Ma Yun-ling - Chang-san

Ma Yun-ling

QuestMa Yun-ling - Chang-san
NPCMa Yun-ling
Required level98
Daily QuestsNo

Where on earth is Zhao Yun's Spear?

Final Reward::

[Ma Yun-ling]
She came to the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi to look for Zhao Yun's Spear.
She's so immature and tomboyish that she often loses her belongings, but she is more passionate than anyone else when it comes to Zhao Yun.
Endangered Chang-san Quest
Location: Near Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi

1.Did someone tell you?

Oh my!
You scared me.
I never expected to see anyone else all the way out here. You see, there's no one else here. There aren't even any animals, either.
I can see the question on your lips! You're wondering what I'm doing here, aren't you?
Shh! It's a secret.
But I'll tell you. It's said there's a treasure buried in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi.
So, I'm investigating it.
You didn't come here for the treasure, too, did you?
If not, what brought you here?
Oh... I'm Ma Yun-ling, but...

You came to the right place and right person, but how did you know about me?
I don't think we've met before. Who told you my name?
Mission: Answer [Did someone tell you?] Question => Jang Jie
Jang Jie?
Hm... Was he one of the trainees in our haven? I can't really remember.
It seems to be somewhere around here...

2.Ma Yun-ling's Information

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself.
As you know, my name is Ma Yun-ling.
Nice to meet you, Master.
You're not a Master?
Hoho, you're just being modest.
Your righteous eyes, the courage to come all the way to a dangerous place, and your fetching appearance... I'm certain you're a Master.
So, what did you need?
Ah, medicine for the injured.
I'm certain they have plenty in the haven...
I'll give you mine.
But there's one condition.
Please help me for a while.
As a matter of fact, the treasure I'm searching for is General Zhao Yun's spear, and I don't have any intention of returning to the haven until I find it.
Unbelievable? Read this.
This is about General Zhao Yun, and I'll show it only to you, Master.
Mission: Read [Ma Yun-ling's Notebook]
Ma Yun-ling's NotebookRecords of the Device
Although Yu Liao failed to find the herb that would grant him immortality, he did discover another way to live a perpetual life.
He discovered the device.
According to legend, the people of Atlantis lived for hundreds of years using this device.

However, perpetual life requires emormous amounts of energy, and the Oriharukon crystals that provided Atlantis with that energy had vanished long ago.
While Yu Liao was searching for a power source, he stumbled upon a new source that could substitute Oriharukon.
The new power source was Zhao Yun's Spear.

Although he acquired Zhao Yun's Spear after several years,
it went missing because of the Imperial Witch's betrayal.
There are still endless disputes over the device of perpetual life.

Records of Zhao Yun's Spear
Zhao Yun, born in Chang-san, met Taoist Yun-san.
In order to become his apprentice, Zhao Yun made a hole in a 1-meter high rock using only his spear. The hole became the source of a spring.
This spring was called Clouds Stream, and it helped end the drought in Chang-san.

The spear has been called Zhao Yun's Spear ever since.
When Zhao Yun left Chang-san, he left the spear there, but it went missing because of the actions of outsiders.
Rumor has it it was being used for excavation in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi.
So? Can you believe me now?
Hoho! This is nothing.
Where did I get this information?
That's a secret.
It seems to be somewhere around here...

3.Zhao Yun

In fact, you're not supposed to call the general by his name.
I hear you can only use his proper name if you're his enemy or a close friend.
His pseudonym is Zhao Yun, so it's more proper to call him General Zhao Yun.
The general's master gave him that pseudonym.
I wish I had a cool pseudonym like that. Hoho.
If I had had a master, I would have been given one...
Oh! See you have companions.
Why don't you give each of them a cool name?
They'll love it.

Tip: You need to use a Blue Quill to do so.
Mission: Rename a Mercenary x2
Oh, that's a great name!
Your companions are fortunate to have a great Master like you.
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...


Right! You wanted the ointment for the spearmen's injuries, right?
Hoho... In fact, it's not that hard to make this ointment.
It's for open cuts, and you can make it by mixing lime with other herbs. If you need more later, you can craft it yourself.
Of course, the effects will be different depending on the herbs...
I'll give you mine since you seem to need it right away, but I hope you can do me a quick favor first.
It's nothing big. There are just some bothersome creatures that have gotten in the way of my investigation.
They won't listen to me no matter how many times I persuade them or threaten them.
I'm talking about the Nimble Tomb Raiders down there.
I think they look down on me because I'm not a fierce warrior, like you.
Can you go and teach them a lesson for me, Master?
Mission: Kill [Nimble Tomb Raider] x25
Oh my!
You're even stronger than you look!
Hehe... Thank you so much, Master!
  • Experience: 175,000
  • Gold: 150,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

5.Absent-minded Ma Yun-ling

I'll give you the ointment, as I promised.
But where did I put it...
Please wait a second.
Ah! I probably put it in my bag.
I'm sorry. I'm so absent-minded lately...
Oh, I lost my bag when I was trying to threaten the Tomb Raiders earlier.
What am I going to do? Can you please find it for me?

Tip: Black Drill Weasels have Ma Yun-ling's bag.
Mission: Ma Yun-ling's Bag x1
Thank you so much, Master.
But it's not in the bag, either.
That's strange.
I thought it was there.
Didn't I put it in here earlier?
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

6.Recovered Musk

How odd.
I remember putting it in here...
Wa-wait a second, please.
I'll look again.

Oh, I found it!
Yay! Yay!
It was here after all.
There was also musk in the bag, and it seems that it's gone.
I was saving one...
Master. Can you find it for me, please?

Tip: You can acquire Ma Yun-ling's Musk from
the Nimble Tomb Raiders.
Mission: Ma Yun-ling's Musk x1
Thank you, Master.
You're such a righteous warrior.
Recovering the musk I thought I had lost...
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...


However, Master, will this be enough medicine?
In any case, please hand this medicine to Jang Jie.
I hope he can heal his people's injuries with this.
Ah! Master, wait for a second, please...
No... nevermind. Take care and goodbye.
Mission: Talk to [Jang Jie]
Thank you so much, Master.
It seems to be somewhere around here...

8.Words of Promise

Oh, it's you again, Master.
I knew you'd be back.
You're here to help me some more, right?
They need drinking water in the haven?
A long time ago, General Zhao Yun - I mean, Zhao Yin - saved the haven when it was endangered, and now you're trying to save the haven.
Hm... fine.
I'll of course help you if the haven is in great danger.
However, you should help me in return next time, okay? Hoho.
Will you promise?
I'm counting on you.
First, take this.
This is the recipe for purified water.
This is all I can get all the way out here.
So please, read that first, and then purify the water.
Read it, please.
Mission: Read [Purified Water Recipe]
Purified Water RecipePurified Water Recipe
1 Ma Yun-ling's Water Bottle
(It's a special water bottle Ma Yun-ling gives out only to fetching adventurers.)
10 Growth Vials [I]
10 Life Potions [I]
10 Elixirs [I]
10 Water of Eternity
(Evil Archers are known to have this water.)
Are you done reading it?
Isn't it simpler than you'd expect?
It seems to be somewhere around here...

9.Waiting for Master

I'm sure you've grasped the recipe just from reading it.
Now that you can make it, please take some to Jang Jie.
The people in the haven must be waiting for you.

TIP: You can make Purified Water using Quest Craft.
(You can acquire the crafting material, Water of Eternity, from Black Drill Weasels.)
Mission: Talk to [Jang Jie]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

10.Jang Jie's Letter

So you've come to see me again.
What is the problem this time?
What is this?
Huh? The envelope is already open.
Jang Jie's letter?
I'm sorry, but please tell him to give up on me. I only have room for General Zhao Yun in my heart.
Mission: Jang Jie's Letter x1
I feel sorry for him.
If he can become as great as General Zhao Yun, then I might reconsider...
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 55,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

11.Zhao Yun's Spear I

You didn't come here just to deliver this to me, did you?
Ah, so you need to dig Clouds Stream once again.
Do you want me to tell you how?
That is...
If you want to dig up Clouds Stream again, you need General Zhao Yun's Spear.
Huh? You want to borrow the spear?
You may be a master, but I can't just give you General Zhao Yun's Spear. General Zhao Yun threw himself at the enemies to protect the Lord's family.
If you really want the spear, you have to prove that you can match the man's greatness.
Mission: Earn Fame Points (50/50)
You are as great as I had expected.
But that's not enough.
  • Experience: 525,000
  • Gold: 300,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

12.Zhao Yun's Spear II

You must prove yourself that you have what it takes in terms of competence and perseverance to receive Zhao Yun's Spear.
It's said it took General Zhao Yun 3 years to dig Clouds Stream.
Not to mention he did that by throwing a spear from a running horse.
Isn't that really amazing?
So, I'd like to see if you have that kind of ability.
Can you defeat 5,000 Ghost Spearmen?
I'll let you borrow Zhao Yun's Spear then.

(Defeat 20 of them for now.)
Mission: Kill [Ghost Spearman] x20
You did it.
However, there are still 4,970 to go.
You're not really trying to defeat all 5,000 of them, are you?
It seems to be somewhere around here...

13.Something's Weird

Hoho! You are similar in a way to General Zhao Yun. He never gave up, either.
However, something's weird.
I'm talking about those Ghost Spearmen.
It looks like they're up to something.
Can you please gather some information on those Ghost Spearmen?
I'd like to know what they are here for.
Oh, yes, you still have to defeat 4,900 of them, don't you?
Fine. If you bring me the information, I'll deduct 3,000 for you.
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Ghost Spearman]
Hoho. Thank you so much.
You were incredibly quick.
Your skill sure is impressive, Master.
However, you shouldn't go away before I'm done talking.
I thought something happened again...
  • Experience: 200,000
  • Gold: 200,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

14.Spear's Whereabouts I

Those spearmen seem to be protecting something.
I wonder if it isn't Zhao Yun's Spear?
I feel bad for those souls who can't rest even after death.
I'll just say you passed the test.
So stop killing those spearmen please.
Could you find out what the tomb raiders excavated for me?
It might help me figure out what the spearmen are trying to protect...

(Obtain Basic Info on Undead Bandits.)
Mission: Acquire [Basic Info] on [Undead Bandit]
Fast as always.
Thank you so much.
And I'm sorry.
You had to go through many difficulties because of me.
However, thanks to your efforts, I was able to acquire valuable information.
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 700,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

15.Perpetual Life

According to the information you found, it mentions something about a weapon.
Couldn't this be Zhao Yun's Spear?
It also mentions something about perpetual life as well...
Do you think perpetual life is even possible?
First of all, I think we should investigate the immortal guards.
Could you gather the Origin of Perpetuity from the Immortal Guards and the Immortal Bodyguards?
Thank you so much.
This is the Origin of Perpetuity...
  • Experience: 1,000,000
  • Gold: 700,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

16.The Immortals' True Identities

This Origin of Perpetuity seems a little odd.
It's not dead, but I can't feel any life, either.
If this was true perpetual life, I should have felt some sort of life force...
But... it feels like they don't have souls.
Brr! I don't like the thought of a body without a soul.
Do you think you can gather some information on Immortal Guards to find out what's going on?
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Immortal Guard]
Thank you so much.
You are so brave, Master.
I can't even move a step because I feel so scared.
  • Experience: 250,000
  • Gold: 250,000
It seems to be somewhere around here...

17.Spear's Whereabouts II

These Immortal Guards are not normal.
It seems they weren't successful in getting perpetual life.
However, their bodies seem to follow the Imperial Witch.
I think I can get more information after seeing her myself, but it's too dangerous for me. Could you please defeat her for me?
She will have important clues. There's a danger of you damaging those clues when you fight her, so if you defeat her, I'll go and check it out myself.
Mission: Kill [Imperial Witch] x1
Thank you so much.
I was able to find important clues on the witch thanks to you, Master.
It seems to be somewhere around here...

18.Spear's Whereabouts III

There are so many amazing things written on these records.
It's unbelievable.
Master! I think you should read her records, too.
There will be probably clues about General Zhao Yun's Spear.
Mission: Read [Imperial Witch's Record]
Imperial Witch's Recordxx/xx/xxxx
We hid away Zhao Yun's Spear and started the device, but it failed for unknown reasons.
Ultimately, all the beings living in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi were cursed into a state where they could neither live nor die by the device.

The soldiers who knew about this sealed off the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi to protect the device.
We believed that we could find a new power source and gain perpetual life at last.
However, because we're under constant attack from the outside, we've never been able to find a new source of power.
What do you think, Master?
Well, why don't we go ahead and find the spear anyway?
It seems to be somewhere around here...

19.Spear's Whereabouts IV

Well, I managed to decipher the strange code in the witch's records while you were reading.
Oh, don't look so surprised!
You know, I'm good at these sorts of things.
If you go to the locations indicated here, you will probably find the weapon the witch hid.
I believe it's Zhao Yun's Spear, but someone will be guarding it.
There's no way the witch would hide it without any protection.

Tip: Please use the [Witch's Record] inc the south end of Underground Annex: 1F.
Master! Great job!
Thank you so much.
It seems to be somewhere around here...

20.My Appreciation

Oh! This is...
It's not Zhao Yun's Spear.
I know that Zhao Yun's Spear contains a strong aura of lightning, but this weapon holds hardly any power at all.
It feels... just like an empty shell.
Did it already use up all its power?
The magic written on this spear seems to be the power of lightning...
Could you bring about 3 Books: Lightning Spear [II] to me?
I think I should compare them with this pattern.
Thank you, Master.
The magic on the lightning spear is similar to the pattern on this spear, but something's different.
Now I understand why they failed.
It's because this is not Zhao Yun's Spear.
They couldn't have the perpetual life because they didn't have enough energy.

Right! It will be hard to make remake Clouds Stream since we haven't found Zhao Yun's Spear.
Instead, I'll let you know the place where General Zhao Yin dug before. Why don't you investigate there?
You can find further details in this. It's Zhao Yun's Secret Scroll.
Since I have to go find the real Zhao Yun's Spear, please restore General Zhao Yun's Clouds Stream, Master.
I'll follow any traces left behind until I find it.
Master. Thank you so much for all your help.
Please take care.
It seems to be somewhere around here...