General Gajah Mada - Gajah Mada, a Hero

Gajah Mada, a Hero
General Gajah Mada

QuestGeneral Gajah Mada - Gajah Mada, a Hero
NPCGeneral Gajah Mada
Required level95
Daily QuestsNo

I, Gajah Mada, am the leader of the greatest military complex on the seven seas! The might of the Majapahit Empire stands at my back, ready to fight for the glory of King Jayanegara. What brings you before me?

Final Reward::
  • Experience: 6,550,000
  • Gold: 3,135,000

[General Gajah Mada]
The leader of the Majapahit military complex and right-hand of King Jayanegara.
Gajah Mada learns of the Rakrian Kuti plot to overthrow the king and reacts swiftly to eliminate the traitor within his ranks.
He entrusts the king's safety to a group of foreign mercenaries to ensure the future of the Majapahit dynasty.

Hero Gajah Mada Quest
Location: Southeast Asia, Majapahit Empire

1.Gajah Mada's Royal Guards

You must be the mercenary troop that fought alongside our royal guard. You've been granted this audience because of an extremely important mission: the safety of our great King Jayanegara.
You would be wise to ask why I would entrust his life to a group of unknown mercenaries, but I will tell you there is great cause. The loyalty of those close to the king is in question.
You, however, have no side in this. I believe you can be trusted.
Your loyalties may not be in question, but your skills are. Do you have what it takes to earn my trust? Commander Mahard, one of my most trusted leaders, has located an area full of dragons.
Prove to me that you have the steel of will necessary to complete my mission.
(Tip: Prove your prowess by bringing back Dragon Claws from the Salamander Valley near Lost Volcano Valley.)
Mission: Dragon Claw x20
Commander Mahard's wisdom proves true. I had considered myself but an owl pining for the moon, but these are real Dragon Claws! They will make fine weapons for our expanding empire.
You have convinced me, foreigner!
  • Experience: 300,000
  • Gold: 10,000
Only shallow water ripples, foreigner. If you want to earn my respect, you must be patient!

2.Rakrian Kuti's Rebellion

Your prowess is proven, but your loyalties remain a dark pool in my eyes. However, I am a tactician, and your troop presents the least threat to our great empire. I will give you the mission, if you will accept.
Time is of the essence, so I will waste no time explaining.
A man named Rakrian Kuti is plotting to overthrow King Jayanegara. Judging by his deeds up to this point, the assassination of our great king is only a matter of time.
I need your word that you will escort the king to the village of Badander. Commander Mahard will show you the way.
I was right to put my trust in you. Well done. Commander Mahard informed me of your pursuers. It seems Rakrian Kuti does not deal well with defeat. We must make our move quickly and carefully!
  • Experience: 1,750,000
  • Gold: 875,000
Only shallow water ripples, foreigner. If you want to earn my respect, you must be patient!

3.Call to Arms

I dream only of killing Rakrian Kuti with my bare-hands, but his army is not to be underestimated. It would be foolish to enter battle without fully knowing the field, especially since many of the players masquerade in our clothing. We must root out Kuti's traitors and gain the support of the military at the same time.
I have summoned our highest officials to a meeting at the minister's residence. We will command them to offer their fealty to King Jayanegara and aid us with their troops. Any who do not comply will be executed as traitors.
Rakrian Kuti's spies will know of this meeting and they will attempt to stop us. It is best we avoid the rebel scouts and get to the minister's residence.
I will meet you there. Talk to Commander Mahard before you go.
Mission: Complete Majapahit: Call to Arms
Our leadership is clean and our hearts are strong! The time has come to begin our assault on Rakrian Kuti! He will attempt to run and hide like the dog that he is, but he will find no relief from the elephant general!
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
Only shallow water ripples, foreigner. If you want to earn my respect, you must be patient!

4.Sumpah Palapa!

Commander Mahard's forces are prepared and waiting for your signal. It is an honor to fight with such great heroes! Let us go, glorious, into battle!
The rebels are broken and ready to fall. They will be remembered as snakes and cowards. When an elephant dies, it leaves its ivory. When a tiger dies, its striped hide. When a man dies, he leaves only his name.
Let us etch Rakrian Kuti's name in the tomes of history so that all may know the fate of those who defy the Majapahit Empire!
Mission: Complete Majapahit: Sumpah Palapa
Rakrian Kuti's taint has been lifted from our land and King Jayanegara has returned to his rightful place as our leader. Your gift to our people will never be forgotten. Your strange weapons and techniques will aid in the furthering of our great empire.
May your travels be forever glorious!
  • Experience: 2,500,000
  • Gold: 1,250,000
Only shallow water ripples, foreigner. If you want to earn my respect, you must be patient!