Guardian Frigg - Valhalla's Bow

Valhalla's Bow
Guardian Frigg

QuestGuardian Frigg - Valhalla's Bow
NPCGuardian Frigg
Required level93
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

[Guardian Frigg]
Frigg is the guardian sent from Asgard to investigate the chaotic World Tree. Frigg wants to resolve the situation by figuring out the origin of the problem.
Guardian Frigg Quest
Valhalla's Bow Quest
Location: Near Yggdrasil

1.The Communion

Hm? You address me?
Only those pure in spirit can see me... It would seem you are such a person.
I am Frigg. It is a pleasure.
You're here to help me? How can you tell that I need help?
In that case, I have one request. I would like to hold communion with your spirit.
I can't hear mortal voices. Communion is my only way to communicate with human beings. Be seated, and our communion will begin.
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
Relax. This won't hurt a bit.
[O Wise Spirits of the World Tree...
I wish to hold communion with this human.
Wise Spirits, grant me your power!]

Ah. I can hear you now.
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

2.Troubled World Tree

How long has it been?
I held communion with another, but his spirit was unlike yours.
Your spirit is pure, yet courageous.
I'm happy you've come and found me.
I do not know what brings you to the World Tree, but I everything happens for a reason.
I am at your service.
I have learned that Snowstorm Trolls have thrown the World Tree into chaos.
They seem to have gone mad. Could you subdue them?
Mission: Kill [Snowstorm Troll] x35
Very good! The World Tree will be safe from the Snowstorm Trolls from now on.
However, I wonder what happened to them... They've even lost interest in bear meat, which they once loved.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

3.The Crest of Midgard

I think an investigation is in order.
Would you like to help me?
Okay. Try to concentrate...
The spirits of the World Tree will grant us the power and intelligence to discern the truth.
Close your eyes and try to calm your mind...
Oh! The World Tree has granted us the wisdom the past.
This is the Crest of Midgard.
This crest is the World Tree's Record of the Past.
To be honest, this is the first time I've seen the crest in person. I've only heard of it until now.
If we can learn what happened in the past, we can return the World Tree to its original state.
Now, can you please read the crest?
It won't react to me since I am just a spirit, but it should react to you.
Mission: Read [The Crest of Midgard]
The humans are the ones who contaminated the World Tree?
That is... unbelievable.
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

4.Frigg's Melancholy 1

How... could this happen?
Now the Trolls are ruining the beautiful World Tree.
When I was but a young spirit, that place was my playground...
It will take time and effort to purify the World Tree and return it to its former splendor.
But don't you find it strange?
The Trolls, I mean... Why haven't the retreated after the difficulties you put them through?
They don't want to leave... What should I do about this?
Hm. That's an idea. If we banish their leaders, the rest of the Trolls will follow.
Let us send the Troll Generals back home.
Mission: Kill [Troll General] x35
Ho-ho! That was a great idea!
I'm fortunate to have you by my side.
But, what gave you the idea in the first place?
The Crest of Midgard, hm?
Hmm... I read that crest as well. Why didn't it occur to me?
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

5.Frigg's Melancholy 2

As a child, I used to drink from the Fountain of Wisdom, and make toy whistles out of Yggdrasil's leaves.
And I would weave costumes from the leaves and spider webs...
Ah... If only you could see the sort of outfits I once put together.
Hm? Do you think you could get me some of Yggdrasil's leaves?
Are you sure?
Please bring me as much as you can!
Mission: Yggdrasil's Leaf x250
Oh, this... this is plenty!
Ha ha!
Thank you.
I'll weave a costume for you right away!
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

6.Life's Value 1

Eh? There is Gnome hair on these Yggdrasil's Leaves...
Those Gnomes must have trampled these leaves down.
I didn't realize my precious Yggdrasil was suffering at the Gnome's hands... Do you suppose they realize that they've done wrong?
We must make them realize that they can't carry on like this.
If we don't stop them now, they will take more lives.
Can you go to the World Tree's Trunk and teach those Gnome Berserkers a lesson?
Mission: Kill [Gnome Berserker] x35
Great work!
Perhaps now those Gnome Berserkers will appreciate the importance of life.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

7.What Goes Around

Oh well, for Gnomes, we can always drive them out, but I am facing a bigger problem now.
I have no clue on how to purify this contaminated World Tree and restore it to its original state...
I hear mortals have a saying: What goes around comes around. ...Is this really true?

Hmm... all right. Let's wait a little bit and hope for good results.
Why don't you sit down for a minute and fully recover your Health first?
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
Don't worry.
You've waited long enough and the heavens will be on your side.
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

8.The Crest of Asgard

Did you see that? This is the Crest of Asgard.
Is this help from the gods?
Then that human proverb is true.
I wonder what secrets our past holds.
I'll let you read it.
Mission: Read [The Crest of Asgard]
This is surprising...
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

9.Life's Value 2

Ah... this is no good.
The Gnome Warriors are trampling over the Fountain of Wisdom?
I just can't let them do this anymore.
I guess we need to send the Gnomes back home, too.
I think we should get rid of the Gnome Warriors before they wake up the Norn Sisters.
If they wake up to this chaos, they'll be very... cross.
They'll probably kill all of the Gnomes. We need to clean up this mess before that happens...
I know the Gnomes have made unforgivable mistakes, but I still don't want them to lose their lives meaninglessly. Would you please persuade them to go home?
Mission: Kill [Gnome Warrior] x40
Oh... you did good.
You saved many lives.
I am sure that the Gnome Warriors will be happy somewhere else...
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

10.Valkyries' Gateway 1

Now it's time to wake up the three sisters of Norn and purify the World Tree...
However, you need to pass through the gateways of the Valkyries, first.
I can't go there myself. I will be punished if I go anywhere near the World Tree.
But since humans are given freedom above all others, you should be fine.
I'm just worried that the Norn Sisters won't appreciate you being there.
You don't want to suffer their fury. At the very least, heal your wounds before you go back in.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
I think you're ready now!
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

11.Valkyries' Gateway 2

To be honest, I don't really want to wake up the Norn Sisters.
They have the power to rule over destiny.
Just as I create life, they destroy it.
I really hate to see the destruction of life, but if that's the only way to save the World Tree, I have no choice...
And maybe that's why I've been waiting for you, come to think of it.
Of course, ideally we could wake up the sisters and teach them the value of life.
Anyway, enough talking...
I guess it's time.
Please go to the Valkyrie Knights in front of the World Tree Branches and pass through their gateway.
Please... be careful!
I will pray for you.
Mission: Kill [Valkyrie Knight] x30
Oh... how did it go?
It's a relief to see you again!
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

12.The Crest of Niflheim

Oh my... This is the Crest of Niflheim!
Just looking at it gives me goosebumps.
I can feel a dark, cold energy inside of it...
What an evil item this is! We already know how to purify the World Tree. Let's throw this evil thing away!
You still want to know what kind of records it contains? What a brave human you are!
Okay then. Go ahead!
Mission: Read [The Crest of Niflheim]
Yes, I've heard the story of these demons.
I heard that he's very powerful and dangerous, but since the energy of the World Tree is blocking Niflheim, he cannot come out.
But I am worried that as the energy of the World Tree weakens, he will be freed.
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

13.Frigg's Divinity

If the power of the World Tree weakens, the demons will rise from Nilfheim and wage a war against the world of the gods.
This will impact all of mankind.
Many will die, even in the mortal world.
I must stop it from happening... I guess waking up the sisters is the only way to protect you from such chaos.
I need to borrow your hand to call out the three sisters of Norn.
Could you use some kind of mana power now?
I will give you my divine power to wake them up.
Mission: Use any magic (20/20)
Wow... that was powerful.
Here it is. I will give you my divine power.
[ O Divine Spirits of the World Tree,
I, Frigg, desire to share my grace
and divine power with this human.
Grant this pure soul your blessing and
protect its mortal body from all evil and harm.]
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

14.Goddess' Presence

Are you familiar with Urd, the goddess of the Past?
Maybe she is reaching out to us through The Crest of the Past. Maybe she wants us to wake her up.
We'll find out once she is revived.
I think the contamination here is what caused the three sisters to become unconscious in the first place.
If I shock the spirit of Urd with my divine power, she should wake up.
Their spirits won't be harmed, so don't worry.
You must find the World Tree Key. You cannot approach her without it.
Mission: Kill [Urd] x1
Oh, you did well. I'm proud of you.
As I expected, Urd created the crest of the past.
Now that Urd is awake, she will purify the World Tree. In the meantime, would you listen to my story?
  • Experience: 85,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

15.The Bow of Love

I once possessed a bow of love... and then one day, it was Verdandi's.
Isn't it strange?
I never gave it to her.
But I said nothing of it because I was hoping that the bow of love would soften Verdandi's heart.
Ha ha ha!
Do you want to know what happened next?
Sorry to disappoint you, but nothing else happened... because all three goddesses became unconscious...
But it's okay. I will give Urd a gift of a lovely bow, because Urd woke up. I want Urd to sweeten her temperament.And you know what she loves, don't you?
Enter the number of the correct answer.
1: Bows, apparently.
2: Cash money.
Mission: Answer [The Bow of Love] Question => 1
That's right! Oh, she will love it...
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

16.Distorted Time Space

Ah ah!
Now that Urd's awake, the present and the past within the World Tree are slipping into each other!
There must be some sort of time distortion inside the World Tree... What should I do?
I hope the goddess of the present, Verdandi, can take care of this.
I am awakening Verdandi in order to set time straight, but someday, I will turn her into a goddess of love and happily wake her up.
Anyway, for now we need the goddess of the present.
Do you remember who I said the goddess of the present is?
Mission: Answer [Distorted Time Space] Question => Verdandi
That's right, her name is Verdandi.
I was just testing you.
  • Experience: 55,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

17.Verdandi, The Goddess of the Present

Oh my, where is the bow that I just made?
Did you see it?
Ah... I think it disappeared into the time-space distortion, but I'm having a hard time locating it.
Well, it's too bad...
Before anything more serious happens, we better fix the time-space distortion by waking up Verdandi, who's sleeping inside of the World Tree Flower.
Just do what you did to Urd.
Don't forget to bring a World Tree Key with you!
Mission: Kill [Verdandi] x1
You've done great! Good job.
I can feel Verdandi work on the World Tree now.
However, in order to fix the time-space distortion, we need the power of all three sisters.
  • Experience: 85,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

18.Urd's Ill Nature

Oh, I think the bow that we made somehow came into Verdandi's possession.
When Verdandi woke up, she wanted to know who the bow belonged to.
I guess she's making some modifications to the bow as a token of her appreciation.
Everything worked out nicely, right?
Maybe she learned how to love others...
But now Urd's upset that we gave her gift to Verdandi.
In order to keep the World Tree in peace, we must make it up to her.
I hear that she loves gold ingots. Would you bring me 100 gold ingots?
Mission: Gold Ingot x100
Thank you so much. I think Urd will like this.
Ha ha! I will send her love as well.
  • Experience: 55,000
  • Gold: 75,000
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.

19.The Guardian of Yggdrasil

Because of Urd's ill nature, the World Tree's become chaotic. Ah, who's going to stop her...
If Verdandi didn't protect the World Tree, it would've been bad.
Hmm... I wonder if the bow we made aroused a feeling of love for her.
Would you wake Skuld up while I deliver the gold ingots to Urd?
Oh, with the Norn Sisters' help, we will be able to fix the time-space distortions, and calm the World Tree down as well.
We can bring the beautiful World Tree back!
HINT: You need the World Tree Key to enter the World Tree's Flower.
Mission: Kill [Skuld] x1
Oh, you've done so well.
I'm glad everything worked out.
I have good news for you. Now Skuld is up and all three sisters are working together to fix time-space in the World Tree.
All thanks to you! If you would like, I want to appoint you as the Guardian of Yggdrasil.
Huh? You have something you need to take care of?
I'm proud to hear that you are going to continue your journey and follow your dream instead of pursuing Title.
You look very determined so I won't beg you.
Verdandi wants you to keep this bow.
I guess it's time for us to say goodbye.
I wish you well, and I will pray for you. Farewell, my friend...
Mighty gods... Grant me your blessing.