Mimir - Yggdrasil


QuestMimir - Yggdrasil
Required level94
Daily QuestsNo

A giant skull known to be very wise.
Yggdrasil Quest
Location: Near Ostersund

1.I Feel Hungry

Oh, who are you?
I didn't think people came out to this place.
You look pretty strong.
Why's that?
Because you aren't scared of a funny looking guy like me!
Heh heh heh. Maybe I'm normal? It's a strange world, after all!
Hm. I'd love to stop and chat, but I'm just too hungry.
Don't worry, I don't eat humans. (Besides, you don't look too tasty, yourself.)
My favorite food is bones. What? Just look at me. I'm a skeleton!
Of course I'd eat bones, right?
Anyway, I'm hungry so my brain isn't working.
Hey, maybe you could fetch me some [Large Animal Bones]?
200 should be plenty.
Mission: Large Animal Bone x200
Oh, thank you!
You came back earlier than expected.
You got them from animals around here?
I've got lots to say, but my jawbone's itchy!

2.Problems of My Own

Oh ho ho, [Hugin] sent you, did she?
Like I told you, I'm terribly hungry and wasn't prepared for the outside.
As much as I'd love, love, love to give you a hand, I just don't think I'll be very helpful, all things considered.
You seem to be in a hurry. You've got a task to do, huh?
Good, good.
Can you give this [estimate] to [Hugin]?
Those bones you gave me will stave off my hunger, but I could use some more help.
Please tell her to make a brace like the one I described in the estimate.
No Text
Get things done and come back.

3.I'm Still Dazed

Wow, great timing!
My stomach's full, my jaw feels better than ever and I feel like chattering away what comes to mind.
Ah, do you know my story?
Oh, then how about this story...
The tale of my daring escape from [Yggdrasil]!
First, I must set the tone.
Believe me, it's a sad story.
Just imagine a skeleton walking to this place all alone.
Oh, how tiring! How trying!
What's that look about?
Don't you have time to just sit and listen?
Wait, wait, wait wait wait...!
Who sent you?
[Hugin]? Right. Well...
What did [Hugin] say?
The animals! Yes, so the wild animals were like that, too...
Things... Things around here got out of control after, after this happened to me. When I became like this.
That force... that unknown force that appeared ever since the spring Hvergelmir got contaminated...
I couldn't stand it!
So I ran away.
I, ah, I can't think straight.
Those bones weren't enough.
Something... I need something to concentrate my magical power.
Please, can you make me a [Clairvoyant Crystal Ball] with this Strange Colored Crystal?

(It can be made through Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Clairvoyant Crystal Ball] x1
Well, you brought it.
Thank you.
Get things done and come back.

4.Trolls Mainly Eat Bears

As I feared, from looking into this orb, I can see the situation inside [The World Tree's Roots] is one involving too many trolls.
You already knew that?
Anyway, the gods and goddesses have no regard for the brutality of trolls.
I'm actually surprised that idiots like trolls can work together under someone's orders. Don't you?
Now, let's see...
They actually used to live outside, and they used to eat bears.
They liked bears so much, they bred bears in great bear farms.
I think we might be able to find some trace of the [Violent White Bears] that the trolls used to breed.
Hunt [Violent White Bears] and collect any [Tattooed Leather] you find.
Mission: Tattooed Leather x35
Oh, thanks. These are enough.
Wait, wait! These aren't enough!
These tattoos are old.
It's been a long time since the trolls released these bears.
This tells me nothing.
Get things done and come back.

5.Pretty Stupid Guys

The bones you brought me are tasty! Shall I tell you more about the trolls?
Obviously, there's strong enough to raise ferocious bears. But! They're stupid!
The most stupid among them are the [Snowstorm Trolls].
They're so stupid that they keep [Snowstorm Tags] with their names written on them, so that they don't forget!
Maybe we'll learn something from the [Snowstorm Trolls'] [Snowstorm Tags].
Grab as many as you can!
Mission: Snowstorm Tag x30
Why'd it take you so long?
Not all of them had tags?
Are they so stupid as to lose their identity tags!?
Well, maybe there's another reason.
Get things done and come back.

6.Hurry Up Please

One second.
Didn't I ask you a favor?
I mean the brace.
I told you to ask [Hugin] for one.
Was she working on that?
In that case, go back to [Hugin] and ask when it'll be finished.
I... I can't concentrate without a brace!
My brain's not working too good.
I see, I see!
She's holding the brace over me to get me to work harder!
But that's not how this will go. No.
I can't tell you anymore without the brace!
Mission: Talk to [Hugin]
No Text
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 120,000
Get things done and come back.

7.Stop Asking

You're back!
Did you bring the brace?
What's that box?
It looks too small to fit a brace.
Mission: Use Mysterious Box x1
Ah ah ah!
That scared me!
You didn't see it but lots of magical firecrackers came out and hit my head!
How did you know my weakness?
I hate it when firecrackers hit my head!
Huh? Did [Hugin] make this?
I get it.
This is her answer...
Get things done and come back.

8.Bear-Like Trolls

If [Hugin] is this upset, maybe I should stop asking her for the brace.
I... where was I? I was telling you about trolls.
As far as I know, the [Ice Trolls] and [Frost Trolls] are smart enough to follow orders.
Those dull [Snowstorm Trolls] can maybe work fine as a guard, but the other two can do serious damage.
If the spring is to be recovered, as you and [Hugin] expect, it is not going to be easy.
Acquire [Mining Equipment] from the [Ice Trolls] and the [Frost Trolls].
I must know how they're using it.
Mission: Mining Equipment x30
What took you so long?
Didn't you find any good equipment?
Not so easy to collect anything intact, is it?
Who's in charge here!?
Get things done and come back.

9.About Frost Trolls

How odd! The [Frost Trolls], they wouldn't have messed it up like that.
Have I been underestimating this situation?
I must be more serious from now on.
I'll have time to apologize to you and [Hugin] later.
Anyway, can you get item information on [Frost Trolls]?
I need to do some more research.
Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Frost Troll]
Well done.
Maybe I'll be able to figure out what's really going on here.
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 180,000
Get things done and come back.

10.Go Carefully...

Looking at what you've shown me, I now see they must have [Troll Generals] to lead them.
Trolls don't work well with outsiders.
I want to know more, but I doubt you can go in again for more research.
The trolls don't like being observed so blatantly.
We must be careful. Let me calm down!
I... I need a [Brace]...
Please, I'm asking you in earnest.
Ask [Hugin] to finish the [Brace] right now.
I'm not asking for too much.
I... I need it!
Mission: Talk to [Hugin]
No Text
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 120,000
Get things done and come back.

11.Why So Nervous?

I worry for [Hugin].
She was once a capable magician herself, and represented the power of 'thought' when she served under Odin.
And yet she loses her rationality over this...
I understand the urgency of the matter, but what good does it do if we do not understand the question, yes?
I've told her this repeatedly...
Finally you got the [Brace].
This should be useful!
My brain will start functioning again.
Mission: Brace x1
Things will be more complicated now that you've gone and attacked the [Troll Generals].
Ah, but don't worry your pretty little head.
I'll just have to think in more complex ways to compensate.
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 120,000
Get things done and come back.

12.Real Evidence

[Gullweig]'s warning probably caught [Hugin] off guard.
That woman is a dangerous witch with power over others' desire for gold.
She once held several of the highly-ranked wizards of [Yggdrasil] under her influence.
But I don't know why she wants to defeat [Yggdrasil].
I suspect that the trolls were under her controll.
I lack evidence for this theory, though.
I must be more vigilant.
That woman cannot be left to her own devices.
Please research [Troll Generals] once again.
Keep an eye out for any [written orders] they might carry.
This will not be an easy task, but you're my only hope.
Mission: Mysterious Orders x10
Oh, thank you.
I have real evidence now.
This will help us restore Hvergelmir.
Get things done and come back.

13.Not Too Difficult

Ah, so [Gullweig] is actually trying to restore the spring. She was a little faster than us.
Her methods are good, too.
However, it was her mistake to entrust such a task to the Trolls' skill.
With this, we should be able to come up with our own solution faster.
Tell [Hugin] this.
We've learned how to restore Hvergelmir quickly and easily.
More importantly, we need to learn about the problems in the upper levels of [Yggdrasil] now.
Mission: Talk to [Hugin]
No Text
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 120,000
Get things done and come back.

14.Bad Money Drives Out the Good

Did the raven [Hugin] tell you that?
Ha ha. I knew she wasn't scared of strangers, but I'd expect her to have some caution in regard to such a dangerous woman...
Did she forget about [Gullweig]'s previous actions against [Yggdrasil]?
Why does she suddenly approve of such a woman?
I want to know what [Gullweig] is thinking.
Can you talk to [Gullweig] for me? This is serious.
Eh? Is this for me?
I'm not the sort to be bought!
...But, it looks very useful.
I don't like her.
She was keeping this precious object to herself.
Get things done and come back.

15.No Choice

[Gullweig] still concerns me, but I guess I have to trust her for now.
I mean, she does look capable, doesn't she?
Anyway, I agree with you.
Tell [Hugin] that, even though I don't like [Gullweig], we'll work with her. Pooh...
Mission: Talk to [Hugin]
No Text
Get things done and come back.

16.Unexpected Necessities 2

What? The [Ring of Desire]!?
Gods, why would she ask for such a thing?
That abomination drove many human heroes to their ruin!
Its danger matches the legendary Ring of Nibelungen!
Such trouble.
I should have destroyed it when I had the chance.
Well, since [Gullweig] wants it, I'll see what I can do.
It was [Brunhilda] who got [Gullweig] into trouble in the first place...
Do you think Gullweig needs to get some of her power back to face Brunhilda?
Anyway, the ring is broken into pieces and spread out around [The World Tree's Trunk].Gnomes might have picked them up, I guess.
Check on all of the [Gnome Berserkers], [Gnome Warriors] and [Gnome Generals].
There should be about 60 of the [Gold-colored Fragments].
Well, there they are.
It went so smoothly.
Makes me feel a little uneasy.
  • Experience: 388,800
  • Gold: 220,000
Get things done and come back.

17.Is It Working?

Gods, this strange business is giving me a headache.
Look at me. I don't even have hands and feet, you see?
Hmm, I don't think it's time to joke.
I feel uneasy because things are going so... perfectly.
Give me a hand, please.
It's not a big favor.
The ring may be made of gold, but I need an additional material to repair it.
Find me 50 pieces of [Refined Platinum].

(You can make it in Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Refined Platinum] x50
Good. Thank you. You did a good job.
  • Experience: 229,500
  • Gold: 240,000
Get things done and come back.

18.The Artisan of Accessory Crafting

I never realized how difficult it was to work metal into a ring.
I'm not that good myself.
How could it be so hard?
Pooh, I should go see an accessory artisan and re-learn tha craft later.
I've spent so much time in that tree, I don't know what's happening in the world outside.
Who is the best artisan accessory crafting?
I think they travel all over the world, so adventurers like you should find them and learn from them.
Mission: Answer [The Artisan of Accessory Crafting] Question => Nitot
A-ha, [Nitot].
Thanks for letting me know.
  • Experience: 162,000
  • Gold: 180,000
Get things done and come back.

19.It's Really Dangerous

However, the ring is finished.
Now, I have to give this to her.
Giving this [Ring of Desire] to her makes me feel uncomfortable.
It's really dangerous.
She must be very careful.
Even in the hands of its original owner, it's nothing to be trifled with!
No Text
Get things done and come back.

20.The Identity of Gullweig

Oh my. My head, no, my brain.
I'd prefer the headache I had before to this!
Don't know what happened to [Gullweig], but her strange influence is gone for now.
Hell! How did that worthless woman's magic get to me? To think that that bastion of wisdom, [Mimir], could fall for such trickery!
That hateful [Gullweig] blocked some of my memory as well.
What memory do I mean? It was about how strange that woman is!
Anyhow, I even recovered [Ring of Desire] for her myself.
Pooh, now that it's back in her hands, I can't really do anything about it!
Did [Gullweig] capture [Brunhilda's] soul?
Well, that beats everything but it's lucky for us.
Because it happened to let [Gullweig] know her true identity.
I know you hate interruptions, but...
Now that I've come back to myself, I find myself filled with a terrible hunger.
Well, it's just a little bit of hunger, maybe.
Anyway, can you get me 50 [Large Animal Bones]?
Mission: Large Animal Bone x50
Oh, thanks.
Did [Hugin] advise you to grab some grub in advance?
Ha ha. That raven knows too much about me.
Anyhow, [Gullweig] is a being bound to the Norn Sisters' will. She exists on this earth to test human beings.
It was [Brunhilda] who led her to the outside.
But [Gullweig] was suddenly overcome by another entity, and she turned against her masters with the power of greed. She committed evil acts after gaining the [Ring of Desire], which imitated the Nibelungen ring.
[Brunhilda] finally drove her to near death and then [Gullweig] went into hibernation in the root of the world tree. One day, she and I woke up and came out of there.
Pooh, why am I remembering this now?
Get things done and come back.

21.The Fatal Truth

But [Gullweig] is still out of her mind after all this time.
Did she really forget herself...?
Because of her, [Hugin] and I got involved too.
Regrets are pointless.
Hmm... However, you're so interesting.
You didn't have any greed when you delivered [Gullweig]'s magical gold to us.
We can't kill [Gullweig], for she belongs to the Norn Sisters.
Instead, perhaps we can return her to her original state and take the [Ring of Desire] away from her.
It's useless to approach her unprepared.
We must contact the Norn sisters, the origin of [Gullweig].
If we can disrupt any of the three sisters for just a moment, we should be able to find an answer.
Would you knock down [Urd], [Verdandi], or [Skuld] and search them for any strange [devices]?
Oh, by the way, you know you need a [key] to get into the [The World Tree's Flower], right?
The Valkyries carry them.
Mission: Ancient Device x1
Gods! What's this?
This is an [Oriharukon Sensor]!
Why did the Norn sisters have this?
What a--what a surprise!
Get things done and come back.

22.Painful Realization

And I say it again... You are interesting.
[Gullweig]'s gold is one thing, but you are carrying that dangerous thing without any fear on your face!
The [Oriharukon Sensor] used to be so dangerous no one in [Yggdrasil] would touch it, you know!
You must be...?
No. It's not a good time to talk about such things.
Anyway, tell [Hugin] that this super dangerous device has been found with the Norn Sisters.
It's painful...
That wicked [Atlantis] was the one who did this to us.
Mission: Talk to [Hugin]
No Text
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 170,000
Get things done and come back.

23.This Time is Different

Come back to me, have you?
Ha ha. You'll be disappointed to hear that I made a mistake when trying to restore the ring.
But it's different this time!
I'm [Mimir], the true symbol of wisdom, who is never fooled by greed!
I was caught by that strange energy, so I couldn't use my abilities before.
Now I am sober, and I can transform this kind of artifact without any problems. Don't worry!
But you should add something to the mix.
I need a precious gem, like [Opal], to transform the ring into a key.
Can you find me some?
Mission: Opal x9
Okay. Wait.
I'm going to make it perfect.
This'll be the first real artifact I've made in a while!
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 240,000
Get things done and come back.

24.Conviction or Destiny

See, the key is ready.
But I need to talk to you about something.
Have you ever imagined what is going to happen once the door to [Atlantis] opens with this key?
Even though [Atlantis] itself has passed, their sin in this world has not disappeared.
I mean, you might make all the people in this world into your enemy. Are you alright?
[Hugin] told me that [Tiro Cyrus], the anti-[Atlantis] organization, is getting bigger and bigger.
You must have heard about that already.
You'll be their enemy.
Do you think you can handle that?
As you've seen and experienced, [Atlantis] was such an evil, greedy civilization that it can't be unleashed into this world again.
I know you're a descendent of [Atlantis] but you're different from them.
And yet I'm still worried.
Anyhow, the offspring of [Atlantis] will find their home and restore it because it'll be their destiny.
I mean their magical power is strong enough.
Now, make a decision before receiving this ring.
Will you follow your [conviction] or be driven by your given [destiny]?
Of course, you know which answer I want.
Mission: Answer [Conviction or Destiny] Question => Conviction
Based on what you've seen, you must make your decision and stick to your [conviction].
  • Experience: 202,500
  • Gold: 170,000
Get things done and come back.

25.The Passage

Here is the key.
I have a feeling of unrest just like the moment I gave you the ring last time... However, at least I trust you'll do the right thing.
I know you are a very reliable person.
Ah... You will be leaving soon, right?
Alright. I will trust you.
I believe you won't fall prey to the greed within your blood, but instead do your best for this world.
Anyway, thanks for everything!
Take care of yourself.
I'm praying we won't meet as enemies next time!
No Text
Get things done and come back.