Eva - Princess


QuestEva - Princess
Required level63
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

Princess Christina's maid. She has been taking care of Christina since she was a little girl.
Princess Recruitment Quest
Location: North of Athens

1.My Scarf!

How are you?
My name is [Eva].
I followed a young princess here from Spain.
I tell you, that girl has worried me sick. I don't know what I'm going to do with her.
Might I ask you a favor?
When I was a little girl, my mother gave me a beautiful scarf. I've kept it close to me ever since.
I loved it, but I lost it somewhere while I was pursuing the princess.
I think I probably dropped it while running through an area that is inhabited by fierce wolves.
Someone told me they're called [Bloodthirsty Wolves]. They look as terrifying as their name implies.
It's a very precious scarf...
But I can't go back to get it because I'm too scared.
Help me, please!
Thank you, dearie!
Ah, my long lost scarf.
Even if it's shredded, it's a relief to have it in hand...
It's very precious to me.
  • Experience: 3,000
  • Gold: 5,000
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?

2.Please Stop Our Princess!

Do you see the beautiful girl standing next to me?
She's the pride of our kingdom. Her name is [Princess Christina].
She's so beautiful that she constantly receives proposals from men in neighboring kingdoms.
I've been her caretaker ever since she was little.
Little by little, she lost her ladylike nature and became a tomboy.
She fled the castle after her beloved, [Prince Enrique], a member of the royal court in a neighboring kingdom. These travels have brought me such grief... My Lord.
She must be fearless. This place is horrible!
I can't help but feel terrified.
Brave warrior!
Please help [Princess Christina].
I can't stop her by myself.
But if she were to get hurt, the king would be heartbroken.
Please, warrior! Help!
Mission: Talk to [Princess Christina]
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?
  • Experience: 500
  • Gold: 1,000
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?

3.The Troublemaking Princess 1

Oh, brave warrior!
I feel worn out and old beyond my years.
I'll die an early death if I keep following her, but I just don't know how to convince her to return to the castle.
Ah, but she has loved white, sparkly things ever since she was young.
Someone told me that you sometimes venture into the [Cretan Labyrinth].
If you find any [Platinum Ingots] the next time you go there, please bring them to me.
I'm certain that the princess will show an interest in it.
You can get [Platinum Ingot] from the monsters in The first floor of the [Cretan Labyrinth].
Mission: Platinum Ingot x7
Oh, brave warrior...
You're amazing!
I'm amazed that you were able to find the [Platinum Ingot] I asked for.
I must act quickly. I will go to the princess right now and use this ingot to try to spark her interest.
Oh, I hope it works...
  • Experience: 4,000
  • Gold: 6,000
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?

4.The Troublemaking Princess 2

Oh, this just isn't working.
Her mind is filled with thoughts of [Prince Enrique].
But we can't give up, can we?
It will be bread and water in the dungeon for me if the princess returns with so much as a scratch.
Obviously, if something did happen, we could always heal her.
Will you bring me some [Gold Thread] in case she gets hurt? You can get it from the monsters in the [Cretan Labyrinth].
However, it's not easy to get your hands on this item. I hear that there are merchants who trade in it at the market in town, but it won't come cheaply.
We'd better get the [Gold Thread] as soon as possible in case the princess gets hurt.
Amidst all this misfortune, it's a genuine stroke of luck that I ran into an adventurer that can safely return from the Basement of the [Cretan Labyrinth]!
The [Gold Thread] can be obtained from the monsters in the 2nd Basement of the [Cretan Labyrinth].
Please hurry!
Mission: Gold Thread x40
Thank you so much, warrior!
I will hold on to this in case the princess gets hurt.
I'd better not tell her, though. If she knew I had this, she'd be even more reckless.
  • Experience: 4,000
  • Gold: 7,000
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?

5.The Troublemaking Princess 3

But evil harms the mind as well as the body.
I see now that the [Gold Thread] is not enough to protect the princess if dark forces were to come and harm her.
We must be cautious lest she goes into the [Center of the Labyrinth]. I've heard that anyone who sets foot in there becomes cursed.
Fortunately, I have you. Will you bring me some [Energy of Atmosphere]? You can get it from the descendants of the Minotaur King who inhabit the [Center of the Labyrinth].
With [Energy of Atmosphere], I'll be able to cure the princess if her mind becomes corrupted.
Please do us this favor!
If not for me, then to ensure the beautiful princess' safety.
Please bring me some [Energy of Atmosphere]!
You can get it from [Crazy Minotaurs] and [Nightmare Minotaurs] in the [Center of the Labyrinth]!
Thank you very much, kind warrior!
Now I can rest easy even when the princess acts recklessly.
She's always been so wild. I've worried about her for years...
Now I can finally relax. And it's all thanks to you!
Of course, I still have to stop her from going into [Cretan Labyrinth]...
  • Experience: 4,000
  • Gold: 8,000
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?

6.In Fact...

I wonder how long the princess will continue her search for [Prince Enrique].
I know for a fact that [Prince Enrique] is at home, living well in his native country...
Why did we travel this far away from the kingdom...?
I swear my hair is turning grey... but I must keep that to myself...
Ah, warrior.
I don't know...
Alright. Since you've done so much for me, I'll tell you everything.
The truth is, I lied to the princess. I told her that [Prince Enrique] had gone into [Cretan Labyrinth] in order to get permission to marry her.
I suppose I should start at the beginning. Recently, the princess received a letter from [Prince Enrique].
In the letter, he wrote that he was going to marry another princess, and he bade the princess a good life.
He even wrote that the princess would need to change her personality entirely if she ever hoped to find a man to marry.
I just couldn't bear to give her the letter, so I lied to her...
I told her that the prince went off to fight evil in order to win her father's favor...
I never imagined that such a little lie could cause so much trouble.
*Sigh.* It might be time to finally tell her the truth.
Here is the letter that [Prince Enrique] sent to the princess.
I just can't bear to give it to her.
I'm sorry I've asked so much of you, but would you please give Enrique's Letter to [Princess Christina]?
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?
Oh, what am I going to do with that immature princess?