Kim Dae Sung - Bulguksa

Kim Dae Sung

QuestKim Dae Sung - Bulguksa
NPCKim Dae Sung
Required level112
Daily QuestsNo

Kakyamuni Buddha's White Tiger points towards the East Sea.

Final Reward::

[Kim Dae Sung]
A man who loved to hunt. One day he had an epiphany, so he built a temple to spread the teachings of Buddhism. It has been widely rumored that he did this in honor of the animals he had hunted and the parents of the reincarnated and soon-to-be reincarnated. In reality, he had a different, hidden reason. A figure shrouded in mystery.
Bulguksa Quest
Location: Bulguksa - Lotus Flower Garden

1.Beautiful Temple

Oh... you must be a visitor from the far west.
Nice to meet you.
We treat everyone here differently, even if their eye color, hair, or skin is different from ours.

This Buddhist temple is my current project. I named this temple after the land of Buddha, in the hopes that the name would bring the people bliss.
Do you know the name of this temple?
[Tip] Game info -> Field info
Mission: Answer [Beautiful Temple] Question => Bulguksa
Yes. [Bulguksa] is the name of this place.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

2.The Evidence of a Warrior

It seems you are a warrior that has traveled from afar, and who has constantly trained on your way here.
I can see that your companions are no ordinary warriors.
I hear that there is a place where the world's strongest warriors gather...
I hear that it is no easy task to have your name included in that place's [Hall of Fame].
By any chance... are you such a person? Would you check to see if your name is in the Hall of Fame?
(Hint: [Community] -> [Hall of Fame] -> [Competition] -> [League] - Search)
Mission: Search Rankings of Hall of Fame Competition
Oh... Although I haven't seen it for myself, it seems that you have your name up there.
I have met a truly outstanding individual.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

3.Strange Mushroom

There has been a strange change to this place.
In the inner sanctum of the sacred Buddhist temple, I can see the shadows of strange beings.
Even given my vast experience, this is unusual.
It's troublesome that I have no one to consult with on this matter...
I'm sorry to ask this of you, but can you please bring me some [Oriental Mushrooms]?
I hear that the beings inside the temple carry them around...
It's not important where you get them as long as you can get me some.
It seems we must take a closer look at what's going on around here.
Mission: Oriental Mushroom x10
Oh... you brought them back.
Thank you very much.
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

4.The Goblin's Mischief

Hm... This is hard to understand.
These mushrooms are only native to Central Asia. I don't understand how we're finding them here.
Is the world coming to an end...?
I suspect that the goblins wandering around the [Lotus Flower Garden] are somehow responsible.
I'm sorry to ask this of you, but please punish those [Naughty Goblins].
If we let them do as they please, we will lose control of the situation.
Mission: Kill [Naughty Goblin] x25
You've returned.
All we have to do now is to wait for things to return to normal.
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 1,500,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

5.The Craftsman's Workshop

This Buddhist temple holds great significance to me.
I used to love to hunt animals.
One night, I met a bear that I had hunted in my dreams.
That bear told me that since I took his life, he would also take mine.
Even though it was a dream, it felt so vivid. Struck with fear, I started begging for my life.
The bear then said to me:
If I can build a temple for him, he will forgive me.
At that moment I awoke from the dream.
Normally, such an occurance would have been meaningless...
But for me, it was an epiphany.
I quit my beloved hunting, and vowed to never again kill another living being.
As proof of my devotion, I started to build this temple.

Truthfully, I wanted to build this temple the right way.
That is why I called the finest stonemason from Sabi, the capital of Baekje, [Asadal], to construct a great three story stone pagoda.
I wonder how he is progressing. Would you please go and check up on him for me?
He is at [Toham-san Atelier].
How was it?
Was the construction of the stone pagoda going smoothly?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

6.When the Time Comes

What? What do you mean by that?
Certainly, this place did reek of the sort of dark energy that attracts old fox demons and goblins... but pythons?
Are you certain? In Korean mythology, they were snakes that tried for hundreds of years to transform into dragons, but failed...
You're saying that thing exists inside this temple?
What? Did you say unicorn-lions?
Creatures that look like lions, but have a marking on their heads that looks like a shaved-off horn... In Korean lore, such beings were said to be guardians of the sun.
Oh... Good lord... Perhaps the prophecy is correct after all.
It is no coincidence that you have found this place.
This has been predetermined for a very long time.
This may be sudden, but...
If you use the [Map of Kings], a chest will appear.
When you find the chest and open it, there will be a [Secret Message] in it.
Please bring that message back here.
You brought it.
There's a saying: A minute seems like a lifetime...
It seems like I've been waiting for you for such a long time.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

7.Organizing the Atelier

I need your help in making sure the work in the atelier goes smoothly.
The mysterious beings that have taken residence in that place won't be easily defeated...
But if you are indeed the one that the prophecy speaks of, then you should have no problem defeating those monsters.
For [Asadal] to be successful in his work, his safety must be ensured.
So that his progress on the pagoda will not be interrupted, please take care of the [Menacing Unicorn-Lions].
While you're doing that, I will read the [King's Secret Message] that you have brought me.
HINT: You can find the Menacing Unicorn-Lions at the Toham-san Atelier.
Mission: Kill [Menacing Unicorn-Lion] x30
You did great.
I had no doubt in my mind that you would come back to us safely.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

8.Strange Abnormalities

Strange things are occurring here...
I guess I seem a bit odd, being so devoted to building this Buddhist temple and finishing the stone pagoda.
I know. Of course, that's normal.
But there is a reason for all this.
And why [Asadal] came all the way from Baekje to complete this stone pagoda...
When the time is right, I will tell you everything.
Although the prophecy has been around for a very long time, now that it is developing right before my eyes, I find myself perplexed and confused.
From old fox demons to goblins and legendary wicked pythons...
Haha... I can't believe what I'm witnessing.
What? You've already been through these kinds of situations before?
These kinds of events are happening not only here, but in the West, and everywhere in between?
Please, tell me everything you know.
Enter the number of the most helpful answer:
1: Of course.
2: How much is this information worth to you?
Mission: Answer [Strange Abnormalities] Question => 1
I'll be sure to spread the word myself. The seed of knowledge is small now, but as more and more hear of what's happening in the world, we will unite and grow stronger.
  • Experience: 600,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

9.Temple Construction Must Continue

Just as I told you before...
[Bulguksa] must be completed.
I have my own reasons, but it's rather because there is a great secret hidden in this place.
I have some matters to look into.
Can you please go to [Asadal] and see if everything is going well over there?
You've come back.
How was it?
Were there any difficulties in building the stone pagoda?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

10.Lady Awaiting

Ah... so that's what happened.
I told you before that he came here from a faraway place called Baekje.
It's... already been three years since he first arrived.
But... there have been some difficulties.
His wife came all the way here to [Bulguksa] to find [Asadal].
She's that lady standing over there...
I feel so bad for her.
She... what was her name...
I hear her name was [A...] something.
If you can find out what her name is, can you let me know?
I can't seem to remember.
Mission: Answer [Lady Awaiting] Question => Asanyo
That's right. [Asanyo]!
That was the name.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

11.Dangerous Lotus Pond

To have come all the way here from Baekje Sabi...
It seems she came here to find her husband, who's still building the stone pagoda, after waiting over three years.
Truly a great woman.

It looks like the monks of this temple are opposed to having the two meet, though. They must be concerned about the dangers surrounding the temple, and the distraction that she cause to [Asadal].
She has been waiting for her husband there without rest.
A monk told me this.
"Until the stone pagoda's shadow is reflected on the Lotus Pond, it is best to wait there."
However, something happened at the [Lotus Pond].
The stone statue guardians have occupied the area.
I will tell you exactly what happened when you come back. First, go to the [Lotus Pond] and slay the [Guardian of the West].
[TIP] If you defeat the [Guardian of the East] before defeating any other guardians, the monsters will scatter. Therefore, it becomes harder to complete the quest. Defeat the monsters strategically in the order that the quest directs.
Mission: Kill [Guardian of the West] x1
You returned. You've done very well.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

12.The Great Mission

Where do I start?
Yes, I started to build this temple because I met a bear in my dreams, but that is not the only reason.
When I decided to build this temple to atone for my sins, an old priest approached me with a secret message.
To my surprise, it was about the late king.
I was not the first to build this temple.
This temple was built about 200 years ago. You could say that I am merely repairing and expanding the previous work.
Anyway... when I was about to start repairing this temple, that's when I met this old monk.

He said to me that he was waiting for someone to come and repair this place. Then, he gave me the map that shows where the [King's Secret Message] is hidden.
Then he told me, when 'the time of chaos that brings Humans and spiritual beings, legendary creatures and souls together' draws near, go find that secret message.
Also... he told me why I should repair and expand this temple.
It's a long story. I'm worried about [Asadal]'s progress...
Can you please check up on him for me?
You have returned.
I've been thinking of the mission that has been given to me.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

13.Ominous Goblins

The [King's Secret Message] hides a great secret.
It was a secret hidden in the underwater mausoleum, [Great King's Rock]...
The message states that when the day that the world falls to ruin and chaos comes, then the [Great King's Rock, the underwater mausoleum] will open.
The prophecy speaks of an item inside that can save the world...
It also tells us that the way to the [Underwater Mausoleum] can be found in this [Bulguksa Seokgulam].
I believe all this information is still confusing for you.
Anyway, the goblins' pranks are becoming more extreme as they continue to go unpunished.
Can you steal their cudgels to stop them?
HINT: You can find the Goblins at the Lotus Flower Garden.
Mission: Goblin's Cudgel x20
You've done very well.
It should be a bit more peaceful now.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

14.The Twisted Existences

The order of the story seems to be amiss, but the old monk that told me of the prophecy also said this.
"Nature is being thrown into a state of disarray. To prevent this, you have to build a temple here. Choose the best stonemason to imbue the stone here with his soul, so that the order of nature is preserved."

It seems that the temple that was previously built here lacked strength.
For that reason, there were various strange occurrences... To prevent those things from happening now, we need a structure that has a soul.
That is why I gathered artisans who can pour their souls into a structure.
Yes. That is correct.
[Asadal] is one of the people who is able to do so. You may not know this by just looking at him, but [Asadal] carries the blood of a shaman, even without him being aware of it. That is the reason why he is able to put his soul into the structures he works on.
I've spread word to neighboring cities so that I may gather this type of person here, to Bulguksa, and begin our operations.
However, something happened here to bring the stone statues to life.
It would be reasonable for me to think that there is nothing we can do... but when I look at you, I somehow feel reassured.
Can you please take care of the [Crazy Rakshasas] that keep interfering with our work? If you do so, I will tell you the story in its entirety.
HINT: You can find the Crazy Rakshasas in the Seokgulam Garden.
Mission: Kill [Crazy Rakshasa] x25
You have returned.
The owner of the [Bamboo Flute].
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

15.This Land's Mission

Yes. That is correct.
I think that you might be the one who can wield the [Bamboo Flute], which our histories foretold.
Of everyone I've met, I belief that you can take possession of the [Bamboo Flute] by finding it in the [Underwater Mausoleum].
The great king always worried about what would happen upon his own demise.
He wanted us to weather the massive invasions of the Westerners from the ends of the East Sea at the [time of the prophecy].
Before he closed his eyes for the last time, he directed others to bury him at the East Sea.
When the [time of the prophecy] comes, the invaders from the West will not be the ones who we thought they were going to be.
They are going to be [the descendants of the legendary evildoers] who once tried to conquer the entire world and fell to ruin under the judgment of the heavens. And so once they come again, it will be the end of the world.
However, it is said that whenever the heavens test us, we are also given hope.
You must be that hope.
Although it may be a little hard for you to believe, the old monk already knew that you would be coming here.
It seems I have blathered on.
I think it would be best to tell [Asadal] that his beloved came here looking for him.
Even though the monks said that it would serve only as a distraction, just as you say, telling [Asadal] that she is here is the right thing to do.
Please go and tell him the good news.
How was he?
Was [Asadal] very happy?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

16.The Fate of This Land

I see. I can imagine how happy he was.
I've heard that he led a very happy married life with his wife back in Baekje.
It seems I have done something terrible in separating these two for so long.
However, I believe that they will understand that there was no other way.
Even if we gather all of our strength, it won't be easy to protect ourselves from what's going to happen in the future...
It won't be easy.
I hear that there is a city in the West where you can find a person named Medici. He sells boxes of luxury items.
They say that you can tell your own fortune based on what you find in Medici's Gold Boxes. Would you open one to learn our destiny?
Mission: Use Medici's Gold Box x1
You look upset.
I guess I shouldn't force you to tell me the result.
  • Experience: 600,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

17.An Old Spiritual Being

Where did I leave off?
Oh, yes. We are building the temple here to stop the strong energy here from leaking to the outside world.
The [Kakyamuni's Buddha] and [Buddha Statues] inside of [Seokgulam] were created to serve that purpose.
They each respectively played a primary role in preventing any negative energy from spreading out into the land.
One day, the [Buddha Statues] disappeared into thin air.
The [Eyes of the East] that were lodged in the middle of the [Kakyamuni's Buddha] were also lost.
Afterwards, the strength of [Bulguksa] weakened and things became as you see them now...
However, if [Asadal] is able to complete this stone pagoda and attach a soul to it, then everything will return to its previous state.
The [Three Story Stone Pagoda] carries that much importance.
We only need endure until then, but...
Already spirit toads are beginning to escape from [Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto].
Among them are the dangerous [Poisonous Toads]. If they were to leave that place, then everyone's lives, including [Asadal]'s, would be in great peril.
Please go there and stop them from escaping!
Mission: Kill [Poisonous Toad] x35
You did it.
If we were even a little bit late, we would have been in big trouble.
I can't imagine what would have happened if they were to have come out of there.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

18.Ally 1

While I was repairing Bulguksa, the story the old monk told me was truly astounding.
A very long time ago, beyond the East Sea, there was a continent called Atlantis that was inhabited by a ferocious people...
The story told of their outrageous atrocities, and how they were wiped away from the face of the Earth by the judgment of the heavens.
The story is not well known here because the damage they did to us was small, and it's been all but forgotten.
We did not survive on our strength alone. It was the strength of the three nations combined.
Anyway, first, would you go to [Central Asia] and come back?
Don't just stay in [Chang An]; go outside of town. Please report back to me on the state of the atmosphere over there.
Mission: Go to [Central Asia]
How was the atmosphere in Central Asia?
Can you tell me please?
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

19.Ally 2

It seems that Central Asia has also fallen into chaos.
What the old monk said a long time ago is right. All the nations are falling into disorder.
Do you remember the story I told you before?
The story about how it was not our strength alone that stopped the invasion from Atlantis?
That is correct. We combined our strength with [Central Asia] to protect this land.
Please go to [Tokyo] now.
This time I would really like to know about the atmosphere over there.
Mission: Go to [Tokyo]
That was quick.
I am curious about the current state of Japan.
  • Experience: 400,000
  • Gold: 400,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

20.A Mission Given to You

I see... Even Japan is in the same situation.
[Japan] was also a part of the pact with [Central Asia] that protected this land.
We cast aside all of our differences and became the line of defense for the East.
Although we suffered a lot, going through many hardships,
the heroes of the three nations protected the lands and the sea that we inherited from our ancestors.
And that is why we exist today.
However, it seems we are in danger once again.
To survive through these dangerous times, we three nations must unite again, just like before.
Lastly, go to [Asadal]. Please help him on his mission.
You have done very well.
I can finally see the end.
  • Experience: 600,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

21.The Meaning of Seokgulam

No matter how you look at it, it's such a flawless tower...
This stone pagoda will be historically unprecedented.
It's probably inspired by Seokgulam's interior.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but Seokgulam's interior is very unique and strange in its design.
When the sun rises from the East Sea...
Regardless of the sun's location, the light hits the floor and brightens the entire room.
The craftsmen of this land have put their souls into their work.
Together they have created a structure that will be able to maintain its holy form.
[Asadal] was also inspired and built this bright tower.
That is not the entire story behind the secret of Seokgulam.
Would you like to read [The Secret of Underwater Mausoleum] first?
Mission: Read [Secret of Underwater Mausoleum]
The Secret of Underwater MausoleumNow that the public welfare has been secured and peace has returned, I don't know whether the plunderers and invaders from the west will come again.
If I die, cremate me and spread my ashes in the East Sea.
Then I will become a dragon guardian and protect this land.

Constructing a great tomb for me would be a waste of time and effort.
You can not redeem the dead.

When I draw my last breath, put me in the pyre and give me a plain funeral.
Then, lay me to rest in the East Sea.
There, I will protect this beautiful land, that was handed down to us by our ancestors, from the atrocious hordes of Atlantis.
That's correct.
It's the record King Munmu left.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

22.Preparing for Battle

King Munmu volunteered to be the guardian god of the East Sea to protect his people from the wicked intruders from Atlantis.
And he hid the legendary weapon, the [Bamboo Flute], in his tomb.
If the person foretold of in the prophecy were ever to appear, then the king trusted us to place the [Bamboo Flute] in their hands.
And as the prophecy states... you have appeared before us.
But it appears now is not the time.
Before that...
Please allow your comrades here to rest and gather their strength first.
There is an epic battle that has yet to be fought.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
You have done well.
All that is left is to fight the last battle.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

23.The Thousand Year Old Spirit

Actually, in Seokgulam, a precious treasure called the [Eye of the East] was lodged inside Kakyamuni Buddha's White Tiger.
When the rays of the morning sun began shining inside Seokgulam, the [Eye of the East] would shine and begin to project a beam of light to a distinct spot in the East Sea.
And that is where the great king's tomb is located.
But one day, Kakyamuni Buddha's White Tiger's [Eye of the East] was lost, and with it, the brilliance of Seokgulam.
Also, there were no traces of the Buddha statue, but nobody seemed to notice it was gone.
That is due to the fact that several craftsmen replaced the treasure temporarily with a similar-looking jewel. However, the brilliant light that shone towards the East Sea was lost.
Now the only way to find the [Underwater Mausoleum] is gone as well.
According to the stories of several monks, before the [Eye of the East] and the [Buddha Statue] were lost,
A Blue-Eyed Masked Man was seen. However, the truth has not been discovered yet.
I'm thinking that the Blue-Eyed Masked Man was an evil descendant of Atlantis.
Maybe he was the one that stole the [Eye of the East].
Also the place where the [Buddha Statue] once was is now taken up by the [Toad King].
It looks like that monster is under the impression that he has surpassed humans and is now a Buddha.
To return everything to the way it was, our primary goal should be to recover the lost Buddha Statue.
However, because the room is occupied by the one thousand-year-old evil spirit, it is difficult to do any work there.
There is no doubt that the toad has influence over the spirits and creatures inside of Bulguksa.
Please go and take care of that fool, who has audacity to think that he is now a Buddha... Defeat the [Toad King].
Mission: Kill [Toad King] x1
You've done very well.
Now things can return back to normal.
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.

24.The Blessed Land and Sea

Countless tears and sweat have been shed by the stonemasons who've worked on Bulguksa. They still remain here to complete it.
[Asadal] is one of them.
Many stonemasons passed away while working here, some without compensation.
We will never forget those who have died here.
To go to the extent of sacrificing themselves...
Yes, we won't forget those who have engraved their souls in this temple.
Also, the one prophesied to save us from these perilous times...
We will never forget what you've done for us either.
We await the day you return to us with the [Eye of the East] and find the way to the [Underwater Mausoleum].
Can you press the M key and spread out your map?
Mission: Game Info -> Open World Map
Whenever the sun rises, I think to myself, 'this is truly a beautiful world'.
I also think that one day we will hand this beautiful world over to our descendants.
Even if accomplishing that is no easy task,
even if we have to tread a thorny path filled with rough and difficult obstacles, it is our mission to pass on a healthy and righteous world to our children.
And I believe that it will turn out that way.
We will never forget you, who traveled far to this place to help us...
We will pray for the day that you return to us.
Thank you so much.
May the glory of the morning sun accompany you on your travels.
Thank you... so very much.
  • Experience: 500,000
  • Gold: 500,000
The land of our predecessors...
We must protect it.