Mute Shaman - Noble Shaman's Soul

Noble Shaman's Soul
Mute Shaman

QuestMute Shaman - Noble Shaman's Soul
NPCMute Shaman
Required level86
Daily QuestsNo


Final Reward::

[Mute Shaman]
Shaman of the Chitose Shrine. She currently uses her dancing skills to bring in income for the shrine's upkeep. The sight of her dance is so beautiful that it is able to mesmerize others and put them in a trance. Although her dancing skills are famed and renowned, she has stopped dancing recently.
Noble Shaman's Soul Quest
Location: Inside of Chitose Shrine near Sapporo

1.The Shaman of the Shrine

(Just as [Amano] said, this sad shaman only looks at me,
but never says a word.)
(Although she has a youthful face, her sparkling ebony eyes are rather mysterious, and her skin is smooth and beautiful.
Anyone who looks upon her cannot help but be filled with joy, and that joy blends together with the beautiful cherry blossoms around her.
Although I have not seen her famed dance, I could see why the battle-worn [Amano] was charmed by her.)
(However, I am still a stranger to her.
It would be a good idea to give a donation to the shrine before I start talking to her.)
(TIP: You should bring her a Pearl.)
Mission: Pearl x45
(She gives me a grateful smile as I donate
some small treasure.)
(I ask her why she is no longer dancing.
After a brief moment of thought, the [Mute Shaman] softly shakes her head.)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

2.The Mute Shaman

(My tender words and kind-heartedness eventually break through her fear.
Because I am patient with her, she begins to look through her things as if she just thought of something.)
(She silently gives me a somber smile, and places in my hands a [Worn Gohei].
I don't understand the meaning of this, but I deem it wise to deliver this to [Amano], given that this is from her.)
(No Text)
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

3.It's Not Time Yet

(She continued to look at me with her mysterious eyes.
As our eyes meet, I sense a look of recognition. She remembers me from our last encounter.
From time to time, she sighs and looks off into the distance, but when she turns around to see me, a smile plays on her lips.)

(However, I am still a stranger to her.
It seems like she will open up to me more with a donation to the shrine.)
(TIP: You should bring her Coral.)
Mission: Coral x100
(When I give my donation, her eyes dwell on me.
But her gaze is regretful and apologetic.
I ask her about the things that [Amano] sent, but all she does is
hang her head.)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

4.At the End of Her Fingertips

(She picks a single chrysanthemum from the bouquet and begins to fiddle with it.
She motions with her hands, her graceful movements new and unknown to me...
It is as though she is preparing to dance.)
(Not long after, an expression of longing appears on her graceful features.
Her hand reaches out, pointing into the distance. Pointing to the south.)
(Chrysanthemum and the south.
She must mean the [Garden of Withered Flowers] in the [Shogun Castle of Death].
I nod.)
(I return empty-handed...
Her face is flustered with worry.
She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees that I am safe.)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

5.Continued Story

(She hesitates for a while, but soon she gazes at me with conviction, as if she has finally made up her mind.
She starts looking through her belongings once more.)
(She places something in my hands.
It is a neatly knotted piece of paper.)
Mission: Read [Amber Knotted Note]
Amber Knotted NoteAt the end of a long journey,
I finally completed my dance.
And I can finally present my dance in the gods' voice.
When I dance, I feel as if I am floating in the air.
I almost fall into a state of complete nonexistence
and am able to present a divine power
that clearly reflects the gods' intentions.

However, I had no idea
that evil beings were
observing every step I took.
As soon as I showed my dance to the world,
the evil beings attached themselves to me
and took my divine power, voice,
and part of my memory.

They were frightened by the fact that
one human being was able to gain
such pure divine power through so meager an effort.
I've heard that most of these evil creatures
originated in the Shogun Castle,
which now has become a lair of the undead.
(As soon as I am done reading, she averts her eyes again.
Her face is flushed.
I see tears begin to form in her eyes.)
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

6.She Just Shook Her Head

(Even though I insist that the evil beings in Shogun Castle were no match for me,
she continues to shake her head.
Her expression tells me that she cannot send me to such a dangerous place again.)
(Still, I am happy to have learned more about her situation.
Perhaps it would be good to go back and tell Amano what happened.)
Mission: Talk to [Amano]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

7.Even With Slight Movements

(Until recently, she would stand still and stare vacantly into the distance,
but now she is making the same strange movement over and over again.
It looks like some kind of dance.)
(Following the movement of her hands and body,
I can almost feel myself immersed in her dance.
This may be just a small part of the entire dance, but this must be the enchanting dance that [Amano] is so enamoured with.)
(She feels your gaze, and stops dancing immediately.
From single moment in which I was watching her dance, I am filled with awe.
I must do something to show my appreciation for what I just witnessed.)
(Bring her some [Silver Thread] and [Gold Thread].)
Mission: Silver Thread x10 ; Gold Thread x10
(After receiving a present, her cheeks grow red.
She looks a bit discomforted, but soon she pulls herself together and puts the present in the shrine's charity container.
She acts prim and proper, as if she is embarrassed that she had been caught practicing.)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

8.Slowly Recovering Memories

(I feel now as though I am not a customer here. Now I am her friend.
For a brief moment, she looks concerned from not knowing where I have been.
All the same, her smile returned once it was clear that nothing serious or dangerous happened to me.)
(After hearing that [Amano] went to gather information on the [Shogun Castle of Death] on her behalf,
her expression darkens.
I try my best to assuade her fear.)
(Worried for a moment, she takes out another note.
I move to open and read it, but she quickly stops me.
I shouldn't read it here.
For now, I will deliver this note to [Amano].)
No Text
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

9.For The Day That She Can Dance Again

(She is practicing her dance just like last time.
Compared to last time, her moves have become more refined and rich.
Any who gaze upon her cannot help but be drawn further in by her charm.
All I can do is lose myself in her dance.)

(Finally, she notices my gaze and blushes.
Just as [Amano] said, I shout out that she is the best of the best.)
Mission: Answer [For The Day That She Can Dance Again] Question => Best of the Best
(She gives me a big hug, smiling at me with that beautiful smile.
Flushed, I ask her why she isn't like this with everyone else.
All she does is place a finger on my lips and smile.)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

10.Recovered Smile

(More than just her dance, her vibrant smile has a way of brightening the day of all who look upon her.
Her charms do not just affect those with wounded hearts such as [Amano],
but even those who carried no emotional burdens would feel it.
I feel that no person, regardless of age or sex, would be able to turn away from her.)
(Even if [Amano] had not asked me, I would do anything for her.
I will return after defeating [Onihime], the one who stole her voice.
According to what I've heard, [Onihime] must be in the [Black Keep Basement].)
Mission: Kill [Onihime] x1
(Confusion is written lightly all over her face when I return.
Rubbing her temples, her face is stricken. Her hands slowly slip to her throat.
Finally, she opens her mouth.)
My voice...
Ah, y... you... are...?
  • Experience: 75,000
  • Gold: 95,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

11.Recovered Voice and Memories

Ah, I'm sorry.
Bu... but... where are you coming from?
Ah, I'm so sorry.
I am kind of confused right now.
All of a sudden...
My lost memories are returning to me all at once...
But... really...
Where are you coming from?
Are you coming back from somewhere dangerous? Perhaps from defeating someone?
The Wicked Witch that stole my voice and my memories...?
What is her name?
Mission: Answer [Recovered Voice and Memories] Question => Onihime
I see.
So you went to such a dangerous place for me...
I am so sorry.
I'm really...
only causing others to worry...
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)


I know who asked you to help me.
I know him very well, too.
He would always praise my dance the loudest.
A refreshing praise... even if he looked exhausted, his eyes would still sparkle with his warm tender side.
He is truly an affectionate person.
I was sad that he kept his distance from me, because he was worried that his looks would startle me....
He was so worried that he had to ask you this kind of favor rather than appear before me himself.
Anyway, thank you
and [Amano].
However, there is something that I haven't told you yet.
This is a story that [Amano] should not know, so please give him peace of mind before returning to me.
Mission: Talk to [Amano]
(No Text)
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

13.Travel Memories

You have returned.
Was he happy?
Whew, I can finally breathe a little.
He did not notice the evil monsters that associated themselves with me.
I'm so sorry to tell you this now, but I've used you a little.
I did not want him to fall into any danger...
The truth is that [Yukihime], the witch who made me like this...
wanted [Amano].
Didn't he tell you the story?
The story of the Snow Lady...
Anyone who faces her dies...
Men in particular...
He couldn't have survived an encounter with her.
This is the letter that [Yukihime] sent me.
Would you like to read it?
Mission: Read [Yukihime's Letter]
Yukihime's LetterWhat a wanton woman she is to steal my man's heart!
He is the only man I could ever love...
I cannot believe she did this to me.
I will not forgive her.

I will destroy you, you who have stolen my love.
No, I will take away everything you hold dear, one by one...
You will suffer the same pain and loss that you put me through.
In order to win my lover's heart once again,
I will destroy the very wiles you used to steal my lover from me.
After he lost consciousness in [Yukihime's] snow mountain, she did not try to kill [Amano] by freezing him, as she normally does. She became obsessed with him.
But... because she is an evil spirit, too cold to be able to truly love a human being, she was not able to take the heart of [Amano].
After saving [Amano], she kept track of him through her underlings,
and realized that he had me in his heart...
She sent him a letter like this. Then she took away my voice, part of my memories,
and my ultimate dance...
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

14.The Ultimate Dance

However, I never wanted him to be taken away by an evil snow monster,
nor did I want him to fall into further danger.
I also love him dearly and deeply.
That is why I stopped dancing altogether and pretended that I was close to someone else...
Yes, I'm sorry.
That person is you.
If I had continued to dance in front of [Amano] even after losing everything,
[Yukihime] would not have been able to take it anymore. She surely would have tried to kidnap [Amano].
Even if that wicked witch were to steal my skills away, she couldn't possibly capture the spirit and soul of the dance.
By now, she must be waiting for [Amano]'s feelings for me to fade away.
But now I am more concerned for [Amano].
It would be big trouble if he went out to search for [Yukihime] without knowing this.
I was already worried that he'd put himself in danger by attacking the monsters who did this to me...
Because of you, he was able to stay safe, but the greatest danger of all is still in his immediate future.
We must act now.
Please defeat [Yukihime] before [Amano] sets out to do so.
Can you find me [The Legend of Okuni], which contains the record of my ultimate dance?
[Yukihime] resides in the isolated [Snow Mountain], which you can reach through the port to the south.
Thank you so much...
Although we cannot be lovers,
we can be good friends.
I will never forget all that you have done for me.
Since I recovered everything and am no longer in any danger, I can show my ability once again.
  • Experience: 100,000
  • Gold: 125,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

15.Another Ability

Since you have returned my supernatural gifts to me,
perhaps it is time for me to show you another ability of mine.
In addition to my dance, I can craft a special staff using my supernatural power.
Although it is a lot of work, I will do this for you.
However, it has been a long time since I last did this...
I need a moment to collect my thoughts. Would you mind sitting here while I think?
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
Yes, it's coming back to me! Thank you for your patience.
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)


To create such a staff, I will need Storm Element Shards. These staffs draw on the power of lightning.
Can you give me some of those [Storm Element Shards]?
Mission: Storm Element Shard x30
Thank you so much.
You are such a good person.
  • Experience: 20,000
  • Gold: 35,000
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)

17.Kabuki and Okuni

And lastly, I will tell you a story about the [Shamans] that accompany or previously accompanied you.
I made this staff specifically for those [Shamans].
[Okuni] is the title that those [Shamans] receive when they attain their ultimate power.
[Okuni] is my ancestor, as well as the master of all the other shamans.
She worked incredibly hard to attain the divine power of the dance and commune with the spirits.
While I have inherited her dance and completed [The Legend of Okuni],
the other [Shamans] have been following her supernatural power.
The other shamans' supernatural power as well as my dance have the same goal.
We all want to make the world more beautiful...
That is the goal of all Shamans.
I, as well as the other [Shamans], do not want any material goods as compensation for our abilities.
Our real reward is sincere and heart-felt praise.
Whenever your [Shaman] draws out her power, be sure to praise her.
Tell her that she is the [Best of the Best].
Mission: Answer [Kabuki and Okuni] Question => Best of the Best
It's finished.
Please use it well.
I and the other [Shamans] will remember your praise in our hearts.
(Without a word, her curious eyes continue to look upon me.)