Jang Jie - Chang-san

Jang Jie

QuestJang Jie - Chang-san
NPCJang Jie
Required level98
Daily QuestsNo

Lady Ma, you will accept my heart some day!

Final Reward::

[Jang Jie]
A trainee in Chang-san, his good judgment has led to his managing various matters in the haven.
However, in matters of love, he is a very passionate man.
Endangered Chang-san Quest
Location: Near Chang-san


Welcome to our haven!
I am a Jang Jie.
I'm a trainee, but I sometimes teach others and manage matters about the village.
I'm glad to see you.
As a matter of fact, it's been a while since anyone visited Chang-san.
Many people visited here to see Zhao Yun even just a year ago, but ever since he left, we don't see much traffic.
Even the few travelers we did have had to leave because of the violent animals in the area.
However, I, Jang Jie, will become a great hero like Zhao Yun and someday return this haven to its previous state, when it was crowded with people. Haha!
Ah, I'm getting carried away!
I've been talking to myself for too long.
I got so caught up...
Please, don't think badly of me.
By the way, how did you know of this haven?
Wait, do you know this haven, or did you just happen upon us?
Do you know the name of this place?

Tip: Zhao Yun's hometown
Mission: Answer [Chang-san] Question => Chang-san
Haha, so, you do know.
I'm glad to hear that the world hasn't forgotten about us yet!
Yes. This is the place where Zhao Yun was born! The famous Chang-san!
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

2.Jang Jie's Hope

There used to be lots of brave people who came here to follow in General Zhao Yun's footsteps.
Everyone trained hard day and night to become like him.
Yes, we all used to keep telling ourselves to grow into great heroes like the general, and we all pushed ourselves to our limits.
However, most of the people in the haven left, and now we're only a handful of devotees.
It's such a pity.
Oh! Look at you!
You have quite a strong build.
Haha, why not take some training from me, if you want?
It won't cost you anything. What'll it hurt?
Haha, I like your spirit!
I won't make you call me master. Don't worry, I'm a pretty relaxed teacher.
Heck, I'll be happy if you pass along word of our spearmanship and the haven.
You should take a moment to learn about spearmanship...
Well, I believe it's better to learn it from experience rather than theories.
I'm sure there's a Spearman Trainee near the entrance of the haven.
Why don't you go and have a training session with him?
Mission: Battle with [Spearman Trainee] x0
That was quick.
Good job.
I'm sure you've got at least a basic grasp of spearmanship by now.
I'll explain some of our theories for now. It might sound boring, but please listen carefully.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

3.Importance of the Basics

Since you probably have the hang of spearmanship, I'll be brief.
There's a basic thrust in spearmanship. You could say it's similar to a martial artist's punch.
Then there are cuts, which are the most basic stkills.
The most basic techniques are also the most important, so keep it in mind.
The basics are the most important aspect of whatever you do.
Your eyes are filled with passion.
I like that a lot.
If there's anything more you want to know, why don't you see if you can't find out more about Spearmen? Take a look if you want.

Tip: Game Info – Class – Spearman
Mission: Search [Spearman] in Game Info > Class
You're such a passionate person.
I wish we had more people here with your drive.
Training with a person like you gives me so much energy. Haha!
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

4.Helpless Village

The trainees here used to be full of will, but they've lost it all lately.
I never imagined the guys who came here to the Spearman Haven after hearing about General Zhao Yun would become a source of calamity.
They couldn't endure our kind of hard training, and started leaving one by one.
Problem is, they took other people out of the haven with them. And their bad attitudes drained the other trainees' will, too.
However, I couldn't stop them.
Time went by, and less and less people visited here. And now, no one visits at all.
If only we had trained a little harder then, things wouldn't have ended up like this...
The number of people here dwindled, and then the beasts started their attack.
Most of the trainees didn't have the skill to defend themselves, and ended up getting injured.
And then, to top things off, those beasts damaged all our medical supplies.
I need to treat their wounds soon, though.
A young lady named Ma Yun-ling has some medicine, but I have no idea where she might be.
If you could get the medicine somehow, I would appreciate it very much. I won't forget your kindness.

TIP: You can find Ma Yun-ling near Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi in the Central Asia.
Mission: Cut Ointment x1
Ah! This is the ointment I was looking for.
Amazing. I didn't expect you would...
Thank you. Thank you so much!
You are a true savior to our haven.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

5.Sterile Clouds Stream

I was worried sick over our injured trainees. I don't know how I can thank you enough for bringing this medicine!
I'm sure it wasn't easy to get this ointment, so I guess you must be that good.
I feel like we should celebrate this kind of day, but things aren't so good around here.
By the way, I think I smell some musk somewhere.
It's strange to smell the musk that woman used.
Oh my! What am I thinking?
The ointment you gave me solves the problem of our injured trainees, but we've got another problem.
For some reason, Clouds Stream, the spring in the haven, dried up. Now we don't have any drinking water.
If this continues, we all might have to leave the haven.
I'm asking you, Master. Can you please get me some drinking water while I'm treating the people here?
TIP: You can get the Purified Water Recipe from Ma Yun-ling.
TIP: You can acquire the crafting material, Water of Eternity, from Black Drill Weasels.
Mission: Craft [Purified Water] x10
I knew you could do it.
You've brought me this just in the nick of time.
Thank you so much. I don't know how to repay your kindness...
Welcome to Chang-san.

6.Water Bottle's Owner

(*Gulp* *Gulp*)
Wow, I feel so much better.
I'm sure I've seen this water bottle before...
That musky scent...
A familiar water bottle...
Let me ask you... one thing.
This water bottle.
Where did you get it?
Can you please tell me who gave it to you?
Mission: Answer [Water Bottle's Owner] Question => Ma Yun-ling
Thi... this really belongs to Lady Ma?
Then that musk smell was also Lady Ma's?
Oh, oh my...
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

7.Jang Jie's Test

Haha... Haha...
Lady Ma, who wouldn't even glance my way...
(Did she... did she mistake you for a hero?)
I just taught you basic spearmanship, and now you're getting treated like a hero...
Please don't show off in front of Lady Ma. Ever.

There's not much for me to say.
I need to see how good you are, so please challenge the Spearman Trainees here to a battle.
If you lose, you're not qualified to be a hero.
This won't be easy. The spearmen here are masters of the martial arts who inherited the techniques of General Zhao Yun of Chang-san.
Mission: Kill [Spearman Trainee] x20
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 200,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

8.Effective Battle

Ahaha. I guess I underestimated you a little, huh? Well, now the real quest can begin.
You know, there are many kinds of strategies in battle.
I don't know if you ever heard of this before. There's a type of strategy in which you command fewer soldiers to greater effect.
If you make 2 of your mercenaries inactive, the rest of your formation will move more quickly. Did you know that?
Enter the number of the correct answer:
1: That strategy is my bread and butter.
2: No way. You're blowing my mind, man!
Mission: Answer [Effective Battle] Question => 1
Of course you knew that. How could you have made it this far without such basic knowledge, after all?
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 200,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

9.Real Battle as Training

I guess the proverb "The dye is bluer than the indigo from which it's made" probably refers to you.
I see you do have some excellent skills.
Why don't we have a battle? It'll be for training, but I won't hold back.
I know this won't happen, but if you somehow manage to defeat me, then I'll acknowledge you.
This place is too crowded for us to have a proper battle.
There is a place called Land of Power located inside of the haven where we used to have training, and I think that place will suit us just fine.
You go ahead. I'll be right behind you.
When you're ready, open the challenge I just gave you.
Then I'll show up.
Mission: Rescue [Spearman Trainee] x 1
Oh no...
How could I lose? It's impossible.
Oh no!
Welcome to Chang-san.

10.Faulty Equipment

I can't believe this.
I lost because my allies ran away. And my weapon! My weapon wasn't that good, either.
I lost only because my weapon was not as good as yours!
Please give me a rematch.
Oh! Before you do that, can you please bring me a decent spear? Your equipment looks incredible to me...
Of course, good equipment is no guarantee of victory, but I don't think I can fully display my techniques with this spear I picked up in the Ruins of the Yellow River.
Would you please bring me a decent equipment?
I'll choose one out of Osiris' Equipment Box.
This is quite nice.
Anyway, tha... thanks...
However, I won't go easy on you because you brought me a good spear.
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 200,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

11.A Man's Word is his Bond

Haha... With this fine weapon, I'll be able to draw out my full abilities.
Now that I am equipped with a weapon, and my mercenaries are all healed...
I doubt it will happen again, but if I somehow lose this time, then I will accept it.
A man's word... is as good as his bond.
Enough talk.
I'll be waiting for you in the Land of Power, the same as before.
Mission: Kill [Jealous Jang Jie] x1
You won.
Please make Lady Ma happy.
Welcome to Chang-san.


Wha, what am I talking about?
Aren't you... in love with Lady Ma?
What about that musk scent and the water bottle?
Wait, wait, wait. I don't understand.
Oh my. I'm so sorry!
I thought you were trying to court her. That's why I picked a fight with you.
Ahaha, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
It was just youthful enthusiasm, that's all.
And, hey, because of my misunderstanding, you got the chance to learn about spearmanship by fighting me.
Hmph... By the way, we need to restore the spring in the haven. Do you have any ideas?
Hm, Lady Ma might know something.
No, she'll definitely know what to do.
She knows everything when it comes to Zhao Yun, so she must be know all about Clouds Stream.
Ha! Perfect timing.
I have something for Lady Ma.
Can you deliver this to her and find a way to restore the spring in the haven?
Hm... I know you wouldn't do that, but please don't open the letter I gave you.
I'll take care of the spearmen here in the meantime.
Mission: Talk to [Ma Yun-ling]
Thank you so much.
Welcome to Chang-san.

13.Zhao Yun's Secret Scroll

Oh, you came back.
I thought I'd never see you again.
By the way, did you deliver the letter to her?
You didn't open it, did you?
Haha, I was just joking...
Did you find a way to save the haven?
It's written in Zhao Yun's Secret Scroll?
Then can you please show it to me?

(Oh, I can almost feel Lady Ma's scent...)
I don't believe this!

I... I don't know what to say.

(Lady Ma wrote this herself...)
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

14.Killing the Monster

Although I have trained for several years here...
I never knew there was a passage to Clouds Stream.
Can you please go to Clouds Stream and find out what the problem is?
My magic power is still weak, so I don't think I can penetrate that rock.
And please fix the problem, too, while you're there.
Mission: Kill [Clouds Stream Monster] x1
Ah... you're back already?
Look at that sweat. It must have been hard work.
By the way, what made the stream dry up?
Huh? A monster?
I never knew there was a monster living in the stream...
It's unbelievable.
Anyway, I don't know how to thank you enough for killing it for us...
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 500,000
Welcome to Chang-san.

15.Last Request

I have one last request I'd like to ask you.
As you might have noticed, we are short of skilled soldiers ever since General Zhao Yun left.
No matter how much training they get, it seems their abilities don't improve much.
I'd like to learn martial arts from you... Master.
If anything dangerous happens to the haven, I have to deal with it. Do you think you can teach me that powerful magic of yours?
To help me learn it, please show me your magic at least 30 times.
Mission: Use any magic (30/30)
Oh, your technique is excellent.
Thank you for showing me.
Do you really need to leave Chang-san?
I'd like to keep you here, but I won't since there's so much in the world for a hero to do.
I won't forget the kindness you've shown our haven, Master.
If you ever visit our haven again, please seek me out.
I'll prepare for the toast that we never got to have today.
Take care.
Welcome to Chang-san.