Janet - Lady Knight

Lady Knight

QuestJanet - Lady Knight
Required level95
Daily QuestsNo

Her brother, Percival of the Round Table, confined himself to a monastery after finding the Holy Grail. However, she followed her brother's path and became a knight. She is the proud leader of a sisterhood of beautiful virgin knights who worship the Holy Grail.
Lady Knight Recruitment Quest
Location: North of Ostersund

1.The Virtue of Honor

There is no escape from the icy weather here.
Our armor does little to shield against the frigid wind which freezes our minds and bodies.
But a flame flickers within your eyes, as if you are searching for something...
Are you interested in recruiting a [Lady Knight]?
The [Lady Knights] are sworn protectors of the Holy Grail, endowed with grace and exquisiteness.
Blessed with holy powers from the Heavens, they are ready to serve those as fearless as yourself.
Are you worthy of acquiring such an ally?
If so, then demonstrate your worth!
Come back after earning more than 75 fame points.

TIP: Fame Points can be acquired at the Sparring Hall in Rome or Free League.
Mission: Earn Fame Points (75/75)
Excellent, your valor is unquestionable.
Honor can only be secured from fame points.
It is an essential virtue in all masters of [Lady Knights].
You are fortunate to possess such a quality.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 35,000
The will of the knights of the round table continues forever.

2.[Party] The Virtue of Strength

How careless of me! Let me introduce myself.
I am [Janet], leader of the holy virgin knights. We have pledged their lives to protect the Holy Grail.
It was my dream to become a knight ever since my brother joined the Knights of the Round Table.
Tragically, the world is plunging further into chaos, deeper into despair...
Our power is not enough to address the ills of the world.
If you are willing, we seek to combine our strength with yours.
We desperately need help in ridding the [Yggdrasil Seals] in [Yggdrasil].
They suddenly appeared after the clear well by the World Tree became tainted by a strange power.
We must eradicate as many of these wicked creatures as we can before the situation worsens.
HINT: Yggdrasil Seals can be found at the World Tree's Roots.
Mission: Kill [Yggdrasil Seal] x45
Thank you.
Your courageous skills have earned my trust.
This is also another necessary virtue required of all masters for our [Lady Knights].
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 75,000
The will of the knights of the round table continues forever.

3.Virtue of Knights

I must ask you for another favor.
All noble knights uphold their honor through strength. But without chivalry, they will be corrupted by pride and greed.
Countless others aspire to obtain honor from the battlefield.
Please, guide them to walk on the path of righteousness.
Lead by example, I always say. Greet fellow knights with humility and good will, and they will follow you.
([System] -> [Settings] -> [System] -> [Set Greeting])
Mission: Change greeting
Chivalry is one of the virtues required of all masters of Lady Knights.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 50,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

4.The Duty of the Knight

Your allegiance to us puts me at ease. We must continue the work of the Holy Grail Expedition.
The Expedition, originally members of the Knights of the Round Table, were the founders of the [Lady Knights].
By King Arthur's order, they ventured around the world in search of the Holy Grail.
Thanks to their efforts, the spirit of [Knighthood] echoed through the land.
Every worthy knight must possess the three virtues you just displayed.
Honor, strength, hard work, courtesy, devotion, and modesty are the virtues all knights must swear by.
When combined, these virtues are known as [Knighthood] .
Memorize these virtues. They will serve you well.
What do you call the duty of the knight?
Mission: Answer [The Duty of the Knight] Question => Knighthood
Yes, this is known as [Knighthood].
Without it, our [Lady Knights] would be cowards ruled by fear and arrogance.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 30,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

5.[Party] Memorandum of the Holy Grail Expedition

Legend has it that the Holy Grail Expedition once visited this place during their adventures.
Many consider these memories to be lost forever.
But... there must be some record detailing their heroic deeds which vanquished evil beings from returning to power.
You know that [Yggdrasil] was overcome by a strange energy and thrown into chaos.
The Holy Grail Expedition came and restored order once before.
But as this place once again falls to chaos, those beasts have gained power.
If you go to [The World Tree's Roots], you will find [Fenrir Slayers] and [Forest Fenrirs] residing there.
These evil beings met the Holy Grail Expedition and shredded their memorandum.
If we defeat these creatures, we can find the [Parts of a Memorandum] and learn more about the Expedition.
Impressive work, adventurer.
We can find out more about the Expedition once I piece together the fragments.
It would not have been possible without you.
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

6.Expected Situation

Although it required much effort, the recovery of the precious records of the Holy Grail Expedition has proven to be invaluable.
Every detail of their journey is recorded here.
You'd better just read this for your future work.
Mission: Read [Completed Memorandum]
Completed Memorandum...(Skip)...
Once upon a time, known as the three sons of Loki, the ferocious wolf [Fenrir], the savage dragon [Jormungand] and the wicked witch [Hel], who can match Lilith were all here...

The Knights of the Round Table set out to destroy evil beings who wanted to invade the holy ground, Yggdrasil.
The wolf [Fenrir] was to be killed by the hot-tempered [Bors], and the dragon [Jormungand] by the chosen man [Galahad], and the witch [Hel] by [Percival], who had overcome all manner of seductions.

They require a special kind of energy to take advantage of their power.
We still have had no luck finding the Holy Grail.
The pagans were much too strong.
But protecting the sacred place will maintain our honor.
The search for the Holy Grail continues.
Where is the cup that's said to have contained our Lord's blood?

We still have a long way to go and we don't have much time.
Some of our items were damaged or lost in the battle, but at least everyone's okay.
Today the Knights of the Round Table must embark on a journey in the name of King Arthur.
Have you read the records?
They describe in length of the period before I joined this expedition.
My soul brims with joy as I read this.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

7.[Party] Bors

According to the records, it appears that the Expedition lost some of their belongings here.
The diabolical creatures within must have them!
We must recover these things for the Expedition. It's the only way to restore their honor.
[Fenrir] hides somewhere in [The World Tree's Roots]. It must have [Bors]'s belongings.
We have to defeat it and recover his belongings.
Mission: Bors' Helmet x1
With every task you complete, my respect for you grows.
You may have even surpassed [Bors], whose bravery burned brighter than any flame.
Thanks to you, [Bors]'s honor will no longer be besmirched.
What's more, his belongings will be critical proof of the unrelenting valor of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

8.The Perfect Knight

It seems that the memorandum has revealed a secret for us.
It tells us that [Galahad]'s long sword was broken but does not say how!
Perhaps the sword broke in the middle of an intense battle.
This means that the pieces of [Galahad]'s sword are scattered somewhere in the world.
A broken sword only sullies the honor of the knight it once belonged to. It is clear what we must do.
Let's reunite the broken pieces of his sword.
Rumor has it that the sheath holds mysterious powers and is hidden somewhere in this region.
The sheath, which was left by an anonymous knight, is worthy enough to sheathe [Galahad's] precious sword.
Please, take this record. If you follow the clues, you will find the [Mysterious Scabbard].
Why were you able to recover the sheath when so many others failed?
Perhaps it had been waiting to be discovered by someone with honorable intentions.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

9.[Party] Dark Knight's Life

Here, it is time to gather [Galahad]'s relic.
According to the records, he lost his long sword during the battle with the guardians of the evil dragon [Jormungand].
The [Jormungand Warriors] and [Jormungand Guards] are somewhere in [The World Tree's Trunk].
Gather as many of the [Broken Sword Pieces] from them.
Mission: Broken Sword Piece x55
Looking at this blade, I can see his tale as if I am seeing it vividly in front of my eyes.
I can imagine how brave [Galahad] was in the battle.
It was a heavy battle to shatter the sword like this...
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 75,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

10.Known Secret Plan

I'm afraid I have some unfortunate news.
While the longest part of the sword has been recovered, the most important part is still missing.
Without it, we can't prove that this is[Galahad's] sword.
I have an inkling that the evil dragon [Jormungand] may have it.
However, obtaining this piece may prove to be difficult.
[Jormungand] can only be defeated by a someone like [Galahad], a knight of the highest caliber.
Truthfully, even with your abilities, [Galahad] still stands unrivaled.
Here, take this [Knight's Holy Water] and pour it over yourself. You won't be able to engage in battle without it.
Mission: Use Knight's Holy Water x1
Even though you are not a real knight but...
With this, you can fight with [Jormungand] as a knight for a while.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

11.[Party] Galahad

Remember, the wicked dragon [Jormungand] shows mercy to none.
Even as we speak, a nefarious power from [Yggdrasil] is going stronger.
Prepare yourself thoroughly. Otherwise, you will set yourself up for failure.
Please, go and defeat [Jormungand] who is hiding somewhere in [The World Tree's Trunk].
Once the beast has been slain, bring me [Galahad]'s belongings from it.
What a remarkable sight...
A [Lady Knight] will gladly serve a master whose strength is equal to the noble [Galahad].
We must thank the heavens for our good fortune.
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 85,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

12.One Person Left

One final task awaits us. We must recover my brother [Percival]'s mark. He had the most difficulty among the members of the Holy Grail Expedition.
[Percival]'s tale of his heroic deeds talks about the knights on the round table.
My dear brother...
He possessed neither [Bors]'s courage nor [Galahad]'s nobleness.
But with much perseverance, he overcame numerous trials to become a renowned knight.
Recorded here is the story of [Percival].
Rather than listen to the story, try reading it instead.
You may discover nuances to the story which would have been ignored otherwise.
Mission: Read [Knights of the Round (Excerpt)]
Excerpt from Knights of the Round Table...(Skip)...
[Percival] found a large sail boat during his adventure and met a beautiful girl.
[Percival] tried to talk to her, but she was unwilling to listen to the Gospel.
Soon, [Percival] grew thirsty, and the girl offered him some fine wine and hard liquor.

The girl looked beautiful in his drunken state, and [Percival] wanted to make love to her.
The girl asked [Percival] to love none but her. Blinded by love, [Percival] pledged himself to her.
Just as they were about to make love, Percival caught sight of the red cross on his sword.

Suddenly Percival realized that he was being seduced.
The girl accused him of betraying her, and sailed away alone.
[Percival] stabbed his sword into his thigh, and prayed for God's forgiveness.
As the records indicate, [Percival] endured countless temptations.
Arduous ordeals were often occurences for him as well.
Despite of the challenges, he became a great knight. Faith was his shield and piety was his sword.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

13.[Party] Irreversible Situation

Defeating [Hel] became [Percival]'s greatest accomplishment.
That wretched witch did everything in her power to ruin my brother.
Prepare yourself thoroughly or you will be crushed by failure.
[White Nightmares] with glossy blue manes live in [The World Tree's Branches].
Long ago, they were cared for by holy beings. But then [Hel] sought to make [White Nightmares] her pets.
Soon, her wicked influence transformed them into malicious beasts. Please protect us all and defeat them.
Mission: Kill [White Nightmare] x40
Your safe return must mean one thing. You had no trouble in ridding the White Nightmares.
The records show that even the Knights of the Holy Grail Expedition were almost defeated by these brutal creatures.
  • Experience: 65,000
  • Gold: 80,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

14.Protector of Virgins

White Nightmares were not the only creatures transformed by [Hel] depraved spells.
The holy [Unicorn] was once a protector of purity and innocence.
But once [Hel] had the Unicorns in her clutches, all this changed.
There is a rumor which claims that their horns can be made into a remedy which can cure any ailment.
Because of [Hel]'s influence, the horn now resembles a polluted sword.
Do you recall what creature I am referring to?
It is a one-horned animal but...
Mission: Answer [Protector of Virgins] Question => Unicorn
Yes, that is correct.
They are [Unicorns].
These creatures are loyal steeds of the pure [Lady Knights].
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 30,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

15.Waiting for Knights

Thanks to you, [Hel]'s power must be weakened since you have defeated her sinster pets.
Now it's time to recover my brother [Percival]'s mark.
[Percival] lost his shield.
My brother's shield is a very rare piece of equipment that was made using a very special method.
The restoration process is unique as well.
Can you please bring 1 [Shield Mold of Legend]?
(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Shield Mold of Legend] x1
This is marvelous...
Your talent never ceases to amaze me.
Thank you, adventurer. I appreciate all your hard work.
  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 90,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table shall continue forever.

16.[Party] Brother's Marks

[Percival] lost his shield before he met [Hel].
I am sure [Hel]'s followers have the precious shield.
It must be shattered beyond recognition.
Did you see the [Dark Queen's Knights] and [Dark Queen's Archers] wandering in [The World Tree's Branches]?
These are [Hel]'s loyal maids.
Gather the marks of my brother, [Percival], from them.
Because of your efforts, we have gathered all the records and every mark that the Holy Grail Expedition lost.
I will never forget your bravery.
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 85,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

17.The Great King, the Dangerous Queen

By resisting every temptation thrown in his path, [Percival] became a knight who shielded the innocent.
Although he possessed exceptional abilities, he was nearly destroyed by [Hel].
But he endured these turbulent times by holding the cross he always carried and praying to our Lord.
And he could only calm his spirit by remembering his oath to King Arthur.
Before you go to battle with [Hel], you must receive God's blessing and the glory of King Arthur.
Take this [Cross of Protection].
It will serve you well.
Mission: Use Cross of Protection x1
Be warned.
Do all you can to prepare yourself before your battle with [Hel].
If you fail, legends of your bravery will die with you.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

18.The Innocent Name of a Knight!

You matched [Bors]'s bravery by defeating [Fenrir].
Your strength was proven to be equal to [Galahad]'s when you slew [Jormungand].
Now, demonstrate the unconquerable will of [Percival] by destroying [Hel]!
The power of [Lady Knights] springs from purity and innocence.
Refuse all temptation and slaughter [Hel]. Complete your mission and I will grant you the priviledge of leading our [Lady Knights].
[Hel] is hiding somewhere in [The World Tree's Branches].
Godspeed on your battle!
Mission: Kill [Hel] x1
You've returned! Now we need no longer fear these wicked fiends nor their cursed spells.
It is time to introduce the members of the [Lady Knights] to you.
  • Experience: 85,000
  • Gold: 100,000
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.

19.The Oath

We are deeply honored and indebted to you.
Now, we hope that you can promise one last thing to us.
Although you were not raised to become a knight, your skill and virtue has proven your gallantry to us all!
The [Lady Knights] will gladly recognize you as their master.
Promise you will maintain your heroic tales with her.
If you promise, answer me with [a vow].
Mission: Answer [The Oath] Question => A vow
Now I will give you the [Lady Knight's Pledge].
The [Lady Knight] who swears loyalty to you will bravely fight against any who defile your name.
May God bless your future journeys.
The will of the Knights of the Round Table continues forever.