaps we can find a clue as to the whereabouts of the picture of Dorian Gray.

(HINT: If you use the [Dark Priest's Map], it will show you where the [Archbishop's Skull Staff] is hidden.)
What is this monstrous staff?
I should hold on to it for now, but...
It is an unsettling object.
You discovered this at Constantinople Palace?
I am reminded of the many mysterious strangers whom Dorian kept around him.
There was a caravan from the desert, an astrologer from the East, and a Turkish alchemist.
At the time I assumed he had an interest in foreign novelties, but I suppose there was something else he was interested in...
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

8.Dorian's Rule

We've made some progress in finding Dorian's picture, but the situation here is worsening.
Not only are our things vanishing, but now, so are people.
I'm certain it's the same monsters from the paintings. But why have they started targeting us?
Is someone controlling them?
We must learn more about them.
If they are controlled by someone, perhaps they carry some clue of their leader's identity.
Please investigate another picture.
The picture called [The Langlois Bridge] somehow bothers me.

(Hint: Investigate the [Violent Straws] and [Crazy Sunflowers].)
You found these on the monsters?
These belong to Dorian.
Then the monsters in the picture must be controlled by Dorian Gray.
How confounding.
I had assumed Dorian came to this church to protect his portrait.
Why would he draw attention to this place by having the monsters attack people?
Is it a warning against those who would touch the picture? It makes little sense.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

9.Another Murder

I came here because of the tickets in Dorian's house. However, I also received a letter from the chief of the Parisian police.
This is the letter.
Would you please read it?
Mission: Read [Paris Police's Letter]
Letter from the Chief of Police in Paris1.
Dear Emily,
The corpse of a man named James Vane was found near the Seine River in Paris.
According to the London police, James is the brother of a woman who was murdered in London some time ago. He seems to have followed Dorian Gray from London to Paris, seeking revenge for his sister's death.

As per your request, we've increased our patrols in Paris and the neighboring cities, but we've uncovered no sign of Dorian Gray.
Because of the rumor that Gray is invulnerable, my men are hesitant to seek him out. It's difficult to know how to proceed...
I'm certain that Dorian is the murderer here, too.
He must be somewhere near Van Gogh's Hometown.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

10.Clue II

What I really want to know is if the painting is here. If so, where has he hidden it?
But I think I've found something that we can use as a clue.
One of the seals you brought me was different from the others. The paper was similar to the one the chief of London's police sent me, in fact.
The language on this paper is similar to that on the previous map.
Please go to the place indicated on this map.
I hope you find some conclusive piece of evidence this time.

(HINT: If you use the [Faded Palace Map], it will show you the place where [Infatuated Emperor's Royal Seal] is hidden.)
This is an Emperor's royal seal.
I can't believe that it would be dropped so carelessly inside the palace.
I'll hold onto this, as well.
I wonder what the significance is that both maps pointed to Contantinople.
I thought the portrait was hidden here, but perhaps it's someplace else?
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

11.Arles Hospital

While you were gone, I found a way into Arles Hospital.
There were many patients there, but... there was something wrong with them.
One moment they would seem fine, but the next they would sieze and scream as though they were being attacked.
They looked as if they were possessed...
Would you visit Arles Hospital?
You might be able to find the cause of their seizures.
Oh, oh... What did you uncover?
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

12.For the Rainbow to Rise

The patients are possessed by the evil spirits?
Who could do that?
Dorian, perhaps?
...Or is it something else?
I know what it is to lose oneself in despair. I'm concerned about these patients.
After my father died, I... I was lost, too.
If it weren't for a book I read at a library I happened by...
Now that I think about it, that library was a mysterious place.
It had witches...
And a cat named Cheshire...
And an owl mailman. All living together!
Would you perhaps go there and bring me the book?
I still have the book's reference number.
Right. This is it.
Here's the phrase.
In order for the rainbow to rise, rain must fall.
How can we experience the good without hardship?
This book is meant for young witches, but it helped a normal human like me in my time of need.
Pursuing Dorian has taken its toll on me, but I need to keep my spirits up.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

13.Possessed Spirit

However, proverbs won't be enough to help the people in Arles Hospital.
How can I rid them of the evil spirits that plague them?
Can you get rid of the evil spirits?
If it's really possible, please kill the spirits and help the patients come to their senses. Please.
Mission: Kill [Pitiful Ghost Knight] x20 ; Kill [Cruel Ghost Knight] x20
Are the patients back to normal?
I feel relieved.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

14.Last Clue

The map found at the crime scene in London and the one hidden in Dorian's seals remind me of something I'd forgotten.
I borrowed a book from Dorian before, and there was an orange-colored piece of paper written in an unknown language inside.
Even touching the paper gave me chills, so I closed the book and forgot all about it until now.
That paper might be helpful.
Ah! Fortunately, I still have the book.
And here's the orange paper.
I'm glad I kept those items related to Dorian close to me.
On closer inspection, this has many similarities to the other maps.
Perhaps this map will lead us to something useful, too?

(HINT: If you use the [Ominous Orange Map], it will show you the place where [Soul of Cimmerian Darkness] is hidden.)
What is this orb?
How... strange.
Just looking at it makes me dizzy.
Ah, take my hand...
Oh my. I felt as though I were being possessed when I held it without your help.
Of course, it doesn't affect you at all.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

15.Hidden from Daylight

Now I have [Archbishop's Skull Staff], [Infatuated Emperor's Royal Seal], and [Soul of Cimmerian Darkness].
These items seem to be important clues to find the picture of Dorian Gray. Or they indicate a certain place...
Is there any place you can think of by looking at these?
(Enter the number of the correct answer.)
[1] Night Palace, [2] Sealed Tower of Darkness
[3] Lerna's Labyrinth, [4] Hypogeum of Death
Mission: Answer [Hidden from Daylight] Question => 1
Of course... the [Night Palace]!
These items belong to the rulers of the Night Palace!
I thougt the picture of Dorian Gray must be here, but this place was a decoy.
Dorian actually hid his portrait in the Night Palace.
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

16.The Picture of Dorian Gray

I believe that the picture of Dorian Gray is hidden in the Night Palace, but I'm worried.
How can I reach the Night Palace, hidden in the deepest part of Constantinople Palace?
Besides, the place is occupied by the Turks. I can't just waltz in there and take the painting, can I?
Oh! You have helped the Turks conquer the place?
Mehmed II even gave you the Crystal of Truth... I was worried for nothing.
It's up to you to carry my investigation there.
Please see if you can find the [Picture of Dorian Gray] in the [Night Palace].
(HINT: You can get an [Infatuation Jewel] that allows you to enter the [Night Palace] from [Merchant Mercurius] in Rome's [Bazaar].)
(HINT: You can acquire the [Picture of Dorian Gray] by killing the [Queen of Cimmerian Darkness].)
This is it. This image of a horrible, decrepit old man is the picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

17.The Picture's Fate

We must be rid of the picture quickly.
There's no time to waste. Dorian might be harming someone even at this moment.
Morever, if Dorian is the one who trapped us here, then he might lose control if we destroy the picture.
Wait! Please, use this dagger instead of your own weapon.
This dagger was my father's.
It was an award for his distinguished service in the Boeer War, and Queen Victoria herself handed it to him.
My family is in ruins, but this dagger guards my father's pride.
Please, tear the picture of Dorian Gray with my father's... No, the [Wotton Family Dagger].
My father can only find peace in the hereafter if you destroy the picture with his dagger.
Mission: Use Wotton Family Dagger x1
Dorian must be in pain!
Still, it would be better for all if we could ensure that he's dead.
Hm... strange. The picture is destroyed, yet we can't still leave this church.
How is this possible?
There must be something else behind our imprisonment.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

18.New Clue

When you left to get the picture of Dorian, I received an urgent telegram from the chief of police in Paris.
Of course, the policeman who delivered the telegram is also trapped here now.
I wasn't sure if I should show you this telegram or not.
You brought me Dorian's portrait. I couldn't possibly ask more of you...
Yet you are the only person I know who can help me.
Please, loathe as I am to ask for your help again...
First of all, please read this urgent telegram.
Mission: Read [Urgent Telegram]
Urgent Telegram1.
Dear Emily,
The Paris Police have been pursuing a man named Basil Hallward, who claims to have painted the picture of Dorian Gray.
However, he was found dead in an inn in the Parisian suburbs. It seems he had been dead quite some time.

However, his appearance was unusual.
His body showed no sign of decomposition, but rather was emptied of internal organs and skeleton.
It looked like the molt of a snake after it's shed its skin.

According to the owner of a nearby bar, Basil had been going around claiming to have a contract with the devil, and that he could magically bring paintings to life with his cursed brush.

I believe both the picture you mentioned and the ones coming alive in Van Gogh's Hometown have something to do with this cursed brush.
The Paris Police will do our best to find this cursed brush.

P.S. It seems that this man Basil had correspondence with Van Gogh, whom he met in a small exhibit.
The two men shared an opposition to large exhibitions like the Royal Art Exhibit, and shared drinks as they ranted late into the night.
A cursed brush that paints living pictures...
If such a brush exists, there could be a second or third portrait of Dorian.
We need to find the cursed brush and destroy it before that happens.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

19.Hiding Manager

However, I don't know where to start.
I don't have any clues...
Wait! How could I have missed this?
According to the telegram sent by the chief of police in Paris, an artist named Basil Hallward and Van Gogh were close.
I think we need to pay attention to that fact.
The pictures painted by Van Gogh come to life and attack people here.
And Basil Hallward drew the picture of Dorian Gray, too.
Both of them have used the cursed brush.
We might find something if we go through Van Gogh's belongings.
If there are any residents in Van Gogh's Hometown who know about Van Gogh and Basil Hallward, they might also know about the cursed brush.
Now that I think of it, the patients in Arles Hospital looked as if they wanted to tell me something.
However, the manager stopped them from saying anything.
Every patient fell silent under his terrifying gaze.
One patient did manage to tell me that the manager was possessed by an evil spirit.
Do you think you can meet the manager?
If he really is possessed, please get rid of the evil spirit.
Perhaps then we might learn something.
Mission: Kill [Spellbound Manager] x1
Thank you!
I can hear the cheering of the patients, freed at last from the manager's cruel tyranny!
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

20.Incarnation of the Past

They've told me the truth about Arles Hospital, and it was quite a shock...
I assumed they were all paintings created by the cursed brush.
However, some of them were actually residents of Van Gogh's Hometown.
The residents of Van Gogh's hometown were abducted one-by-one into the pictures without getting noticed. And there, they were possessed...
They claim that Van Gogh brought an unknown artist back with him after an exhibition in Paris.
The name of the artist was Basil Hallward.
Van Gogh appreciated his passion for the art, but it was closer to madness than passion.
Basil had mood swings and a violent attitude, and whenever his work didn't show any progress, he harmed himself or those around him.
After Van Gogh died, he hid himself in Van Gogh's atelier and never came out.
Since he hasn't been spotted in so long, the residents were worried and went to the atelier, but found only the cursed brush painting on a canvas on its own.
The figure they thought was Basil Hallward was not him at all, but a gray shade of the man.
Some of the residents were grabbed by a huge hand that came out from the painting, and they were dragged in.
That monster and the cursed brush are still inside the Atelier of Solitude.
I've heard it called [Twisted Memory] since it's the incarnation of Basil's twisted obsession and madness toward art.
Please go to the Atelier of Solitude and kill the Twisted Memory.
Mission: Ominous Scroll x1
It seems that monster was quite dangerous.
While you were fighting, the whole town shook as if there was an earthquake.
Oh, what's that in your hand?
The Twisted Memory was holding onto it?
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 30,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

21.Riederan's Pledge

I think I can read this scroll.
It says [Riederan's Pledge] on the cover.
Oh god...
This is a powerful contract.
Take a look at it please.
Mission: Read [Riederan's Pledge]
Riederan's PledgeThis contract supercedes all else.
My pledge carries the power of a holy contract combined with the principle of causality.
There is only one condition!
This contract strips you of your soul but grants one wish.

Write your wish. It will be granted.
Sign your name.
Your soul will belong to Riederan.
Do not ever forget this:
If you try to destroy the pledge in order to break the contract, your body will also be taken.

Please let me paint a picture...
...that looks real enough to come to life.
- Basil Hallward
This pledge is frightening.
To grant any wish... But at that cost?
And there's Basil's name on the bottom.
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

22.The Owner of the Cursed Brush

His wish to paint a life-like picture certainly came true.

It actually came to life and created an evil like Dorian.
What is left for him after painting a living picture?
He sold his soul and had his body taken by the cursed brush.
In the end, only his obsession and madness for the art was left.
It was the wrong choice from the beginning. What's the use of getting everything at the cost of your soul?
But... that's a name we must never forget.
The name of the man who created the cursed brush through this powerful pledge.
Do you remember what it was?
(Hint: [OOOOOOOO's Pledge].)
Mission: Answer [The Owner of the Cursed Brush] Question => Riederan
That's right. Riederan...
I'm not sure why, but this figure seems very meaningful.
I wanted to make sure you wouldn't forget.
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

23.Free from Control

I don't know if this Riederan is from the past, or if he's still alive.
However, this pledge of his caused all of these troubles.
Such an object can only bring destruction to the world.
Hm... I tried to burn it, but it didn't catch fire.
You might be able to destroy this pledge since you seem to be beyond its influence.
Would you burn Riederan's Pledge with this [Flint] please?
Mission: Use Flint x1
As I thought, you destroyed it easily.
Since the pledge is no more, there will be no more cursed brushes.
Oh! I... I think the force holding us inside the church has also lifted!
Look at that! I'm sure the others felt as I did.
How they run for their freedom.
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
  • Item: Flint x1
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

24.Beautiful Van Gogh's Hometown

Van Gogh's Hometown.
This is such a beautiful place.
When I first came here, I was too distraught by my own pain to notice, but the pain is gone now.
Of course, it's because we destroyed the picture of Dorian Gray. But I can't help thinking that the sunshine here had a hand in my improved outlook.
I can understand why Van Gogh settled down here. I think he was looking for a place that could warm up his heart.
I... I think I'll stay here, too.
I'll spend the rest of my life teaching art to the local children.
Hm, I'd like to ask you a favor.
I've plenty of art supplies... except for paint. Of course, paint is no easy thing to get.
Would you make some for me? I don't care what kind.
I'll trust your taste.
(Hint: You can craft Rainbow Paint through [Quest Crafting].)
Mission: Craft [Rainbow Paint] x1
Ah! I've never seen paint like this before.
It looks like I could draw a rainbow with one brush stroke.
You still remember the story I told you before... I'm so moved!
  • Experience: 7,000,000
  • Gold: 5,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.

25.An Eye for Beauty

It's unfortunate. I doubt Basil was ever able to see the true beauty of an object, so obsessed was he with creating living art.
I hear the eye to see true beauty is called [Insight].
I hope you haven't lost your insight to appreciate beauty after your long journey and many battles.
If so, I'd like to help you raise your insight.
I hear there is a man named [Charles Sight] in the [My Home Bazaar in Rome]. Please see him about learning insight.

(You can learn [Insight Lv.1] from Charles Sight.)
(You can raise your insight up to [Insight Lv.2] by visiting other people's homes and check out the items with applied insight.)
Mission: Learn Facility Skill
Perhaps insight has no real use.
Still, take a break and visit your friends' homes even though you're busy, and show interest in the items they have. Isn't that true insight?
It's time for me to say goodbye.
I could never have found the picture of Dorian Gray on my own.
I owe you so much.
When your adventure finally ends, please visit Van Gogh's Hometown again.
I'll welcome you anytime.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I need to find Dorian Gray and learn the secret of his portrait.