Freydis - Northern Viking

Northern Viking

QuestFreydis - Northern Viking
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

I want to be strong. But...

Final Reward::

Female viking who once worked with Erik and Leif. However, she didn't like the way of her uncle who was haunted by the ghosts of his past, and set out on her own. She wants to be a stronger viking leader after acquiring more power through mysterious and dangerous Adlivun.
Viking Class Change Quest
Location: Near the Frozen Adlivun

1.Dignified Viking 1

Wow. I never expected to meet such an energetic explorer here in this land of freezing cold.
Perhaps I shouldn't call you weird, when I'm one of the proud Vikings who came to an undiscovered land like this.
Ha-ha. How are you?
My name is [Freydis].
Did you also come here to gain more strength?
If you did, then why don't we help each other for a while?
Um... I think you need to be a Viking, or you have to have at least one strong Viking friend in order to communicate with me.
Please bring a Viking friend whose level is 100 or above.
Let's talk then.
Oh, your friend's grade doesn't matter.
Mission: Recruit [Viking] (Lv. 100/Lv. 100)
You came. Good!
Only a dignified Viking can read another dignified Viking's mind...
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 750,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

2.In Order To Be Proud

Everyone wants to gain more power.
But, one has to have pride that suits his power.
That applies the same for me too.
You too, right?
The [Hall of Fame] tells us that there are many powerful warriors in this world.
The ones who are proud of their strength and power.
Let's see. Would you like to search [Competition] Rankings in the [Hall of Fame]?
(HINT: [Community] - [Hall of Fame] - [Competition] - [League] - Search
Mission: Search Rankings of Hall of Fame Competition
There are many...
They look different from what I remember from a long time ago.
Such a competitive competition.
Oh... I wish to compete if the situation allows me to... but...
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

3.Weak Uncle

Whew... Even though I am telling you all this, to be honest, I don't feel good.
I came here quite a while ago and I couldn't take good care of myself since I've been on my own.
Since I was focusing on recovering myself, I couldn't really keep track of the situation in this area.
The circumstances have changed.
The Inuits are very angry at us...
And I see some people I used to know.
Especially, that [Red Haired Man] catches my attention.
Can you find out his name?
If I remember this correctly, his name starts with [E...].
Mission: Answer [Weak Uncle] Question => Erik
Are you sure?
And you saw [Leif] too?
[Erik] is my uncle.
He is very fickle and superstitious... He is too weak to be a Viking.
On the other hand, [Leif] is very sturdy and confident.
I used to sail with them.
But, I got sick of my uncle's fragile mind.
I am thinking... it's possible the reason why the Inuits became displeased of us is due to my uncle's behavior.
He is haunted by the ghosts of the past... so he screwed up many missions.
He doesn't know how to act with pride...
He wasn't like that before, but he became so scared after killing someone by accident.
So, if possible, I don't want to see him again.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.


Anyhow, I had to fight on my own after my uncle changed.
Quite a while ago, I lost a battle at Vinland.
That's when I started thinking about many things about myself.
Leadership, strength... I had doubts about myself for the very first time. Do I really have the qualities to become a Viking leader?
And then I heard a story about the Legend of the Ancient Viking and the Ancient Device.
While I was tracing the story, I found out that the legend originated from a place called [Adlivun].
And that's why I was investigating that place.
But then I got injured by those suspicious creatures and finally gotten sick from the exhaustion.
When I went there, there were many Ice Golems at the entrance.
I would like to know how things have changed.
Would you go gather some information about [Deep-Sea Ice Golems]?
HINT: You can find the Deep-Sea Ice Golems in the Ice Tunnel.
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Deep-Sea Ice Golem]
I can't tell any differences from the ones I saw earlier.
But... there are more of them now. A lot more...
Hmm... Something's strange.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

5.One of the Legendary Vikings

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about the Legendary Viking story.
Since you have a Viking comrade, I thought you already knew...
There are quite a few famous heroes in Viking history.
Hmm... I guess the most famous Viking hero is [Ruric].
Do you happen to know about [Ruric]?
What? You've seen a Viking named [Ruric]?
No way...
Can you tell me the name of the closest town to where you saw [Ruric]?
Mission: Answer [One of the Legendary Vikings] Question => Moscow
Listening to you, many parts of the story is similar to the stories of [Ruric]'s.
And one of his female comrades had the same name as mine. She was a Viking heroine.
But ...
He lived 1,000 years ago.
I guess the legend of the Viking is not everything...
Hmm... Interesting!
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

6.Something's Very Different

Thinking about what you've told me...
Also the information about the Ice Golems that you've brought me...
On top of that the reaction of the Inuits who just changed their attitude against us...
Everything has changed.
But my uncle being here is not enough reason to explain all this.
Especially that [Frozen Adlivun]!
That place has become a more dangerous place. It's very suspicious.
First, I need to check out those Golems.
Would you collect [Ice Golem's Hearts] from the [Golems] in the [Ice Tunnel]?
Mission: Ice Golem's Heart x25
You look like you had a hard time...
They've gotten more furious on top of growing in numbers, huh?
And these hearts...
I can sense some strange energy around them...
In fact, it feels very similar to something...
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

7.The Legend of the Viking

Anyway, I think you should read the legend of the Viking as well.
First, you should read this.
This is the story about the [Legendary Viking Warrior].
Mission: Read [Legendary Viking Warrior]
Legendary Viking WarriorAmong the many Viking heroes, the most outstanding one was the dynamic [Harald], the man who liked to eat blueberries.
He gained power from the mystic ancient device that was discovered in the northern end of Iceland and, with that power, he united the entire Scandinavian Peninsula.
With that acheivement, he became well known as the [Legendary Viking Warrior].

But he wasn't content.
He left to conquer the undiscovered land to the North.
Before his departure, he went on a short trip to borrow the ancient device's power once again, and that was the last time anyone saw him.
However, his heroic achievements are still alive in many Vikings' hearts as a legend.
Even though he has his own name, he is more well known as the [Legendary Viking Warrior].
I am looking for his remains and trying to investigate the ancient device that he gained his power from.
According to the information that I've collected so far, the northern icelands were this place where he claims to have gained his power.
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

8.Adlivun Investigation Begins

I've only fought the Ice Golems but I found out that there are weird looking Lizardmen deeper inside of Frozen Adlivun.
I think the Lizardmen are smarter than the Golems.
They might know something more about the inside structure of the [Frozen Adlivun].
Before my uncle ruins it, we must find out about that place first.
If you find some kind of [Structural Map] on the [Lizardmen], please bring as many as you can.
HINT: You can find the Lizardmen at the Frozen Tundra.
Oh, great job.
These are more than enough for my investigation.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 950,000
  • Item: Ice Key x1
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

9.Alteration? Enhancement?

Hmm... These are very far from what I've learned from the legend so far.
I knew about the Golems and Lizardmen, but this tells me that there are more creatures like Altered Men, Chimeras, and Servants...
I don't find the other beings interesting, but the [Altered Man]...
I know that they must've gotten some sort of great power source from someone.
Those altered men must have a leader.
He should have the answer to this secret.
I guess the name of their leader is the [Last Sample].
Please capture him.
HINT: You can find the Last Sample in the Lonely Ice Square.
Oh, there was a document.
It's a little bit hard to make out, but I think I can try to figure out what its saying.
Luckily, this is the only Northern language and I know a little bit.
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

10.Unexpected Result

Oh, wait!
There is some very interesting stuff in here.
I guess we were right on.
Please read this [Altered Fighter Plan].
It's interesting yet shocking.
Mission: Read [Altered Fighter Plan]
Altered Fighter PlanThere were many experiments on how to maximize the abilities of humans.

They used to capture the nearby town's natives and used them as laboratory rats.
But recently, active Vikings became good specimens.

Their warlike and violent personality, and strong health that could endure severe cold.

Altering these specimens yielded very promising results.
There was one outstanding man among these vikings.
He was not satisfied after only a little alteration.
So much so that he came back on his own and accepted everything.

The problem began after that.

He became so altered that we could not control him anymore.

In the end we had no choice but to tear his soul into pieces.
Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Ha-ha... That's right.
I think that the problematic powerful Viking is the [Legendary Viking Warrior].
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

11.No Need for Sympathy

I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this.
I feel fortunate to learn more about the truth about our Legendary Viking, but I am a little disappointed to know that his power was due to experiments and alteration.
I thought it was because of his endless efforts and training.
That means this entire [Frozen Adlivun] is a gigantic laboratory?
The ancient device from the legend is nothing more than some huge machine?
It also means that the unbelievable monsters and beasts, including the Golems, are the results of the failed experiments...!
Whew... the documents you brought me say a lot of those experiments.
Especially, about those [Chimeras].
According to these documents, those Chimeras are the failed outcomes of many experiments on creating the altered men.
We cannot have those laboratory rabbits prowling around like that.
Knowing that part of their bodies is made from the body parts of Altered Natives and Vikings makes me angry.
I want those Chimeras dead so that I can pay more attention to the investigation without worrying about those damn Chimeras.
Would you go get rid of the most furious [Mutated Chimeras]?
HINT: You can find the Mutated Chimeras at the Adlivun Vessel.
Mission: Kill [Mutated Chimera] x35
Well done.
Now, let's think more about the [Legendary Viking Warrior] and his heartbreaking story.
What is this familiar feeling? Are these the souls of Vikings who have died in those experiments?
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 950,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

12.Restoring Materials

According to the record, his spirit was shattered into pieces and spread inside of [Frozen Adlivun].
I want to restore his spirit.
And I want to hear more about his life and the passage we, the Vikings, should know as conquerors of the world.
I heard that you need a jewel of mystic power in order to handle delicate and unstable things such as spirits.
Can you please get some [Giant Jewels]?
Mission: Giant Jewel x10
Thank you so much!
All of sudden, I thought about my uncle. What if he found out about this?
What would he do?
Do you think he was able to return to the way he once was? He used to be a brave warrior...
Whew... If only this wasn't related to that fake god, I would rather help my uncle...
I am not sure why but I feel so empty after hearing the true story of the Legendary Viking.
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 750,000
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

13.Viking's Spirit

Now, let's restore the spirit with those broken pieces.
I heard that the Servants at Adlivun Bio-Factory carry his spirit pieces.
Some of those creatures have the spirit pieces of the Northern Viking in their hearts.
I guess that's why these monsters are so powerful.
Please collect [Altered Spirit Pieces] from the [Servants] to restore the [Lost Viking's Spirit].
I know you can do it.
(HINT 1: The Servants drop [Altered Spirit Pieces].)
(HINT 2: You can obtain [Lost Viking's Spirit] from Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Lost Viking's Spirit] x1
Good job!
This... this spirit is the [Legendary Viking Warrior], right?
Ah... I am thrilled.
No, it's more like something is boiling inside of my chest.
I can't believe I am meeting the Legendary Viking Warrior whose stories I've heard all my life.
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

14.Getting Rid of Obstacles

You probably don't understand, but today is the most important moment for us, the Vikings.
The [Legendary Viking Warrior] is talking to me...
Oh, I have one favor to ask you.
I just heard his voice telling me to get rid of the [Servant Leader].
He told me that in order for him to completely wake up; we need to kill the servant leader.
He also told me that the servant leader is the leader of all the evil beings who were controlling his mind and soul...
Mission: Kill [Servant Leader] x1
You... You've come.
Wait... Give me one second.
I need to calm down a little.
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.


Ah... Now I feel better.
When I felt the Viking right next to me...
He broke out of his shell and disappeared.
Maybe this is the aftereffect...
I can barely talk now.
Please use this [Sedative]. Hurry!
Mission: Use Freydis' Sedative x1
Whew... I feel better now.
In order to stay safe in this freezing northern weather, strong mental power is a must. So I always take some sedatives with me.
This saved me this time.
Anyway, he's disappeared all of a sudden, telling me that he became free.
When the [Servant Leader], who's been restricting his spirit died, he told me that something went wrong and then soon... he lost his mind.
Ah... There are more stories I need to hear.
How do I become a stronger Viking and where should I go...
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.

16.Dignified Viking 2

Anyway, [The Legendary Viking Warrior] is very depressed about the fact that he has became a monster.
He told me that he's nothing more than a monster now. He's no longer a legendary hero.
Before he loses himself, he asks that we make him die in peace.
He asked me to come back when I make up my mind and left me one drop of the [Viking Warrior's Tear].
But, I cannot do it.
I understand that's what he wishes for, but I really can't do it.
He probably went to [Hidden Iceland], located in the [Frozen Tundra].
Take this [Viking Warrior's Tear].
If you use this there, the [Resurrected Viking Hero] will return.
Please bring his [Heart] back with you as a keepsake of the battle.
If it's you, he will die with no regrets.
Whew... Now only the true passion and power of the [Legendary Viking Warrior] remains.
It's comforting to know his intentions now.
But I don't quite feel satisfied since I couldn't completely figured out what has happened in that [Frozen Adlivun].
Here. Please take this [Legendary Viking's Spirit Stone].
This is a rare spirit stone I obtained from his heart.
The power of this spirit stone will bring out the hidden powers of your Viking comrades, and they will help you.
Please, complete the [Legendary Viking Warrior]'s unfinished dream.

[Tip] If you right-click on the 'Legendary Viking's Spirit Stone,' you can change the class of Viking to 'Northern Viking.'
Please don't forget the legend of the dignified Viking.