Momotaro - Momotaro


QuestMomotaro - Momotaro
Required level85
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

Righteous and tender hearted Momotaro was born from a giant peach floating down a river. He wants to chase away the goblins that often come down to the village and cause trouble. However, he refuses to leave his old parents behind. He thinks that it's his responsibility to capture the goblins for the villagers' well being.
My Name Is Momotaro Quest
Location: Near Kyoto

1.In Search of a Hero

Ah, it's good to see you at last! You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to arrive.
Oh, I hope I didn't surprise you!
Of course I know who you are! You are the strongest and most famous warrior in Japan. I've heard a lot about you.
But to be honest, you don't look that tough. Are you sure you know how to fight?
Enter the number of the correct answer.
1: Believe me. I know what I'm doing.
2: No, but I can make a mean omelet.
Mission: Answer [In Search of a Hero] Question => 1
Yahoo! I knew it!
You were worth the wait!
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

2.My Name Is Momotaro

I'm [Momotaro], the peach boy.
A long time ago, when my grandma was doing laundry by the river, a large peach drifted downstream to her.
So my grandma brought that peach home to share with grandpa.
When grandpa came home from work he tried to cut the peach open. It split in half and I popped out of it.
And that's why my name is [Momotaro].
The peach boy, who was born from a peach!
Are you listening to me?
You look like you are thinking about something else.
What was my name?
It means the peach boy!
Mission: Answer [My Name Is Momotaro] Question => Momotaro
That's right. [Momotaro]!
Born from a peach, my name is [Momotaro]!
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

3.Blessing Magic

I've been waiting for a warrior like you. I need help killing those goblins.
You have no idea how happy I was when I heard that you were coming here.
I would've gone after those goblins myself, but my grandparents' health got worse.
I can't just leave them alone here. They took me in and I'm the only family they can rely on.
I know I'm asking for a lot, but please! Please get rid of the goblins who threaten our town.
I beg you...
I just gave you a magic potion. It'll temporarily increase your attack and defense power.
I was planning on using it to hunt those globins someday, but now you can use it instead.
Would you go fight 2 battles using the [Blessing Potion]?
Mission: Win a Battle with Blessing x2
How was it? Did you find yourself getting stronger?
However... please remember that there are two sides to every coin.
The potion may give you strength for a while, but you can only fight a certain number of battles. If you fight longer than that, you'll lose the power of the blessing.
Remember that!
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

4.The Best Honey Candy in Japan 1

Oh my... I've forgotten my manners.
You must be hungry.
Oh boy... I guess I don't have anything for you to eat, really.
Oh, try one of these.
This is called Honey Candy. My grandma made it.
This is the Best Honey Candy in Japan, heheh.
Mission: Use Honey Candy x1
How is it? Do you like it?
This is my favorite food.
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

5.The Dog's Help

Ok. Now, do you want to hear about my town?
It used to be a small, peaceful place.
One day, the goblins from Goblin Island came to our town and started abusing people. It wasn't long before they all moved here.
I guess they live here now.
Japanese goblins are known for their reckless behavior, but these goblins are somewhat different...
Hmm... How can I explain?
They move in groups and are very systematic. They are very different from typical Japanese goblins.
If you go into Shogun Castle, you'll find a place called [Bloody Moat].
Please go there and kill the [Goblin Privates], [Goblin Commanders], and [Goblin Generals]. They should have proof that they're more organized than normal goblins.
Mission: Goblin's Memo x30
Oh, you did it! Did you find any proof of what they're up to?
Wow... Goblin's memos, huh?
Like I thought, those are not just ordinary goblins.
I have a very, very bad feeling about this...
I was born small, but I will become a great man.


You can use the items I just gave you to summon wild beasts that will attack your enemies.
A long time ago, I met this hungry dog on the street. I gave him some of grandma's honey candy, and the dog became my follower.
He gave me that summon item as proof of his loyalty.
I didn't need to use it until now, but I guess it's time.
I can't do it myself, but I would like to help you as much as I can.
I really hope that this will help you.
Hmm... I guess you don't talk a lot, huh?
I thought I heard that you were talkative and friendly...
Hmm... Anyway, why don't you register a greeting and use it. I guess that's the how you start making friends.

Hint: [Settings] - [System]
Mission: Change greeting
If you smile at someone first, they have to smil back, right?
Oh... well, maybe that's not always true, but I still think how you greet people is important... heheh!
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

7.The Best Honey Candy in Japan 2

Oh boy... I'm getting hungry again.
I think I'll have some more honey candy.
Ah, it's so good!
I used to travel on my own, and my grandma would make honey candy for me to take on the road.
It was so delicious that all my worries just melted away.
I'll never get sick of eating it.
Would you like to try one of these honey candies, warrior?
Truly... this is the most tasty thing in the whole world.
Mission: Use Honey Candy x1
How is it?
Aren't they the best in Japan?
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

8.The Pheasant's Help

Anyway, according to the goblins' memos you brought earlier, this might be more serious than I thought.
I think that whatever's behind this brainwashed not just the goblins, but some humans as well...
According to this, once you've come under the control of the goblin forces, you can never go back to being a normal human!
They only look like humans outside. On the inside, they're goblins, too.
And... the spirits of those who lose their bodies are forced to wander the afterlife forever, without rest.
I have a favor to ask you.
Please go to the [Garden of Withered Flowers] and kill the delusional ninjas.
They're the ones responsible for keeping those wandering spirits from finding peace in the hereafter.
Mission: Kill [Delusional Ninja] x30
Thank you.
I hope nobody else has to suffer the same fate as those poor spirits.
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

9.Enchanting Equipment

The items I just gave you can summon the incarnations of a bird.
Long ago, I met this pheasant on the street, and I gave him some of the honey candy that my grandma made.
That pheasant became one of my followers.
He told me that when I summon him, he will send his friends to help me.
Since I cannot leave this place now, you could use his help.
Anyway... I know you're strong, but your enemies are goblins.
They're no ordinary foe.
You must be prepared!
I am sure you know that equipment can be enhanced through enchanting, right?
Please upgrade any equipment to +3 using Enchantment.
If you are not ready to do that, I can't send you to fight the goblins...
Mission: Enchant any item to 3
You've done a great job!
I promise, this armor will be very useful to you.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

10.The Best Honey Candy in Japan 3

When I travel, my grandma always makes me some honey candy for the road.
It might look like a common treat you can find anywhere, but to me, it's very special...
Ah... I guess this is my last piece.
This is too good to taste alone.
Please try some.
Mission: Use Honey Candy x1
It's good, right?
My grandma is the best!
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

11.The Monkey's Help

There's a reason why I wanted you to have some of my honey candies.
I heard that Indian millet and red-beans protect people from evil spirits.
I... I was worried the goblins and spirits in the castle would try to possess you.
But, I'm confident that you will be okay now.
You had the best honey candy in Japan, after all.
If you go inside of the [Garden of Withered Flowers], you will find [Barbarian Gorillas] from the west.
I think they also got possessed by the goblins, since they've been hurting people.
Please go get rid of them.
Mission: Kill [Barbarian Gorilla] x35
Thank you.
Now the people don't have to be afraid anymore.
The Barbarian Gorillas had been threatening the villagers.
They even brought the monkeys with them to attack us.
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

12.Changing Mercenary's Name

I think the goblins have the power to turn normal people into evil spirits.
It's just like a contagious disease that spreads from here to there...
It spreads without boundaries...
What I just gave you is the symbol of gratitude that I received from a monkey that I saved a long time ago.
I guess even if it changed into a monster on the outside, on the inside there must be remains of its good nature...
That monkey I saved died as a savage monster...
I know the monkey has turned into a monster, but you can still call on its aid with this.
Anyway... You look quite different from what I heard. I heard that you have this wild look about you, and that your voice is raspy.
Oh! Maybe you can change your image by changing your mercenaries' names.
You know it's easy if you have a [Blue Quill], right?
HINT: Mercenary Inventory - Character Info - Rename Mercenary
Mission: Rename a Mercenary x1
You still don't look wild.
I guess rumors are something that you can never believe...
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

13.Goblin Princess

Anyway, if you look at the [Goblin's Memo], [Onihime] in the [Hidden Keep] is the origin of this evil.
I haven't confirmed it yet, but it's pretty obvious.
Inside the [Hidden Keep], there should be a [Hidden Keep Basement].
Please go there and kill [Onihime].
Mission: Kill [Onihime] x1
Oh, you came back!
I was worried about you.
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

14.A Hidden Tower

Something isn't right.
I think [Onihime] was just a follower.
Around the time you killed [Onihime], the goblins' underlings went into a rage.
The most rambunctious group was the [Onimushas].
I was able to use the power of my animal companions to protect the village this time, but I'm not sure if I can do it again.
However, there's a more dangerous group called [Cursed Soldiers].
I heard that they are hiding near the [Hidden Keep].
Can you please go and kill those [Cursed Soldiers]?
I should start looking for the leader of the goblins.
Mission: Kill [Cursed Soldier] x20
You're okay!
Oh... thank goodness you came back. Thank you so much!
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 70,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

15.All Ready

Are you okay?
No injuries?
I think what you have to go through from now on will be tougher than you thought.
First of all, please recover your health and the health of your mercenaries.
Mission: Fully heal your characters.
I think you are kind of ready.
Now, I will tell you about the [Cursed Soldiers] and [Onimushas].
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

16.Legendary Flame Goblin

I found out that there is an evil power that's controlling the [Cursed Soldiers] and [Onimushas] in [Hidden Keep].

It's known as a [Monster Seed]. If the monster seed is planted in humans and animals, they will mutate over time and become monsters just like the goblins.
Those monsters will lose their memories and become the slaves of the goblins.
Just like the warriors in [Hidden Keep].
Inside of the [Hidden Keep] somewhere, there is a [Flame Goblin] who is spreading [Monster Seeds].
Please kill the [Flame Goblin].
Mission: Kill [Flame Goblin] x1
Ah, you made it!
I wanted to give you some honey candy to protect you from the goblins' tricks... but I didn't have any honey candy left...
I was worried about you.
But somehow... I was thinking maybe you wouldn't need any honey candy to protect you.
I'm not sure why I thought that though.
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

17.Facing Destiny

However, this is not the end.
The [Flame Goblin] is not the only cause of all this. He also was just a follower.
The most dangerous monster is still out there!
Before we go any further, I want to read your fortune real quick. This'll just take a minute, so take a seat.
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
Whoa, you've got really good luck! Nice!
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 70,000
I was born small, but I will become a great man.

18.My Name Is Momotaro 2

Now I can tell you everything...
The leader of the goblins is [Obake].
I heard that Obake is the strongest among them, and humongous in size.
But, I know you can do this! You are the chosen warrior sent by the emperor himself!
What? The emperor didn't send you?
Then, I guess it was me who mistakenly thought you were the one. The rumor said that it was going to be a warrior with a cannon...
Oh my... Now it all makes sense... I am so sorry.
Everyone said that if that warrior came, he would blow the goblins away with his powerful cannon.
You have no idea how long we have waited for him to get here...
But, I think you did as well as the cannon warrior would've done.
I don't think he could've handled it better than you did.
If you go to the [Roof of the Hidden Keep], you'll see a humongous goblin named [Obake].
Now, please go and defeat [Obake].
Even though I can't go with you, my summon animals will protect you from any harm.
Mission: Kill [Obake] x1
I knew you would come back safely.
You have that strange ability to make people believe in you...
I really thank you for helping me and my town.
This is my little thank you gift for protecting our town from the goblins.
Once I helped a starving monk, and he gave this to me as a token of his appreciation.
He said he cannot stay in one place... He is probably traveling around some other place now...
This animal doesn't live here in Japan and, on top of that, it was very hard for me to tame it. So I just held onto it until now.
However, I know this will be helpful to you one day.
Thank you, and I wish you a safe journey...
I was born small, but I will become a great man.