Gilded Mimir - Valkyrie Mercenary Recruitment

Valkyrie Mercenary Recruitment
Gilded Mimir

QuestGilded Mimir - Valkyrie Mercenary Recruitment
NPCGilded Mimir
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

The final war is at last upon us. [Ragnarok] approaches, yet there is still some hope for humanity!

Final Reward::

[Gilded Mimir]
A giant skull known to be very wise. This one seems a little...different. It keeps going on about Valkyries and Ragnarok...
Valkyrie Recruitment Quest
Location: Yggdrasil

1.Gilded Mimir

Am I...really here?
Has the appointed hour finally come?
Say, what's that look for?
Haven't you seen a talking skull before?
This isn't so strange for you, is it? fact, I think you met my other self before...
You see, I am not the [Mimir] you met at Yggdrasil.
I'm a little...different. Heh...
Now, after my long sleep, I crave something between my teeth.
You'd get me a [Large Animal Bone] if I asked, right?
I need something to gnaw on. Get me a couple, if you would...
Mission: Large Animal Bone x300
Ahh...this is a fine bone, indeed!
Plenty of marrow in this...
*Crunch crunch*
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

2.The Legend of the Valkyries

You're a special one, you are.
Brought me bones, and said not a word as I ground them between my teeth...
You act as though you've seen it all before.
Perhaps you did. That would explain how you know my tastes so well...
Still, events are progressing as they should.
Don't look so confused...I assure you it will all make sense.
Look at me. Who wouldn't trust this face? Ha!
I could explain it to you...
But this book tells the real story you need. Feast your eyes, friend.
Mission: Read [The Legend of the Valkyries]
The Legend of the ValkyriesLet the song of Odin's maidens be writ here, the song of the Valkyrie.
Herein lies the tale of those who separate the victors from the dead.

On shining wings do the maidens of battle lead the souls of fallen warriors to Odin's hall of Valhalla.
There they spar, and feast, and wait, unto the coming of Ragnarok, the final struggle.

Come the fateful day of Ragnarok, the armies of gods and men take to the field for the last time.
The mighty Valkyries soar above the din, and rain destruction on the enemies of the gods as champions of battle will.
Done already? You're quick... I was going to have a nap.
Now you know of the [Valkyries], winged terrors of the battlefield.
Or at least they were.
There are...not so many around now.
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

3.The Fake Valkyries

Long ago, Atlantis waged war to claim dominion over the world.
Countless nations and places of power fell before the might of the Atlantians.

Yggdrasil was no exception.
The incredible magic of their civilization could match even gods, you see.
And so, the three Norn sisters, Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi, were defeated by the armies of Atlantis.
Had they not been driven apart by trickery, they might have triumphed...
But sadly, fate was not on their side that day.
As for myself, the magic of the Atlantians nearly drove me mad.
To prepare for the future, I released the sane part of my mind to this form.
I needed to watch the [Spring of Wisdom], after all!
In the battle, the Atlantians took notice of the powers of the Valkyries.
Envious of their strength and willpower, they attempted to create their own Valkyries.
Heh... But those Valkyries are mere shadows of the true warriors of legend!
What they call Valkyries are just shells...abominations!
Challenge their [Valkyrie General] and see for yourself. I'll be interested to hear what you learn.
Mission: Acquire [Basic Info] on [Valkyrie General]
Ha! You see? Nothing but a shell. A true Valkyrie is not so weak.
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

4.Holy Crystal

This is what came of the Atlantians using their magic to produce Valkyries.
Those creatures around Yggdrasil are Valkyries only in name. They are fakes!
The powers of a real Valkyrie are greater than anything those puppets could muster.
And their beauty... My friend, you have no idea...
And so we come to my purpose.
I am here to help you find a Valkyrie to join your travels.
As I said... [Ragnarok] is coming, and you might be the only hope of stopping it.
It will not be easy, and you cannot do it alone.
You need powerful allies, and a Valkyrie among them.
Only then, might the final war be averted...
Ahh, if only I could tell you more. But enough of that!
Let us find you a Valkyrie, and make her yours.
First, I need [Heavenly Crystal].
Such concentrated energy is essential to our plans.
Gather as much [Heavenly Crystal] as possible, and let nothing stand in your way!
Mission: Heavenly Crystal x100
Beautiful! Look how it glows with its own divine light.
You have done well.
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

5.Valkyrie's Return 1

Let me tell you more of the Valkyrie's tale.
Once, the god Odin offered one of his eyes to me and drank from the [Spring of Wisdom].
By doing so, he learned all the truths of the world.
He learned of the final war, and so gathered warriors to prepare for it.
To bring the souls of those who died in battle to Valhalla, he sent a Valkyrie to guide them.
But the Valkyrie was not simply a guide.
If Odin willed it, she would fight alongside him.
Many Valkyries of old fought in the wars of the gods.

The three Norn sisters I mentioned were Valkyries, as well, but the leader of all Valkyries was the [Goddess Freyja].
Now SHE was a true Valkyrie!
To bring back the Valkyrie, you need two possessions of the [Goddess Freyja].
First, you need [Brisingamen], her golden necklace.
It was shattered during the battle with the Atlantians, but its fragments remain scattered around Yggdrasil.
Bring me those [Brisingamen Fragments], and we'll reforge her necklace!

HINT: [Brisingamen Fragments] can be obtained from the [Yggdrasil Treasure], a reward from the Nation Dungeon [Yggdrasil's Three Gateways].
Excellent, excellent! Only one item remains...
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

6.Valkyrie's Return 2

You must have scoured Yggdrasil to find these pieces...
My faith in you is well-placed, I see.
Valkyries soared through the sky on their eagle wings...or so people thought.
The truth was that their [Eagle Wing Costume] gave them the power to fly!
Of course, our Valkyrie needs her own [Eagle Wing Costume].
I'm sure you can find one around Yggdrasil...somewhere. Heh.
Bring me an [Eagle Wing Costume], for that's all we need to wake the Valkyrie from her long slumber.
Good luck...

HINT: [Eagle Wing Costume] can be obtained from the [Yggdrasil Treasure], a reward from the Nation Dungeon [Yggdrasil's Three Gateways].
Mission: Eagle Wing Costume x1
Yes, that's it! You've done it!
We can finally awaken our great and terrible Valkyrie...
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?

7.Lord of Destruction

In truth, the final war that ends the world...
It has already begun.
As the guardian of the [Spring of Wisdom], I always knew this would happen, but I was powerless to stop it.
But are different.
Your very existence means there is a way to avoid doomsday.
I will tell you one final secret, in the hopes that you can save this world.
The one who will bring about [Ragnarok] is a descendant of Atlantis.

Of course, our only hope against the end is you, another descendant of Atlantis.
Oh, fickle fate...
Remember the name [Riederan],
for he is the one who will trigger the final war, and end the world.
You must not forget! Say it with me!
Mission: Answer [Lord of Destruction] Question => Riederan
Yes... Find the man named [Riederan], and put an end to his schemes.
Find him, and you will find Atlantis.
Anyway, thank you again for the bones, friend!
I pray that the [Goddess Freyja] watch over you.
[Ragnarok] bears down on this world! Can it be stopped?