Lin Moniang - Alishan Mountain

Alishan Mountain
Lin Moniang

QuestLin Moniang - Alishan Mountain
NPCLin Moniang
Required level121
Daily QuestsNo


Final Reward::

[Lin Moniang]
A shaman who protects the holy mountain of Alishan. She's been expelled from the mountain by monsters led by a mother tiger and her cub.
Alishan Quest
Location: Alishan Mountain

1.Evil Rises

Y-you there! Please, help me!
I-if we don't do anything, Alishan Mountain will be overrun by those monsters forever!
Alishan, home of the unrevealed mystery...
Alishan, land of the sacred tree...
The children of the gods lived here, under the blessing of the gods...
Please, you must help us! At the very least, I must spread the news of this disaster.
The local villagers must be warned so they can flee the destruction. I need lots of paper and brushes to write notices for them!
Mission: Brush x10 ; Chinese Paper x200
Th-thank you! I was worried you would ignore us in our time of need...
I am [Lin Moniang], shaman and protector of Alishan.
Or at least, I was. A few days ago, evil monsters overran Alishan Mountain. I barely escaped with my life.
If it weren't for Noh Chum Chung over there, I would be dead now...
I don't understand how the monsters gained so much strength so quickly.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 350,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

2.Alishan in Ruins

The monsters are led by the [Tiger Lady and her son, the [Golden Tiger]. They were just ordinary tigers until recently.
I don't know what's got into them! They took control of the sacred [Alishan Golden Statue] and ate the [Alishan Gold Powder] that appears there. Since then, they've been transformed into terrible monsters.
The holy energy of Alishan Mountain itself are condensed in the [Alishan Golden Statue] and [Alishan Gold Powder]. If the monsters keep this up, Alishan will lose its holy energy, and the sacred tree will wither.
Furthermore, the monsters have been raiding the nearby villages. I can't let this stand, can I?
I see that you and your companions are well armed. I hate to ask this of a stranger, but will you fight for us?
We need to save the villagers who were kidnapped by the [Golden Tiger]. He's putting them to work, building storehouses for... I don't know what!
Please, track down the [Golden Tiger] and put an end to his evil.
Noh Chum Chung is watching over the entrance to the mountain. He will let you through.
(The [Golden Tiger] can be found in the [Alishan in Ruins] mission.)
Mission: Kill [Golden Tiger] x1
I'm glad you came here. I don't know what we'd do without someone strong like you...
Noh Chum Chung will return the villager's valuables soon.
  • Experience: 17,000,000
  • Gold: 6,500,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

3.Shaman's Power

The villagers are safe for now, but I can't gaurantee their safety without my powers as a shaman.
When I fled the tigers, I lost my ceremonial clothes. Without them, I can't cast any magic.
Would you please bring me some [Colorful Fabric]? I can use it to sew replacements.
Mission: Colorful Fabric x10
Thank you.
I owe you a great debt.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 350,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

4.Reclaiming Alishan

We've defeated her son, but the [Tiger Lady] is still a threat.
I see now what they're doing. She plans to use the Alishan Golden Statue to turn herself into a deity. If she succeeds, we have no hope of saving the mountain...
I beg you, don't let this happen!
Stop the [Tiger Lady] and take the Alishan Golden Statue back from her. You're my only hope!

(You can find the [Tiger Lady] in the [Reclaiming Alishan] mission.)
Mission: Kill [Tiger Lady] x1
The [Alishan Golden Statue] is safe. Any longer, and Alishan Mountain might have been lost for good.
  • Experience: 18,000,000
  • Gold: 7,500,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

5.Scourge of Asia

That's odd.
We have the statue, but I sense that Alishan Mountain isn't returning to normal.
I don't understand it.
Is there some other force at work here?
Noh Chum Chung mentioned that there's been a group fighting for control of Central Asia lately.
Do you know what they're called?
Mission: Answer [Scourge of Asia] Question => Chin Tai Dong Do
[Chin Tai Dong Do]. I see.
It looks like Alishan Mountain isn't the only place in trouble...
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 350,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

6.The Shaman Returns

Wh-what's this?
I-I just received a... vision? Is that was that was?
A witch appeared before me... [Po Tian Niangniang].
She threatened to kill me if I don't give her the Alishan Golden Statue. Why is this happening?
My friends [Chien Li Yen] and [Shun Feng Er] were by her side...! H-how could they betray me?
P-please, stop [Po Tian Niangniang]! I'm begging you!

(You can find [Po Tian Niangniang] in the [The Shaman Returns] mission.)
Mission: Kill [Po Tian Niangniang] x1
Perhaps Alishan can find peace now.
Thank you again.
  • Experience: 20,000,000
  • Gold: 8,500,000
I have a favor to ask of you...

7.Po Tian Niangniang's Identity

Still, there's something that's bugging me.
I know Po Tian Niangniang came to Alishan Mountain to steal its divine power, but where did she come from originally?
The tigers and all the other native animals were transformed into monsters thanks to her corrupting power. I just don't understand it.
She left this document behind, but I don't recognize the language.
Have you ever seen anything like it?
Mission: Read [Po Tian Niangniang's Letter]
Po Tian Niangniang's LetterMy Husband, My Emperor:
You are mightier than the heavens, more dear to me than life itself.
Do not abandon me like this!
I will take hold of the greatest power in the land, if that's what it takes to be your wife!

I will take the divine power of Alishan from the sacred tree and the golden statue.
Dearest husband, just wait for me! I will be worthy of the Emperor of Destruction!

Your love,
Po Tian Niangniang
She was really the wife of the Emperor of Destruction?
Heartless bastard! I know he's evil, but to just abandon her because she's not as powerful as he is...
I almost feel bad for her.
But Alishan is no place for the likes of her.
If she had just asked for a place to stay, I would have gladly let her.
Well, thank you for saving Alishan Mountain from destruction.
I can tell you have unfinished business with Chin Tai Dong Do...
I will leave you to it. My place is here, with the children of the gods.
May your journey bring you peace.
I have a favor to ask of you...