Jelme - Holy Warrior's Soul

Holy Warrior's Soul

QuestJelme - Holy Warrior's Soul
Required level120
Daily QuestsNo

I'm willing to die if it's what the Lord wants!

Final Reward::

He became Kahn's slave following his father's will, but was moved by the Lord Kahn's authority so deeply that he swore endless loyalty to him. He is a brave and ambitious youngster ready to do anything for the Lord. He followed Boorchu without hesitation after realizing the Lord Kahn was worried about the gray wolf put forth by the Diabolists.
Lv. 120 Main Character Upgrade Quest
Location: Near the Mysterious Saloon

1.Cautious Like a Wild Animal

Don't come any closer.
I don't know you.
I have no time to talk to strangers. Please go away.
Huh? You brought a [Letter]?
If you're lying to me...
Mission: Boorchu's Letter x1
It reads, [The martial artist carrying this letter has come to our aid. Help this person investigate the Diabolists and be reborn as a warrior that rivals even our lord.]...
Hmm, so [Boorchu] sent you.
Sorry for my attitude earlier.
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 750,000
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

2.Pasture's Spiritual Treasure I

If [Boorchu] trusts you, I suppose I can, too.
My name is [Jelme].
When I was little, my father gave me to my lord as a slave, but now I am my lord's right hand man.
I consider it my greatest honor to have helped the lord rule as a great Kahn, alongside [Boorchu], a sworn brother to the lord.
Since it's my lord will, I will grant you the same service.
Please take my guidance to heart.
Okay, let me tell you about what's been going on here, and what you are to do.
First of all, after escaping the Savages I discovered evidence that the Diabolists have stolen several Mongolian treasures.
I hope you can help us retrieve them.
There are [Violent Gunsmiths] who disguise themselves as [Ferocious Gunsmiths] in [Saloon: 1F].
They stole many of the arrows we call [Bursting Arrows].
Please retrieve them first.
Mission: Bursting Arrow x20
Thank you. That's a relief.
When these arrows find their mark, they explode in a poisonous fog.
However, without the proper secret techniques handed down within our tribe, they won't work.
It seems they stole these arrows simply because of the power of their explosion.
Even though I can't give you this treasure, I do have some similar arrows you can use. Please make good use of them.
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

3.A Good Arrow for a Good Bow

We Mongolians are very proud of our excellent archery skills.
However, to make full use of our techniques, we need not only good bows but also good arrows.
The Bursting Arrows that you just brought are unique to our tribe.
It seems to me that you have some knowledge of the bow. I hope that you have just as much knowledge about the arrow.
Input the number of the correct answer.
1: Yes, I know all about arrows.
2: What are these arrows you speak of?
Mission: Answer [A Good Arrow for a Good Bow] Question => 1
I see you're no slouch when it comes to arrows.
Most Mongolian warriors know how to craft arrows.
Our lord himself had a profound respect for the bow and arrow. I would spend hours right beside him maintaining our bows and crafting our arrows.
By the way, have you heard of the arrow artisan named Jebe? He is from Mongol.
  • Experience: 525,000
  • Gold: 725,000
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

4.Stolen Horses

Aside from our archery, we Mongolians take great pride in our horsemanship.
Since our tribesmen live their entire lives in the vast plains,
a good horse is a precious treasure.
However, I've found evidence that the Diabolists have stolen our precious horses.
Unbeknownst to them, all of our horses are given a special red marble.
If we can retrieve the marbles, we can find the horses no matter where they are.
It seems the covetous [Soldiers] have taken our horses on a whim.
They must have [Crimson Horse-head Jades] with them, so please retrieve as many as possible.
You can find them in [Saloon: 1F].
Oh, thank you so much.
This is fortuitous.
I feel relieved just to know that I'll be getting our precious horses back.
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

5.Pasture's Spiritual Treasure II

Horses are dear animals to us, something we could not bear to part with.
Beyond being our property, they are life itself to the nomadic people.
We also have a musical instrument called Morin Khuur. It is shaped to look like a horse's head.
I like to recite the Song of Morin Khuur
when I need to concentrate.
Mission: Read [Song of Morin Khuur]
Song of Morin KhuurI can go anywhere
From the back o' my steed.
I'll never know death
On the back o' my steed.
My steed shall find the way
To where'er I need go.
In fact, most Mongolians know that song as well as me.
The Diabolists stole our precious horses. I can never forgive them.
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

6.Investigation on the Diabolists' Loot

Anyway, these Diabolists are connected to [Chung Rang], and stole our valuable arrows and precious horses. Each act they make is more audacious than the last.
I need to learn how many Mongolian treasures they stole in all.
Because the Diabolists in [Saloon: 1F] have most of the treasures, it is most likely that their commander holds a clue.
I hear the [Diabolic Swordmaster] at the [Diabolic Base I] is the commander of the thieves.
I want you to defeat him first.
While you have their attention, I'll secretly go in there to investigate.
Mission: Kill [Diabolic Swordmaster] x1
With you keeping them busy, I was able to investigate without any trouble.
I found a thick book of records there.
Thank you very much for helping me find this precious clue.
  • Experience: 8,000,000
  • Gold: 5,250,000
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

7.There Are So Many!

While you were gathering up our treasures, you must have fully felt the Mongolian spirit they contain.
It served as an important step for you to become a warrior to rival the great Kahn.
So, looking at this record, it seems that the Mongolian treasure was only a small portion of the Diabolists' interests.
I guess I need to analyze this first.
Please go back to [Boorchu] in the mean time.
I'll report my findings as soon as possible.
Mission: Talk to [Boorchu]
No Text
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 750,000
I don't talk to strangers.
Go away.

8.Unbearable Anger

You bastards should be trampled to death by my horse!
I'll see to it personally that your dead bodies are left in the desert to feed the wild dogs!
Argh... I can't stand it!
How could they do such a thing!
How could they do this to our beloved forefather and foremother!
Oh, you came right on time.
You don't need anything else.
Let's go straight in and wipe them all out!
Huh? Did [Boorchu] send me a secret letter?
Let me take a look.
Argh... God...!
I never knew how painful it would be
to take it in and react in a cool and calm way
in a situation like this.
I have heard of the Secret Palace since I was little.
The legend of that place is handed down from generation to generation.
The Palace is our secret place, that can't be reached by anyone!
Then those Diabolists came along and broke the peace of our resting ancestors! How dare they!
I feel a little relieved that you're here to assist me.
Even if my lord hadn't ordered it, it feels natural that I'd help you become a great warrior.
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 750,000
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].

9.Pasture's Spiritual Treasure III

As [Boorchu] requested, we should rescue our foremother [Qoai Maral] from [Chung Rang] first.
Currently [Qoai Maral] must be confused by the Diabolists' tricks and is probably trying to calm down [Borte Chino].
Otherwise, those Diabolists could not have drawn his great power from him.
Legend says that the gray wolf [Borte Chino] can keep his peace of mind
as long as his wife [Qoai Maral] is with him.
I never imagined these old stories I've been hearing since I was young would be helpful.
And if the legends I know are true,
the Diabolists must have also stolen a treasure called [Morin Khuur].
There is a story that our foremother [Qoai Maral] used to spend time with the women playing Morin Khuur carved into the shape of beautiful deer
and gave them precious lessons.
Moreover, the loot records also say that the Diabolists' [Monks] took hold of a Morin Khuur giving off strange power.
They must be playing Morin Khuur with their dirty hands and confusing [Qoai Maral].
I wouldn't know what kind of trick they could play when they are not even Mongolian women.
There are 10 [Morin Khuurs] in total.
Please get them back from the [Monks] in [Saloon: Annex].
Mission: Morin Khuur x10
Great job!
I'm sure the captured [Qoai Maral] would now open her eyes.
We only have to rescue her now.
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].

10.The Ancestor's Soul

Hmm, because you're not Mongolian, we need to check some things before you can see [Qoai Maral].
[Qoai Maral] wouldn't open up easily for anyone who's not Mongolian unless he or she has decent personality.
Of course, your martial arts skills are good enough, but that's not sufficient.
I want to know how much Fame you have earned in the world.
I am talking about the Fame you acquire by competing against others in public arenas.
Mission: Earn Fame Points (20/20)
Oh, I understand.
I think that should be enough to see [Qoai Maral].
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].

11.Return of Holy Ancestor's Souls I

Now, please get ready to meet [Qoai Maral].
This is not only for the sake of my own peoples' holy ancestors.
It also serves as an important step for you to become a warrior as great as Kahn.
If you can complete this task successfully and get the blessing of the ancestors, there would be no higher honor you could receive.
[Qoai Maral] must have been captured by the commander of the [Monks], [Diabolic High Priest].
You can find the [Diabolic High Priest] at the [Diabolic Headquarters].
Please rescue her as quickly as you can.
Mission: Qoai Maral's Soul x1
You rescued her!
Ah, we made our foremother [Qoai Maral] suffer like this...
It's all our fault.
I'm sorry. So sorry...
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].

12.Commune with the Ancestor's Soul

Now the Diabolists must be anxious to calm down [Chung Rang], who is getting out of control.
For now, we need to find a way to help [Qoai Maral] get [Borte Chino] to open his eyes.
That way, we will be able to weaken [Chung Rang]'s power and rescue our forefather safely.
It's impossible to communicate with our ancestors in any ordinary way.
Moreover, the fact that you yourself are not Mongolian makes it a complicated matter.
According to legend, there are traces of an ancient language that existed when our ancestors walked the earth.
I'm sure that the power of that language will allow them to communicate with us.
I'm sorry, but I don't actually know where we should go for this.
I don't know where those ancient civilizations are or where to find them.
The only clue I have is that the traces are in the remains of the four great civilizations of the past.
I'm sure a well-traveled person like you could find them pretty quickly.
Please, I beg you.
For our ancestors, please craft the [Ancestor's Language].

(HINT: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
You can collect each ancient language from [Xiyu Shaman], [Naraka], [Tiamat], and [King Khufu] .)
Mission: Craft [Ancestor's Language] x1
I knew you'd do a good job.
Thank you so much.
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].

13.Ancestor's Blessings

I made a small stone dish while you were gone.
This is [Khan's Stone Vase], in which I carved a white horse, one of Kahn's symbols, and a fallow doe to represent our foremother.
In fact, I made this dish as a symbol for your transformation into a great warrior like Kahn,
but I never imagined I would enshrine our foremother [Qoai Maral].
If you think about it, nothing is greater than this to bless you to become a great warrior.
This is all the assistance I can provide for you.
Now please return to [Boorchu] with this, [Khan's Stone Vase].
You will get the remaining help you need to defeat [Chung Rang] and become a great warrior from [Boorchu].
Then, farewell!
You are without a doubt a warrior as great as the Lord Kahn.
I don't have anything for you to do right now.
You shouldn't waste any time.
Please come back when you finish all your work with [Boorchu].