Novice Witch - Witch

Novice Witch

QuestNovice Witch - Witch
NPCNovice Witch
Required level51
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

[Novice Witch]
A girl who hasn't realized her own power.
Witch Recruitment Quest
Location: Library of Night Shadow near Berne

1.Even today, I'm still trying!

Oh, hello!
Wow! You're an adventurer!
I can tell from your outfit!
I want to speed up my training, so I can travel with great adventurers like you!
By the way, my master says I definitely have what it takes to be a [Witch].
She says it's just that my abilities haven't been awakened yet, you know?
But how can I awaken my slumbering powers? I haven't the slightest idea...
That's why I'm just doing basic magic training for now.
Um, you can help me, right?
They say that if you ask an adventurer, they'll help you right away, no matter what.
If you look around in a town called [Berne], there are [Rams] and [Black Rams].
They're a bit violent, but their wool is one of the most useful materials for practicing magic.
Could you collect 30 bundles of [Magic Wool] from the rams?
Mission: Magic Wool x30
Wow! Thank you so much!
The rumors are true!
Adventurers are definitely reliable.
Gosh, I hope I can grow up quickly so that I can help others like you.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I am always trying hard!

2.Bad Wolves

The rams you caught earlier were raised by high-ranking witches, including my master.
They raised these rams so that young witches like myself could obtain magical materials easily.
But with the recent arrival of the wolves, the sheep have mysteriously become very violent!
That's why I need to ask you for help.
Since it'd be too cruel to massacre all the wolves, let's teach them a lesson so that they'll feel threatened, at the very least.
If you travel west of the sheep's area, you will find some [Dark Wolves].
Please only kill about 30 of them! That should be enough to scare them off.
Mission: Kill [Dark Wolf] x30
Ah, thank you very much.
Aww. I do feel a bit sorry for those poor wolves...
Why did they have to pick our rams among all the other perfectly good prey?
It's a pity that the rams will take some time to calm down again though.
  • Experience: 8,000
  • Gold: 10,000
I am always trying hard!

3.The Mysterious Owl

High-ranking witches, like my master, tame special owls and use them in various ways.
However, I've never seen these owls before.
I wonder how they look like.
I want to find out!
If you go further west from where the wolves are, they say that you can find a few [Magic Owls].
Could you get the basic monster information on [Magic Owls], so I can see what they look like?
Mission: Acquire [Basic Info] on [Magic Owl]
Oh! So this is how they look like.
They appear to be plain owls on the outside, but there's probably something special about them because they're magical, right?
Seeing the wool, the violent wolves, and now these owls make me want to awaken my powers all the quicker!
Phooey... I guess training's the only way to do that, right?
Since I received so much help, I'm going to study harder starting today!
Please tell Master [Vivian] that I'm trying my best not to disappoint her.
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 6,000
I am always trying hard!

4.First Symbol of Rebirth

Ah! You've returned!
A little while ago, my master sent me a strange pot.
For some reason, my heart aches while it is in my possession.
There's nothing wrong with me, but my body sometimes hurts for no reason.
When I ask my master about this, she always remains silent...
Well, she did say that it represents something.
She also said that it will only be effective if the person I give my heart to tells me. Sounds like a puzzle, no?
Do you know the answer, by chance?
I mean, what this pot symbolizes?

You can find the answer from Vivian's dialogue in the Quest Log. You must enter [Pain of the OOOO] in full.
Mission: Answer [First Symbol of Rebirth] Question => Pain of the Past
Ugh, wh-what is this?
My entire body hurts!
It feels like a lot of animals are biting my entire body at the same time! Argh...
The pain of the past...
My master did tell me before that we witches have had a painful history.
Did they experience this very same pain!?
Ah... My goodness. They must've suffered a lot...
If I were in their situation, I might have cried my eyes out...
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 6,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

5.First Steps

Oh, it was so hard not to cry.
But if I show weakness, I probably won't ever become a great [Witch].
I'm definitely going to become a respected [Witch] and follow you!
Thanks for the keyword just now. I'm starting to realize what I need to do in the future.
We [Witches] cannot go on a journey just because it's our heart's desire.
We need some time to go through the process of isolating, sealing and stabilizing ourselves from the world.
You probably don't understand what I'm saying right now, huh? I'm sure you will find out what I mean later.
Please bring me some [Ashen Crystals].
I'm going to use these special crystals to create a space where I can stay for a short time.
Mission: Ashen Crystal x5
Oh! Thank you very much.
It must have been hard to gather all these pieces.
I can't wait until I've strengthened my abilities so that I can start helping you!
Then I could repay you for all that you've done for me.
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 10,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

6.The Subconscious Direction

I'm sure I did it right... but it came out a little strange.
Oh, I made a marble with the crystals you gave me.
But... Hmm, this is a bit unusual.
I don't know what to do beyond this.
Could you take this [Black Marble] to Master [Vivian]?
Aw, what if I get in trouble for acting on my own?
Please tell her that I tried my best.
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

7.The Second Symbol

I've thought a lot about the first keyword - pain.
I guess we [Witches] need to work harder not to experience that again.
Even if it means we have to protect those people with horrible hearts.
Brr, even if the next step is a bit scary...
Oh! This time my master sent me a package filled with strange keys.
This gives me a weird feeling just by looking at it.
Why do I feel so anxious all of a sudden?
There's probably a keyword for this too, right?
Hmm... I do feel nervous, but I'm ready.
What do these keys represent?
HINT: The answer can be found by searching Vivian's dialogue under [Quest Log].
Mission: Answer [The Second Symbol] Question => Fear of the Past
Oh my goodness!
Ah... I'm really scared!
What is this?
This strange metallic sound?
And that awful laughter?!
D-Did the witches in the past also experience this horror?!
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 6,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

8.That Is Not All

The heartbreaking horrors of the past are rushing to me...
Oh, please make it stop! I'm shaking!
Along with those awful sounds, I feel a horrifying presence looking my way...
What is this gaze?
What is this that feels ten times scarier than the sounds from these past memories?!
What can it be? Please tell me!

HINT: The answer can be found by searching Vivian's dialogue under [Quest Log].
Mission: Answer [That Is Not All] Question => Eyes of the Watcher
I'm starting to remember bit by bit.
Those horrifying people making awful metallic sounds and filling the air with their shrill laughter!
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 6,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

9.The Watcher?

Oh, I can't stop shaking...
May I... hold your hands for a moment?
I cannot show you this unspeakable horror that I just saw,
but I might be able to calm my pounding heart for a moment if I held your hands.
...Thank you so much.
You have such warm hands.
But I'm still frightened...
Why do you think these people tormented my predecessors so?
Do you think it was just because my predecessors possessed slightly different powers from them?
I'm trembling, but I want to confront this evil presence face to face.
I want to know exactly who this gaze belongs to.
My subconscious memory tells me they became evil spirits and haunted the bodies of the [Chief Chamberlains].
Could you learn the location information on these [Chief Chamberlains] for me?
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Chief Chamberlain]
Wow... So they look like this.
What do you suppose they were thinking when they decided to lead the witch hunts in this dismal and dreadful prison?
What was it that made the elder witches this afraid?
Argh, I can't get over this.
This fear... Those awful sounds!
  • Experience: 7,000
  • Gold: 7,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

10.The Second Step

Since you're always taking care of me and staying by my side, I feel slightly better.
Anyway, I'm definitely going to follow you!
In order to do that, I will probably need to awaken my powers quickly. That way, I'll be strong enough to deal with this terrifying history and dreadful grief.
Um, excuse me.
I just remembered the next step in my preparation.
When I seal myself, I'll need some special materials to represent my freedom just like the spirits freely floating in the air.
This might be a bit hard to get a hold of as it's a very valuable resource.
Could you please help me get [Energy of Atmosphere]?
Ah! Thank you very much.
Wow... So this is what it looks like.
Anyway, I feel more comfortable because it seems like I'm one step closer to adventuring with you.
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 10,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

11.Coarse Materials

Mm, now I remember what we need next but...
I wonder why I feel so uneasy.
I need these items in order to use the [Energy of Atmosphere] properly.
Since I'm remember the process subconsciously, I feel comfort, but at the same time I'm starting to have doubts.
It's because sometimes I can't really recall the details.
We need two things. One of them is easy to get.
It's some simple [Silver Ingots].
Please get just 10 for me.
I think I'm going to have to ask my master for the rest.
Mission: Silver Ingot x10
Thank you very much for getting this for me.
My master sent me the other materials without a word.
It's none other than Holy Water.
She told me to purify the energy of atmosphere with this but...
I know that this is a necessary material but still...
For some reason, I really don't like it.
Really, this stuff's horrible!
What's wrong with this Holy Water?
Argh! I'm really cross right now and I don't know why!
It looks just like plain water on the outside, but why do you think I feel so bad?
It's like I'm suffocating.
Master [Vivian] probably knows why I get this feeling, right?
I wonder why she sent this without any explanation.
Hmm, I'm going to prepare a little more.
For now, please go back to my master.
  • Experience: 6,000
  • Gold: 6,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

12.The Still-Shaking Girl

You came back!
But, you know...
Even though I've calmed down a bit, I still feel confused and really awful inside.
My feelings are all jumbled up in a mixture of pain, fear, and frustration.
Did my master prepare a secret plan or anything like that, by any chance?
She's always had such sharp insight about my situation.
Whoa, what is that pretty looking perfume?
Ooh... For some reason, I really like it.
Hehe, let me see that!
Mission: Use Perfume of Peace x1
Ahh... Thank you. It looks like that perfume was supposed to comfort my mind...
Now that I feel more comfortable, my mind feels relatively organized.
Ah, I want to be awakened quickly as a perfect [Witch], and travel with you.
I have to, so I can repay you for your kindness!
  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

13.The Third Symbol

Oh yeah. Now that I think about it, a second ago, my master gave me a package full of strange jewel-like things.
This is also probably for my awakening, right?
But strangely, instead of anxiety, I feel like... It feels like it's going to be an indistinct and bitter memory, so...
Oh, I am a little worried.
Ah... My heart aches for some reason.
I am determined to be resolute no matter what I hear from now on, but I'm still kind of worried.
Could you tell me what these jewels represent?

HINT: The answer can be found by searching Vivian's dialogue under [Quest Log].
Mission: Answer [The Third Symbol] Question => Sadness of the past
Ahhh, this... This is...!
Haaa, how can I express this great sadness?
My goodness... How...
How wretched! Argh...
I didn't want to shed any tears until I became an honorable [Witch] but...
I wanted to be strong, but...
Just this time... I'll cry a little.
I can't hold in this tremendous grief which crashes into me from all directions.
I'm sorry. *Sniff, sniff*
  • Experience: 7,000
  • Gold: 7,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

14.Realization of Magic

Sniff... Despite this great sadness, my heart is calm.
The currents of magic are naturally swirling around me, running throughout my entire body.
The world is talking to me.
This feeling, it's new to me. Sniff...
Ah... Now, I think I've learned all there is to know about magic for a [Witch].
This should definitely make me happy...
However, all I feel is sadness.
Anyway, in order to make this magic power stable, I need a special material.
This time, I need some [Platinum Ingot].
Could I ask you to bring me some? Sniff...
Mission: Platinum Ingot x7
You are such a kind person.
Hmm... I keep feeling the aura of the magic. As time goes by, my heart feels more comfortable, and everything seems beautiful.
Now, it feels like I can forgive those beasts, jailors and even the watchers who inflicted so much pain and fear on the witches.
I guess this...
This is the mental state of a [Witch].
I can finally understand their immense grief.
They probably endured their sorrow in silence.
Even when innocent victims were being tormented, the witches could not hate their tormentors.
[Witches] never hate other living beings.
That's why they could bear their grief in solitude...
  • Experience: 7,000
  • Gold: 10,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

15.Final Awakening

These are just stories of the past that we all must endure.
Anyway, I think it's safe to say that I am almost ready to follow you.
Now there's only one thing left to do.
There was a contessa who became the first victim of the witch-hunt.
She once was a very high-ranking witch in the past, but now she is a ghost who has lost all her memories.
She's continued to keep an eye on the witch-hunt even after her wrongful death.
Even after her unjust death, her distraught only increased from the witch-hunt which claimed more victims each day.
Unable to free herself from the crimes of the past, she possesses Elizabeth, the contessa of [Bran Castle Jail].
I... I want to put these magic powers that I have begun to comprehend to good use on her behalf.
I need to put an end to her suffering. I have to speak to her spirit.
A powerful Witch of utmost purity, of sweet temperament...
I hope that my sympathy can soothe her anguish so that she can be released from her prison.
In order to do this, we must rescue her spirit from that evil body.
Please go and comfort [Elizabeth] and free the contessa from her pain.
Only then can her spirit finally rest.
Mission: Kill [Elizabeth] x1
You've returned.
Her spirit is... shivering.
The pain, the fear, and the sorrow that I experienced from the keywords are coming all at once.
However, with that, I can also feel her pure heart.
Dear Spirit...
Please cast all of your sadness aside, and rest comfortably.
The [Witches] of today no longer have to walk the mournful path of the past.
Please let me inherit your pure heart so that I can become a great [Witch] just like you... Please watch over us from the next world...
  • Experience: 15,000
  • Gold: 15,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.

16.The Last Keyword

Thank you for everything you've done.
Because of your help, I finally can become an honorable [Witch].
However, I can't transform myself immediately.
I have to seal myself for a while to calm all the abilities that have been awakened.
Do you remember how I told you this before?
When the moment comes that I can earnestly accompany you, I will follow you without complaints.
Because, when that time comes, I will not be just a child who needs care, but rather, an equal who will lend you my strength.
However, I don't ever want to forget your warm kindness.
Just for a moment... Do you think you could hold me in your arms?
...It's warm like I expected.
This warmth, your kindness, I'm absolutely going to cherish them.
Now, go back to Master [Vivian] and wait.
She will ask you something.
When she does, tell her the answer is [Love].
That is the only thing that can protect and watch over a [Witch]'s pain, fear, and sorrow...
End Text N/A
  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000
Talk to Master [Vivian] a bit more.