Fei Yue - Ruler of Asia

Ruler of Asia
Fei Yue

QuestFei Yue - Ruler of Asia
NPCFei Yue
Required level115
Daily QuestsNo

The evil energy around Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town is getting stronger. The monsters must be stopped before they spill out into the world.

Final Reward::

[Fei Yue]
A young but experienced exorcist. When the evil energy around Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town grew unusually strong, he immediately perceived dark forces at work and came to Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town to resolve the problem.
Ruler of Asia Quest
Location: Near Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town

1.Exorcist Fei Yue

Who goes there?
You shan't fool me with your meager disguise, monster!
Will of the Warrior!
Wh-what? You're a human being!
What are you doing in a place like this?
The Ghost Town is far too dangerous to just wander around in.
How did you get here?
What? You expect me to believe that you're fighting the monsters that attacked the nearby village?
No ordinary person could do such a thing.
Unless you are a painstakingly-trained exorcist like myself...
Your exotic outfit is highly questionable.
I suspect that you're some sort of evil trickster spirit attempting to sow chaos in this region.
If you truly are a warrior on a mission to help others, prove it to me.
Show me your Warrior's Signs.
Mission: Warrior's Sign x10
Hm... These seem authentic.
Only a chosen hero can acquire items such as these.
It would seem that your words are true.
  • Experience: 750,000
  • Gold: 500,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

2.Unknown Enemy

My name is Fei Yue.
I am the leader of the exorcists group called Riyue Xingong. We monitor the monsters in Central Asia.
The monsters of Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town have been emitting a strong evil energy of late.
And they've started attacking human villages, kidnapping innocents, and stealing goods.
It is unlike them.
It's expected that one or two monsters will occasionally cause problems, but for them to all act at once...
Something sinister is at work here.
I'm here to uncover the truth. However, the moment I set foot in Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town, I realized that I underestimated the situation.
A powerful being is hiding in Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
It attacked me and drained me of my strength.
I barely escaped with my life. I've been hiding under my Heavenly Cloak since. And that's it.
Unable to uncover the identity of my enemy or contact my allies, I've been trapped here.
Before you go, let me teach you a chant to fend off evil.
If ever your life is threatened by an evil being, chant [Will of the Warrior] in your heart.
This will create a holy wave around you, shielding you from any evil energy.
Now go, and hunt down this mysterious foe.
I see you've survived.
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!


You must have used the holy words at just the right moment.
I doubt you'd be standing here otherwise.
Right! His name was Tan Liang?
An army of monsters... Despicable.
However, I can understand his reasons.
Most humans have an instinctual fear of ghosts and monsters.
Any enemy army will be completely demoralized before they even meet Tan Liang's forces on the battlefield.
Conventional weapons wouldn't be enough to harm the monsters, either.
If I can defeat the monsters before Tan Liang can form his army...
We must kill every single monster that Tan Liang passed his power to.
We can show them no mercy.
These aren't human, and we shouldn't judge them by human standards.
Remember that unnecessary pity might cause bigger problems.
First of all, we must blockade Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town from the outside world.
We can't do anything about the monsters that escaped already, but we must stop any more monsters from escaping from Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
We must make make [Evil-Killing Charms] to seal Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town from the outside. Help me make the charm.

(You can craft [Evil-Killing Charms] through quest crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Evil-Killing Charm] x10
You're finished?
I need to block the ten Celestial Stems, Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui, that connect Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town and the outside with this Evil-Killing Charm.
Then we can stop the evil monsters from escaping from Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 3,000,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

4.Exorcism I

Now that Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town is sealed from the outside world, let's start the exorcism.
I wish I could help you, but I haven't regained enough of my strength yet.
I can't even write you a protective charm. It's not easy to summon a guardian god here because of the evil energy in the air.
Let's take control of the entrance to Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
Go to the [Splendid Ghost Ship] and defeat the [Tombstone Ghost Warriors] and [Lamp Spirits].
Individually, these monsters are weak, but they are a force to be reckoned with when they join forces. Be careful to attack them one by one.
Mission: Kill [Tombstone Ghost Warrior] x20 ; Kill [Lamp Spirit] x20
Well done.
However, we mustn't spend too much time fighting the lesser monsters.
Our exorcism has only just begun.
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

5.Exorcism II

Let's move on to the next section of the ghost town.
You'll be facing simple-minded monsters who are easily consumed by a single idea.
Ghost Triplets are three-headed monsters controlled by gluttony, and they cannot stop stuffing themselves with food and wine.
Gold Collecting Ghosts are monsters who desire wealth and riches. They've gone so far as to plate themselves in gold.

They are much stronger than the Tombstone Ghost Warriors and Lamp Spirits that you defeated before, so you must not drop your guard at any moment.
Go to [Ghost Harbor] and defeat the [Ghost Triplets] and [Gold Collecting Ghosts].
Mission: Kill [Ghost Triplets] x20 ; Kill [Gold Collecting Ghost] x20
Hm... You've slain many monsters, yet I detect no decrease in the dark energy that hangs over this place.
Perhaps Tan Liang's presence is fueling it?
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

6.To Tan Liang

If we are to restore balance here, we have no choice but to kill Tan Liang.
However, there's no way to kill Tan Liang yet.
Return to Tan Liang before he grows suspicious.
It's fortunate that he's taken a liking to you. Continue to pretend that you're on his side and learn what you can about him.
If there's a [roster] of monsters who have aligned themselves with Tan Liang, please bring it to me.
I've realized that it is impossible to defeat every single monster by myself.
Strike the leader and the rest will crumble.
Learn who leads the monsters on the roster and kill them.
Now return to Tan Liang and bring me the [roster] that contains information on the Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters.
I will continue to gather my strength and prepare for battle.
Mission: Hell Corps Roster x1
Hell Corps Roster?
This roster shows all of the Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters that follow Tan Liang!
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

7.Shall We...

My most dire fears have been confirmed.
If his army has actually been formed, the next steps in his plan will only come faster.
Even those reckless monsters will have no choice but to follow Tan Liang's orders.
Before that happens, let's get rid of the army's leaders.
First of all, make sure to fully restore your worn out mercenaries' health.
Our next exorcisms will be completely different from the previous ones.
You can't afford for even one of your mercenaries to not be at their best.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
You must be ready!
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

8.Exorcism III

While you were recovering, I looked over the roster.
According to this, there are two Hadean Generals who command 10,000 monsters.
We must defeat them first.
If their leaders are gone, the monster army will fall into chaos.
They'll start fighting each other to become the new Hadean Generals.
The worst of vices is Renown. After achieving power, gluttony, and riches, ghosts want to rule over others.
Fortunately, I can give you some help this time.
I'm not fully recovered, but I was able to make a few Scrolls of Purification.
For now, take this scroll.
It's written in the ancient exorcism tome Yin Chien Lu that no ghost will fear you unless you know magic.
Exorcists must learn how to make and use various scrolls.
All exorcists are experts scroll users.
Even though I can't fight with you, I can help you with my various scrolls.
First, go to the [Ghost Commander's Cabin] and kill the [Ghost Commander], one of the Hadean Generals.
Be sure to use the [Scroll] that I gave you. It should be useful.
(You'll need the [Ghost Commander's Cabin Key] to enter the Ghost Commander's Cabin.)
Mission: Kill [Ghost Commander] x1
As predicted, the army underlings are fighting to become the next Hadean General after the Ghost Commander died.
Out of the two brigades of the Hell Corps, one has lost its power.
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

9.Exorcism IV

Let's defeat the other Hadean General.
Speed is essential when it comes to exorcism.
You need to repeatedly attack the monsters so they have no chance to get their bearings.
The monster you must defeat next is the Lion Mask, the other Hadean General.
Don't be deceived by his innocent appearance.
Inside the Lion Mask resides countless parasitic monsters. He won't be an easy opponent.
This time, I'll give you a scroll filled with frost energy.
This [Scroll] should be very useful.
Now go to the [Lion Mask Room] and defeat the [Lion Mask].
(You'll need the [Lion Mask Room Key] to enter the Lion Mask Room.)
Mission: Kill [Lion Mask] x1
Excellent! With both Hadean Generals are dead, the Hell Corps will fall into chaos.
At least Tan Liang's plans have been postponed until the new Hadean Generals are chosen.
  • Experience: 3,500,000
  • Gold: 2,000,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!


You've completed many exorcisms in a short period of time.
It's best you return to Tan Liang for now.
It'll take quite some time to find a way to defeat Tan Liang.
Until then, don't let Tan Liang get suspicious of you.
Go back to Tan Liang right away.
I'll find a way to kill him in the meantime.
There you are!
I've been desperately waiting for you to come.
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!


The dark energy has grown stronger.
Can't you feel the renewed power of the monsters that absorbed it?

A Hell Marble...
You should have brought it to me...
No, I know you had no choice in that situation.
We have no time to lose.
Go to the [Nether King's Street Festival] and defeat the [Nether King's Chief Maids].
Since we don't have much time, kill them within 10 minutes.
I'll tell you why we have to kill them when you return.
Mission: Kill [Nether King's Chief Maid] x5
I was worried I hadn't given you enough time. My fears were clearly unwarranted.
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

12.Exorcism V

The Nether King's Chief Maids protected the Nether King's beloved son, the Nether Prince.
Now that they are gone, the Nether Prince is an open target.
Now I'll tell you my plan.
I intend to destroy the Nether Prince.
However, I don't want to kill the monsters' leader, the Nether King.
It is evident that he will go mad once he loses his dear son.
Then Tan Liang's plan to create Hell Corps controlled by the Nether King will have been in vain.
Kill the [Nether Prince] in the [Nether King's Annex].
He looks like a fool, but he is powerful. Use the [Scroll] I gave you to defeat him.
Mission: Kill [Nether Prince] x1
Well done.
News of the Nether Prince death will reach the Nether King soon, and there will be great chaos in Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

13.Evil Sealing Spear

We must take advantage of this chance and seal Tan Liang.
The evil power coming from Tan Liang is absolutely fearsome. It was powerful enough to change all the monsters in Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town...
Moreover, his evil power is getting stronger after using the Hell Marble.
I've finally realized that it's impossible to kill Tan Liang.
But even if I can't kill him, I can still seal him away.
While you were carrying out the exorcism, I found a way to make a spear powerful enough to seal his evil.
I'll teach you how to make an [Evil Sealing Spear] that can seal his power.

(You can craft an [Evil Sealing Spear] through quest crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Evil Sealing Spear] x1
Thank you.
This spear is extraordinary!
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 3,000,000
Hurry! We have no time to lose!


This weapon is awe-inspiring.
It is powerful enough to break the discipline of an exorcist - tranquility.
I'm an exorcist, but first and foremost I'm a warrior.
I can't help but admire such an excellent weapon.
The power of this weapon is beyond imagination.
It makes no sense that a weapon as unique as this has no name.
I hereby name this the Thunder-Breaking Spear.
Our preparations are complete.
Take this [Thunder-Breaking Spear] and visit Tan Liang.
Seal [Tan Liang] with the power of the [Thunder-Breaking Spear].
(No Text)
Hurry! We have no time to lose!

15.Rally Flare

The Emperor of Destruction...
For Tan Liang to worship him as lord, his power must be beyond imagination.
However, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Right now, we must take care of this place.
While you were sealing Tan Liang, I made a signal flare to summon my comrades.
With this flare, all the exorcists of Riyue Xingong will come and take care of the chaos in Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.
This will be the last mission I give you.
Can you summon my comrades with the [Rally Flare]?
Mission: Use Rally Flare x1
Thank you.
My fellow exorcists will see the flare and move in.
Though I am their leader, I don't trust anyone.
With a spear in hand, I've carried out plenty of exorcisms on my own.
There were times I almost lost my life, but I never depended on anyone.
However, I believe I can depend on you.
I have a feeling that we will meet again soon, but let's go our separate ways for now.
May the moon light your path. Goodbye...
Hurry! We have no time to lose!