Nina Paganini - Minstrel

Nina Paganini

QuestNina Paganini - Minstrel
NPCNina Paganini
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

It's nice to be back home.

Final Reward::

[Nina Paganini]
She's Italian, but her family immigrated to North America a long time ago. Her family was famous for playing various musical instruments including the violin with amazing technique, but had to leave their hometown because they were accused of being evil. She went to Detroit to learn a more eccentric instrument and learned how to play the electric guitar, but returned to Dallas after Detroit became ruined.
Minstrel Recruitment Quest
Location: Dallas Lawless District

1.Taking a Breath

What's this? Don't sneak up on me like that!
I thought you were one of the punks chasing me from Detroit.

...Ah, I'm so sorry.
I don't usually yell at strangers. Sorry about that.
I'm just a little on edge.
Of course, there's no way...
They came all the way out here...
Hm, that's right.
I escaped to this town from Detroit.
The punks who were chasing me tried to do something weird to the slow Megatheriums on the way.
Still bothers me that they were trying to trick them into attacking me.
I know we just met and all, but think you could do me a favor? There still might be some [Agile Megatheriums] under the influence of those punks.
Think you can do something to thin their numbers?
Mission: Kill [Agile Megatherium] x40
Ah, thanks.
Would've been trouble for me if those jerks followed me all the way out here.
Now I've got some breathing room, I can relax.
  • Experience: 600,000
  • Gold: 400,000
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

2.I Wasn't Caught, Right?

Name's [Nina Paganini].
You can call me [Nina].
Hmm, the thing is...
I'm not exactly in a position to move freely through society.
What I mean is, here in Dallas the locals know me as some runaway girl,
and in Detroit I might have been the boss of a small criminal organization.
Ah, of course, that's all behind me now.
After the machines in Detroit went haywire and the city got wrecked, the number of mafias and gangs jumped way up.
People started talking with their fists instead of their mouths, and the whole place was thrown into chaos.
Even gangsters usually have their own rules, you know. Honor among thieves and all that.
I got sick of all the senseless violence, so I closed down my organization and returned to my hometown.
Of course, some of the local punks heard and chased me down, trying to kill me.
But then, when I got back, to my surprise the famous sheriff [Pat Garrett] was guarding the entrance to town.
I don't think he saw me... did he?
That man tries to throw me in jail for my crimes in Detroit, and it'd be a pain.
Think you can scout out the situation for me?
Mission: Talk to [Pat Garrett]
Ah, so he was too busy with something else to notice me?
Heh, it's my lucky day.
I didn't want to get caught up in a mess here after washing my hands of my old associates.
Ah... You know, it's not like I went to Detroit to get involved in the gangs or anything.
I just wanted to learn more about this new instrument they had there, the electric guitar.
I felt like the world was mine when I played that instrument.
And it filled me with this indescribable elation when I saw the people go wild to the sound of my notes...
Then I noticed that I could influence people's minds and bodies just by playing my music.
Funny thing is, it was the criminals who feared me who gathered around me and made me into their boss.
Maybe you can't believe me, but it wasn't entirely my choice to become a gangster mastermind.
Well... I realized later that it didn't matter how well I treated them.
They followed me out of fear, and nothing else.
Realizing that, I started doubting my power. Isn't the point of music to touch people's hearts?
  • Experience: 62,500
  • Gold: 72,500
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

3.I'm Back!

My parents didn't want me to learn music growing up.
I did everything I could to persuade them, but... in the end, I had to run away from home. That's how I ended up in Detroit.
Ah... I was so young and foolish back then.
Still, even today I've got no idea why they were so against my learning music when they were musicians themselves.
Hm, of course, the locals never did care for my family's music.
I was little, so I don't remember too well, but the people of Dallas treated our family unkindly.
Telling us they couldn't stand our music.
But if that's all, don't we just have to make our music better?
Anyway, I'm probably branded here as a delinquent runaway girl.
So, it's a little awkward to go back home right away... Heh heh.
On top of that, my old house was in ruins when I got here.
Did they move away while I was in Detroit?
You'll find a man named [Colins] a little up the road.
Tell him that the delinquent runaway girl [Nina] is back,
and ask him if he can find out where my parents went, will you?
Mission: Paganini Case File x1
Huh? What's this?
Why did you bring a case file...
Wh... what?
Bo... both of them are...?
And at the hands of some filthy outlaw?
  • Experience: 62,500
  • Gold: 72,500
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

4.Unspeakable Regrets

Oh, oh my...
It can't be...
It's too absurd...
I don't know what to say anymore.
What am I supposed to do now?
It's... it's all my fault.
I didn't even know that my parents...were treated that coldly by the townspeople...
But, but...
Hm, no. No way.
I need to wake up.
The case record you brought describes the case very simply.
There are some records of an investigation, but all it really says is [The Paganinis were murdered by gunmen.]
The sheriffs considered it a simple murder case,
but I believe it's more than that.
At the very least, I need to know who the murderers were.
This didn't happen too long ago.
Can you go ask [Colins] if he knows exactly who did it or if the murderer was ever caught?
What? He knows nothing?
Ugh. I see there are many gunmen here in Dallas,
but I never imagined it got to the point where they can't even catch one...
Damn it!
I'll catch the murderers of my parents with my own hands!
  • Experience: 62,500
  • Gold: 72,500
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

5.My Loving Home

So, [Colins] really said that?
He'll throw me in jail if I don't sit back and do nothing?
Hm. Even if I've washed my hands of it, it's true that I can't just wipe away my criminal past.

I get what he's saying, but I can't help feeling bitter.
It's bad enough that I lost my parents!
I can't just stand by and do nothing!
No matter what, I need to find some way to ask my parents' forgiveness.
Right. As long as I don't do anything myself, I won't be going against what he said.
I'll just do things in secret... with your help, of course.
You'll help me, won't you? Think of it as helping a poor orphan.
I need to find out more about the night my parents were murdered, no matter the means.
Our house was by the coal mine. It's in ruins now, though.
Even though I ran away, I never threw away the house key.
If this [Old House Key] still works, can you go inside to check if there's anything the sheriffs might have missed?
Oh, our house used to be behind the miner standing over there.
Be careful. This town's not safe.

(HINT: Use the [Old House Key]near NPC [Wild Blue].)
Mission: Ruth's Bundle x1
Oh, what is this?
What? A robber was waiting there?
Hm, I suspected as much, but I didn't know if it was true.
But why was the robber carrying this bundle? What was he doing in my old house?
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

6.My Parents' Enemy

My family was not poor, but we were not well off, either...
What could he have possibly been trying to steal?
Was he really a robber?
Ha, look at this.
He brought out my father's violin and my mother's flute?
If he's already coming back for things this big,
it means our house was robbed at least once already.
Well, at least I was able to retrieve several of my parents' keepsakes...
Huh? What have we here? There's a note.
This definitely isn't my parents' handwriting...

Wait. What the-!
This... This is crazy.
How can this be?
Here, you should read this note, too.
Mission: Read [Ben's Note]
Ben's NoteI nabbed money, jewelry, and all sorts of little treasures that day, but those Pagininis I killed were all musicians. Surely they had some valuable instruments, too.
Go inside again when no one's around and grab any expensive-looking antiques or instruments no matter how heavy they are.
Nowadays I've got more and more things I need to spend my money on.

Isn't [Ben] the name of the outlaw [Colins] is chasing?
And don't they say he's one of the worst criminals in town?
Well, how nice.
We can avenge my parents while helping out [Colins]!
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

7.Trustworthy Informant II

Hm. Because he's so uptight, there's no way Colins would accept my help.
However, I want to take care of this [Ben] guy myself.
I'm sure Colins men are working hard to find him, so we've got to be one step ahead of them.
I hear a bartender named [Susan] in the [Bloody Dust Bar] knows quite a lot of information about the criminal underworld.
I doubt she'd tell us anything for free, though.
I know it'll be a little difficult, but can you bring me a copy of her [Backstreet News]?
Mission: Backstreet News x1
Huh? What took you so long?
What? Why would she ask you to do that?
Hah, I'm sorry.
I didn't know she'd have such crazy requests.
I'll pay you back.
Anyway, thank you.
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

8.Music Box

Hmm, all kinds of strange stories are detailed in here.
And it's written from a neutral point of view... impressive.
Ben... Isn't there anything about Ben?

Oh, here we go!
Huh? He proposed to the bar owner, [Elegant Catherine], and got rejected?
He gave her an expensive-looking music box with mysterious colors as a gift, but still failed to win her heart...
What? A music box?
Of all my parents' keepsakes, that music box is the one thing I wanted get back the most!
I doubt the bar owner will cooperate with us, but we should check it out.
Can you take that Music Box from [Elegant Catherine] in the [Bloody Dust Bar]? Use force, if you have to.
Mission: Dream Music Box x1
Oh god.
This [Dream Music Box]...
This was surely from our house.
I wasn't certain, but it was true after all...
He used my family's stolen heirloom as a gift to some floozy?
I can never forgive him!
  • Experience: 750,000
  • Gold: 550,000
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

9.Damn Bastard

Ah, just thinking about it...!
I'll chop his body up into small pieces - no, I'll encase his legs in cement, and throw him into the ocean...
Ah, oops. I guess I have a little gangster in me still...
Forget what you just heard.
Anyway, this music box is locked.
My father used to keep the key in a safe place, but does this [Ben] guy have it?
Hah, he really cleaned out our house.
He couldn't stop at killing my parents... did he have to steal all my precious keepsakes, too?
He is the worst!
That sheriff should get out of my way now.
I have all the evidence I need, so why should I wait for his signal before I get my revenge?
Tell [Colins] that I'll find [Ben] faster than [Terrence] ever could.
Oh, you're back.
Something... something weird just happened.
Oh god...
Now the real question is...
I should catch [Ben] first, or
talk to [Terrence] first.
  • Experience: 62,500
  • Gold: 72,500
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

10.Bad Feelings

Ah, what am I talking about?
The sheriff named [Terrence] sent me a weird note.
He said if I wanted to know the truth about my parents' murder, then I should meet him.
But, it's not my style to say yes to a weird note like that.
So I beat up the guman who brought it.
I just wanted to interrogate him a little,
but when I found another note on him, he jumped up and ran off. I couldn't get anything else out of him.
But that's fine - the note itself was a huge find.
Now I know where [Ben] is hiding!
So now I need to decide between killing [Ben] or hearing what [Terrence] has to say first...
What do you think?
Hm, I have a feeling that we feel the same way.
I don't have enough time to take care of both things by myself.
How about this?
I'm not thrilled, but you should kill [Ben].
In the meantime, I'll go see [Terrence].
I need to know the truth about my parents' murder.
I feel that [Ben] was merely the hired gun...
Even so, you need to bring me evidence that you killed [Ben]!
I hear he stays in the [Desolate Mine] somewhere in the [Coal Mine Base Camp].
Ah, you know, [Ben] doesn't just hang out in the mine all the time. You need to wait for him to show up, then kill him.

(HINT: [Ben] shows up in [Desolate Mine] every 5 minutes.)
Ah... you came back.
[Ben] is dead?
Stupid question, huh?
Of course, I'm sure you killed him easily.
Oh, this is the record of the stash [Ben] ran away with...
By the way... I...
I heard a ridiculous story.
It turns out that [Ben] was just a gangster greedy for money, and he was nothing more or less than that.
The true villain was someone else.
  • Experience: 975,000
  • Gold: 950,000
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

11.My Parents' Real Enemy

Of course, [Ben] is the one who pulled the trigger.
That is absolutely true.
However, he was just following orders.
The real one that killed my parents...
No, there was a real killer.
Oh, I'll try to explain.
When [Terrence] saw me, he started chuckling and asked me if I wanted to be on the same team as him.
He said I was someone who couldn't live safely in Dallas.
Does [Colins] know about this?
[Terrence] was working with [Ben] to find a bag of diamonds Brooks had hidden away.
He said he was sick of making pennies to uphold the law.
He wanted the three of us to work together to find the diamond bag and split it evenly.
I was about to turn him down. I didn't understand why I couldn't live here.
Then he handed his Diary to me, told me to read it, and then he simply walked away.
After reading that Diary, my eyes are finally open...
You should read it, too.
Mission: Read [Terrence's Diary]
Terrence's DiaryIt's common knowledge that the Pagininis were constantly trying to entrap Brooks.
But the truth is, it wasn't entrapment at all.
I was one of the few who knew Brooks was up to no good after he acquired the mining rights.
However, the townspeople believed Brooks was some righteous businessman who would turn Dallas into a golden city, so of course nobody would believe the Pagininis.

On top of that, there was a widespread rumor that the Pagininis were evil minstrels.
To be honest, even I was a little afraid of the Paganinis' amazing skills.
How could Brooks leave them alone when the Pagininis were the only obstacle between him and complete control of the town?

One night, I saw Brooks' right hand man, Ben, enter the Paganinis' house.
A little later, I heard gun shots and screaming.
If they really did have evil power, wouldn't they have been able to escape the bullets?
The Paganinis were killed too easily.

No one in the neighborhood came to see what was happening even though they kept screaming out for help.
Well, I was on the spot
but it seems too cruel
for everyone to ignore the gunshots and screaming just because it came from the Paganinis' house.

P.S. - Only Nina Paganini can read this.
I am very aware of the fact that you are known as the child of an evil family in Dallas and a crime boss in Detroit.
No matter what you do, the fact that you are a minstrel of mysterious power will prevent anything from joining your side.
Then again, Ben did say that the amount of cash Brooks had stored away was enormous.
Why don't we find it together and make a fortune?
Right. As [Terrence] said, the villagers here will always be my enemy as long as I am branded as the devil's child.
On top of that, I was a crime boss in Detroit...
I can understand why I wouldn't be welcome here anymore.
And I still can't forgive the townspeople for abandoning my parents...
But still!
I hate [Terrence] even more for proudly handing this to me!
He's no better than them. He also watched my parents die without doing anything!
And he called himself a sheriff!
How does it make sense for the lawmen to just stand by while an innocent citizen is being robbed?
The townsfolk's indifference is still a problem, but...
[Terrence], who just stood by and watched when he was the sheriff, is just as bad as Ben!
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

12.Don't Stop Me

And he has the nerve to ask me to join him?
Does he think I'm crazy?
I would never work with the likes of him!
I've never seen a more shameless, wretched...
Argh! This is so frustrating.
He told me I should join him so I could get the rest of my parents' keepsakes from [Ben].
It seems that [Terrence] succeeded in capturing [Ben], after all.
But [Ben] bargained for his life using the promise of Brooks' riches.
Damn it.
That [Treacherous Sheriff Terrence], who fell for that stupid suggestion, dare ask me to join him? Tch!
I'm sure he wasn't expecting the records of the treasure that [Ben] had to fall into my hands, thanks to you.
Hm. I should calm down a little.
Please take this Case Log to [Colins].
I've written down everything. I feel he should know about this, too.
I doubt this will change the town's opinion of me, though...
You delivered it?
Great. Only a couple of things are left to do.
Please help me a little while longer.
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

13.Unforgivable Kind

Before we kill [Terrence], I want to take revenge on the most unforgivable of the townspeople.
I know they've already lost their own free will because they ignored my parents' warning,
but that's not enough.
Moreover, [Colins] said he wouldn't get in my way.
If you go to the [Coal Processing Plant], you'll see terribly mutated creatures called [Mun].
Kill as many as you can.
They're the lowest, most twisted of the townspeople who lost their minds to Brooks.
Mission: Kill [Mun] x50
How did it go?
I've been thinking about how we can draw [Terrence] out.
By now he must realize that [Ben] is dead. He must be desperately trying to recover the treasure map.
We will be able to find [Terrence] with that.
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 600,000
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.

14.Traitor's Last Moments

With Brooks' map, I can find the bag of diamonds without a problem.
It's not too far from here, either.
It's hidden somewhere in the big cemetery to the north of Dallas.

It seems that [Terrence] also knows it's somewhere around there,
but he doesn't know the exact location.
He might be hiding there, waiting for one of us to show up with the map.
Argh, I want to kill him myself,
but [Terrence] is too skilled for me to face alone. I can't stand it!
You can help me.
Take this Map and go to the cemetery to the north of Dallas.
Take the road south of the bar and cross the Rio Grande River. Pass the area where the Alpacas are and keep going north. Then you will see a hill with big trees and a cemetery.
If you use the Map anywhere around there, [Terrence] will come out.
Kill him...
Ah... thank you for everything.
I feel like I can breathe for the first time since I came here.
Hm. I should find the rest of Brooks' diamonds and give them to [Colins].
Right now I need to find the key to the music box that [Terrence] had...
Oh, there it is!
So, it was true that [Terrence] took everything [Ben] had.
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.


Do you remember the [Dream Music Box] that I retrieved from Catherine in the bar?
This music box holds a special memory for me.
It's been in that house my entire life. One time, I got caught by my dad when I was trying to open it.
My parents were so mad when I told them I wanted to study music,
but somehow he wasn't that mad about the music box.
He just said,
"Open it when you get a little older. You'll understand then."
I still remember it very clearly because he talked to me so calmly.
I'm not sure if it is the right time to open the music box yet...
Ah... *Hic*
Da... daddy...
I really didn't know...
I decided not to cry...
I can't stand it anymore.
This music box contains a beautiful lullaby my father composed for me,
and this Book.
Will you read it?
Mission: Read [Story of the Paganinis]
Story of the PaganinisWe Pagininis were famous for the excellent violin skills we passed from generation to generation.
As the years passed, the people of our family developed magical power rooted in our music, and in the present age our power has reached its peak.
Our melody extends beyond the reach of normal music, and can heal the mind and body or neutralize an enemy's strength.

However, seeing the amazing power our music possesses,
the townspeople began to spread rumors that we had sold our souls to the devil in exchange for our abilities.
So much jealousy and envy was directed toward us.
We could take it no more, so we left Italy and settled down in Dallas.

We wanted the people who worked here in the arid lands and coal mines to appreciate us for our comforting music.
However, even here the people only showed us jealousy for the power of our music.
Moreover, all they cared about was gold. Our music did nothing for them...

P.S. - Dear Nina,

I'm sorry we couldn't support you when you wanted to study music.
The last thing I would want is to stifle your great talent.
You must have opened your eyes to the cursed power in our family very early.
However, I couldn't bear to hand down the oppression and jealousy we suffered at the hands of the people.

We wanted to tell you everything and help you fullfil your dreams,
when you got a little older and had become strong enough to overcome any obstacles.
We really love you.
It's all over now.
I learned the truth about my parents,
and took my revenge against their killers...
However, I don't want to stay in Dallas any longer.
What more is there that I could possible do here?
And, there's one question that's still unanswered.
Where the hell did this power of my family's come from?
What is the source of our power?
Hm... My parents had to die lonely because of this power, and I couldn't meet anyone who I could open up to.
Hah, and on top of that,
I haven't given you anything to reward you for your time.
If you ask me, isn't the greatest reward for me to add my power to yours?
I would like to travel with you. Maybe I can learn more about my power...
And if I was an adventurer like you, I wouldn't be ignored anymore...
If you want my help,
open the [Instrument Case] that I gave you and blow the [Piccolo] to give me the signal.
Until then, I'll be collecting my thoughts and waiting for you...
Do you have anything to say to me?
Come back when you are ready.