Enrique Mas - Guardian of Detroit

Guardian of Detroit
Enrique Mas

QuestEnrique Mas - Guardian of Detroit
NPCEnrique Mas
Required level102
Daily QuestsYes

Final Reward::

[Enrique Mas]
Enrique Mas is a legendary sheriff who has returned to Detroit to rid it of crime. He is preparing for a battle to defend Detroit after discovering a criminal organization even more cruel and violent than Bloody Friday in the Detroit Underground.
Guardian of Detroit Quest
Location: Inside Mafia's Office
* This NPC's quests will reset regularly. Check your Quest Log for the schedule.

1.Sheriff of Detroit

Name's Enrique Mas, sheriff of Detroit.
You don't look like a criminal. What brings you here to the Mafia's Office?
Best head off now if you've got no business. I'm in the middle of an investigation.
What are you doing?
You really don't want to go back?
Hahaha. Hey.
You don't look like any ordinary traveler I've ever seen. So be straight with me. What's your real purpose in coming here?
You really don't want to go, do you?
In that case, will you do me a favor if I let you inside?
...Great. I like your attitude.
Haven't I heard of you before? How famous are you?
No offense, but I'm not interested in working with those who haven't proven themselves.
You have more than [50 Fame Points], don't you?
Mission: Earn Fame Points (50/50)
Heh, that'll do.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

2.The Amnesiac Sheriff

You know, I get a strange feeling looking at you.
We haven't met before, have we?
No, I can't remember exactly, but I'm certain of it. We've met.
Was it in Dallas or Detroit...
Hm... Can't say for certain.
Let me level with you. I lost all my memories of my past. With my daughter's help, I'm able to work as sheriff, but I can't remember anybody I may have met before.
My doc insists I might get my memories back in time, and I'm trying my damnedest to remember.
Do you know [Christine Mas] by any chance? That's my daughter.
She thought I had died in the Detroit Massacre 8 years ago, and decided to become a sheriff herself.
I couldn't recognize her at first, but after 3 years of hard work I finally remembered her.
And then... I remembered Leather Face and Billy the Desperado, who made me like this...
...It's been 8 years since Enrique Mas, the Guardian of Detroit, disappeared.
Detroit became the most criminal-infested pit in the whole country.
Since my memory started coming back, I intend to crush the dark organization in this city and restore justice to Detroit.
Hah, not boring you, am I?
Let's stop the idle chatter here.
I doubt you came to listen to an old man's stories.
I'll give you a little something to keep you occupied.
It's not hard, so you'll finish it in no time.
If you go to the city proper, you'll find those idiots, the [Mafia Hitmen].
They've been giving my daughter a hard time lately, so I thought I'd give her a hand.
Lock up 30 of the bastards and report to me. You've got 40 minutes.
Mission: Kill [Mafia Hitman] x30
What took you so long?
You kept me waiting. Those worthless thugs didn't give you any trouble, did they?
I'm expecting a lot out of you.
Don't disappoint me.
  • Experience: 350,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

3.Investigating the Mafia's Office

While you were gone, I continued my investigation here.
Surprisingly enough, I found a secret passage into Detroit Underground while I was working.
However, I've run into a bit of a problem.
I know roughly how the place should look, but I can't get into it because the door's firmly locked.
Why don't you familiarize yourself with the area, too?
Mission: Open Game Info - Field Info - [Silent Detroit: Detroit Underground]
Always knew there were underground waterways beneath Detroit City, but I never imagined they'd be used as headquarters for organized crime.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

4.Gatekeeper Mun

Nobody's heard of any evil in the underground?
Hm... This is just a gut feeling but...
Could this be connected to the Mafia's Office?
My gut's telling me that [Mun] can tell us how to get into the underground.
Why don't you see what you can learn? Don't be afraid to rough him up.
Well? You learn anything from that Gatekeeper Mun?
Oh! What've you got there? Let me see it.
This is the Detroit Underground Key.
Good job.
Now I can come and go as I please.
Wait here, I'm going to open it.
  • Experience: 250,000
  • Gold: 60,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

5.Black Heart

You happen to know a mafia organization called [Black Heart]?
It's taken control of Detroit and acts like it's the king of the criminal world.
When I looked into the basement just now, I saw members of Black Heart hiding there.
Well, if I'm going to restore justice to Detroit, I'd better get to clearing them out.
You look like you're handy in a fight.
Would you like to have some fun?
Haha, you could kill a man with that look, couldn't you?
When you're ready, go down to the Detroit Underground and take down the [Black Heart Gunmen]!
20 minutes should be enough to kill 40 of them.
When you're done, report back to me right away.
Mission: Kill [Black Heart Gunman] x40
I watched you down there. You remind me of myself when I was younger!
  • Experience: 350,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

6.One By One

But the Black Heart Gunmen are nothing.
The Black Heart organization is build on the backs of strong thugs like the Black Heart Assassins and Enforcers.
Let's take them out one by one.
Our next targets are the [Black Heart Assassins]. Take down 45 of them within 15 minutes.
Just like before, report back as soon as you're done.
Mission: Kill [Black Heart Assassin] x45
It's taking you less time to fight them.
Seems to me your form's tightening up.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

7.Detroit Underground Map

Sure is a hassle to kill them one by one.
Should we just take out the boss and be done with it?
What do you think?
Come closer.
Huh, here's something.
If we examine the underlings, we just might find the clues we need to locate the leader.
This place seems too small to make a grid search worth it, and it'd be a waste of our time, anyhow.
Of course, I know ways to make criminal underlings tell me everything they know.
Go back to Detroit Underground, and beat the [Underground Map Copies] out of them.
Yep, all 30 of these maps are identical.
Without a doubt, these are bona fide maps of Detroit Underground.
I know it in my gut.
  • Experience: 550,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

8.Black Heart Lurker

And let's see. The boss should be... I have no clue.
It's not marked on the map. There aren't any useful markings on this map.
Damn it. Looks like we got to search by hand after all.
Our next move's to take out the [Black Heart Lurkers]. Kill 30 of them in the next 15 minutes.
Heheh, don't look at me like that.
Time's a wasting.
While you're down there, I'll move about the criminal underbelly and see what I can't shake up.
Mission: Kill [Black Heart Lurker] x30
Good work. You made some good time.
Maybe you're what they call a perfect killing machine?
  • Experience: 650,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

9.Gold Revolver

While you were gone, I learned the name of the boss of Black Heart. [Duran the Scamp].
Seems he used to run a butcher shop out of Dallas. Committed three murders and fled to Detroit Underground, where he put together Black Heart.
Take these Golden Bullets. Can you make a [Gold Revolver]?
I used to shoot a Gold Revolver in my old days, when I was faced with the vilest of the vile.
* You can craft a Gold Revolver through Quest Crafting.
Mission: Craft [Gold Revolver] x1
Yep, that's it.
Anyone killed with this Gold Revolver must be absolute evil.
This Gold Revolver will be used to defeat the absolute evil of [Duran the Scamp].
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

10.Information from the Worms

I also wrestled a little more information from the mob underlings.
Seems there's a box that only the leaders of Black Heart can open.
Smells a little fishy, don't it?
A box only the leaders can open...
Maybe they're supreme orders from the boss?
Let's find out before we take down Duran the Scamp.
I hear the box is at [Detroit Underground X: 226 Y:33].
Mission: Association Orders x1
That was quick. Good job.
  • Experience: 850,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

11.Defeat Duran the Scamp

Now, what have we here?
[Association Orders]?
Nothing out of the usual's written here, but it still bugs me that only the leaders are allowed to read it.
I'll have my daughter look into this, but let's go ahead and wrap this up now.
Take this. Use it, and [Duran the Scamp] will come right to you.
I took it off one of his lackeys while you were picking up the Association Orders.
Might be better if you're the one to defeat [Duran the Scamp].
Don't ask me why. Just call him out with [Duran's Whistle].

HINT: You can summon [Duran the Scamp] at the Mafia's Office.
Mission: Kill [Duran the Scamp] x1
Wow, you made quick work of him.
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

12.Duel at Sundown

Reason I asked you to take out Duran the Scamps is that I'm not the 'Guardian of Detroit' anymore.
It's been 8 years since Enrique Mas, the Guardian of Detroit, disappeared.
For me to claim to be the 'Guardian of Detroit' and try to lay judgment on what I think's evil would be absurd.
I'm Guardian Enrique Mas no more.
I'm just Sheriff Enrique Mas.
See, I've watched the way you handled Black Heart. I think you're the one deserving of the title, not me. How about that?
If anyone's worthy of the title, it's you.
If you accept, use this [Duel Request] in front of the [Sheriff's Office].
You're going to show off your skills in front of the current Detroit sheriff, Christine Mas, and in front of the citizens of Detroit.
Mission: Kill [Sheriff Enrique Mas] x1
You won.
I think I can trust you with the 'Guardian of Detroit' title.
That's a weight off my chest. Thanks.
* Guardian of Detroit quest resets regularly when you complete both [Honor] Guardian of Detroit quests the previous day.
* [Honor] quests require the Gang's Secret Room Key, which you can obtain from Sheriff's Commodity Boxes. Upon completion of [Honor] quests, you can obtain a Title Item which allows you to win a very special title.
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

13.[Honor] Gang's Secret Room Key

Oh, right.
You open the Sheriff's Commodity Box that I gave you?
You can choose several items from it.
Its contents are particularly special, so if you haven't yet, I suggest you open it now.
...Do you know what it is?
What is the [Special] item I mentioned?

No, I'm not talking about the pajamas.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Those are just some things I confiscated from those criminals...
The special item I'm talking about is the [Gang's Secret Room Key]. I'll give you some useful information if you select the key and bring it to me.
* Guardian of Detroit quest resets regularly when you complete the [Honor] Guardian of Detroit quests the previous day.
I knew you'd choose the key.
Here, take it back.
Open up your inventory and take a look.
Hmph, there's no time to lose.

14.[Honor] Guardian Of Detroit

Listen carefully.
Don't throw away the Gang's Secret Room Key. Instead, take it to Detroit Underground.
If you go as deep down as you can, you'll see the Gang's Secret Room. This key opens that room.
There's a gang calling themselves the [Guardians of Detroit] hiding in that secret room.
They used my name to make money, then bailed all the criminals out of jail.
They never stand and fight, neither. All they do is run away and hide. But oh, are they good at running away...
These keys are tricky, too. They have a tendency to vanish after you use them once, so keep an eye on them.
* Guardian of Detroit quest resets regularly when you complete [Honor] Guardian of Detroit quest the previous day.
Mission: Kill [Guardian of Detroit] x30
You are the true Guardian of Detroit.
However, I can't say our work here is truly done.
We defeated their boss, but the members of Black Heart won't just scatter like that.
Why don't we call it a day for now? Would you come back tomorrow?
If they're still hanging around here tomorrow, then you can give them another lesson.
Hmph, there's no time to lose.