Francesco - Inventor


QuestFrancesco - Inventor
Required level84
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

A rich gentleman who loves Caterina. He believes that money can buy anything. He is smart and well-dressed, and gives off an air of intelligence. Rather naive.
Inventor Recruitment Quest
Location: Near Lisbon

1.First Qualification

Are you an adventurer?
Hm... You're not quite what I expected.
I warn you, this place is unlike anywhere you've ever been before.
Unless you want to do some work for me, you should just move on.
If you are interested, however, I'll pay you handsomely.
In order to work for me, you must meet some minimum qualifications.
I hear you travel the world with mercenaries. Bring the [Princess] of mercenaries before me.
Also, she must be at least level 10.
If you cannot do that, then you are obviously not qualified to work for me.
Mission: Recruit [Princess] (Lv. 10/Lv. 10)
She's really a [Princess].
I underestimated you. I'm sorry for that.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I should've just bought it.

2.Second Qualification

You're stronger than I thought.
But, I have one more test for you.
I hear that the princess has magic called [Royal Signet]?
I require proof that your princess can cast [Royal Signet].
Come back after using [Royal Signet] at least 5 times.
Then, we can get to business.
If you can't do it, you cannot survive here.
Of course, the princess must learn the Royal Signet magic first before she can use it.
Mission: Use Royal Signet (5/5)
Well done.
It seems I have once again underestimated me.
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.

3.The Seal of the Royal Family

I have a simple question for you.
Answer me properly, and I have a job for you.
[Princess' Order] is a spell that increases the abilities of ranged mercenaries near the princess.
She also has magic that makes long range attacks useless.
What is the name of the princess' spell that weakens the power of guns?
Mission: Answer [The Seal of the Royal Family] Question => Royal Signet
Don't forget.
The [Royal Signet] will protect you.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

4.Francesco's Secret Request

You might think I am being picky, but you should understand I have to do it like this because anybody and everybody is trying to get close to me for my money...
Given the skill you have displayed, I think you are qualified to handle my request.
There is a crying child in front of [Lisbon].
My request is simple.
Meet the child and convince her to tell you what is on her mind, to cheer her up.
And, this request is to be kept a secret.
Mission: Talk to [Lisa]
[No end text]
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

5.The Ivory Pipe 1

What...? What is it?
An [Ivory Pipe]?
Tch... you need that?
It's not hard to get...
Okay. Why don't you bring me some ivory?
Bring me plenty of [High-Quality Ivory], I will ask the artisan to process it.
How about it? Isn't that fair?
A herd of [Female Elephants] live somewhere in northwest Baghdad, if you can catch them.
Mission: High-Quality Ivory x30
Hmm... That should do.
Wait a little while. I have to ask the artisan to process the ivory.
  • Experience: 25,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.

6.The Ivory Pipe 2

I'm sure you don't mind that I'm particular about the work I have done.
You don't need to know why I'm so particular.
You just need to do the job.
Don't try to understand it. Just give this to [Caterina].
Do as I say, please.
Do you need more help?
I should've just bought it.

7.The Shiniest Stone

Hmm... It is you again.
Your presence has made me uncomfortable of late.
I don't know why but I feel as if I am an ordinary stone compared to a diamond.
What do you think is the most precious jewel in the world?
Unending love...
Unbreakable promises...
Do you know the jewel that has this meaning?
Mission: Answer [The Shiniest Stone] Question => Diamond
You are right...
Eternal happiness. Truth. Love...
Earning somebody's heart is like that.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

8.The Best Material

[Caterina] asked you to bring her tobacco leaves?
Tobacco... Tobacco leaves...
I hear that the [Four-Armed Monkeys] living throughout New Delhi far from here smoke cigarettes like humans. I need those.
It might be hard to get.
But it is the best tobacco leaf.
Will you bring me 40 of the [Best Tobacco Leaves]?
Mission: Best Tobacco Leaf x40
I forgot to tell you one thing. They're not really Four-Armed Monkeys because they don't have tails. They're actually Chimpanzees.
It... it's important to make those distinctions!
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.

9.Scent of a Man 1

People say that there is a distinct scent that only some men have.
It's not the same sort of scent or perfume that you can smell with your nose.
I... want to have that kind of scent.
You look like you don't know what I am talking about.
You don't have to know. You just need to fulfill my request.
Here, here is a [Deluxe Tobacco Box].
Give this to [Caterina].
You are back.
Did she like it?
I should've just bought it.

10.Can you do as I ask?

[Caterina] asked you to come to me?
She'll do anything?
She really said that?
She did...
She desperately wants him back.
Ha ha ha...
I always knew it, but I didn't want to admit it...
She'll do anything... Ha ha ha...
Be a good chap and open your world map, will you?
Mission: Game Info -> Open World Map
See, THIS is what I could give her! The whole world! Why won't she just be with me?
I know everything now.
I don't have to hurt anymore...
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I should've just bought it.

11.I Can't Tell You Easily

You will do anything...
You will do anything...?
Go to northeast New Delhi, where will find the strongest animal in the world.
It is the [Rhinoceros].
When angered, it becomes stronger than a lion.
Hunt them and gather 35 [Rhinoceros Horns].
Mission: Rhinoceros Horn x35
You did it...
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I should've just bought it.

12.Wanderer's Strength

You're strong...
You're too strong.
I wish I could be strong like you.
Tell [Caterina] this.
He's at the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
Listen up!
[Da Vinci] is in the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
...You've returned.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

13.Tears of Caterina

What is it...?
Aren't you supposed to be helping [Caterina]?
I see. That's the [Caterina] I know.
She always does this.
She won't put you in danger for her own needs.
But... It is shocking that the always-cheery [Caterina] could show such despair.
Have you ever heard of the [Sparring Hall]?
It is a place warriors go to train in [Rome].
Go there and get trained at once.
Mission: Try Sparring at Rome
Perhaps you don't need the Sparring Hall for training, but... Just think of it as a test for yourself.
And it increases your [Fame Points], too.
Of course, since you are strong and confident about yourself, it might be hard for you to go to the Sparring Hall just to get a few [Fame Points]...
  • Experience: 25,000
  • Gold: 20,000
I should've just bought it.

14.A Man's Resolution

You are already strong enough. I can see it from the mercenaries with you.
If you use the [Princess]'s [Royal Signet] magic, the [Hidden Machines Shrine] shouldn't be too difficult for you to deal with.
I think a man should stop tears from streaming down the cheeks of their loved ones. That is a man's resolution.
It's not important whether she loves him or not.
If I love her, then that is enough.
In my place...
Will you grant her wish?
Return her lover to her.
Protect a [woman's happiness]...
Mission: Talk to [Caterina]
You came back.
I knew you'd come back one more time.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

15.This is not it...

Mm... So, she wanted you to back off?
[Caterina] won't accept your help anymore...
Okay. Okay.
But this...!
You mean I have to just watch as my love suffers this heartbreak?
Why must I bear witness to this?
It is the most hateful thing for a man to see, when his beloved is sad.
A [woman's happiness] is the most important thing in the world!
I wanted to protect it for her.
Do you know what I wish the most now?
The thing I want to protect the most as a man.
Mission: Answer [This is not it...] Question => Woman's happiness
That's it.
I wanted to keep Caterina's happiness, a [woman's happiness].
Even though...
I am not...
her lover.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I should've just bought it.

16.[Party] Required Material

You have surely noticed that [Caterina] cares for [Da Vinci]. And I care for her.
I proposed to her once, but she coldly rejected me.
I lost her to a widower with a child.
The saddest thing is, even when I know I can't keep my love anymore, I can't keep her happiness, either.
It is sad.
Yes. So, I searched for a strong adventurer.
I wanted you to make [Caterina] happy again, instead of me.
Even though it is a despairing thing for me to do...
It will be difficult.
But... will you grant my wish?
But it will be different from your other quests.
I hear that there is a really horrifying machine that controls that place called the [Distorted Goddess] someplace on the 3rd floor of the [Hidden Machines Shrine].
You need to prepare to approach her.
First, go to the 3rd floor of [Hidden Machines Shrine] and get rid of the machines there, and gather as much [Machine Lubricant] as you can.
I mean a lot!
Mission: Machine Lubricant x50
Good job.
Now I have to work on this.
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 150,000
I should've just bought it.

17.Machine Control Room

Come to think of it, you seem to be a very kind person.
You've put up through even my most demanding requests.
You don't brandish your strength cruelly, though you have plenty of it.
Here... It is done.
The [Hidden Shrines' Control Room], which holds the [Distorted Goddess]...
I hear you can't go in there if you are not a machine.
But if you use this [Lubricating Oil], you can trick the machines into letting you through.
Try it now.
Mission: Use Lubricating Oil x1
Please, stand back! At least 10 meters!
That smells... awful!
I should've just bought it.

18.The Last Battle

This will be the final battle.
You've worked hard up to this point.
It must have been difficult, putting up with a picky employer like me.
Go... Get rid of the [Distorted Goddess] and take [Da Vinci] back to [Caterina].
Make her happy again.
Mission: Kill [Distorted Goddess] x1
You succeeded...
Now [Caterina] is happy again.
  • Experience: 80,000
  • Gold: 200,000
I should've just bought it.

19.Scent of a Man 2

[Da Vinci] must be back in town by now.
Now everything is back to normal.
It's all thanks to you. Thank you very much.
Deliver this letter to [Caterina].
Will you come see me afterward?
I will give you your reward, as I promised before.
How was it?
Was [Caterina] looking alright?
I should've just bought it.

20.Man's Way

I see...
She knew everything...
I feel ashamed.
I asked you to come back for your reward.
I will pay you whatever you want.
How much do you want?
How much? How much will work for you?
No, mere money wouldn't be enough for you. An adventurer like yourself needs something more.
But you have to think about my side of things! How can I go on without repaying you for your work?
If you're going to act like that, I will pay you as I see fit.
Go into [Crafting] and make a [Machine: Search Robot VC1].
Oh... For reference, in order to learn [Machine Crafting], you'd better look for [Tesla].
Mission: Craft [Machine: Search Robot VC1] x1
Yes. This should prove useful to you in the future.
It will make searching your fallen enemies much easier.
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.

21.One More

Hmph. Not so fast, you! I'm not done talking yet.
You know about Machines, right? You can craft them, and if you've got the right know-how, you can summon them in battle. Get it?
Enter the number of the correct answer.
1: Got it.
2: What's a mah-sheen?
Mission: Answer [One More] Question => 1
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.

22.The Last Request

Now... I can't keep you any longer.
This is it.
Will you come see me one last time after fighting a battle using [Summon Machine] magic?
This is my last request for you.
Mission: Use Summon Machine (1/1)
Now we're done.
You worked hard to solve my problem.
Maybe... I don't want you to leave?
Heh heh. We don't always get along, but maybe I've grown accustomed to you.
Anyway, visit me when you next find yourself in the area.
Maybe contact me if you need money urgently.
Ha ha ha! I'm joking.
I hope the sun shines on you in your travels.
Please be safe.
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 30,000
I should've just bought it.