Knud - Lost Saqqaq Tribe

Lost Saqqaq Tribe

QuestKnud - Lost Saqqaq Tribe
Required level98
Daily QuestsNo

Welcome to Greenland.

Final Reward::

An experienced explorer from Greenland and the last person from the lost Saqqaq tribe.
He tries to trace the existence of the lost Saqqaq tribe with his tremendous survival skills and stamina.
Lost Saqqaq Tribe Quest
Location: Near Frozen Adlivun


Hello, there.
You're no ordinary person to have made it to this barren land.
Haha... Nice to meet you anyway. I was a little taken aback to see another human being here.
You don't look like you're from here. Do you know where you are?
Some call this place the Land of Hope. Do you know its proper name?
Mission: Answer [Greenland] Question => Greenland
You know it quite well.
Yes, this place is called Greenland.
In fact, it should be called Whiteland, but we call it Greenland, meaning that there's still hope.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 115,000
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

2.Knud, a hunter of Saqqaq Tribe

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.
I am Knud, a hunter of the Saqqaq tribe.
Have you heard of the Saqqaq tribe before?
Oh my! You don't know anything.
The Saqqaq tribe is so great.
There are almost 50 tribesmen.
Since the temperature here is so low and the food is hard to get, it takes several months when we go out hunting.
So hunters like me go hunting for a long time to get the food for the tribe.
Hmm... it took me almost one month this time.
But I don't know where my tribe went.
Since we don't build fires because we eat our meat raw, it's very hard to find any traces of the village.
Oh my... This is frustrating.
Oh! You!
You didn't come all the way out here in those thin clothes, did you?
You will freeze to death if you go around in those.
I need to go to the Inuit tribe for a while. Can you bring me some High-quality Fur from the White Wolves?
I'll make you fur clothes when you get back.
Mission: High-quality Fur x40
It took longer than I thought.
What? You had reason to take your time.
This is quite high-quality wolf fur. No wonder it took so long.
You can't wear it as is. Wait here and listen to my story while I work on this.
There's a great sorcerer in the Inuit tribe.
Her name is Angakok and I saw her only once.
In fact, you can't see her unless you are a chief, but I had to meet her since it was so important.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

3.Knud's Kindness

Well, it's all done.
You brought me high-quality fur, so I took my time to finish it.
Come on. Please put it on before your body temperature drops any further.
You always have to be extra careful not to get frostbite since it's hard to get your temperature back up out here.
Mission: Use Warm Coat x1
How is it? Isn't it warm?
Animal furs retain heat well, so it should be of great help to you.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 115,000
  • Item: Warm Coat x1
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

4.Sorcerer Angakok

By the way, it was so great to see Sorcerer Angakok's power with my own eyes.
She's over 80, but she still looks like a young child outside.
Isn't that the power of sorcery?
And she said something strange. I couldn't understand it at all.
She said, "[They are the Saqqaq, but they are not.]
Do you know what that means?
Hmm... you look clueless.
By the way, I don't know why, but Angakok seems to be looking for you. I don't think it's a bad idea for you to go visit her.
She'll certainly be of some help to you.
If you meet her, would you ask her why my tribe disappeared?
Don't tell her I asked you. She might get upset.
Mission: Talk to [Angakok]
You are back already.
So, what did Angakok say?
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 115,000
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

5.Old Legend

What? It was the Goddess Sedna's will?
Se... Sedna... It's an old legend.
A long time ago, people never returned from Adlivun once they entered.
There had been two tribes before our tribe showed up, and whoever could return from Adlivun was supposed to lead those two tribes.
However, no one returned.
Our ancestral sorcerers made it a restricted area and advised us not to get close to it.
Our sorcerers later said that the Goddess Sedna lived in Adlivun and no one could enter it unless they were the chosen one.
However, I ended up in Adlivun in spite of myself while I was chasing game the other day.
I was relieved to find that nothing happened to me, but I never imagined even in my dreams that my tribe would be cursed.
It should have been me who was cursed...

Oh! You can't be!
The brilliance coming off of your body must be from the chosen one...
Sorcerer Angakok must have chosen you. That's why she wanted to see you.
I had no idea...
When I went to Adlivun, it was guarded by Ice Guardians.
Ice Guardians possessed tremendous power.
Can you get rid of them first?
I'll tell you why after you kill them.
TIP : You can find the Ice Guardians in the Ice Tunnel.
Mission: Kill [Ice Guardian] x30
Thank you very much.
When I visited the Inuit tribe,
I heard that Inuit warriors were investigating Adlivun to locate my lost tribe.
Even if they had permission from the sorcerer, they are not strong enough to kill the Guards. You might have the skill to do that, though...
I asked you because I couldn't bear to face the Inuit if they were hurt on my account.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

6.Superstitions of the Saqqaq Tribe

Chosen one!
I'll guide your spirit to find my tribe.
My tribe leads the spirits with bones and wish for their hopes in this life to come true.
I'll pray for you so that you won't get lost or wander around.
However, I need some animal bones.
Unfortunately, I can't get any animal bones right now.
Can you bring me some Thick Animal Bones?
Mission: Thick Animal Bone x500
Oh my! Thank you.
This kind of animal bone will do.
I wish your soul will find the soul of my tribe.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 200,000
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

7.Skeleton Ice

I don't have much attachment to this life on earth.
I just want to be with my tribe in the afterlife.
However, there's no way of even knowing whether they are alive or not...
If it is really Sedna's Will as Angakok said, we need to investigate Adlivun.
If I could, I would even go to the end of the world to look for them, but Adlivun is beyond my reach.
I am afraid someone might get hurt because of me.
Can you bring me some Frozen Bones from the Ice Breakers in the Ice Tunnel?

TIP: Ice Breakers are in the Ice Tunnel.
Mission: Frozen Bone x30
Thank you.
It is necessary to penetrate the Ice Breakers to pass here. I thought someone might leave some traces there.
Look at this.
As I thought, there are some traces of someone in this ice.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

8.Pieces of Bones in the Ice

Most of the tribes here use animal bones for their hunting weapons.
But look here.
There are pieces of bones in the ice.
Somebody must have broken their weapons while fighting, and those must have been trapped in the ice.
I need to find out if those are the weapons my tribe used.
Can... can you break this, please?
It's trapped so firmly that I can't take the piece out myself.
Mission: Use Solid Ice Chunk x1
Oh! It's finally broken.
I'll take a look first.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

9.They are the Saqqaq, but they are not.

Oh.... this is a piece from the weapons our tribe used to use.
Why on earth did they come to this dangerous place? It doesn't make any sense.
They must be alive, right?
My tribe might be alive somewhere and I need to find them quickly.
If you happen to see the natives there, can you investigate them?

TIP: Obtain 2 levels of information on the Altered Native
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Altered Native]
Oh! You got it.
Thank you.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 115,000
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

10.To the Afterlife...

Oh... oh my.....
I didn't understand what Angakok meant when she said [they were the Saqqaq, but they were not], but I think I get it now.

...somebody placed my tribe in some terrible state between life and death...
How could this possibly...
How... and why? Who...
What am I going to do...
Chosen one.
Please lead my tribe to a better place.
If you send them to the afterlife, they will be deeply grateful to you.

TIP: Kill Altered Natives in the Frozen Tundra
Mission: Kill [Altered Native] x50
I don't know what to say...
They nearly became cursed souls wandering the earth, unable to pass on to the afterlife.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

11.The Last Saqqaq

I am the last Saqqaq.
I need to bless my people's souls and succeed as the chief to make a new Saqqaq Tribe.
This is my mission.
I will cleanse my body to prepare myself for comforting their souls.
There's something I need for the task before me. It would be an honor for the tribe if you could prepare it.
Could you craft a necklace made of animal bones to lead the fallen souls?
TIP: Quest Crafting - Bone Necklace
Mission: Craft [Bone Necklace] x10
Thank you. Thank you so much.
How fortunate I am to have you here...
  • Experience: 175,000
  • Gold: 550,000
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

12.For the Descendants

The Inuit suggested I should live with them, but I can't do that.
I need to let our descendants know how brave the Saqqaq was and set out to make another Saqqaq tribe.
I need your help to record the greatness of the Saqqaq and give courage to our descendants.
I heard that there are Fierce Chimeras with three heads and a pair of wings in Adlivun.
Can you go kill them and bring me Chimera's Molars?

TIP: Fierce Chimeras are at the Adlivun Vessel.
Mission: Chimera's Molar x30
Oh. Thank you.
This molar is really frightening.
This is good enough to leave as a token of the greatness of the Saqqaq.
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!

13.The Last Request

I don't know if I will come back some day or not, but I need to get going now.
Before I leave, I would like to pass on my wisdom so that what happened to my tribe won't happen again.
And if other souls are born again as human beings, they will have to know it, too.
Would you teach what you know to the people around you?
The wisdom you give will be a great help to your descendants some day.
Input the number of the most helpful answer.
1: Yes, I'll pass down what I know.
2: I could, but I don't wanna.
Mission: Answer [The Last Request] Question => 1
Good job.
I hope the descendants will gain courage and wisdom.
You've been a great help so far.
I should thank you on behalf of the Saqqaq tribe.
I should get going.
I wish you well and may you be blessed...
Onward! For the future of the Saqqaq tribe!