Montezuma II - Ancient Aztec City

Ancient Aztec City
Montezuma II

QuestMontezuma II - Ancient Aztec City
NPCMontezuma II
Required level104
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

[Montezuma II]
The king of the chaotic Aztec empire. He is peace-loving and gentle by nature. His body and mind became impoverished from continuous riots of the small tribes. On top of that, the prophecies are announcing the fall of Aztec Empire.
Ancient Aztec City Quest
Location: Ancient Aztec City

1.Unexpected Existence

Huh? Who are you?
How on earth did you find me?
Not even my men can find me when I come here to get some time on my own...
Huh! Unbelievable!
Did you receive some kind of divine vision or something?
Well, anyway...
Since you are here, can you go get some Elixir [IV] for me?
I was thinking too much, and now I have a severe headache.
Mission: Elixir [IV] x30
I thank you for your kindness.
Now I can see that you are not here to harm me.
I was a little worried when you showed up in my room.
Who wouldn't be surprised if a group of armed individuals show up at your hiding place, right?
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

2.Agony's Origin

It seems like you would like to know why I am hiding from the world, and trying to spend some time alone thinking, am I wrong?
Well, I guess there's no reason for me to hide it from you.
Especially when everybody already knows about it...
Take a look at this.
Mission: Read [Short Prophecy]
Short ProphecyWhen the time comes, I will return to you... Return to the east side of the sea with the light-skinned men of God...

Once again,
the feathered snake will return from the end of the world,
the Darkness and Red Land,
and will become the King of Gods.
The feathered snake mentioned in there is the god Quetzalcoatl.
This god brought civilization to the Toltecs of the Aztec Empire, but he was caught in his own brother's trap and was killed.
But the letter says that this god will come back to conquer the Aztec Empire and soon he will become the new emperor...
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

3.Something to rely on.

Whew... I need to commiserate with you.
Don't be surprised. I am the emperor of the Aztec Empire, [Montezuma II].
Hmm... you don't look that surprised, ha ha!
There are some signs of rebellion among some tribes.
I expected some level of conflict between those tribes since we conquered so many of them so quickly.
And I used to share opinions with my men about how to rule the empire under such circumstances...
Among my men, there was this female oracle who had the most power and the strongest voice.
And one day, all of sudden, she disappeared.
As you might already know, our empire is led by the teachings of the Sun God.
In times of trouble like this, I can't make any decisions on my own without the great oracle's help.
I don't know what's happening...
Nobody's listening to the god who leads this empire.
I must use the power of a charm to calm my troubled spirit. Perhaps you can make an [Aztec Charm] for me.
(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Aztec Charm] x1
Ha! I was correct!
Thank you so much.
Now I am a little relieved.
Hmm... Even if there was a Great Oracle, I am pretty sure she would've ordered us to use the bloody ritual and armed forces to control the people.
It is brutal, but most of the time, that's the only proven method to conquer others.
But why did she disappear so suddenly?
The only clue I have is that many talented oracles have been sent to this [Ancient Aztec City].
The Great Oracle is from here. So I am thinking maybe this is the place where she came.
  • Experience: 850,000
  • Gold: 1,200,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

4.A Miraculous Girl 1

The empire is in chaos due to the small tribes' riots. And the Great Oracle is missing...
On top of that, I've been hearing about this prophecy. How can I keep my peace of mind?
I can't see this great empire, with its great history, fall. I would like protect the empire.
Hmm... that's right.
In addition to that short prophecy, I heard that all these rumors that sway people's minds came from this one girl.
The problem is that the girl is wandering around the dangerous area near the [Other Tribes].
That place is where the lower level tribesmen who take care of the [Ancient Aztec City] reside and they are very hostile to outsiders.
I heard that the girl is not from there either.
Well, go visit her at [Other Tribes] in [Ancient Aztec City]. Be careful though!
I think her name is [Joy Nenetl]...
Welcome back. Huh? What is this?
Huh-huh... She wanted to give this to me?
Even if she has the power of foreseeing, I guess she's still a little girl, huh?
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

5.Malicious Villager

I feel even more sorry now that I hear what she's thinking about.
This makes me smile. This wooden puppet is quiet crude but definitely cute! Ha-ha-ha!
I understand that giving such an ominous prophecy is not her fault.
I don't hate her for that. I mean, I rather want to protect her. Look at me. The great oracle who used to call herself Quetzalcoatl also ran away. I have nobody.
If that girl can tell me about the future of this empire, of course, I would love to keep her close and listen to what she has to say.
However, I am not sure why she doesn't get out of that place.
No matter what happens, I should protect that little girl from getting hurt.
Can you go take care of some [Jaguar Villagers] near her? They are too dangerous for a delicate little girl.
Mission: Kill [Jaguar Villager] x35
Good job! Huh! You look like you had hard time dealing with them. I didn't know they were that strong...
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 600,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

6.The War Situation

That's really strange.
As far as I know, they were pretty exclusive, but they weren't that hostile against the outsiders.
But now you are telling me that they won't even listen to you? I can't believe that they became so violent...
I know it's a hassle, but can you go collect as many [Jaguar Warriors'] Information, as possible? Jaguar Warriors are the leaders of the Jaguar Villagers.
Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Jaguar Warrior]
I guess that [Ancient Aztec City] was taken over by the most violent and warlike tribe.
I can tell from these Jaguar Villagers.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 350,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

7.Just a second.

And on top of that, I think they must've been taken over by some evil spirits.
I can't explain their behaviors otherwise.
I don't understand how such miraculous oracles come from a place like that.
This won't be easy... not easy at all.
There are so many things that can't be explained.
Huh... what should we do?
Would you please excuse me? I need some time to think, alone.
You may come back later if you need my help.
I just need to be alone right now.
Mission: Talk to [Malinalli]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!


Oh you came back.
I was hoping that you would come by today.
I was putting together the rumors about this place and the stories about the oracles which I've heard in the past.
I wasn't paying too much attention to them before, but now come to think of it, there are too many things that are suspicious.
I knew the Jaguar Villagers and the Eagle Villagers resided here since the beginning...
But I heard that there are Jaguar Statue Warriors with special power on the entrance of the town and they are stopping intruders from coming into the town.
As you can probably tell from the name of those monsters, they are made of rocks so it's pretty tough to defeat them.
To me, moving statue just doesn't make sense.
Since I decided to spend some time investigating, I want every pieces of information.
Those [Jaguar Statue Warriors] should be inside of the [Sealed Statue] that's located on the way to the entrance of the shrine.
Can you bring some [Jaguar Statues] from them?
You might not be able to tell the difference between other statues on the way, so be careful!
Mission: Jaguar Statue x50
Huh, so the Jaguar Warriors popped out of those statues, huh?
I just have to wonder now... what is it that they want to protect so badly so they even have to use such mysterious devices to isolate the town from the outside world?
  • Experience: 1,500,000
  • Gold: 600,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

9.Control Device

They used to send out the oracles and the great oracle solely based on their decision while keeping everything about the place they resided secret calling the place a holy ground.
Hmm... now I can feel my body and mind waking up.
As I mentioned earlier, this empire is ruled under god's teachings.
However, the great oracle who supposed be the messenger of god abandoned her responsibilities and ran away in times like this. I can't respect them anymore...
Anyway, there was a map etched into these rocks you brought.
Please go to the place on this [Secret Stone Statue Map]. You might be able to find something there.
In fact, maybe there will be some clue on the origin of those Jaguar Statues?
It seems like you won't have to go that far.
Mission: Glowing Mana Stone x1
I've never seen a mana stone like this.
Let me take a closer look. Hmm...
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

10.Strange Echo

Didn't you feel anything while you were bringing this stone?
There was a strange sound echoing in my head.
What? Needs more hearts?
Huh-huh... Is it asking for more rituals for the sun god?
But, we are missing the great oracle who supposed to be in charge of the ritual...
I have no idea what it wants me to do!
Of course the rituals for the sun god are very important for this empire.
Since the early beginning, the oracles believed that we needed to sacrifice live human hearts to keep the sun shines.
And that's why we invaded other tribes to bring in hostages for the rituals.
But to be honest...
It wasn't my idea. I just wanted to support the great oracle. I understood that the ritual was a big deal for her and it supposed to be holy and stuffs...
but, I am a peaceful person in nature. I couldn't understand why we had to kill live humans like that... such a brutal activity...
Mission: Talk to [Joy Nenetl]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

11.What's Your Business?

Haha! You are back again.
What's your business this time?
I started to wonder why you visit that place so often.
I understand that I asked you a few things before, but this time, it's not about me, is it?
Did you run into somebody suspicious in there?
I guess I was right!
Hmm, I am sure an adventurer like you probably runs into situations like that all the time.
Did you find any suspicious and miraculous items?
If you did, what is it?
Mission: Answer [What's Your Business?] Question => Sorcerer's Guardian Stone
Sorcerer's Guardian Stone?
Hmm... Come to think of it, I might've seen similar stones before.
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

12.A Miraculous Girl 3

The great oracle, who's been missing for a while now, probably has been carrying that stone around, calling it a holy stone that protects the emperor.
But then, you found the exact same stone inside...
That means she must be in there.
Oh, there were a lot of those?
Huh! That is quite a mystery...
I can't figure out what's going on.
Right now, [Joy Nenetl] is our only hope.
Would you visit her to find out if she has more information about the stones?
Oh, you are back.
Ha ha ha! She really knows exactly what I want.
What a commendable child she is!
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

13.I am sure things are going to be alright...

Since you've seen them for yourself, I hope we can find some clues from those spiders.
A giant spider with two heads... What a creepy creature that is!
On top of that, the king of those villainous creatures?
Oh boy... I guess if we kill them, it will somehow show us the way.
I guess I will need your help.
Please kill as many [Mutated Spiders] as you can.
HINT: You can find the Mutated Spiders near the Shrine Entrance.
Mission: Kill [Mutated Spider] x40
Oh, you've done great!
Monster spiders... The Jaguar Statues, Jaguar Golems and now the Mutated Spiders?
Hmm... I can't believe that place has been treated as a holy ground for so long. It seems like they are trying to hide something very dangerous.
  • Experience: 1,800,000
  • Gold: 700,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

14.The Spider Web

They must've used the spider webs to control something, right?
If we study those webs, we might be able to find out who's behind all this.
My gut's telling me that person is the great oracle, but... I need evidence.
Here, take this [Spiderweb Map] with you.
This is one of the items the great oracle left behind but I couldn't quite figure out what this was for until now.
But come to think of it, it might help us investigate the spider webs.
Please make sure you bring back any suspicious spider web bunches.
Mission: Spiderweb Nucleus x1
Oh, very well done.
Since you chopped off this spider web, those monster spiders will be bewildered at least for awhile.
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

15.Mutated Spider's Wicked Eyes

Those Jaguar Statues that we saw previously were manmade, but I think these monster spiders are live creatures, based on the information we collected so far.
Don't you think so too?
Then I think it is also important for us to stop them from breeding in order to further investigate that dangerous place.
Would you go fight the [Splendid Mutated Spiders] and [Brutal Mutated Spiders], which are a bit stronger than just regular monster spiders?
And please collect as many [Mutated Spiders' Eyes] as you can as the evidence.
You can probably collect 12 at a time since spiders have 6 eyes and those monsters have two heads.
HINT: You can find the Mutated Spiders near the Shrine Entrance.
Mission: Mutated Spider's Eyes x150
Good job!
Whew... these are humongous.
I should burn these or something after studying them.
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

16.The King has Awakened

Now that you've caused a disturbance, the spider king must've awakened.
There must be an entrance to the king's lair somewhere inside.
Now it's time for you to go defeat the [Mutated Spider King].
I guess you can find the key to the king's place on the other spiders.
Good luck!
HINT: You can find the Mutated Spider King in the Spider King's Land.
Mission: Kill [Mutated Spider King] x1
Oh, I didn't know you'd be this quick!
You are my savior!
Since you've defeated the king, the great oracle must've noticed something by now.
Since she had the spiderweb map, that must mean she's related to all this somehow.
I will have to ask her some questions when I face her!
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

17.Be More Honest Next Time

Now, all I need to do is wait.
I will wait and see if that evil great oracle comes out of the woodwork.
Now, that's that and I have something to tell you.
As I've mentioned earlier, I had doubts about your recent behavior.
I understand that you are an adventurer, but I don't think you are doing all this only to fulfill your personal goals.
It was suspicious from the beginning when you first visited me in my hideaway.
I can guess that someone has asked you to visit me.
Anyway, I have no intention to hurt you. You've been an enormous help already...
I just hope that you can be more open with me.
I will let you go this time.
But when you visit me next time, I would like to hear what made you come here.
Oh, by the way, please take this [Letter] with you.
I found this among the spider eyes you brought.
(No Text)
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

18.I see.

Whew... you came back...
I guess killing those spiders wasn't enough.
Nothing from the great oracle yet...
What's this?
Mission: Bitter Threat x1
Ugh... a threatening letter?
She was behind all this?
Huh-huh! I didn't know she harbored a grudge against this empire...
Then why did she turn herself in?
Um... I guess she desperately needed my help.
I guess she wanted to tell me that figuring out what's in that place is more urgent then taking a revenge... right?
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

19.Insufficient Information

If that's the truth, then I won't ask more about the plot against me for now.
If what this says is accurate, then her intellect will be very useful to us.
If she can read the ancient characters which even oracles can barely read, it doesn't get any better than that. She is the best partner I would ever get.
On top of that, she even turned herself in to me.
Anyway, I am a little disappointed that you studied only the Jaguar Guardian Knights.
I would have expected information on the eagles as well.
If that's the case, we should probably investigate those eagle knights as well, right?
The [Eagle Knights], [Eagle Shrine Knights] and [Eagle Patriarchs] should also have [Orders].
Please gather a good amount of those.
HINT: You can find the Eagle Knights, Eagle Shrine Knights, and Eagle Patriarchs on the Path of Immortality.
You're back.
Now, show them to me.
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 800,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

20.As Requested For Now

These ancient characters are incomprehensible.
The only thing I could tell is that these are ancient Aztec, but that's about it. I can't read them.
I can't even find the right order. Hopeless...
Hmm, but I guess [Malinalli] can do something about it.
Would you bring this to her?
(No Text)
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

21.A Promise

Oh my...
Those bloody rituals... We thought we were doing the will of the gods, but it was nothing but a deception orchestrated by some other civilization...
Oh gods... What have we done?
And all of the oracles including the great oracle must have known the truth all this time!
Huh... I can't believe this is happening to our empire.
How dare can they do this to my people! And our god!?
I can't let them just walk away with this!
I was able to find out all this because of you and [Malinalli]. Thanks to you both...
Now that I've found out the truth, there's no need for those bloody rituals anymore!
I will never allow a human sacrifice in this empire again.
I will focus on training proper oracles who serve the sun god with honesty, and I will have them come up with a proper way of serving our sun god!
Now, please go deeper into the shrine.
What did you see in the deepest end of the shrine?
Oh, there was an entrance to the [Room of Resurrection]?
I really want you to find out what's in that room. You can just poke your head in there and see what's there and come back.
Oh, you saw weird looking tree monsters?
Can you tell me in more detail?
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

22.The Girl's Knowledge 2

According to what you described to me, it looks very much like Tlaltecuhtli, the evil god of destruction.
Something's not right. I have a bad feeling about this...
I guess the only person I can rely on now is that girl, [Joy Nenetl].
Can you go ask her about those tree monsters?
Ah... that makes me feel a little better.
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

23.Falsified Gods

Even if they are fake, I can't believe nobody's doing anything about them.
I mean, the lady who calls herself the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl became a great oracle here. On the other hand, there are falsified versions of the god Tlaltecuhtli running around at her birth place...
Don't you find that odd?
Would you bring every pieces of evidence from those [Fake Tlaltecuhtli] and [Disguised Tlaltecuhtli]?
Hmm... I knew it.
Thank you so much.
Even if they are fake, I am certain that they are dangerous.
  • Experience: 2,000,000
  • Gold: 800,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

24.A Bright Woman

I've scanned them, but I couldn't read them.
It looks like some kind of ancient Aztec writing this time as well.
That leaves us no choice. Please go see [Malinalli].
It's in here.
(No Text)
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
  • Item: Bark Tube x1
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!


You've returned.
So, what else did you find out?
It's all written in here?
Let me take a look.
Mission: Aztec History x1
I see.
The great oracle was just a puppet for the people who were dazzled by that blood-thirsty god!
And on top of that, she is not the origin of all this... there is someone else who's behind all of it.
Whew... this is too much information.
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

26.The Puppet's End

We must arrest the great oracle.
How dare she call herself an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl?
I shall punish her with the name of our sun god for bringing disgrace upon Quetzalcoatl, the one who brought a bright future to the Aztec empire!
She will find no mercy from me!
Please go and get rid of [Fake Quetzalcoatl]. She's probably hiding in there somewhere!
Mission: Kill [Fake Quetzalcoatl] x1
What a great job!
Now I can breathe for the first time.
I can't believe she had the audacity to represent our sun god.
I can't never forgive her...
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

27.The Hope of the Empire

I guess now we are only left with [Tlaltecuhtli King], the villain behind all of the evil things happening around here...
To be honest with you, I am a bit worried.
If you are right, [Joy Nenetl], the empire's only hope, will lose her power once we kill Tlaltecuhtli King.
Then... who should I go to for an advice? Who will deliver the gods' message?
I need to come up with some new rituals for the sun god. Do you have any good idea?
Ok. Go to [Joy Nenetl]!
With her help, maybe we can somehow stop the [Tlaltecuhtli King]'s insanity.
We must have an oracle who can deliver the god's message.
Otherwise, the empire will fall apart!
No way!
She said there's absolutely no other way?
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!

28.The Empire Needs an Oracle

Oh my...
Then what am I going to do from now on?
What can I do to unite the small tribes and keep this empire in peace...?
What if the last one who can help me, [Joy Nenetl], loses her power...?
Answer me, will you? Please...
Mission: Talk to [Malinalli]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 90,000
  • Gold: 65,000
O Great Sun God, please be my witness!